Auto Accessories– The Complete FAQ Guide

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    The part or service department for automotive vehicles always needs to be unique. It is challenging to create effective storage and stock management system because of its own layout. Depending on your customers’ demands and your budget constraints, you select your own inventory.

    Auto parts, such as Battery, Tire, and Wheel, and service departments need racking and shelving solutions that are designed specifically for them, whether they are rethinking their storage solutions, remodeling, or opening new locations.

    In addition to saving space, OKE Storage offers automotive parts storage solutions that promote a more efficient access and storage system, including:

    • Bumper storage
    • Molding storage
    • Automotive battery storage
    • Fan belt storage
    • Tire and wheel storage
    • Muffler storage
    • Sheet metal and hood storage
    • Small Parts Storage
    • Workstations
    Auto Accessories Racking System
    Auto Accessories Racking System

    Customized Service and Ongoing Support

    Our professionals know how to get the job done, whether you’re a small business, a franchise, or a national chain. Whether you’re a retailer or wholesaler, we provide the most affordable and high-quality automotive shelving and racking solutions.

    We give you one-stop solutions, including consulting, FREE designing, manufacturing, delivering, installation, maintenance, and repairing consulting services.

    In the automotive storage industry, OKE Storage is known for its custom approach. As part of our services, we can integrate and install the best storage units available once the design phase is complete.

    Customized Design: We can help you with anything you need for your warehouse. Providing 24-hour service is something we support. We would like to know more about your storage warehouse if you can provide it to us. You can get FREE designing plans from our professional staff based on your needs.

    Fast Delivering: To ensure high quality, we will closely monitor our manufacturing process. In addition, we ensure timely delivery.

    Installation: It may seem that installing the rack system is difficult or even you don’t know how to do it, but OKE Storage provides you with detailed instructions to help you. In addition, we can arrange for a professional installation team to assist you.

    Maintenance and Repairing: Our support service continues even after delivery. You can contact us to discuss maintenance or repairs that need to be made to the rack system. Free maintenance and repair consultations are available from us.

    After-sales Service: It is our goal to provide considerate after-sales service. For your racking system, we provide a 10-year warranty. If you have any problems, you can ask us for assistance.

    Auto Accessories Racking System
    Auto Accessories Racking System

    Automotive Storage Solutions

    Small Parts Storage

    Storage options are virtually endless when you choose from our shelving and drawer units. An almost endless variety of storage compartments can be created using partitions and dividers.

    Long and/or Bulky Parts Storage

    A wide variety of storage options are available for long and/or bulky parts, including bulky parts, bumpers and bars, doors and tires, two-tier fenders, hanging parts, hoods, and deep hoods. Steel frames with sturdy beam-to-post connectors and 15-gauge steel frames make these shelves highly accessible from all sides.

    Battery Racks

    A corrosion-resistant coating is applied to each battery rack. Gravity feeds the batteries from an angled mesh deck. The rollers are not susceptible to breaking or seizing.

    Tire/Wheel Racks

    Wheels and tires are nesting on special tire racks made of angled beams.

    Multi-Level Systems 

    With OKE Storage shelving-supported mezzanines, your auto dealership’s cubic capacity can be doubled or even tripled. Storage and retrieval of parts can be made easier with conveyors or hydraulic lifts.

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