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The OKE Storage FIFO Racking System is the best solution for maximum inventory control and utilization of your warehouse storage space in a very efficient way.

  • Super long 10 years warranty
  • Top-quality material with certificate
  • CE/ISO Certificate
  • Fully support customized design
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    OKE Storage System Provides You High-Quality FIFO Racking System

    The OKE Storage System always takes care of our customer’s needs by providing a high-quality FIFO Racking System that long lasts for many years. Your FIFO Racking System is manufactured by more than 200 experienced and technical workers. OKE Storage has racking engineers with more than 6 years of experience in the field of racking and shelving.

    OKE FIFO Racking System is available in a wide range of options to suit the storage of your products. OKE manufactures your FIFO Racking System by using advanced technology machines to ensure product safety. OKE Storage has a professional team of 12 members to inspect your FIFO Racking System at every manufacturing step.

    Drive In Racking System
    OKE Storage have professional customization engineers that help you design the best Drive In Racking System configuration for your warehouse.
    Drive In Pallet Racking
    The OKE Storage has no strict MOQ requirements for your Drive In Pallet Racking, i.e., you can flexibly order your product with your desired requirements.
    Drive Through Racks
    The OKE Storage System exports the Drive Through Racking to more than 85 countries to fulfill different warehouse storage needs.
    FIFO Racking
    The OKE Storage provides the best delivery services for your FIFO Racking and take cares of your product during delivery at your door.
    FIFO Racking System
    OKE Storage provides you free cut sample of your Drive In Pallet Racking System within a time period of 7 days.
    Drive Through Pallet Racking
    The OKE Storage System provides your 24 hours service for your Drive Through Pallet Racking.
    Drive Thru Racking System
    The OKE Storage System, established in 2000 have a very high experience for manufacture of your Drive Thru Racking System.
    Drive In Pallet Racking System
    The OKE fast installation services of your Drive-in Rack allows you for rapid improvements to your warehouse operations.
    FIFO Storage Racks
    For unusual applications, OKE provide you with fully customized solutions for your FIFO Storage Racks.

    20 Years FIFO Racking System Expriences Can Boom Your Business - OKE Storage






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      OKE StorageGet Customized Design Of Your FIFO Racking System

      The heavy experience of 20 years in the field of racking and shelving makes the OKE Storage System be the most FIFO Racking System manufacturer and supplier in China.

      Through OKE Storage System, you can get your customized design for your FIFO Racking System.

      OKE Storage has professional customization engineers with a minimum of six years of racking and shelving experience that help you design the best FIFO Racking System configuration for your warehouse.

      We always think best for our customers and their storage needs and provide a one-stop storage solution for your FIFO Racking System that helps you save your time.

      Top Ten Ranked Manufacturer In China
      The OKE Storage System uses the best quality material for FIFO Racking System manufacturing; that is why it is a top ten FIFO Racking System manufacturer in China.
      Outstanding Installation Services
      The OKE Storage System provides you free installation guides and can send our experienced racking engineers to your door to choose the right configuration for your FIFO Racking System.
      Over 20 Years Of FIFO Racking System Experience
      The OKE Storage System has more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and supplying of FIFO Racking System to around 85 countries.
      Best Quality Raw Material
      The OKE Storage System always uses the best quality raw material for the manufacturing of your FIFO Racking System. All the steel is imported from Bao Steel Co. Ltd.

      Get The Best FIFO Racking System With OKE Storage Now!

      We provide installation guides and free product samples to your door within a time period of 7 days that help you choose the right configuration of your FIFO Racking System.

      You can contact us and order the FIFO Racking System according to your storage needs.

      OKE Storage offers ten years of warranty for your FIFO Racking System.

      We have a delivery time of about 10 to 15 days.

      You can contact OKE Storage Systems by visiting our warehouse in Nanjing, China, or emailing us at sales@okestorage.com.

      FIFO Racking System – The Complete FAQ Guide

      This is a versatile guide to help you know all the details about the FIFO racking system.

      It includes all the major and minor concerns you can have from its types or compatibility to importing, installing, and maintaining it.

      So, before you decide to have a FIFO racking system, go through this guide.

      1. What is FIFO Racking System?

      A FIFO racking system works on the inventory management flow on a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) basis.

      It allows you to get the most recent stored item at first.

      FIFO racking systems are ideal for storing products with a high stock rotation rate.

      There are many FIFO racking systems that work on this inventory management flow.

      FIFO racking system works on the idea to make easier stock accessibility.

      Eventually, it offers more options for selectivity than its rival the LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) inventory management system.

      FIFO Racking SystemFIFO Racking System

      2. What are the Uses of the FIFO Racking System?

      FIFO racking system is used to store products with a short expiration date or turnaround time.

      You can store various products that require quick action either to save or retrieve them in the racks.

      There could be a lot of product types that you can store in your FIFO racking system with these mentioned qualities.

      Some of them are as follows:

      • Food storage items
      • Cold storage items
      • Medicines or drugs
      • Chemicals with short expiration dates
      • Warehouse items
      • Other items with a short turnaround period

      FIFO Racking System Uses

      FIFO Racking System Uses

      3. What are the Types of FIFO Racking System?

      As there are various FIFO racking systems, you should go through each one to know which is the most suitable for your needs.

      These types of FIFO racking system are as follows:

      Selective FIFO Racking System:

      It offers less storage density but one of the strongest storage selectivity.

      It is used to store pallet products that require continuous circulation.

      Selective FIFO pallet racking system is comparatively less costly than other types.

      Drive-Through Racking System:

      It provides the highest storage density with the lowest rates of product selectivity.

      You can use a Drive-Through pallet racking system to store large quantities of uniform products.

      It comes with a price range of more than the selective FIFO racking system but less than other systems.

      Carton Flow FIFO Racking System:

      It is a high-density storage system with a good amount of selectivity.

      You can use it to store date-sensitive products and other products of varying sizes.

      Carton flow racking systems are comparatively pricier than the drive-through system.

      Pallet Flow FIFO Racking System:

      FIFO Racking System Types

      FIFO Racking System Types

      4. What are the Benefits of the FIFO Racking System?

      There are plenty of advantages and benefits of using a FIFO racking system as follows:

      • You can increase your warehouse space by using FIFO racking systems greatly.
      • The overall operations of your warehouse get streamlined and organized.
      • The stock handling process becomes minimal because you only have to get or retrieve items from the rack once.
      • Quality control is greatly increased as it allows the consistent supply of products without any delays.
      • Warranty of stored items can be saved through the FIFO racking system.
      • Your time to get the required items reaches out to the minimum.
      • The cost of the FIFO racking system is reasonable to other storage racking systems.
      • Storage items management becomes easier with the help of the FIFO racking system.

      5. What are the Dimensions of a FIFO Racking System?

      Since there are different FIFO racking systems, the dimensions of these systems also vary.

      However, a typical FIFO racking system comes with the following dimensions:

      The Height of Upright Columns: It comes with an average height of around 15 feet (5 meters).

      Some FIFO racking systems can also be higher or lower than this value according to requirements.

      Length of the Base: The length of the base is typically kept at around 5 feet (2 meters) with a varying possibility.

      Weight Capacity: The capacity of holding the weight of a single FIFO racking system is around 1500kg.

      However, these dimensions and limitations depend upon the structure of the racking system you require.

      FIFO Racking System Capacity

      FIFO Racking System Capacity

      6. What is the Cost of the FIFO Racking System?

      The cost of a FIFO racking system differs from requirements to requirements and manufacturers to manufacturers.

      Normally, you can get a single set of FIFO racking systems for around $300.

      However, certain factors like the quality of the manufacturer, usage of good material, and others can affect the cost.

      7. What is the Best Material of the FIFO Racking System?

      Since a FIFO racking system is made of raw material, the most important raw material is the steel used in it.

      Therefore you can consider the steel type as the best material in a FIFO racking system.

      Steel types come under various banners like some are the heavy-duty ones and the others are light-duty steel types.

      You should always get in touch with your rack manufacturer to make sure the steel type is being used according to your needs.

      Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems always use high-quality steel of either Q235B (EU S235) or Q345B (EU S355) for manufacturing racks for you.

      FIFO Racking System Material

      FIFO Racking System Material

      8. What is the Load Capacity of the FIFO Racking System?

      FIFO racking system consists of various types and each type has its own loading capacity.

      Apart from their types, the structure of each racking system can also be different as some are made for bearing heavy loads.

      Usually, a normal FIFO racking system with regular usage purposes can have a load capacity of 500kg to even 5000kgs.

      Even you can have a FIFO racking system with more or less capacity than it by getting in touch with the manufacturer.

       FIFO Racking System Load Capacity

      FIFO Racking System Load Capacity

      9. What are the Components of the FIFO Racking System?

      There are different components of a FIFO racking system as follows:

      Base: It is the foundation of a FIFO racking system because the entire structure of the rack is connected with it.

      Upright Columns: These are straight-shaped steel structures with holes that are connected with the base.

      Pallet Rails or Shelves: Some FIFO racking systems use pallet rails that allow swift movement of products.

      Other FIFO racking systems use shelves.

      Both of these components are attached to the upright columns to support the stock placement.

      FIFO Racking System ComponentsFIFO Racking System Components

      10. How to Assess the Quality of the FIFO Racking System?

      Since there are various qualities of a FIFO racking system in the market, you should always look for good quality racks.

      You can assess the quality of a FIFO racking system by going through the following checklist:

      • Make sure that the raw material used in the racking system such as steel is of good quality.
      • It should not have any bents or damages in any part of the rack.
      • Try to put as much load as you can to observe the maximum loading capacity of the FIFO racking system.
      • Make sure that the measurements are the same according to the design.
      • Assure that the rack is compatible with assembling some protective components.

      Luckily, Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems always produce quality racking systems by considering all the factors mentioned above.

      The quality of the FIFO racking system it provides cannot be found anywhere else because it uses high-grade materials and manufacturing strategies.

      11. What are the Features of the FIFO Racking System?

      A FIFO racking system comes with a bunch of features to support your warehouse storage structure.

      Some of the most essential ones are as follows:

      • FIFO racking system allows you to store products with open storage space.
      • It offers you the ability to get your products/stocks as soon as you require them.
      • The time efficiency of the FIFO racking system is one of its prominent features.
      • FIFO rack system offers you the ability to store as many short-turnover time products as you want.
      • It offers more selectivity than any other racking system.
      • You can find it in any shape because it comes under the banner of various types.

      FIFO Racking System Features

      FIFO Racking System Features

      12. How FIFO Racking System is Designed?

      A FIFO racking system is designed by having certain things in mind to prevent future loss.

      It is designed according to the following aspects:

      • Your warehouse size and the space you want to allocate for the racks are to be measured at first.
      • The type of products you will need to store in your warehouse is to be figured out.
      • How many sizes the cartons or the pieces of stock will have along with the estimations of their shape.
      • How much weight loading capacity you require to fulfill your weight needs should also be calculated.
      • You should also look for the number of FIFO racks you require with the dimensions of each rack and its placement.
      • The estimations of the base, upright columns, and other important components should be measured for design.

      13. Is FIFO Racking System Easily Accessible?

      Yes, the FIFO racking system is one of the best racking systems that offer high selectivity.

      Due to its selectivity level, you will find it much easier to access items from it.

      Since it acts on the basis of First In First Out (FIFO) flow, every item stored in the rack is easily accessible.

      Not only for the equipment like the forklifts but you will find it equally accessible for the workers.

      Easily Accessible FIFO Racking System

      Easily Accessible FIFO Racking System

      14. Is FIFO Racking System a Dense Storage Solution?

      Yes, most of the types of a FIFO racking system offer dense storage.

      FIFO racking system is considered one of the most versatile racking systems due to its storage capacity.

      The types of FIFO racking systems that offer more dense storage are drive-through racks, carton flow racks, and pallet racks.

      The design of the FIFO racking system especially the rail system provides it the capacity to have dense storage.

      15. Is FIFO Racking System Adjustable?

      Due to the flexibility of the FIFO racking system, you can easily adjust with other racks or even can do changes within.

      The connection basics of the FIFO racking system such as connection keyholes can be used to adjust the upright columns.

      You can also adjust the shelf height by changing the positioning through keyholes in the columns.

      Making the FIFO racking system larger or smaller is not an issue because of its adjustability feature.

      FIFO Racking System Adjustability

      FIFO Racking System Adjustability

      16. Is FIFO Racking System Cost-Effective?

      Yes, the FIFO racking system is cost-effective in a lot of ways.

      Surprisingly, all the types of FIFO racking systems despite their differences in functions can save a lot.

      The reasons why a FIFO racking system is considered cost-effective are as follows:

      • The structure of the FIFO rack system offers less need for additional parts for installation.
      • It comes with a smooth maintenance procedure which requires less amount of money.
      • FIFO racking systems are usually made through high-class materials which makes them reliable for a longer period.
      • It is durable and can bear extra loads than the mentioned ones.
      • The FIFO racking systems require less time to store or retrieve products which eventually saves operational costs.
      • It can hold various amounts of products with a minimum breakage or damage rate.

      17. Is FIFO Racking System Better than the LIFO Racking System?

      The FIFO racking system is believed to be more useful than the LIFO racking system but it depends upon various factors.

      These factors mainly revolve around your specified requirements.

      Important factors are as under:

      • If you require maximum selectivity for your products then FIFO is the best and LIFO is not a good option.
      • For more storage density, most of the time, the LIFO racking system is a perfect option to consider.
      • FIFO racking system is better than the LIFO if you want to store products with a shorter turnover time.
      • It is better if you have more space in your warehouse to store the stocks.
      • Also, the FIFO racking system requires a bit more forklifts to operate and access the stock for better selectivity.

      FIFO Racking System Vs LIFO Racking System

      FIFO Racking System Vs LIFO Racking System

      18. Can FIFO Racking System Break?

      Like all the other warehouse racking systems, the FIFO racking system can also break.

      However, it is made with extreme care to have the capacity of bearing heavier loads.

      It can only get damaged in very unusual conditions, otherwise, it is made to stay for as long as decades.

      A FIFO racking system cannot break even if you take care of the following things:

      • Try not to put extra loads above the maximum weight limitations.
      • Maintain your FIFO rack system and look for uneven performance patterns like the unrealistic working of the rail system.
      • Ensure the installation of the FIFO racking system is done properly by professionals.

      19. Can You Assemble Multiple FIFO Racking Systems with Each Other?

      Yes, you can connect multiple FIFO racking systems to each other because of their design.

      Since a single unit of the FIFO racking system is capable of doing work independently, there is always a possibility of connection.

      However, some FIFO racking systems like the pallet flow rails are tricky to assemble with other racks.

      Easy to Assemble FIFO Racking System

      Easy to Assemble FIFO Racking System

      20. How FIFO Racking System Works?

      As the name suggests FIFO racking system works on the basic principle of First In First Out (FIFO) inventory flow.

      Various rack systems come under the banner of the FIFO racking system, therefore, their working style is also a bit different.

      However, a typical FIFO racking system works in the following way:

      • Racking shelves act as the receiver of products to stock them which are connected to upright columns.
      • These upright columns are further connected to the base and balance the load.
      • When a product is placed on the pallet shelves, it automatically goes back on the rail system.
      • After getting back, the product gets placed to the item that was recently stored before it.
      • For retrieving, the other side of the rack is used which makes it a First In First Out (FIFO) racking system.

      FIFO Racking System Working

      FIFO Racking System Working

      21. How Can You Install FIFO Racking System?

      Before installing the FIFO racking system, always remember to arrange for some professional engineers to do the job.

      At first, the base of the FIFO racking system is installed on the ground.

      Upright columns are attached with the base to make a firm structure for placing rails or wire decks on it.

      Then according to the design of the rack system, either the pallet rail or the shelves are installed through keyholes in the columns.

      Finally, you will have a fully-featured and perfectly installed FIFO racking system in your warehouse.

      Surprisingly, you don’t need to bother anything about the installation because Nanjing OKE International Storage System have the solutions for you.

      It provides detailed installation instructions along with videos for assisting you and saving you a lot of money.

      Additionally, you can get professional engineers from OKE who will install your rack appropriately.

      22. How to Maintain FIFO Racking System?

      Maintaining a FIFO racking system is quite easy because it has two open ends.

      You can follow the following sequence in order to maintain your FIFO racking system.

      • Whenever you clean your FIFO rack system, always use dry cleaning solutions.
      • Look out for any dents or flaws in your FIFO racking system and get in touch with your manufacturer for repair.
      • Always put limited and guided weight according to the load capacity on a rack.
      • The base and the columns are the foundations of the rack, you should observe their health periodically.

      FIFO Racking System Maintenance

      FIFO Racking System Maintenance

      23. From Where Can You Find the Best Manufacturers of FIFO Racking System?

      The best manufacturers of FIFO racking systems can be found in the Chinese rack manufacturing market.

      This is because there are quite a lot of prominent manufacturers like Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems.

      By using the latest techniques of making FIFO racks and a worldwide shipment, these are the eye-catchers of Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems.

      This is because Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems has over 20 years of experience and provides 10 years warranty with full after-sales support.

      Moreover, you will need to pay less for high-class and high-quality FIFO racking systems through it.

      24. How Can You Assess the Quality of a FIFO Racking System Manufacturer?

      Assessing the quality of a FIFO racking system consists of the following measures:

      • A bad quality FIFO racking system has a rail system that gets jammed every time you put a load on it.
      • The FIFO rack system should not drop any products/stock from the rack.
      • You can put the maximum load to evaluate its adherence to weight limitations and standards.
      • There should not be any structural flaws in the overall design of your FIFO racking system.
      • Usage of strong steel type is always good evidence of its quality.

      25. How Much Time is Required to Manufacture FIFO Racking System?

      Usually, a good manufacturer can make a few units of FIFO racking system within a day.

      It also depends upon a clear understanding of design and other requirements.

      However, if you have put some extra complexity in your design, it may take up to 2 to 4 weeks to manufacture it.

      26. How to Get a Price Quote for FIFO Racking System?

      Getting a price quote for a FIFO racking system is as easier as it looks.

      The process includes contacting your manufacturer through their website or contact details.

      Mentioning all of your FIFO racking requirements to your manufacturer as well as your contact details.

      27. How Can You Order FIFO Racking System?

      You can check out the following step-by-step method to order a FIFO racking system.

      • Finalize your design needs and get in touch with the manufacturer to get a price quote.
      • Contact your FIFO rack manufacturer and confirm your order.
      • Pay the finalized to start the shipment process.

      28. How Can You Import FIFO Racking System from China?

      You can import FIFO racking system from Chinese manufacturers like Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems as follows:

      • Explore the manufacturer’s website to get the contact information and confirm your order.
      • Write down your complete address for shipment of FIFO racks along with the preference of shipping routes.
      • You will get notified each time your FIFO racking system will reach notable locations.

      Import FIFO Racking System

      Import FIFO Racking System

      29. How to Pack FIFO Racking System for Long-Transportation?

      Since there are different parts of a FIFO racking system, protecting each of them is a challenge during long transportation.

      High-quality rack manufacturers like Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems provide the following packaging sequence.

      • All the parts of the FIFO racking system are wrapped with plastic film.
      • These parts are then combined by a steel belt to make the cartons firm and damage-resistant.
      • Finally, every product packaging is kept separate from others to protect it from any damages.

      FigPackaging of FIFO Racking SystemPackaging of FIFO Racking System

      30. What is the Average Delivery Time of the FIFO Racking System?

      On average, you can get your FIFO racking system within 2 to 4 weeks if it’s an international shipment.

      However, delivery time can get affected by some complex requirements or by urgent needs.

      31. What is the Warranty of the FIFO Racking System?

      Typically, the warranty of the FIFO racking system lasts for more than 10 years.

      The warranty includes the return policy and other guidelines to be followed within the warranty period.

      You can get the warranty of either the entire FIFO racking system or some individual parts of it.

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