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    • DHL
    • Toyota
    • Peugeot
    • LG Chem
    • GM
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    Use OKE Storage System Warehouse Storage Racks To Make Your Business Profitable!

    The OKE Storage provides you one-stop storage solutions for all types of racking. We always take care of our customer’s needs by providing high-quality Warehouse Storage Racks that long last for many years. By using the OKE Storage Warehouse Storage Racks, you will be able to utilize about 70% of your warehouse storage floor area.

    You can also utilize the vertical height of your warehouse storage area for storing your heavy-weight products on multiple levels high by using the OKE Storage Warehouse Storage Racks and can store multiple types of products. You can directly access every stored product in the Warehouse Storage Racks that is very helpful for date-sensitive products.

    Heavy Duty Pallet Racks
    The OKE Storage System exports the Heavy Duty Pallet Racks for more than 85 countries to fulfill different warehouse storage needs.
    Industrial Racking
    OKE manufactures your Industrial Racking by using the advanced technology machines to ensure products safety.
    Selective Racking
    OKE Storage Selective Racking offers robust storage solutions with high capacity, specially designed for the storage of long merchandise.
    Warehouse Storage Racks
    OKE Pallet Racking are available in a wide range of options to suit the storage of your products.
    Selective Pallet Racking System
    OKE Storage provides you the best installation services for your Selective Pallet Racking System.
    Pallet Racking System
    OKE Storage customizes your Pallet Racking System according to your warehouse storage needs.
    Storage Racking System
    OKE Storage have racking engineers with more than 6 years of experience in the field of Storage Racking System.
    Metal Storage Racks
    The OKE Storage has no strict MOQ requirements for your Metal Storage Racks, i.e., you can flexibly order your product with your desired requirements.
    Warehouse Racking
    Your Warehouse Racking Order is manufactured by more than 200 experienced and technical workers appointed by OKE Storage.

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      OKE StorageWhy You Should Buy The Warehouse Storage Racks From OKE Storage?

      The 20 years of racking and shelving experience ensures the reliability of our Warehouse Storage Racks.

      We can provide you one-stop solutions for your Warehouse Storage Racks.

      The OKE Storage System can provide you the best installation and transportation services for your ordered Warehouse Storage Racks.

      Our professional racking engineers inspect your ordered Warehouse Storage Racks at every stage of its manufacturing process that provides security of the best manufactured Warehouse Storage Racks.

      We always think best for our customers and their storage needs.

      20 Years’ Experience
      Large Group Of Customers
      The OKE Storage System is exporting the best quality Warehouse Storage Racks to about 85 countries and have a very large group of reputed customers like Toyota, Coca-cola, Pepsi etc.
      10 Years Warranty
      Top Ten Ranked Manufacturer In China
      The OKE Storage System uses best quality material for Warehouse Storage Racks manufacturing that is why is a top ten Warehouse Storage Racks manufacturer in China
      Customized Service
      Advanced packaging method
      The OKE Storage uses plastic film and steel belt to cover and fix your Warehouse Storage Racks for packaging. We also use airbags between different packages to ensure safety after multiple forklift handling and long transportation.
      One-Stop Solution
      24/7 Service To The Customers
      The OKE Storage System is always available to fulfill the needs of our customers. You can contact us anytime you want.

      Order Your Warehouse Storage RacksNow!

      OKE Storage System can give you detailed installation guides and videos that help you save your time and cost.

      You can always contact us and place an order for your Warehouse Storage Racks by describing us your warehouse storage needs.

      We give you ten years of warranty for your Warehouse Storage Racks.

      Your order can be delivered to your door as fast as possible.

      You can always contact OKE Storage Systems by visiting our warehouse in Nanjing, China, or emailing us at

      Warehouse Storage Racks – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

      This is a comprehensive FAQ guide that deals with all the questions related to warehouse storage racks.

      It includes essential information for you to know if it’s going to worth your money.

      So, before making a decision about warehouse storage racks, read this guide.

      1. What is the Meaning of Warehouse Storage Racks?

      A rack that is used to store items in a warehouse is called a warehouse storage racks system.

      The warehouse storage rack system is usually made of steel, having some space to hold different products.

      Most of the warehouse storage racks consist of shelves.

      Other rack systems have arms to hold storage products.

      The structure of the warehouse storage racks depends upon the requirements of stocks.

      Usually, a forklift is used to load or unload the products from warehouse storage racks.

      Warehouse Storage Rack System

      Warehouse Storage Racks

      2. What are the Uses of Warehouse Storage Racks?

      Warehouse storage racks can be used to store different types of products in your warehouse.

      Some of these products could be as follows:

      • Long or short products like pipes
      • Bulky or lightweight products like furniture or steel
      • Uniform shaped products like pallets or cartons
      • Odd-shaped products
      • Freezing products

      In a nutshell, you can use a warehouse storage racks system to store whichever product you need to keep.

      Warehouse Storage Rack System Uses

      Warehouse Storage Racks Uses

      3. What are the Types of Warehouse Storage Racks?

      There are various types of warehouse storage racks, as follows:

      Selective Pallet Rack:
      It is a type of racking system in which items are stored in pallet racks.

      These racks prove to be easily accessible.

      Selective Pallet racks have a good balance of storage density and product selectivity.

      Cantilever Storage Rack:
      It consists of arms and is used to store heavy and long-length products.

      You can also store items with odd shapes in the cantilever rack.

      Push Back Rack:
      It is structured with telescoping tracks that provide dense storage.

      Push back rack is ideal for storing products of long expiration dates.

      Drive-In/Drive-Thru Rack:
      Both of these are high-density warehouse storage racks systems.

      These rack systems are used to hold products with less turnaround time.

      Carton Flow Rack:
      This is the First In First Out (FIFO) racking system that works with the gravity flow.

      Both sides of the carton flow rack are accessible as one side is used for storing and the other for retrieving from the rack.

      Carton flow racks are made with an inclined structure on one side to make them work through gravity.

      Mezzanines are the free-standing structure that can be used to store bulk quantities of products.

      Usually, mezzanines have one side with stairs and another side open for accessing the products.

      Industrial Metal Shelving:
      Industrial metal shelving racks are free-standing racks with metallic shelves to host industrial products.

      The shape of these shelves can be redesigned according to your requirements.

      Warehouse Storage Rack System Types

      Warehouse Storage Racks Types

      4. What are the Parts of Warehouse Storage Racks?

      Due to the availability of different types of warehouse storage racking systems, there are various parts of it.

      Some of the major components of warehouse storage racks are as follows:

      Wire Deck: It is a wire mesh decking that prevents the products from falling down through the storage rack structure.

      • Columns: These are the upright structures that hold the entire warehouse storage rack system together.
      • Beams: These are shelf-like structures connected through columns from either side. It is the support through pallet racks are placed on it.
      • Bracing: These are either horizontal or vertical-shaped structures that are connected with upright columns to support them.
      • Row Spacers: You can also say them as back connectors as they connect the backsides of two racks to each other.
      • Anchor Bolts: These bolts help stabilize the rack system from the ground.
      • Base Plates: These are the steel plates also for the purpose of stabilizing the rack with anchor bolts.
      • Upright Protectors: These are the protectors connected to the upright columns.


      Warehouse Storage Rack System Parts

      Warehouse Storage Rack System Parts

      5. Are Warehouse Storage Racks Adjustable?

      Yes, the warehouse storage racks system is adjustable because its structure can be assembled as per requirements.

      You can either adjust the height of the pallets or the placement of upright columns.

      However, all the warehouse storage racks system is connected firmly with the base, which is further connected to the ground.

      Warehouse Storage Rack System Adjustability

      Warehouse Storage Racks Flexibility

      6. What Type of Shapes Can Warehouse Storage Racks Hold?

      Warehouse storage racks come with usability with specific products.

      Since there are different warehouse storage racking systems, you can have almost any shape of a product to fit in the rack.

      You just need to observe the best fit warehouse storage racks system for you from its types like push-back, cantilever, etc.

      For long or uneven shapes, a cantilever is the most suitable.

      Likewise, a drive-in/drive-thru warehouse storage rack system is useful for storing equal-sized products.

      7. What are the Benefits of Warehouse Storage Racks?

      A warehouse storage racks system comes with the following benefits or advantages:

      • No matter how small or big your warehouse is, you will always have maximum space utilization beyond the visual limits.
      • The productivity of your warehouse increases as you install a warehouse storage rack system in it.
      • Your stored products will be safe and sound without any dangers of getting a break or damage.
      • Warehouse storage rack systems make your storage reliable.
      • You will have immediate access to all of your stored items as there is always a sequence in these systems.
      • Warehouse storage rack systems are easy to install and configure.
      • These storage systems are durable and can be used for longer times.
      • As compared to benefits, warehouse storage racking systems come with a very reasonable price range.
      • Warehouse storage racks save a lot of space, time, and resources.

      8. How are Warehouse Storage Racks Made?

      Following is the step-by-step process to make a warehouse storage racks system.

      • Flat-rolled steel is used as a raw material for making a warehouse storage racking system at first.
      • The steel is bent or welded according to the requirements of different parts of it.
      • After welding or bent, the racks are powder coated so that no part is left uncoated.
      • As a second last step, the parts are bolted to make an easy to assemble storage system.
      • In the last step, quality is assured to check if all the warehouse storage racks system is fulfilling the requirements.

      Warehouse Storage Rack System Manufacturing

      Warehouse Storage Racks Manufacturing

      9. What is the Cost of Warehouse Storage Racks?

      The cost of warehouse storage racks varies in a lot of ways.

      The type of warehouse storage racks and the dimensional requirements plays a vital role in defining its price.

      However, a typical warehouse storage rack system can come with a cost of around $50 per item.

      One of the major factors which define the overall cost also comprises the capability of the manufacturer.

      10. How Much Load can Warehouse Storage Racks Hold?

      The load capacity of warehouse storage racks varies due to different factors.

      These factors are the type and thickness of the steel used in the warehouse storage racks system.

      Beam levels and load distribution, flooring, and vertical beam spacing play a vital role in defining the load capacity as well.

      Normally, a warehouse storage rack system can hold an average weight of 2500 lbs (1100 Kgs).

      However, the value of the load can change depending on your requirements and the capacity of each shelf.

      Warehouse Rack System Load Capacity

      Warehouse Rack System Load Capacity

      11. Are Warehouse Storage Racks Repairable?

      Yes, warehouse storage racks are repairable because they consist of distributed parts that assemble together.

      All of these individual parts make the warehouse storage rack system complete.

      For usual damages like bents, you can easily ask your manufacturer to repair the rack system for you.

      In unusual cases like completely broken parts, a repair can also be done consisting of the welding phase as well.

      However, due to the holes in the upright columns, damages, it could take some time to repair or even rebuild the structure completely.

      12. Which Storage Flow is Used in Warehouse Storage Racks?

      Since a warehouse storage racks system can be of any type, there are many possibilities.

      It can be a Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) or the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) storage flow.

      Normally, you can also use a combination of warehouse storage racking systems to get the benefits of all the storage flows.

      Warehouse Storage Rack Flow

      Warehouse Storage Racks Flow

      13. How Do You Design Warehouse Storage Racks?

      There are some aspects you need to consider for designing the warehouse storage racks system for your warehouse.

      These aspects are mentioned as follows:

      • The size of the pallet and its type should be considered as the first observation according to your requirements.
      • Storage flow order through which you want to store and retrieve products like LIFO or FIFO.
      • The number of pallets you want to have in a single warehouse storage rack system.
      • The overall environment of your warehouses like cold temperature, controlled temperature or ambient temperature.
      • The building structure of your warehouse like location and size of your lock doors, ceiling height, column spacing, etc.
      • Your accessibility requirements like slow-moving products or fast-moving products.
      • The material handling equipment like forklifts, man-up order picker, etc.
      • The estimation of your allocated budget and realistic Return On Investment statistics also plays a vital role in design.

      Warehouse Storage Rack System Design

      Warehouse Storage Racks Design

      14. How Can You Optimize Your Warehouse Storage Racks?

      Optimizing your warehouse storage racks helps you in a lot of ways.

      You can optimize it by evaluating the following aspects:

      • Calculate your warehouse rack size and observe its compatibility with the warehouse size.
      • Store items according to size and assure that there are no extra gaps between pallets.
      • Always use forklifts through the appropriate aisles.
      • Maintain your warehouse storage racks system and check its quality periodically.
      • Try not to use other parts of the racking system like bracings for storing items.

      15. How to Assess the Quality of Warehouse Storage Racks?

      You can assess the quality of a warehouse storage racks system by considering the following points:

      • Ensure the quality of material such as steel type and its firmness of your warehouse storage racking system.
      • Do load testing in which you will put the maximum limit of the load onto the racking system to ensure its bearing capacity.
      • Assure that every part is properly integrated into the racking system.
      • Observe the warehouse storage racks system keenly to assure that there are no damages or any type of breakage.
      • Make sure that every shelf is in proper horizontal position and not tilted or bent (except cantilever or gravity racks).

      Warehouse Storage Rack System Qualities

      Warehouse Storage Racks System Qualities

      16. Can Different Warehouse Storage Racks Work Together in a Warehouse?

      It depends upon your warehouse size and the compatibility of different warehouse storage racks with each other.

      Normally, different warehouse storage racks can easily work together because each of them has some shared features.

      These features can be the same storage flow or the use of forklifts to store or retrieve products from the warehouse racking system.

      17. Why Pallet Racking is Considered as a Preferable Warehouse Storage Racks System?

      Pallet racking is the most popular type of warehouse storage racks system because of several reasons.

      These reasons are as follows:

      • Selective pallet racking has a reasonable price and reliable than other warehouse storage racking systems.
      • It is designed to utilize more space and place pallets of the floor as well.
      • Pallet racks can be used to hold versatile products.
      • It offers dense storage by allowing pallets to be stored in a hierarchical order.

      18. What is the Best Material of Warehouse Storage Racks?

      The best material of a warehouse storage racks system is undoubtedly the steel used in it.

      Usually, there are two types of steel used during the construction of a warehouse storage racks system as follows:

      • Q235B with respect to the EU standard it’s S235.
      • Q345B is also known as S355 according to the EU standards.

      Some prominent storage rack manufacturers like Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems offer both of these steel types.

      Warehouse Rack System Material Type

      Warehouse Rack System Material Type

      19. Can Warehouse Storage Racks be Rust-Proof?

      Yes, warehouse storage racks can be rust-proof if they are made with quality.

      Usually, galvanized steel is used to make it rust-proof because it prevents rust from getting onto the rack.

      Sometimes, a protective coating is used to prevent rust from reaching out to the actual steel material like color coating.

      However, environmental conditions can affect the rust-proof ability of a warehouse storage racks system.

      Warehouse Storage Rack System Rusty

      Warehouse Storage Racks System Rusty

      20.  How Warehouse Storage Racks Works?

      Despite the fact that there are different warehouse storage racking systems, their work is quite the same.

      Warehouse storage racks typically work in the following sequence:

      • Products are loaded onto the forklift not more than the weight and size limitations of the racking shelf.
      • Then, these products are placed onto the racking shelves of the warehouse storage rack system.
      • Shelves balance the load by putting transferring that loading pressure onto the upright columns.
      • These upright columns further take the support of the braces as well as a base that is further connected to the ground.
      • For retrieval, the forklift enters the aisles and lifts out particular required products from the rack.

      21. How Warehouse Storage Racks Can be Cost-Effective?

      Warehouse storage racks can be cost-effective because of the following factors:

      • It stacks products in a uniform manner which makes proper space utilization possible.
      • Warehouse storage racks keep products in a safe environment which reduces damages.
      • It organizes the entire storage environment which eventually reduces maintenance costs.
      • The workmanship costs also get reduced through it because it offers more accessibility.

      Warehouse Storage Rack System Cost-Efficiency

      Warehouse Storage Racks System Cost-Efficiency

      22. What are the Things to Consider before Buying Warehouse Storage Racks?

      Before buying a warehouse storage racks system, there are plenty of things you need to take care of as follows:

      • The type of warehouse storage racking system which will be the most appropriate for you should be your first concern.
      • Design of your warehouse storage racks.
      • The quality of material such as steel type used in your warehouse storage racking system.
      • Make sure that there are no damages or bents over any part of the racking system.
      • Ensure the required load capacity can be fulfilled by the rack and it can bear even a bit further load.
      • The aisles of the warehouse storage racks are compatible with the workmanship or forklifts.
      • At last, you should pay attention to the market rates, manufacturer’s reliability, and the rack’s durability.

      23. What are the Dimensions of Warehouse Storage Racks?

      A warehouse storage racks system consists of various parts which can be customized according to your requirements.

      Therefore, the dimensions of warehouse storage racks are not a static value.

      However, a typical warehouse storage racks system comes with the following dimensions:

      Frame Height and Depth: You can have an upright frame height from 3 feet (1 meter) to 30 feet (10 meters).

      For depth, different regions have different preferences like in the US it’s typically 1219×1016 and in Europe, it’s 800×1200.

      Beam Length and Weight Capacity: Standard beam lengths come in the range of 1300mm to 4000mm.

      The typical weight capacity can be from 500kg per load level to even 5000kg per level.

      Warehouse Storage Rack System Measurements

      Warehouse Storage Racks Dimensions

      24. Which Type of Warehouse is Most Suited to Use the Warehouse Storage Racks?

      As there are different types of warehouse racks, each of them is made for addressing specific rack requirements.

      Almost all the warehouse types can use warehouse storage racks.

      Even if it’s an industrial warehouse or a superstore’s warehouse, there are most suited warehouse systems for all.

      25. How to Install Warehouse Storage Racks?

      Installing a warehouse storage racks system consists of the following steps:

      • Connect the base firmly to the floor.
      • Attach the upright columns to the base.
      • Bolt the pallet shelves through the keyholes in the upright columns.
      • Attach the bottom rear beam at first.
      • The top rear beam should be installed after installing the bottom beam.
      • Then install the top front beams.
      • Finally, the bottom front beams.
      • Attach the horizontal or vertical braces (if required).

      Warehouse Storage Rack System Installation

      Warehouse Storage Racks System Installation

      26. From Where Can You Get Warehouse Storage Racks?

      Warehouse storage racking systems are produced in various regions of the world.

      You should always look for the most suitable one for you.

      However, there is the most prominent warehouse storage racks market in China.

      It provides supreme quality with taking care of your budget concerns.

      You can always look for the best warehouse rack manufacturers in China by exploring the web.

      Specifically, Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems is considered the most prominent and reliable manufacturer in the Chinese market.

      Warehouse Storage Rack System Market

      Warehouse Storage Racks System Market

      27. What are the Qualities of a Good Manufacturer of Warehouse Storage Racks?

      A good manufacturer of warehouse storage racks must have the following qualities:

      • A rich experience of manufacturing warehouse storage racks systems.
      • Reliable and sturdy material usage like good steel types and compatible parts.
      • Understanding of all the design needs and have the latest machinery to make the designs accurately possible.
      • Have a good standard work force and equipment.
      • It should have a worldwide coverage of shipments, especially to your home country.
      • A good manufacturer always follows the updated international quality standards of manufacturing rack systems.
      • The warehouse storage racks should always come with a good lifetime and warranty period.
      • It should have a manufacturing capacity of more than your requirements to counter the peak season objectives.

      Surprisingly, Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems has more than the above-mentioned qualities with after-delivery support.

      It is considered as one of the best racking system manufacturers that are also reflected by its customer’s positive feedback history.

      28. How to Order Warehouse Storage Racks?

      The ordering procedure of different manufacturers might be different but the most prominent process is as follows:

      • Explore the website of your rack manufacturer.
      • Search contact details or find the contact us query box.
      • Mention your requirements in a comprehensive way in the message box.
      • Don’t forget to add your contact and shipping details like the address and your contact number in the box.
      • Click on the order button or send a message and wait for their response.
      • After their response, the manufacturer will get you through the payment procedures.
      • Finally, your order will get confirmed by the manufacturer.

      Order Warehouse Storage Rack System

      Order Warehouse Storage Racks System

      29. How to Import Warehouse Storage Racks from China?

      Importing a warehouse storage racks system varies from region to region.

      This is because there could some limitations or geopolitical rules which may delay your import process.

      However, a most commonly used way to import warehouse storage racks is as follows:

      • Order the warehouse storage racks system manufacturer through their website and contact details.
      • Provide your preferences of shipment such as the delivery mode, preferred transportation, and other details.
      • Reach out to the manufacturer if there are any international shipment limitations in your country.
      • Confirm order after clearing the payments and wait for the delivery.

      Luckily, now you just need to send your requirements to OKE International Storage Systems and you will get your desired racks quickly.

      Import Warehouse Storage Rack System

      Import Warehouse Storage Racks System

      30. Which Protective Measures are Done over Warehouse Storage Racks for Long-Transportation?

      Most of the prominent warehouse storage racks system manufacturers like Nanjing OKE International uses the latest safety measures.

      These measures include using a plastic film for wrapping the parts of the warehouse racking system.

      After wrapping it up, the best practice is to use the steel belt as an extra layer of protection.

      The rack system is placed in such a way that there should not be any weight upon it.

      Extra gaps between racking system parts are also filled with some soft material to protect them from damages.

      Warehouse Storage Rack System Transportation

      Warehouse Storage Racks System Transportation

      31. How to Track Shipment of Warehouse Storage Racks from China?

      Tracking a warehouse storage racking system’s shipment has been a great issue before the emergence of innovative manufacturers.

      Latest manufacturers like Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems use advanced shipment tracking procedures.

      In this procedure, you can get instant updates about the contemporary location and estimations about your rack shipment.

      32. How to Maintain Warehouse Storage Racks?

      Maintaining a warehouse storage rack is easier if you follow the following sequence:

      • Cleaning your warehouse storage racks system periodically is the best practice to follow.
      • Look out for the assurance of quality by observing any damages and highlighting them.
      • Try not to rely on a broken or bent racking system because it can harm your structure.
      • Always use dry accessories to clean and take care of your warehouse storage racks system.
      • Do not place oversized products over the racking shelves.
      • Use appropriate and guided methods to put or retrieve products from or to the racking system.

      33. Are Warehouse Storage Racks Easy to Access?

      A warehouse storage racks system is easy to access and use but it also depends upon its suitability to your requirements.

      If you have brought some selectivity-friendly warehouse racking systems, you will find it easier to access.

      In case of space-friendly racking systems, the accessibility might be a bit tricky but the requirements will be fulfilled accordingly.

      The number of workmanship and forklifts can also be a strong factor for determining the ease of access of your racking system.

      Warehouse Storage Rack System Accessibility

      Warehouse Storage Racks System Accessibility

      34. How to Get the Most Out of Warehouse Storage Racks?

      A warehouse storage racks system comes with various benefits if used properly as follows:

      • Assure that the maintenance is being done properly with a periodic schedule.
      • Install the warehouse storage racks through professionals or engineers.
      • Take care of the minimum and maximum loading capacities of the warehouse racking system.
      • Always take advice from your rack manufacturer about any bent or damage on the rack.
      • Store items in a well-mannered sequence to maintain the sequence of its inventory management flow.

      35. What is the Warranty of Warehouse Storage Racks?

      Most of the prominent warehouse storage racks system manufacturers like Nanjing OKE International offers an extended warranty.

      Since there are different warehouse rack systems, each one has its own warranty duration.

      Somehow, a normal warehouse rack system like pallet racking usually comes with a warranty of around 5 to 10 years.

      However, your warehouse storage racks can last even for a lifetime if cared for properly.

      Warehouse Storage Rack System Warranty

      Warehouse Storage Racks System Warranty

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