Manufacturing– The Complete FAQ Guide

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    Manufacturing equipment is any equipment in such a manufacturing facility directly related to the production of the Company’s products and parts.

    It is critical for all manufacturing facilities to run smoothly and efficiently, regardless of the products they produce. Manufacturing and assembling items and shipping them to distributors or end-users often involve many moving parts and numerous areas. In order for the manufacturing facility to operate effectively, it must run at peak performance in every area.

    To facility the whole manufacturing can work fluently, racking systems are necessary. And OKE Storage can support you with satisfactory racking systems and services.

    Manufacturing Racking System
    Manufacturing Racking System

    Customized Design of Equipment Manufacturing

    OKE Storage has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing racking systems. We have enough experiences to provide you with the best quality racking systems. And we can support you with all-round services including: 

    Engineering and design: In order to recommend the most suitable storage and distribution solutions for your company, we first inspect your space, inventory characteristics, and the way your team handles the material. Upon completion of the survey, we will let you know which type(s) of racking and layout is best suited to your needs.

    Fast Delivering: We will control the whole manufacturing process strictly to make sure high quality. And ensure that we can deliver on time to save you many worries.

    Installation: We have a highly-skilled installation team. To save your time and costs, we will provide you with detailed installation instructions or videos. If you need, we can send our professional team to help you.

    Maintenance and Repairing: During the usage, if you have problems, you can consult us. We support FREE consulting. And we can give you some suggestions about how to maintain the racking system even about the repairing.

    Certification support: One of OKE Storage’s major advantages is that all of our racking systems are made of certificated material from China’s largest steel company – Baoshan. and comply with CE and ISO and other international standards.

    Manufacturing Racking System
    Manufacturing Racking System

    Manufacturing Storage Solutions

    Making your manufacturing facility more efficient requires the right types of racking.

    OKE Storage’s professional staff will design your racking system according to your requirements for one more storage solution:

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