Your Best Reliable Racking Manufacturer in China
Your Best Reliable Racking Manufacturer and Supplier In China.
OKE always provide you one-stop storage solutions for any of your racking needs.

Why OKE Can Be Trust and Boom Your Business!


OKE established in 2000, OKE has been one of the best racking and shelving manufacturers in China, we are a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of industrial and commercial storage racking systems and materials handling equipment.

❊Strong Racking Design Ability:
Exclusive new racking design of leading rivals – 3D sample.

  • We can submit you a 1:1 3D sample before bulk racking production, so it can save much cost and time for you.
  • We can submit a FREE solution racking design based on your requirements.
  • Racking customization services. we have professional customization engineers to help you come true different requirements

❊Huge Racking Manufacturer Scale:

  •  A large number of various types of production equipment
    We have 12 racking rolling lines for upright and 8 rolling lines for beams, and more than 40 sets of other necessary racking equipment, and 9 sets of racking workshops together. It can guarantee your racking fast delivery time and stable quality.
  • Huge and rich racking experiences production workers.
    We have more than 200 workers total with a reasonable age structure, there are both experienced technical workers and young and passionate new members.

❊Fast Delivery Capability:

  • Lightning delivery time, with 10-15 days for regular pallet racking.
  • Huge loading team. we can load 12*40 HQ containers one day, so it can guarantee your racking can loading on time.

❊Efficient After-sale Team:

  • OKE provide detailed install instruction or videos for every type of racking to help you save cost and time.
    If needed, we can also send the engineer to your site to guide racking installation to help you save worry.
  • OKE can Offer a 10-year racking warranty in the absence of external damage.
  • OKE can provide your Free racking cut size sample to check our quality.
  • OKE has no strict MOQ requirements, so you can order flexibly according to your requirements.

❊Active and Enthusiastic Racking Sales Team:

  • Most OKE sales engineers are racking experts with 5-6 years of experience.
  • OKE can provide 7*24 hours of service to reduce your communication cost.
  • Well-known Racking customer groups: TOYOTA, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, DHL, LG Chem, Peugeot, GM, SF, China Tobacco Corporation, China CNR Corp.

From every link, OKE ensures the top quality of your racking orders and help boom your business.

  • Customize Your Racking Exclusive Design

OKE Support Customize Your Racking Exclusive Design

OKE has been developing racking technologies for many years, and we have a large number of racking equipment to meet your customized needs.
Whether you are a warehouse racking dealer or an end-user, you can also come true to your customize design.

We can help you come true the below idea:
Make your desired logo at the warehouse racking surface
Use your face design and use OKE regular warehouse racking section.
Your full racking design with your section.
Your other special industrial racking exclusive design needs.

We invented an exclusive new design of leading rivals – 3D racking sample, we can provide you 1:1 3D sample before bulk production, it can help you save developing much cost and time,

If you have a warehouse racking custom needs, OKE is your best reliable racking manufacturer in China and we will 100% support your business.

All Types of Racking to Support Your Business

OKE provide one-stop storage solutions, from consulting, design, installation, after-sales service
We have been committed to the racking technology and quality, we have a variety of racking production equipment to meet your different racking types, not only to meet your regular inventory needs but also to meet your different customized needs.

Whether you need Pallet Racking, Drive-in Rack, Automatic Storage and Retrieval System, Radio Shuttle Rack, Cantilever Rack, Push Back Rack, Gravity Flow Racking, Mezzanine Flooring, Long Span Shelving, Light Dusty Shelving, Wire Mesh Decking and more, or any other related warehouse products such as Forklift, Pallet Jacks, Logistic Trolley, Loading Bay, Lift Platform, and so on.
OKE can always satisfy your needs.

Just send us your requirement detail and we will give you the best solution and 100% support your business.

  • All Types Of Racking System
  • Related Warehouse Wire Mesh Products
  • Related Warehouse Products
  • Racking Rolling Line
  • Racking Automatic Laser Cutting Machine
  • Racking Large Punching Machine
  • Racking Automatic Steel Panel Machine

Advanced Racking Manufacturing Ensure Top Quality

OKE has advanced racking manufacturing equipment including racking upright and beam rolling lines, heavy-duty punching machine, top quality powder coating line, automatic laser cutting machine, automatic steel panel machine, steel plate shearer, automatic welding machine, and more.

Every equipment is to ensure the top quality of your racking orders.

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