Racking System Package– The Complete FAQ Guide

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    In addition to the conventional wrapping film covering the racking system package and steel belt fixation, OKE Storage will also put airbags between different packages to avoid collision and friction.

    What’s more, we also added a covering layer at the bottom to ensure that your racking system is not damaged during multiple handling and long transportation, so you can receive a perfect racking system.

    The conventional wrapping film

    The traditional winding film packaging is used to completely wrap the racking system with winding film. Because of transportation methods such as sea transportation, or bad weather during transportation, the racking system will become wet and accelerate rust.

    The fully wrapped winding film can effectively protect the racking system to keep the racking system dry and avoid problems such as rust.

    The conventional wrapping film

    Small card

    Each package is made up of several racking systems. In transit, shaking and other situations will cause friction in the racking movement.

    So when putting the racking system, we will put small cards in the place where there will be friction between each two racking system, so as to avoid direct friction between the two layers of the racking system.

    OKE Storage always thinks more for our customers to hope you can get the best racking system.

    Small card

    Steel belt fixation

    Each package is stacked on several racking systems and then packed together. So in transportation, if there is no effective fixation, there will be a risk of movement, friction, and even collapse.

    The steel belt fixation can make each racking system close together, thus effectively reducing the risks during transportation.

    So in this case, you can get the undamaged racking system and save many worries.

    steel belt

    Covering layer of bottom

    In the loading and transportation of the racking system, the use of a forklift is inevitable. That means the bottom of the racking system will repeatedly rub against the forklift.

    OKE Storage also noticed this point. So we added a covering layer at the bottom to protect the racking system. And it can reduce the friction so as to will not damage the racking system.

    Covering layer of bottom

    Full use of your container space

    Shipping is becoming more and more expensive nowadays. So OKE Storage carefully calculated the loading space and designed the loading plan when packing.

    OKE Storage saves shipping costs by making full use of container space in each shipment.

    So if you choose us, you can not only get the best racking system but also can save many costs and worries.

    Full use of your container space


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