Racking System Certification– The Complete FAQ Guide

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    Several standards certify the racking quality

    Regardless of the industry, there needs to be an impartial outside body to strictly test the quality of the company’s products. And to grant the company the relevant certificate to prove the conformity of the company’s products. The same is true of the racking-storage industry. Only after comprehensive testing and qualified, customers can have practical and reliable data for reference and choose our products without any concerns.


    For the racking storage industry, some relevant certificates and standards can be simply divided into two categories. One is the certificate related to the racking. The other is the certificate related to the racking manufacturer.


    Quality standards related to racking

    CE Certification

    CE mark is a safety qualification mark, which is regarded as a passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. It is the “main requirement” that forms the core of the European directive.


    In the European Union market, “CE” is a mandatory certification mark, whether it is the product produced by enterprises in the European Union, or the product produced by other countries. In order to circulate freely on the EU market, a “CE” mark must be attached to show that the product meets the basic requirements of the EU directive on New Methods for Technical Harmonisation and Standardisation”. This is a mandatory requirement for products under EU law.


    To obtain CE certification, you must have advanced production equipment and processes that are environmentally friendly. And the products must be good for consumers.

    AS4084 Standard

    As 4084:2012 is a standard document for steel racking storage, which outlines the rules, procedures, and guidelines that must be followed by racking manufacturers.


    The purpose of this standard is to ensure that any steel storage racking sold in Australia complies with the listed specifications. This standard applies to “adjustable, static tray racking made of cold-formed or hot-rolled steel structural members”. The Selective Pallet Racking, Double Deep Selective Pallet Racking and Narrow Aisle Selective Pallet Racking from OKE Storage fall within this standard.


    Standards related to the racking manufacturer

    ISO9001:2015 certificate

    International Standardization Organization is not subject to economic interests. It carries on the quality evaluation and supervision to each country’s products and enterprises in a fair and scientific way. And issued passes as check basis for customers to check the manufacturer’s quality system. And the passes can prove that the enterprise has the ability to meet the technical requirements of the ordered products.


    Certified enterprises have reached the international standard in the management system integration. This shows that the enterprise can continue to provide customers with expected and satisfactory qualified products. From the point of view of consumers, the company takes customers as the center and can meet customer needs and make customers satisfied without inducing consumers.


    American RMI standard

    RMI, the Rack Manufacturers Institute, Inc., is a trade association group that provides a set of standards for the Material Handling Industry to follow. The standards they set are mainly for storage rack, structural systems and welded wire rack decking.


    Certified companies by RMI are committed to complying with these standards and specifications. This provides security for buyers and lets them know they are buying quality products from companies that follow high standards.


    FEM standard

    The European Materials Handling Federation (French: Fédération Européenne de la Manutention, FEM), is the association that can represent material handling, lifting and storage equipment manufacturers in Europe.


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