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    10 Years Warranty
    Long-lasting Warranty of Ten Years
    The OKE Storage provides a long-lasting warranty of ten years in the absence of any external destruction. You can also avail free of cost service from the OKE Storage if you face any issue with OKE.
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    20 Years’ Rich Experience
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    Long Span Shelving: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Finding a reliable storage solution for your business can be confusing, as the market is full of options.

    But one of the finest ways to keep your stock safe, secure, and easily approachable is by installing long-span shelving to your warehouse.

    Gladly, this guide is to help you get comprehensive knowledge about long-span shelving, including its kinds, benefits, applications, compatibility, and several other realities.

    So let this guide be the ultimate light of increasing your understanding of how long-span shelving can do wonders for your business by providing an economical way out for stock-keeping.

    What is Long Span Shelving?

    In the storage industry, long span shelving extends the capacity to keep products in a defined space.

    These are shelves with four or five levels. Each level has a layer to hold your product of a certain weight.

    It is generally constructed with solid materials to place heavy weight loads.

    Due to its flexible nature, long-span shelving is ideal for commercial purposes, such as storing products in bulk.

    That is why these shelves are commonly found in medium-sized warehouses and workplaces.

    Long Span Shelving

    Long Span Shelving

    What are the Different Types of Long Span Shelving?

    There are four different types of long span shelving.

    1. Longspan Shelving with Timber Shelves

    This type of long span shelving is the most common one used in many warehouses and businesses.

    It is best for a broad range of applications, including archive storage, automotive workshops, retail storage, manufacturing plants, and schools.

    Moreover, this type of long span shelves has an economical price, and they are strong and durable.

    1. Long Span Shelving with Steel Shelves

    Long Span shelving made with steel shelves is mostly utilized to store bulky and heavy materials.

    That is why it is installed in big warehouses to store maximum products.

    1. Long Span Shelving with Mesh Shelves

    Long span shelving made with mesh shelves is best for storing smaller material.

    Such shelving also offers essential advantages to special concerns, such as fire and safety regulations.

    It is because they are lightweight as compared to the previous two types.

    Plus, this kind of long span shelving minimizes dust accumulation and provides better air circulation and enhanced visibility of your products.

    However, it is not made for keeping heavyweight items, as mesh only supports lighter objects.

    1. Heavy-Duty Long Span Shelving

    Lastly, the heavy-duty long span shelving can be seen in the vast majority of companies’ storage areas with overstock, large inventory, and extensive warehouses.

    Such shelves can be customized to overcome storage needs.

    And it comes with some different variations to make sure your ultra-heavy stock is shelved correctly and safely.

    In What Colors Long Span Shelving is Available?

    Long span shelving is widely available in full grey or the combination of yellow and blue and orange and blue colors.

    But, some companies also paint them as per your requirements.

    What are the Basic Elements of Long Span Shelving?

    Whether you buy any long span shelving type, you will find three basic elements in each of your choices. Here they are:

    1. Uprights

    Uprights or vertical uprights are two strong metal frames that stand at the end of each shelving unit.

    They can be found in different heights and to which the shelving bays are connected.

    Also, they perform their duty as a connecting point for each extension.

    1. Horizontal Beams

    Horizontal beams are connected to each upright, and they also determine the bay’s length.

    And with connecting with the uprights, they allow you to extend or adjust shelving units.

    1. Internal Shelves

    Internal shelves are placed between two uprights and two beams, giving it a look of a layer.

    Also, permitting you to keep your storage materials.

    Elements of Long Span Shelving

    Elements of long span shelving

    How can Long Span Shelving be Used?

    Long span shelving is considered as one of the highest-quality build available presently.

    Long span shelving’s main use is to make more space to keep large and heavyweight stock of products.

    For example, you can use it to store a variety of cartons, boxes, and individual goods in a well-organized manner.

    Similarly, it can be used to design a multi-level storage solution.

    What are the Things You can Keep on Long Span Shelving?

    Long span shelving offers excellent storage solutions for substantial items, which cannot be normally stored in any other shelving systems.

    For instance, any odd-shaped, fragile, or bulky products.

    Wheels, office supplies, batteries, long pipes are just a few examples that can be stored in long span shelving.

    In other words, long span shelves are ideal for keeping items of different sizes and shapes with complete safety.

    Things to Keep on Long Span Shelving

    Things to keep on long span shelving

    What are the Benefits of Long Span Shelving?

    There are many benefits of using long span shelving.

    Some of the most vital ones are:

    1. Free Standing: Long span shelving can is extremely easy to move and disassemble.
    2. Add-Ons: To make more space in long span shelving, you can attach several add-ons.
    3. No Tools Required: Most long span shelving types are simple to assemble and do not require any special tools or gadgets to fix them.

    Even standard household tools can do the job.

    What are the Common Problems with Long Span Shelving?

    It depends on whether you are buying a new long span shelving or a second-hand one.

    In most cases, if you go for the new long span shelves, the chances are that you will find no issues in the early years.

    However, certain factors, such as lack of maintenance and overweighting the shelving, decrease overall durability.

    As a consequence, you can face problems like swaying structures, broken beams, and unbalanced shelves.

    On the other hand, if you opt for second-hand long span shelving, it may come with all the problems and damages mentioned above.

    Is Long Span Shelving Available in a Single Size Only?

    Well, the simplest answer to your concern is no.

    Keep in mind that long span shelving is meant to create storage solutions for big, medium, and small enterprises.

    Therefore, it is available in different sizes to make sure it is fixed correctly in your warehouse.

    While some businesses prefer customizing long span shelving size as per their requirement.

    Typically, you can find the following long span shelving components in the following sizes:

    1. Beam Size: The length of the beam is available in between 1000 mm to 2400 mm.
    2. Frames: The long span shelving frames come in 2000 mm height x 400 mm width to 3000 mm height x 900 mm width.
    3. Shelves: Likewise, the shelves usually start from 1000 mm length x 450 mm width to 24000 mm length to 900 mm width along with an 18 mm sturdy particle sheet.

    Note: The height could even go up to 5000 mm to meet your needs.

    As you can see that you can choose or customized long-span shelving in a variety of sizes.

    But sometimes, it gets pretty confusing to pick the best long-span shelving manufacturers to make sure you get a high-quality product in your preferred size.

    China is certainly the best option to select long-span shelving.

    However, not every provider is capable of keeping its promise.

    So to eliminate such a puzzling situation, it is wise to opt for Nanjing OKE International Storage in China.

    Why? Because OKE storage is a reliable platform for purchasing numerous storage solutions, including long span shelving.

    The company has a proven record with plenty of satisfied customers in the local and international market.

    How much Weight Can You Keep on Long Span Shelving?

    Considering the size of the long span shelving, the weight holding capacity could be different.

    In general, a long span shelving with 2133 mm (7ft) height can hold up to 330lbs (150kg) per level/layer.

    Likewise, if the height is around 1500 mm (5ft), each shelf could load up to 110lbs (50kg).

    So, for example, if your long span shelving has four levels, and each level can resist 110lbs.

    Then, it means you can store 1320lbs (almost 600 kilograms) in a single long span shelving.

    Do You Need Permission for Installing Long Span Shelving?

    Unlike mezzanine, you don’t require permission to install long span shelving in your warehouse.

    However, if your storage area is on rent, it is wise to update the owner about having long span shelving on the site.

    What are the Important Things to Consider Before Installing the Long Span Shelving?

    As you know, you don’t need any particular permission from the government to install long span shelving.

    But for you and your staffs’ safety, you must consider the following things before unpacking and assembling the structure.

    1. You must know the correct size of the area, including the height and width, for proper installation.
    2. The surface where you’re planning to install the shelving shouldn’t be unbalanced.
    3. Keep the toolbox near to avoid wasting time.
    4. Always consider professionals to handle the installation procedure for accurate installation.
    5. Do not rush when building frames and locating beams into slots, as any uneven slot may cause serious damage to goods.

    What are the Essential Things to Consider After Installing the Long Span Shelving?

    Assuming that you have installed long span shelving correctly, here are the essential things you should do later:

    1. Long span shelving is a perfect solution for manual loading and unloading, so make sure you don’t use fork lifters or any other heavy machinery for the same purpose.
    2. Start keeping items from the lowest level and check for any unbalanced behavior in the structure.
    3. Immediately change the long span shelving location if it shakes after placing the goods for your workers’ safety.
    4. Keep checking the structure and focus on regular maintenance (at least twice a month) for durability.
    5. Do not store non-recommended items.
    6. Always keep flammable objects away from the long span shelving.
    7. Any cracks, gaps, or damages on the beam, uprights, or internal shelves must be fixed at once.

    How to Assemble Long Span Shelving?

    Not sure how to assemble long span shelving?

    It’s easy if you follow these three steps:

    1. Position the pair of frames and try to hold them in the correct place with a pair of beams.
    2. One by one, attach the remaining beams into the designated places, and don’t forget to connect safety pins for stronghold.
    3. Now one by one, place the timber, steel, or mesh shelves to each beam to make levels.

    And that’s all!

    How to Assemble Long Span Shelving

    How to assemble long span shelving

    How Much Time Does it take to Install Long Span Shelving?

    You don’t need to spend hours installing the long span shelving.

    However, it’s a two-person job, so try to choose those who have prior experience building or assembling long span shelving.

    If you’re doing it right, it might only take 10 to 15 minutes to stand a single long span shelving in your warehouse.

    Can You Use Heavy-Duty Machinery on Long Span Shelving?

    As said before, long span shelving supports manual handling.

    That means any heavy-duty machinery to keep products on the shelves can put extra load on the beams.

    As a result, the structure is most likely to get broken or disfigured.

    Hence, it is in your best interest to avoid using fork lifters and other heavy equipment to place or remove any item.

    What are the Consequences of Overloading Long Span Shelving?

    Just like you are suggested to avoid using heavy-duty machinery for loading and unloading purposes.

    You are requested to take special care about the weight when keeping your goods on long span shelving.

    Always ensure you don’t exceed the weight holding capacity.

    Otherwise, you can damage the beams, uprights, and inner levels.

    Should You Buy Used Long Span Shelving?

    There are some reasons why you should and shouldn’t buy used long span shelving.

    The best reason to get a used long span shelving is the price factor.

    If you want to save some money, you can surely go for the second-hand version of long span shelving.

    Contrarily, planning to buy a used long span shelving can bring several threats to your warehouse workers and goods.

    For example:

    1. A used long span shelving has a limited life because you’re unsure how uncaringly the previous owner utilized it.
    2. You might spend double on the maintenance as compared to the new long span shelving.
    3. Due to overuse, the used long span shelving can collapse any time, even if overloaded slightly or handled roughly.
      So that might not only damage your warehouse floor or ruin your stock but may even put your staffs’ lives at great risk.

    Therefore, considering all the points mentioned above, buying a new long span shelving is suggested.

    Nevertheless, long span shelving could be a reliable option if you think you need it for small storage.

    But still, the decision could make you pay more in the future, as second-hand long span shelving have no guarantee or longevity.

    Used Long Span Shelving

    Used long span shelving

    What is the Different between Pallet Racking and Long Span Shelving?

    With numerous storage options available in the market, pallet racking and long span shelving are the two widely used systems in most warehouse setups.

    However, most people think that pallet racking and long span shelving are two faces of the same coin, assuming both as similar or an alternative.

    In reality, both storage solutions are different from one another.

    Pallet racking is used in industrial storage systems.

    It is perfect for storing extremely heavier items, which can be loaded and unloaded with the help of forklifts.

    Additionally, pallet racking has an excessively high stocking capacity. But it’s not a cost-effective option for lighter stocks.

    Long span shelving is exemplary when it comes to storing low volume loads.

    It is made with a less technical structure, which is easy to install and ideal for manual loading and unloading.

    What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Long Span Shelving?

    Indeed long span shelving possesses many advantages, but they also have a few flaws.

    So let’s understand the gains and losses of using long span shelving in your warehouse.

    Advantages of Long Span Shelving

    1. Long span shelving is durable, lightweight, and tough structures as they are made using 24-gauge steel.
    2. It can be easily transported and moved around the space without compromising strength.
    3. It can hold up to 500 kg on average and very easy to assemble.
    4. It is affordable and demands less maintenance in contrast to other shelving options.
    5. Long span shelving is compatible with other equipment, such as wooden walkways, perforated steel panels, and gratings
    6. The structure is made with rivets or pins rather than nuts and bolts, permitting you to modify it whenever you need it.
    7. You can keep different kinds of products with distinct sizes and weights.

    Disadvantages of Long Span Shelving

    1. Long span shelving does not allow machine handling when keeping the products.
    2. You have to be extra careful with the weight capacity, or else it can be broken.

    What is the Cost of Long Span Shelving?

    The price of long span shelving depends on several factors, such as the required quantity, levels, size, and weight holding capacity.

    It is also important to understand that a single long span shelving typically consists of four levels, which is considered a “single piece.”

    So you can expect the price of a single long span shelving piece between $120 and $200.

    But, the price may increase or decrease, depending on your requirements and the quality of this shelving system.

    Cost of Long Span Shelving
    Cost of Long Span Shelving

    Can You Import Long Span Shelving from China?

    The answer is yes.

    You can import long span shelving from China, but you should know your country’s rules and regulations.

    Some countries have restrictive policies when it comes to importing certain goods from places across the borders.

    But the good news is that long span shelving doesn’t fall in the restriction category.

    And you can import them by ordering from a reliable provider.

    Likewise, you can receive your order after clearing the custom duties, taxes and paying any additional charges.

    How to Inspect for Damages in Long Span Shelving?

    Like everything else, long span shelving also loses its robustness as time passes by.

    Therefore, it is advised to continuously keep looking for damages in the long span shelving, even if it’s not several years old.

    The common parts, which are most likely to be damaged, are the beams and uprights because of storing things with extra weight.

    So try to fix any cracks or any unusual signs as soon as you find them.

    But such high-level monitoring can only be possible if you’re having regular inspections of your long span shelving.

    Does Long Span Shelving Add Value to Your Business?

    Undoubtedly, long span shelving makes your business of great value in terms of profit.

    How? Simply because it saves your time and gives you access to keep stock, and load and unload goods without a hitch.

    You can offer your products as soon as your customers place the orders because you always get an organized inventory.

    Allowing you to do business more effectively and efficiently.

    Long Span Shelving Add Value to Your Business

    LongSpan Shelving Add Value To Your Business

    How to Clean Long Span Shelving?

    Cleaning your long span shelving is not a difficult task to perform. But you have to be a bit cautious when it comes to the type of shelving you have.

    If the long span shelving has timber shelves, try to clean it using a hand vacuum to remove the dust.

    Also, do not use water on these shelves as it might damage the surface.

    If you have long span shelving that includes steel shelves, you can apply ordinary surface cleaners with a microfiber cleaning cloth to make it look neat.

    In the same way, mesh shelves can be cleaned using a soft fabric soaked in liquid cleaners and sanitizing solutions.

    If talking about the uprights and beams, make sure you don’t use water directly on these components, as it may cause rust.

    Does Long Span Shelving Become Rusty?

    Yes, long span shelving can be caught with rust due to humidity and moisture in the environment.

    The easiest way to save the shelves from being rusty is by keeping the surroundings clean and dry.

    In that way, the structure will be in less contact with the moisture, and you will have long-lasting shelving that will last for years.

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