Freezing and Refrigeration– The Complete FAQ Guide

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    For some products, such as seafood, food, and medicine, the environment in which they are stored can seriously affect their expiration date. And refrigeration can make these things maintain their quality and not deteriorate.

    What are the features and properties of racking systems that make them ideal for harsh temperatures? The key to reducing costs and increasing efficiency and productivity is optimizing warehouse space for cold storage and freezers.

    Refrigeration warehouse space is simply too expensive to waste any space or sacrifice performance. Pallet rack systems that handle extreme temperatures and rotate stock seamlessly must be designed to keep inventory moving in freezers and cold storage areas.

    Freezing and Refrigeration Racking System
    Freezing and Refrigeration Racking System

    Full-Service Solutions

    The support you receive from OKE Storage will continue long after the design phase is complete. All aspects of your racking system can be handled by our team, including consulting, FREE designing, manufacturing, delivering, installation, maintenance, and repairing consulting services.

    Customized Design: Feel free to contact us if you have any special requirements for your warehouse. Support is available 24 hours a day. We would appreciate it if you could provide us with detailed information about your storage warehouse. You can receive FREE design plans according to your needs from our professional staff.

    Fast Delivering: High quality will be ensured through strict manufacturing controls. Additionally, we guarantee timely delivery. So you can receive your racking system within the appointed time.

    Installation: OKE Storage provides you with detailed instructions on how to install the rack system if you think it’s difficult. You can also request a professional installation team.

    Maintenance and Repairing: We will continue to support you after delivery. You can consult us if you need maintenance or repair on your storage system. Whenever you need maintenance or repair assistance, we are here to help.

    After-sales Service: Providing thoughtful after-sales service is our top priority. Your racking system will be covered by a 10-year warranty. We can help you with any problems you may have.

    Freezing and Refrigeration Racking System
    Freezing and Refrigeration Racking System

    Suitable Structure for Freezing and Refrigeration

    Structural rack in freezers is often thought to be necessary because steel is stronger. There is no truth to this. It is possible to store frozen food with both roll-formed and structural racks. As perishable foods are processed faster in coolers and freezers, structural is more commonly used. More turns lead to greater opportunity for forklift abuse or damage, and structural is better equipped to handle the tough conditions.

    OKE Storage Freezing and Refrigeration Racking Solutions

    A suitable rack system can be of substantial benefit to you. We always provide free consultations to our customers. Furthermore, we can suggest a few types of freezing rack systems.

    Freezing and Refrigeration Racking System
    Freezing and Refrigeration Racking System
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