Pharmaceutical Chemical– The Complete FAQ Guide

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    Medical supplies are inherently more valuable. Secondly, there are very many types of medical supplies. The requirements for the storage environment are also relatively high.

    For the medical industry, such as medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs, biological products, health care, and nutritional food, medical checkups, medical treatment, medical insurance, accompanying medical treatment, overseas medical treatment, how to store medical supplies has been a relatively hot topic of discussion.

    Suitable shelves can solve this kind of problem to a large extent. Not only can it save storage space, but also make medical supplies reasonably placed according to the effective time and avoid the waste of medical supplies.

    Pharmaceutical Chemical Racking System
    Pharmaceutical Chemical Racking System

    OKE Storage Can Be the Best Partner

    Keeping our customers happy has always been a priority for OKE Storage. Since we have exported to 85 countries, we have never had a customer who wasn’t satisfied. The shelves we offer are crafted with raw materials that are certified and of the highest quality.

    As well as following international standards for manufacturing our products, we also provide customer service. The shelving products we produce are strictly controlled to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Customized Design: We can create a warehouse based on your specifications. You can count on us for customized and personalized services.

    Fast Delivering: We will strictly control our manufacturing process to ensure high quality. Additionally, we guarantee the timely delivery of your order.

    Installation: If you encounter any problems during installation, please contact us. We provide detailed instructions for installation on our website or ask us directly. Our installation experts can also assist you.

    Maintenance and Repairing: We provide attentive after-sales support. As soon as you encounter problems while using the service, we will provide immediate feedback and solutions. In addition, we offer a 10-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about anything. We can also assist you with the maintenance or repair of rack systems if you need it. It is free of charge to consult with us about maintenance and repair.

    Certification support: We use certified steel from Baoshan, the largest steel company in China. Additionally, we comply with the CE and ISO standards for our products.

    Pharmaceutical Chemical Racking System
    Pharmaceutical Chemical Racking System

    Pharmaceutical Chemical Racking System Options

    We also provide professional advice about the types of racking systems that can be used to store Pharmaceutical chemicals.

    Pharmaceutical Chemical Racking System
    Pharmaceutical Chemical Racking System
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