Racking System Manufacturing Process– The Complete FAQ Guide

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    Manufacturing is the process of turning raw materials into finished products. In this process, we ensure the quality and safety of the racking system. Make the final product have certain competitiveness, and finally can be profitable.

    But what about the specific manufacturing process of the factory? How does raw material become the final racking system? How are the uprights and beams made?


    Racking System Production Process:

    1. Raw Material Of Industrial Racking System

    For different types of racking system and different parts, the raw materials used can also be different. For raw materials, it is necessary to have a certain understanding and cognition.

    Here are some parameters for your reference:

    Q235A, Q235B, Q235C, Q235D Steel Material Chemical Component

    The table below lists Q235 steel material chemical components based on the heat analysis.

    Chemical Composition (heat analysis), %, ≤
    Steel Grade Quality Grade C Si Mn P S Deoxidation Method
    Q235 Q235A 0.22 0.35 1.40 0.045 0.050 Rimmed/ Killed
    Q235B 0.20 0.35 1.40 0.045 0.045 Rimmed/ Killed
    Q235C 0.17 0.35 1.40 0.040 0.040 Killed
    Q235D 0.17 0.35 1.40 0.035 0.035 Exceptionally Killed
    Q235 steel equivalent grades
    China US European Union Britain(UK) Japan ISO
    Standard Grade Standard Grade Standard Grade Standard Grade Standard Grade Standard Grade
    GB/T 700 Q235A ASTM A36/A36M;

    ASTM A283/A283M




    BS 970

    Part 1

    080A15 JIS G 3101;

    JIS G 3106

    SS400; SM400A
    GB/T 700 Q235B ASTM A36;





    DIN EN


    S235JR(1.0038) BS EN


    S235JR(1.0038) JIS G3101;

    JIS G3106

    SS400; SM400A
    GB/T 700 Q235C ASTM A36;







    Grade 58

    DIN EN


    S235JO(1.0114) BS EN


    S235JO(1.0114) JIS G3106 SM400A,


    ISO 630-2 S235B
    GB/T 700 Q235D ASTM A36;

    ASTM A283M



    DIN EN




    BS EN




    JIS G3106 SM400A ISO 630-2 S235B, S235C

    Punching Process

    A standard interval of punches connects the cross beams along the column. In addition to the many different punching patterns available for roll-formed columns and posts/beams, three other types are also popular.

    In spite of the fact that each punch is different, their basic concept is universal. Clip-together type of installation and reconfigurability of the three punches is a common feature of all three punches.

    Profiling Process
    Profiling process

    Profiling Process

    In this process, advanced equipment and production methods can make production more convenient. The strict control of equipment ensures that products are always within acceptable parameters.

    In the process of high-quality profiling processing, specific parameters should be set for each product. And constantly check for errors in each link. Every key point must be paid constant attention to ensure that the final product does not have any quality problems.

    In this part of the process, you can number each product to make them unique and identifiable. So you can easily find it when you find out something wrong.

    Shot Blasting

    Shelves that have not been treated and left for a long time are prone to rust. This affects the later treatment such as spraying.

    Therefore, rust removal before spraying is essential. In the whole production process, the process of shot blasting is used to remove rust, so that the rusted surface to restore clean.

    1. Remove the surface of the metal workpiece rust layer, oxide, and welding slag. After the shot blasting, the racking surface can be clean, and show the original luster of the metal.
    2. Increase the roughness of the surface of the racking, which is conducive to the adhesion of the subsequent spraying.
    3. Eliminate the internal stress of the racking, and increase the service life.
    Shot Blasting
    Welding Process

    Welding Process

    Welding is an essential link in the racking system production process.

    There are essential differences between equipment welding and manual welding. OKE Storage has advanced welding equipment to make racking system welds smooth.

    Also after equipment welding, OKE Storage will arrange for professional staff to remove the welding slag. It can make the surface smooth and benefits the later powder coating.

    Finish The Racking System Components

    The beams, uprights, bracing, protector, frame barrier, steel panel, wire mesh decking, wood panel, and so on,  and all products must be of the best quality according to customers’ requirements and different application areas. 

    OKE Storage has the following schemes for the surface of the uprights and beams treatment:

    Galvanized Upright:

    The cost of galvanized racking system is relatively low. And in the replacement and maintenance of the racking system, it is not easy to cause obvious scratches on the racking surface.

    Paint Finish:

    The beams can be galvanized or powder coating. Spraying the beam can make the color of the racking system itself more vivid, so as to facilitate the work of forklift drivers.

    The racking system that needs to be sprayed will be pickled twice first to remove surface stains and form an oxide film. Before spraying, it should be dried and rubbed. It is sprayed with epoxy-polyester and finally compacted by the oven.

    powder coating

    Packaging Of Uprights And Beams

    Packaging is the last step in racking system production. Basically, it is a few beams or uprights packed together.

    OKE Storage would wrap the racking system with wrapping film and then use paper to protect the areas that could be easily worn.

    Finally, it will be secured with a steel band.

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