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  • Over 20 years experience
  • Offer one-stop storage solutions
  • CE/ISO Certificate
  • Fully support customized design
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    Boom Your Business With OKE Storage Systems Pallet Racking

    OKE Storage always provides you one-stop storage solutions for your different types of pallet racking systems, whether you need the pallet racking for your warehouse or your inventory needs, OKE Storage can always satisfied with your needs.
    See below for our detailed pallet racking system.

    Selective Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage Systems selective pallet racking is one of the most economical pallet racking system. It has the advantages of being selective and easy to operate. Free Sample to test quality.
    Teardrop Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage Systems teardrop pallet racking is the most widely used pallet racking system in USA. standard 3"x3" upright section with 50.8mm pitch hole distance. Free Sample to test quality.
    Dexion Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage Systems hexagon hole pallet racking (76.2mm pitch) can compatible Dexion pallet racking system, it is the most popular pallet racking system in Australia and New Zealand.
    Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage Systems narrow aisle pallet racking can help you make full use of your warehouse space, and help you save storage cost!
    Double Deep Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage Systems double deep pallet racking is the best compromise between a selective and high-density pallet racking system. Free Sample to test quality.
    Warehouse Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage Systems warehouse pallet racking can be adapted for all types of your warehouses and help you maximize the use of space.
    Industrial Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage Systems industial pallet racking are widely used in a variety of your industrial areas and can help expand your business.
    Heavy Duty Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage Systems heavy duty pallet racking is one of the best economical type of racking system, it can help you load 1ton - 4 ton per level.
    Mobile Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage Systems mobile pallet racking is a kind of high density moveable and selectable warehouse pallet racking system, it can make the most of your warehouse space.

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      OKE Storage Your Top Quality Pallet Racking Manufacturer In China

      OKE Storage can provide you one-stop storage solutions for all your different types of pallet racking, we have over 20 years of experience in warehouse pallet racking manufacturing and our pallet racking sell to more than 85 countries with over 1100 global clients.

      We can supply you with any type of pallet racking, such as Selective Pallet Racking, Double Pallet Racking, Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking, Teardrop Pallet Racking,  Compatible Dexion Pallet Racking, Warehouse Pallet Racking, Industrial Pallet Racking, and so on.
      OKE Storage can always satisfy your needs.

      We also 100% support your exclusive pallet racking customization design to increase your business. We have a large number of production equipment and technical research personnel, it can well meet your different customization needs.
      Whether you are a pallet racking distribution or end-user,  you can send us your detailed customization requirements,  and then we will do the rest.

      In order to help you save development costs and time, we also exclusively designed 3D printing, which can achieve 1:1 sample printing. Before mass production, you can see what your real thing looks like.

      Drop us an email and send your detailed requirement now!

      20 years experience
      Over 20 Years Pallet Racking Manufacturing Experience
      OKE Storage Systems has over 20 years experience in the industrial pallet racking system manufacturing, we can supply you any types of pallet racking for your business.
      Export To Many Countries
      Sell to over 1100 Global Clients
      OKE Storage Systems pallet racking has been exported to over 1100 global clients and distributed to different countries in the world.
      10 Years Warranty
      10 Years Super Long Warranty Period
      OKE Storage Systems can offer a 10-year pallet racking warranty in the absence of external damage.
      Lightning Fast Delivery
      10 -15 Days Lightning Delivery Time
      OKE Storage Systems can provide you lightning delivery time with 10-15days for regular pallet racking.

      Why can OKE Storage Systems be Your Reliable Pallet Racking System Supplier in China?
      As a professional pallet racking manufacturer and supplier in China, OKE Storage has been in the pallet racking industry for over 20 years.

      How can we control your pallet racking order top quality?

      1, Superior quality of raw material with a certificate.

      As we all know, the quality of raw materials directly determines the final quality of your warehouse pallet racking.

      All of your pallet racking system raw material bought from China`s largest steel company – Bao Steel Co., Ltd.

      So it can ensure your pallet racking use top quality material.

      2, Strictly quality inspection.

      OKE Storage has a strictly quality inspection team of 12 people, we check the pallet racking quality for every producing step, it can ensure the quality of your pallet racking during processing.

      3, The best powder coating quality in China.

      Your pallet racking via two times powerful pickling technology, It can oxidize very well, and produce a layer of oxidation film on the surface of the steel, which can make the resin powder adsorb better on the steel, greatly increased your pallet racking life.

      4, Professional and improved packaged method,

      We use plastic film cover the pallet racking, and then use steel belt to fix it, and then put airbag between different package, it can protect your pallet racking order to avoid damage during long transportation.

      And also, we have added a paper card at the package bottom to ensure no damage after multiple forklift handling.

      So you can receive perfect pallet racking.

      Send us your project needs, we will give you the best pallet racking solution based on your detailed requirement.

      Pallet Racking – Description

      OKE Storage is a top-notch Chinese storage racking manufacturer and supplier. OKE’s pallet racking is used for storing various palletized products in almost all warehouse types. You can get various customizations in your OKE’s provided pallet racking, such as its dimensions, types, and other characteristics.

      Nanjing OKE International Storage always provide you various options to choose from for your pallet racking regarding its structure. We offer you the pallet racking with the ultimate features of adjustability and flexibility. You can utilize your warehouse space for up to 95% by using OKE’s pallet racking.

      Not only the space-efficiency but the OKE Storage’s pallet racking also comes with an operational costs reduction of more than 50%. OKE Storage offers high-density pallet racking systems to get the most out of your warehouse. Stored items can be accessed from the pallet racking in less than 2 minutes.

      OKE Storage provides all the types of pallet racking such as selective, drive-in, cantilever, push back, pallet flow, double deep, high-rise, and many others. You can use our pallet racking to store items with any dimensions, shapes, and sizes. Every type of product can be stored in it, whether it be with a short-turnaround or long turn-around time.

      OKE Storage has a pallet racking manufacturing experience of over 20 years. We have the largest global shipment history to more than 85 countries without a single complaint. OKE’s pallet racking designing services are also worth mentioning because of our realistic designs according to your customized requirements.

      For providing you the best quality, OKE Storage uses raw steel from the top Chinese steel exporters. We use advanced machining and streamlined processes to manufacture the pallet racking no matter how complex your requirements are. OKE adheres to all the essential local and international quality standards such as CE and ISO 9001:2015 to manufacture the pallet racking.

      OKE Storage also utilizes a powerful pickling technology to powder coat your pallet racking systems with perfection. It makes our pallet racking long-lasting with an advanced layer of oxidation to make it rust-proof. OKE’s strict quality control processes are applied once your pallet racking is completely made. Our testing engineers ensure the quality of the pallet racking to provide you the best and reliable version of it.

      Surprisingly, you can also get FREE samples of pallet racking to assure adherence to your specified requirements. After going through all these quality-checks and processes, OKE Storage deliver you the pallet racking with lightning delivery. Our pallet racking shipment can reach internationally within 10-15 days.

      In addition to the pallet racking, OKE Storage also provides all other types of storage racks and accessories. Other racking types include mezzanine floor racking, live carton storage, etc. All other types of safety equipment, accessories, and devices are also manufactured to provide you the complete warehouse storage solutions at OKE Storage.

      Moreover, OKE provides a pallet racking warranty of 10 years with a surprising 24/7 after-sales service. We have no MOQ requirements for the pallet racking to make your buying process convenient. OKE Storage also offers a FREE warehouse and pallet racking designing service for you if you get in touch with us now because it is a limited time offer.

      So, contact us now to get your desired pallet racking at your doorstep.

      Pallet Racking – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

      This is a complete guide for you to know all about pallet racking and all the concerns related to it.

      It covers each and every information related to pallet racking like its types, components, design, working, installation, and much more.

      So, before you decide anything about pallet racking, go through this guide.

      What is Pallet Racking?

      Pallet racking is a warehouse storage system used to store palletized products.

      All the types of pallet racking share a common structure of horizontal rows with different levels.

      Pallets are placed on the horizontal rows (load beams) of the pallet racking.

      Levels of pallet racking help to keep products in a proper stack.

      Pallet racking is storage efficient because it utilizes the empty vertical space.

      You can use pallet racking to store products in various sizes and shapes.

      Pallet Racking

      Pallet Racking

      What are the Applications of Pallet Racking?

      Pallet racking is used to store palletized products in a warehouse.

      These products could be as follows:

      • Homogenous products with similar loads and dimensions.
      • Food items with different turnaround times.
      • Cold storage products.
      • Electronic products.
      • Uniform furniture items.

      Additionally, pallet racking is not limited to the above-mentioned products.

      You can store whatever products in pallet racking according to your requirements.

      Pallet Racking Applications

      Pallet Racking Applications

      What is the Cost of Pallet Racking?

      Since there are different types of pallet racking, there is not a standard price for it.

      The cost of pallet racking varies depending upon your design or structural requirements.

      You can get the most reasonable prices from Chinese pallet racking manufacturers.

      The average price of a pallet racking is around $100 per set.

      Prominent pallet racking manufacturers like Nanjing OKE Storage Systems can provide you the ability to control its price.

      Why is Pallet Racking Used?

      Pallet racking is used to store products in proper order in your warehouse.

      Some of the most common reasons to use pallet racking are as follows:

      • The uniformity pallet racking provides for storing products is very useful.
      • Pallet racking helps in utilizing more space and allows easy access to stored items.
      • For bulks of storage, pallet racking proves to be very helpful in maintaining the loads.

      Moreover, you can use pallet racking to store various other types of products.

      How Does Pallet Racking Work?

      The pallet racking system works in a very efficient and reliable manner.

      Different types of pallet racking can work a bit differently but the primary working principle is same.

      It is as follows:

      • Upright columns support the structure of pallet racking from the ground level.
      • Horizontal load beams are used to keep the pallets on them.
      • These horizontal load beams are connected to upright columns
      • For retrieving the products, a forklift is used to pull the required pallets off.
      • Some of the pallet racking systems use rollers to slide down pallets to form First-In-First-Out storage flow.

      Pallet Racking Working

      Pallet Racking Working

      How Do You Secure Pallet Racking?

      Pallet racking is made secure to meet your warehouse safety needs.

      Prominent pallet racking manufacturers like Nanjing OKE International Storage use advanced techniques to secure the pallet racking.

      These manufacturers use the quality raw material to make pallet racking for you.

      Additional safety equipment like the anchor plates is also used to secure the pallet racking.

      Moreover, it also depends upon how the pallet racking is used.

      If you inspect the pallet racking regularly, it remains safe and secure for long.

      Pallet Racking Safety

      Pallet Racking Safety

      What is a Bay in Pallet Racking?

      Bay is the area between two upright frames of the pallet racking.

      It is a single unit of the pallet racking that can have two beam levels.

      The dimensions of a bay depend upon the height of upright frames and the space between them.

      You should have a large bay if you want to store large products and vice versa.

      Trusted manufacturers like the OKE Storage can provide you customized bay area.

      Pallet Racking Bay

      Pallet Racking Bay

      How Stable is Pallet Racking?

      Pallet racking is a stable warehouse storage system because of different reasons.

      The stability of the pallet racking also depends upon the manufacturer.

      Reliable manufacturers like Nanjing OKE International Storage

      always make pallet racking with extreme precision and stability.

      The primary reason behind the stability of pallet racking is its bolted structure.

      The quality of steel used and the accuracy of its parts also important.

      Pallet racking is as stable as strong impacts cannot make it fall off.

      What are the Features of Pallet Racking?

      There are numerous features of pallet racking because of its versatility.

      The essential features of pallet racking are as follows:

      • Pallet racking comes with an efficient storage flow.
      • It utilizes the extra vertical storage space of your warehouse.
      • Pallet racking can be used to store different types of products.
      • You can store and retrieve the palletized products from pallet racking as quickly as you require them.
      • Pallet racking is the best fit for your customized racking needs because it is available in many sizes.

      Moreover, the features of pallet racking increase when you add more requirements to its design through OKE Storage.

      What are the Basic Components of Pallet Racking?

      Components of the pallet racking vary from type to type, but there are some same components in every type.

      These are as follows:

      • Upright Columns:

      These are the vertical steel structures connected to each other through braces and supports the racking.

      • Load Beams:

      These are the areas of pallet racking where a load of pallets is placed.

      • Base Plate:

      This is a grounded structure that helps to stabilize the entire pallet racking.

      • Bracing:

      Bracing is either horizontal or vertical steel structures connected through upright columns.

      In a nutshell, the above-mentioned components are just a few which are used in some of the most basic pallet racking types.

      Basic Components of Pallet Racking

      Basic Components of Pallet Racking

      What is the Use of Bracing in Pallet Racking?

      Braces are used to form a selective pallet racking structure by joining two upright columns to each other.

      These are welded between two upright columns or bolted down in some cases.

      Bracing could be of two types, either horizontal bracing or vertical bracing.

      Pallet Racking Bracing

      Pallet Racking Bracing

      What is the Use of Upright Columns in Pallet Racking?

      Upright columns are also called upright frames and used to form the entire frame of a pallet racking system.

      These columns can be of various sizes, shapes, and designs depending upon the pallet racking requirement.

      Almost all the components of a pallet racking are attached to upright columns for stability and to form a proper shape.

      Pallet Racking Upright Columns

      Pallet Racking Upright Columns

      What is the Use of Wire Deck in Pallet Racking?

      Wire decking is used to hold palletized products in a pallet racking.

      It comes in various forms, such as the close-bordered or the open-bordered.

      Close bordered wire decking is a complete solid floor, while the open-bordered is formed by rows of timber.

      Another one is wire mesh decking, which is made of steel and used to store items with extreme safety.

      Wire Deck of Pallet Racking

      Wire Deck of Pallet Racking

      How Do You Manufacture Pallet Racking?

      There is a series of quality steps that Nanjing OKE International Storage follows to build pallet racking.

      These steps are as follows:

      • Material Preparation:

      At first, the material for the pallet racking, such as rolled steel, is collected and prepared.

      • Punching:

      After the preparation of the material, the steel is punched accordingly with precise machining.

      • Molding:

      Advanced steel molding machines are used to mold your pallet racking material after its punching.

      • Welding:

      Welding is performed to make a proper shape of the pallet racking.

      • Surface Finishing:

      All the surface finishes are applied in this phase to make a finalized form of your pallet racking.

      • Powder Coating:

      Finally, powder coatings are applied over the surface of pallet racking for extended usage.

      • Quality Assurance:

      When the pallet racking is finalized, its quality is assured by going through different checks.

      • Packing:

      After the pallet racking is finished, it is packed in a proper manner for smooth delivery.

      • Loading and Delivery:

      At last, your pallet racking is loaded into the containers, and the shipment is initiated.

      Additionally, OKE Storage can use additional steps to fulfill your customized pallet racking needs.

      Pallet Racking Manufacturing

      Pallet Racking Manufacturing

      Can You Walk under Pallet Racking?

      The capability to walk under a pallet racking depends upon its structure.

      If the pallet racking is grounded and the flooring is used for pallets, you can obviously not walk under it.

      However, a reliable pallet racking always makes it easier either to walk around or under it.

      Additionally, it also depends upon the manufacturer that how it makes the pallet racking.

      What are the Types of Pallet Racking?

      There are various types of pallet racking as follows:

      • Selective Pallet Racking:

      It provides good accessibility to your storage products with a wide aisle space with FIFO storage flow.

      • Drive-In Pallet Racking:

      It allows the forklifts to drive into the pallet racking itself for storing or retrieving pallets with more storage depth.

      • Cantilever Pallet Racking:

      There are tiers of arms in cantilever pallet racking instead of shelves to hold over-sized and large products like timber, pipes, etc.

      • Push Back Pallet Racking:

      The design is similar to the drive-in, but its structure allows the stored pallets to push forward.

      • Pallet Flow Racking:

      It works with rollers and gravity that pushes racks to the front side of the pallet racking.

      • Double Deep Pallet Racking:

      Pallets are stored in two consecutive slots in double deep pallet racking, which provides good storage depth.

      • Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking:

      The aisle area of this type of pallet racking is kept narrow of around 2 meters (3 feet).

      In this way, it utilizes more storage area while limiting the operational space.

      Turret trucks are used in the narrow aisle pallet racking with R&D stations for guidance.

      • Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking (Articulated Truck):

      Its structure is the same as the narrow aisles of the rack, but articulated trucks are used, without any guidance.

      • Mobile Pallet Racking:

      Its base has the capability of movement, which makes the entire pallet rack storage efficient and more accessible.

      • Satellite Pallet Racking:

      A remote-controlled shuttle is used to bring pallets back and forth on the satellite pallet racking.

      It provides a good storage depth and FIFO or LIFO storage flow.

      • High Rise Pallet Racking:

      It is used in tall structures because the height of this type of pallet racking is kept at more than 30 feet (10 meters).

      Specialized cranes are used to place or retrieve pallets from the high-rise pallet racking.

      Surprisingly, you can get all of these pallet racking types from OKE Storage at reasonable costs.

      Pallet Racking Types

      Pallet Racking Types

      What is Push Back Pallet Racking?

      Push back pallet racking pushes the older pallets back when newer pallets are stored in it.

      Similarly, when a pallet is retrieved, its next pallet automatically moves to the front.

      It is due to the flexible structure of the pallet racking shelves that allow movement.

      Push back pallet racking follows the Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) storage flow system.

      Push Back Pallet Racking

      Push Back Pallet Racking

      What is Selective Pallet Racking?

      Selective pallet racking is the simplest form of pallet racking.

      Each of the pallets is easily accessible by a forklift in it.

      Usually, pallets are stacked in front of the aisles for easy placement.

      Selective pallet racking provides more selectivity of pallets than other types of pallet racking.

      Mostly, selective pallet racking comes with only two back-to-back rows of pallets.

      Selective Pallet Racking

      Selective Pallet Racking

      What is Double Deep Pallet Racking?

      Double deep pallet racking is a deep rack storage system.

      It consists of four consecutive load beams placed back to back.

      The structure of double deep pallet racking is quite similar to the selective pallet racking.

      However, the number of rows and the placement is different on both.

      It offers more storage space efficiency because there is only one aisle between two double deep pallet racking sets.

      However, the pallet selectivity can be a bit compromised with double deep pallet racking.

      Double Deep Pallet Racking

      Double Deep Pallet Racking

      How Tall is Pallet Racking?

      It primarily depends upon your requirements to make the pallet racking as much taller as you need.

      Reliable manufacturers like Nanjing OKE International Storage

      can make the height of pallet racking exactly according to your requirements.

      On average, the height of a pallet racking is kept at around 25 feet (8 meters).

      However, you can also get it taller than 30 feet (10 meters).

      Generally, the overall height of the pallet racking consists of the heights of each storing shelves in it.

      What is Adjustable Pallet Racking?

      Adjustable pallet racking is a flexible pallet racking system in which you can change the dimensions.

      The structure of adjustable pallet racking allows its parts to move independently wherever required.

      This is possible due to the bolted shape of pallet racking systems.

      It can adjust according to the sizing and shape needs of your palletized products.

      You can either make smaller or larger shelves according to your pallet sizes and other requirements.

      Adjustable Pallet Racking

      Adjustable Pallet Racking

      How do you Measure Pallet Racking?

      You can measure the pallet racking by observing some of its primary dimensions as follows:

      • Measure the height of pallet racking by measuring the height of upright columns.
      • Observe the width of the beams by measuring the width from one upright to its opposite.
      • Finally, the measurement of the wire decking is done by evaluating it through a width scale.

      Additionally, you can measure other dimensions of the pallet racking as well if your rack is built with customizations.

      What is Mobile Pallet Racking?

      Mobile pallet racking is one of the most advanced forms of pallet racking.

      This is because the racks are capable of moving themselves in it.

      Whenever required, rails through the ground moves the specified rack to the required place.

      Different identical numbers are allocated to each set of mobile pallet racking.

      You can use mobile pallet racking for convenient storage and time-efficiency.

      It is equally beneficial for having a more selective and space-efficient storage environment.

      Mobile Pallet Racking

      Mobile Pallet Racking

      How Much Weight Can You Put onto Pallet Racking?

      There are different weight limits of pallet racking because of different types, structures, and customizations.

      Nanjing OKE International Storage can provide your pallet racking with more than 4 tonnes (4000kgs) weight capacity per pair of load beams.

      However, a standard pallet racking beam can hold around 2 tonnes (2000kgs) weight on load beams.

      You can get in touch with the pallet racking manufacturer for customization in weight limitations.

      Weight on Pallet Racking

      Weight on Pallet Racking

      How Much Space Do You Need Between Pallet Racking?

      The space you need between pallet racking varies depending upon some factors.

      These factors could be the size of available forklifts, the required storage area, etc.

      However, the minimum clearance space between two pallets is 3 inches (8 cm).

      On average, the space that you require for aisles should be around 7 feet (2 meters) to 10 feet (3 meters).

      You can contact the manufacturer if you want specialized space needs between pallet racking.

      What are the Dimensions of Pallet Racking?

      The dimensions of pallet racking vary from type to type because of their structures.

      However, a typical pallet racking comes with the following dimensions:

      • A pallet racking width of around 2700mm (106 inches) is actually the average width of the bay.
      • The upright depth has an average value of around 48 inches (122 cm).
      • Lastly, the Upright height is kept around 40 inches (100 cm).

      The above-mentioned dimensions are just the average values.

      You can always contact the pallet racking manufacturer for customized dimensions.

      Dimensions of Pallet Racking

      Dimensions of Pallet Racking

      Which Inventory Management Flow does Pallet Racking Support?

      Since pallet racking is not just a single name, it comes in various types and designs.

      Different pallet racking systems follow different inventory management flows.

      The most common are as follows:

      • First In First Out (FIFO):

      It is used in most of the advanced pallet racking systems like Gravity flow pallet racking, etc.

      • Last In First Out (LIFO):

      Some of the pallet racking systems, like the drive-in pallet rack, use Last In First Out (LIFO).

      • First In Last Out (FILO):

      A few pallet racking systems like the push back pallet racking uses First In Last Out (FILO) storage flow.

      In general, every pallet racking type comes with a specific inventory management flow.

      How are the Pallets Accessed in the Pallet Racking?

      The open structure of pallet racking makes it easy to access.

      You can use a forklift to store or retrieve the pallets from the pallet racking.

      Since pallets are placed on shelves or beams, it becomes easier to access them directly.

      Some pallet racking systems provide the capability of movement inside the pallet racking.

      Prominent pallet racking manufacturers like Nanjing OKE International Storage always manufacture pallet racking through accessibility checks and testing.

      Accessibility of Pallet Racking

      Accessibility of Pallet Racking

      Which Type of Forklifts Does Pallet Racking Require?

      You can use various types of forklifts with different pallet racking systems.

      It mainly depends upon the structure of the pallet racking system.

      Generally, the following types of forklifts are used in pallet racking systems.

      • Industrial Reach Forklift Trucks:

      These are the most common forklifts used to pick up and store pallets into the pallet racking.

      This is because of their extended lift height.

      You can use stand-up trucks with normal forks or double-deep trucks with large forks.

      • Industrial Counterbalance Forklifts:

      These forklifts have two forks at the front side to lift the pallets with a proper balance.

      Additionally, you can also use various other types of forklifts according to your pallet racking suitability.

      Forklift with Pallet Racking

      Industrial Forklift with Pallets

      Is Pallet Racking Easily Accessible?

      Yes, pallet racking is easily accessible because of its structure.

      Even some tighter pallet racking systems like mobile or satellite also comes with easy accessibility.

      Pallet racking is used to provide an efficient storage mechanism and more selectivity.

      Its accessibility is the bi-product of a pallet racking due to the above-mentioned factors.

      Is Pallet Racking Expensive than Other Racking Options?

      Pallet racking systems comes in a variety of types with varying structures and features.

      The prices of the pallet racking systems also vary, but the average price of these racks is quite economical.

      Some of the most used pallet racking systems, like the selective rack, costs around $40 per pallet.

      Hence, you can observe that the pallet racking is not as expensive as other storage options.

      Especially, Nanjing OKE International Storage offers you the ability to control the price of your pallet racking.

      It provides you expert suggestions and solutions to make your dream pallet racking system within your budget.

      Do You Test Pallet Racking before Delivery?

      Yes, Nanjing OKE International Storage tests each of its produced pallet racking.

      The testing is performed on each of the individual components of pallet racking.

      It consists of observations of the quality standards and all other performance tests.

      Pallet Racking Inspection

      Pallet Racking Inspection

      Do You Follow the Quality Standards of Pallet Racking Manufacturing?

      Of course, prominent manufacturers always follow all the quality standards for manufacturing the pallet racking.

      This is because the quality is their primary concern and quality also affects the overall safety.

      Not only the Chinese quality standards but all the required international standards are also followed.

      The important quality standards for pallet racking are as follows:

      • ISO 2015 Standard
      • AS4084 Standard
      • American RMI Standard
      • FEM Standard

      Fortunately, OKE Storage follow all the above-mentioned international quality standards.

      Quality Standards of Pallet RackingQuality Standards of Pallet Racking

      Is your Pallet Racking Stronger than Others?

      The pallet racking manufactured by trusted manufacturers is stronger and robust in design.

      This is because of the following three reasons:

      • Quality raw material
      • Advanced manufacturing
      • Flawless quality inspection

      Moreover, OKE Storage also provides versatility of design and fine structures which makes it stronger.

      Is Pallet Racking Reliable?

      Yes, pallet racking is a completely reliable warehouse storage system.

      A manufacturer is primarily responsible for the reliability of a pallet racking.

      Pallet racking is reliable because of its firm structure and easier accessibility options.

      You should always buy pallet racking from a trusted manufacturer like the Nanjing OKE International Storage for uncompromised reliability.

      Can Pallet Racking Break?

      Pallet racking is made to store heavy products without any breakage risks.

      The type of steel used in pallet racking makes it stronger and breakage-free.

      Good manufacturers provide flawless quality which makes it more durable and strong.

      You should take care of the weight limitations to make it more damage-resistant.

      Without proper care and maintenance, anything can get weaker, and that’s the same case with the pallet racking.

      Pallet Racking Damaged

      Pallet Racking Damaged

      What are the Elements that Reduce the Life of Pallet Racking?

      There are a lot of elements that directly affect the lifespan of your pallet racking system.

      These factors are as follows:

      • The manufacturing quality is the first thing that can reduce or increase the lifespan of the pallet racking.
      • Its life will reduce If you use an indoor environment-friendly pallet racking in an outdoor environment.
      • Maintenance and looking for inspections is a must, which contains overloading, damages, bents, rust, and corrosion.
      • Lack of the usage of pallet racking protectors like a column or end-of-aisle protectors reduces the life of pallet racking.
      • Incorrect usage of the pallet racking reduces its overall health.
      • Improper installation is also a factor that affects the life of pallet racking greatly.

      Does Galvanization Prevents Pallet Racking from Getting Rusty?

      To a great extent, galvanization prevents pallet racking systems from getting rusty.

      This anti-rust property of pallet racking also makes it strong and break-proof.

      Most of the prominent racking manufacturers use galvanization to protect your pallet racking from external conditions.

      Galvanized steel is always the best choice to manufacture pallet racking because of its structural integrity and rust-resistance.

      Galvanized Pallet Racking

      Galvanized Pallet Racking

      How Efficient is Pallet Racking?

      Pallet racking is very efficient because it utilizes the maximum available space of a warehouse.

      The cost it comes with is also quite reasonable as compared to its features and efficiency.

      Pallet racking provides various levels of pallet selectivity, which also makes it efficient.

      You can utilize 95% storage space of your warehouse through pallet racking.

      Which Raw Materials are Used for Manufacturing Pallet Racking?

      The primary raw material used in the manufacturing of pallet racking is steel.

      This is because steel serves as the backbone of the entire racking, and all the structure is dependent on it.

      If the steel got rust or got broken, all of the pallet racking gets vulnerable to major breakages.

      Various types of steel can be used in your pallet racking, depending upon your customized requirements.

      Nanjing OKE International Storage provides you wide variety of raw steel to use in your pallet racking.

      The most common high-quality steel types are as follows:

      • Q235B (European Standard S235)
      • Q345B (European Standard S355)

      You can get in touch with Nanjing OKE International Storage to get your preferred steel types, eventually making it more compatible with your usage environment.

      Steel Rolls for Pallet Racking

      Steel for Pallet Racking

      Can You Make Customized Pallet Racking?

      Yes, reliable manufacturers can make customized pallet racking for you.

      Now you can get complete control over what you want to keep and what not to in your pallet racking.

      You can get a lot of customizability options and some of them are mentioned as follows:

      • Choice of raw materials
      • Structure of pallet racking
      • Overall design of pallet racking
      • Manufacturing procedures
      • Finishing and coatings

      Customizations could also include complex ones like the type of holes, dimensions, and overall structure.

      Customize Pallet RackingCustomize Pallet Racking

      Can You Design Pallet Racking?

      Yes, Nanjing OKE International Storage can provide you design services for your pallet racking as well.

      Surprisingly, you can get FREE designs to fit your requirements for the pallet racking systems.

      These designed pallet racking systems are 100% realistic and made with precision to exactly match your requirements.

      Just send your detailed requirements for pallet racking, and you will get your designs ready as soon as possible.

      Pallet Racking Design

      Pallet Racking Design

      How Accurately Can You Follow the Design of Pallet Racking?

      Reliable manufacturers always provide realistic pallet racking designs with advanced software systems.

      You can get an incredible value of up to 100% accurate pallet racking designs.

      These designs fit your pallet racking requirements in the physical environments.

      Robust machining makes it possible to achieve this amazing level of accuracy and precision.

      How is Steel Treated in the Manufacturing Process of Pallet Racking?

      Steel is treated in a number of ways to match your exact pallet racking requirements.

      The rolled steel is shaped and processed through a number of machines as follows:

      • Steel rolling line
      • Steel punching machine
      • Steel automatic laser cutting machine
      • Automatic steel panel machine
      • Steel plate shearer
      • Steel powder coating line

      Moreover, all the specialized treatments on the steel can also be performed on pallet racking according to your demands.

      Pallet Racking Steel Treatment

      Pallet Racking Steel Treatment

      From Where Do You Get Steel for Manufacturing Pallet Racking?

      Nanjing OKE International Storage always use the best steel for manufacturing pallet racking for you.

      We get high-quality steel from one of the biggest steel exporters – Bao Steel Co. Ltd.

      Not only that, but we also own quality certificates from quality-steel manufacturers.

      How Pallet Racking Fulfills the Needs of Modern Warehouses?

      Modern warehouses require modern storage solutions because of the complex storage management.

      Pallet racking brings versatile storage options which makes it a modern storage system.

      Pallet racking also provides easier accessibility and pallet management.

      It also provides safety with more selectivity and storage depth.

      Pallet racking is also compatible with most of modern forklifts.

      Is Repairing of Pallet Racking Possible?

      Repairing the pallet racking depends upon the intensity of damage and its place.

      Usually, minor damages like bents have the chance of being repaired.

      However, complete breakages of pallet racking cannot be repaired easily.

      Generally, you do not need to worry because the pallet racking is composed of individual parts.

      Each of these parts can be replaced to make the entire pallet racking completely reliable again.

      Repair Pallet Racking

      Repair Pallet Racking

      How to Order Pallet Racking?

      Ordering pallet racking is a simple task, but you should have to make sure that you are ordering from the right manufacturer.

      This is because experienced and prominent manufacturers like the Nanjing OKE International Storage helps you step by step in the ordering process.

      Generally, you can order the pallet racking to a manufacturer through the following steps:

      • Browse our website
      • Click through the Contact Us page and find the contact information.
      • It is preferable to contact through the contact numbers given because of the chances of rapid response.
      • Mention all of your requirements and request a price quote.
      • Finalize the order by clearing the payments.
      • Provide your shipping address and all the shipment preferences.

      Finally, you will get your pallet racking delivered right at your shipment address.

      Can You Get Samples of Pallet Racking before Ordering in Bulk?

      Yes, Nanjing OKE International Storage provide you the ability to get samples of your desired pallet racking.

      Surprisingly, we deliver the samples of pallet racking to you for free.

      This is because we believe in assessing the quality and fulfillment of requirements by yourself.

      Get in touch with us now to start the process of sample manufacturing and delivery.

      Pallet Racking Samples

      Pallet Racking Sample

      What Transportation Options You Provide for Pallet Racking?

      For international shipments, manufacturers prefer transportations through the sea.

      However, you can come up with your own transportation preferences.

      Prominent manufacturers can deliver you the pallet racking exactly according to your demands.

      Local transportations are also possible by road because of its reasonable costs.

      Pallet Racking Transportation Options

      Pallet Racking Transportation Options

      What is the Best Way of Using Pallet Racking?

      The best way of using pallet racking consists of various considerations as follows:

      • Always use the pallet racking in the environment for which it is developed, like indoors or outdoors, etc.
      • Keep your pallet racking in a good neat condition, and try not to let it get wet.
      • Train your employees about how pallet racking can be used effectively by taking care of its limitations.
      • Always use protection equipment along with your pallet racking.
      • You should ensure the proper installation of your pallet racking through professional engineers.
      • Schedule quality inspections to observe the reliability of your pallet racking for safe usage.

      Can you Combine more Racks with Pallet Racking?

      Yes, you can combine multiple pallet racking with each other as these racks are quite flexible.

      The structure of pallet racking also allows it to be used with other racking systems.

      However, the primary function is not dependent on other pallet racking systems.

      Combine Pallet Racking

      Combine Pallet Racking

      Can Pallet Racking Hold Heavy Items?

      Yes, pallet racking is capable of holding heavy and bulky items.

      Surprisingly, you can get a pallet racking with the capacity of holding around 8800lbs (4000kgs) of weight per level.

      However, you can contact the manufacturer if you have some specific requirements regarding its weight limits.

      Can You Use Guards with Pallet Racking?

      Yes, you can use protective guards with pallet racking as its structure allows you to use safety equipment.

      Guards always help to protect the pallet rack from external impacts.

      Prominent manufacturers provide your pallet racking the ability to use guards and can even provide you those of quality.

      Pallet Racking Guards

      Pallet Racking Guards

      Can Load Fall Off from Pallet Racking?

      If properly placed, the load cannot fall off from the pallet racking because of its firm structure.

      You should always make sure that the load you are putting onto the pallet racking is within its allowed ranges.

      Top-class manufacturers provide your pallet racking with load-fall protective add-ons upon your request.

      How Safe is the Pallet Racking?

      Pallet racking is one of the safest storage systems available to you.

      This is because pallet racking cannot break easily or get malfunctioned.

      Moreover, pallet racking cannot also bend or get loose easily.

      No matter how complex your usage environment is, pallet racking provides you extreme safety for each of its placement.

      What is the Load Capacity of Pallet Racking?

      The loading capacity of a normal pallet racking system is around 2200 lbs (1000kgs) to 8800 lbs (4000kgs).

      Since pallet racking has various types and structures, the loading capacities of each pallet racking also differ.

      However, you can contact Nanjing OKE International Storage if you want to have customized loading capacities of it.

       Weight Limitations of Pallet Racking

      Weight Limitations of Pallet Racking

      How to Increase the Stability of Pallet Racking?

      You can increase the overall stability of pallet racking by placing it in a balanced position.

      Moreover, grounding the pallet racking properly also helps in stabilizing it.

      Installing the pallet racking through professional engineers also increases its stability.

      Which Type of Products Can be Stored Using Pallet Racking?

      You can use pallet racking to store a wide range of products, but these products should be homogenous.

      The products could be palletized for fitting perfectly into the pallet racking.

      One of the product types you can store in pallet racking is long-turnaround products like solids.

      You can also store short-turnaround products like chemicals or food items in the pallet racking.

      Pallet Racking Products

      Pallet Racking Products

      When Should You Use Pallet Racking?

      There are certain considerations that strengthen the need for pallet racking systems in your warehouse.

      These are as follows:

      • When you need to store pallets in an organized way.
      • Pallet racking should be used when you require more accessibility.
      • When you require selectivity along with storage depth.

      What are the Advantages of Pallet Racking?

      Pallet racking comes with numerous advantages, and some of them are as follows:

      • Your limited storage space is efficiently used by pallet racking systems.
      • Damages of either the rack and the goods reduce to a great extent.
      • You can make a lot of customizations in your pallet racking systems.
      • Order fulfillment, pallet storage, and retrieval become convenient.
      • It is easy for you to make additions or expansions in your pallet racking.
      • Pallet racking provides you better selectivity of palletized products.

      Moreover, there are various other benefits of pallet racking if you use it with specific customizations.

      Always use the best manufacturer like the Nanjing OKE International Storage for additional benefits.

      Advantages of Pallet Racking

      Advantages of Pallet Racking

      What are the Disadvantages of Pallet Racking?

      Pallet racking comes with a lot of plus points, but as everything has some drawbacks, pallet racking does too.

      The disadvantages of pallet racking are as follows:

      • You may need specialized types of forklifts and other accessories to be used with pallet racking systems.
      • The cost of some of the pallet racking systems is quite high.
      • You may require specialized installation, which eventually consumes money.
      • To store different products in pallet racking, you need to have compatible racking dimensions; otherwise, products cannot be stored.

      With preventive measures and planning, you can eliminate all the above-mentioned drawbacks of pallet racking.

      What is the Average Life of Pallet Racking?

      The life expectancy of pallet racking depends upon its usage and other crucial factors.

      If cared for properly, pallet racking can last forever with its entire structure.

      Following are some of the factors that can affect the lifespan of pallet racking:

      • Steel quality
      • Usage environment
      • Maintenance scheduling
      • Use of protective accessories
      • Proper training of usage

      Most importantly, you can increase its life by buying pallet racking from a prominent manufacturer like OKE Storage.

      It also offers you 10 years super-long warranty for pallet racking.

      How is the Structure of Pallet Racking Built?

      The structure of pallet racking is built with all the dimensional considerations mentioned in your requirements.

      The shape of pallet racking is made exactly according to your expected pallet sizes and shapes.

      Trusted manufacturers always make the structure of your pallet racking with advanced and precise machining.

      Structure Building of Pallet Racking

      Structure Building of Pallet Racking

      Can You Make Customized Parts for Pallet Racking?

      Yes, prominent manufacturers have a wide range of tools to manufacture customized pallet racking parts.

      Each of these parts, such as the upright columns, load beams, braces, and other protective gear, can be made with complete accuracy.

      OKE Storage can make customized pallet racking parts as much as you require without compromising the quality.

      Can Pallet Racking Save the Storage Cost?

      Yes, pallet racking can save storage costs in a lot of ways.

      Especially if it’s manufactured through a prominent and trusted manufacturer.

      Pallet racking comes with an open-environment to access and store the pallets.

      The structure of pallet racking allows it to store your pallets by using the free vertical space of your warehouse.

      The horizontal spacing and the ground area is used efficiently to store as much as products as it can in an organized way.

      Is Pallet Racking a High-Density Storage Solution?

      Yes, most of the pallet racking systems offer a high-density storage solution for your warehouse.

      These pallet racking types could be gravity flow racking, drive-in racking, etc.

      Pallet racking systems can utilize more storage areas by reducing the storage cost for more than 70%.

      Pallet racking, which is manufactured through an experienced manufacturer can provide you even more storage density.

      High Density Pallet Racking

      High-Density Pallet Racking

      Is Pallet Racking Adjustable?

      Yes, pallet racking is an adjustable storage solution for your warehouse.

      It comes with a lot of adjustability options with its bolted structure.

      You can adjust the height of load beams, the spacing between uprights, and other components of pallet racking easily.

      What are the Things to Consider before Buying Pallet Racking?

      There are various considerations you need to look at before buying the pallet racking systems.

      These are as follows:

      • The Type of Your Products:

      Product types vary in a lot of ways, such as short-turnaround or long-storage products.

      You need to choose the pallet racking with more selectivity if the products have a short life.

      • Your Warehouse Area:

      The overall storage area you can allocate to your pallet racking should be aligned with your warehouse area.

      • The Required Dimensions:

      You need to observe the required dimensions of your pallets before buying a pallet racking system.

      Experienced manufacturers will help you choose the best pallet racking according to your requirements.

      How Much Time is Required to Manufacture Pallet Racking?

      Some of the advanced pallet racking manufacturers can take only less than a couple of weeks to manufacture it.

      This is because of the streamlined and organized manufacturing techniques with advanced machining.

      In addition to advanced machining, a well-trained and professional workforce also plays a huge part in it.

      Surprisingly, OKE Storage can provide you super-fast delivery of standard pallet racking within 2 weeks.

      For customized pallet racking, the delivery time can go up to 4 weeks.

      You just need to provide us your detailed shipping address, and the pallet racking will be there at your doorstep.

      Pallet Racking Manufacturing Time

      Pallet Racking Manufacturing Time

      How to Choose Reliable Pallet Racking Manufacturer?

      Choosing a reliable pallet racking manufacturer with a lot of available options becomes quite challenging.

      Luckily, you can now choose the best one by observing the following aspects:

      • Experience of the Manufacturer:

      This is one of the most important factors you need to consider because it reflects their reliability.

      • Adherence to Quality Standards:

      Always look for pallet racking manufacturers with essential quality certifications.

      • Usage of Advanced Machines:

      You should observe the processes and tools of them who they use to manufacture pallet racking.

      • Customer’s Feedback and History:

      Looking at the previous customer’s feedback and history will tell you a lot about the manufacturer.

      • Quality Steel:

      Prominent manufacturers always provide quality steel with options to choose from for your pallet racking.

      • Availability of Customizations:

      Reliable manufacturers always offer you the room for different customizations in your pallet racking.

      Surprisingly, Nanjing OKE International Storage have more than the above-mentioned qualities.

      Pallet Racking Manufacturer

      Pallet Racking Manufacturer

      How to Get a Price for Pallet Racking?

      You can easily get a price quote for your pallet racking if you have enlisted your complete requirements already.

      Following is the process of getting a price quote for pallet racking from Nanjing OKE International Storage.

      • Visit
      • Send your inquiry through the contact information provided on the contact us page.
      • Mention your pallet racking dimensions and all other requirements, and you will soon receive the price quotation.

      If you send the messages through direct contact numbers, you may get a quick response.

      Nanjing OKE International Storage is one of the quickest price quotes provides in the entire market.

      What is the Payment Method for Ordering the Pallet Racking?

      Modern pallet racking manufacturers provide a wide range of payment options.

      These payment methods are as follows:

      • T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) –30% deposit and 70% against the copy of B/L (Bill of Lading).
      • L/C (Letter of Credit)– at sight.

      Moreover, you can get in touch with the manufacturer for inquiring about more personalized payment options.

      Pallet Racking Payment Options

      Pallet Racking Payment Options

      How to Check the Quality of Pallet Racking?

      You can check the quality of pallet racking by observing the following factors:

      • Pallet racking should have the exact dimensions and uniformity in its structure.
      • There should not be any minor bents or damages on the surface of pallet racking.
      • Powder coating or any other type of coating should be properly done on each part of the pallet racking.
      • The difference between each bolting holes should be the same throughout the pallet racking.
      • The steel used in the pallet racking should be of good quality.

      How to Import Pallet Racking from China?

      You can import the pallet racking from China through a supplier with good supplying experience.

      After finalizing your pallet racking order, you will get informed about the import process and the documents required.

      Just get in touch with the manufacturer to get guidance throughout the entire pallet racking import process.

      mport Pallet Racking from China

      Import Pallet Racking from China

      How You Pack the Pallet Racking?

      Packaging of pallet racking is what prominent manufacturers pay the utmost attention to.

      At first, film coverings are applied to the parts of the pallet racking.

      Individual parts of the pallet racking are stacked upon each other to have more strength and firmness.

      After that, plastic bags are used to wrap them up and packaging steel belts to tighten the packaging for a firm hold.

      Moreover, a paper card is added to the bottom of the entire packaging to ensure damage-resistance.

      Finally, the pallet racking becomes ready to be shipped into the containers in an organized way.

      Pallet Racking Packaging

      Pallet Racking Packaging

      How to Unpack the Pallet Racking?

      You can unpack the pallet racking in just a few steps, but you need to ensure that nothing gets damaged.

      The unpacking process is mentioned below:

      • At first, you need to remove the steel belts from the packaging of pallet racking.
      • Removing the plastic covers from the pallet racking parts is the second step.
      • Remove each individual part from the units, and then you will be ready for installation.

      What is the Average Delivery Time of Pallet Racking?

      The average delivery time varies depending on the ability of the manufacturer and the number of requirements.

      However, Nanjing OKE International Storage, being the best manufacturer, can provide you lightning delivery.

      We can deliver your standard pallet racking within 10 to 15 days.

      On the other hand, if you have some complex customizations in your pallet racking, the time can be extended to 3 to 4 weeks.

      Can You Do Powder Coating on Pallet Racking?

      Of course, Nanjing OKE International Storage can do one of the most advanced powder coatings on your pallet racking.

      We use two times more powerful pickling technology is used that makes a perfect oxidation layer on the surface of pallet racking.

      The process also helps the resin powder to absorb better in the rack, which eventually maximizes the life of pallet racking.

      Pallet Racking Powder Coated

      Pallet Racking Powder Coated

      Can You Supply Pallet Racking Internationally?

      Yes, Nanjing OKE International Storage can supply the pallet racking to you internationally.

      It has a wide operational area with a brief customer history from around the world.

      It also has experience in terms of shipment to more than 85 countries.

      You will always find good manufacturers being a good supplier of pallet racking.

      What is the MOQ of Pallet Racking?

      Unlike other pallet racking manufacturers, Nanjing OKE International Storage doesn’t have any strict MOQs.

      You can order any amount of pallet racking according to your requirements and demands without the worries of a Minimum Order Quantity.

      This is because Nanjing OKE International Storage respects your warehouse needs that could be of any flexible amount.

      How to Install Pallet Racking?

      The installation process of pallet racking can be a bit complex if you are not familiar with it already.

      Generally, you can install the pallet racking through the following ways:

      • Mark the ground with the possible placements of different parts of pallet racking according to the warehouse design.
      • Install the base plates at first by bolting them down to the ground.
      • Upright columns are placed right after the installation of the base.
      • After the column structure is ready, load beams are attached to them through bolting.
      • Any additional parts are also attached to pallet racking after that.

      Surprisingly, Nanjing OKE International Storage can provide you convenient installation with complete assistance.

      Pallet Racking Installation

       Pallet Racking Installation

      What Accessories are Required to Install Pallet Racking?

      Different accessories are required to install pallet racking because of the varying types and structures.

      The most common accessories are as follows:

      • Tape Measurer:

      It is used to observe the measurements.

      • Leveler:

      It is used to determine the level of upright columns to the ground for better dependability.

      • Drilling Machine:

      For drilling into the ground and installing the base of pallet racking, you can use drilling machines.

      • Bolting Screws:

      Different types of bolting screws are used to connect the components of pallet racking to each other.

      Can You Provide Professional Engineers for Installing the Pallet Racking?

      Yes, Nanjing OKE International Storage can provide you installation services for your pallet racking.

      Helpful videos and detailed instructions are provided to help you install your pallet racking properly.

      If needed, some manufacturers can also provide you the assistance of professional engineers to make complex installations possible.

      Can Common Employees Assemble Pallet Racking?

      It depends upon the installation requirements of your pallet racking.

      Some complex tasks might not be performed by common employees.

      However, most of the pallet racking types can be assembled by common employees if properly assisted.

      This is not a difficult task, as these common employees just have to take care of the placements and connections.

      Pallet Racking Assembling

      Pallet Racking Assembling

      Can You Provide User-Manual for Installing the Pallet Racking?

      Yes, Nanjing OKE International Storage can provide you installation services for your pallet racking.

      can provide you user-manuals for installing your pallet racking effectively.

      Moreover, videos are also provided to visualize the actual instructions for better installation of pallet racking.

      The user manual is written in such a way that common employees could understand it easily.

      Pallet Racking User Manual

      Pallet Racking User Manual

      Do You Have to Bolt Down Pallet Racking?

      Yes, the installation of pallet racking consists of the very crucial step of bolting down its base.

      This is because a pallet racking can only be stable if it is firmly attached to the ground.

      Before bolting down the process of the pallet racking, the ground is drilled.

      Base plates and the entire pallet racking base structure is connected to the ground.

      How to Avoid Pallet Racking Getting Rusty?

      To avoid pallet racking from getting the rust, you need to pay attention to its usage.

      Some of the things you can do to avoid rust on it are as follows:

      • Place your pallet racking in a dry environment to avoid getting moisture on its surface.
      • Clean your pallet racking in a scheduled way but not with anything wet or watery.
      • Try not to place products that can enable the oxidations on the surface of pallet racking.

      Moreover, prominent manufacturers like the Nanjing OKE International Storage can provide the features of rust-resistance to your pallet racking.

      How to Maintain Pallet Racking?

      Maintaining your pallet racking consists of various considerations.

      These are as follows:

      • Always schedule quality inspections to check if there are any flaws in the structure of pallet racking, such as bents, etc.
      • Place only the limited weight on it prescribed by the manufacturer.
      • Always use appropriate means to store or retrieve pallets without damaging any part, such as using forklifts.

      Additionally, if you use the pallet racking by following the usage guidelines, your pallet racking will require less maintenance.

      How Do You Clean Pallet Racking?

      You can clean your pallet racking through a dry cloth or other harmless means.

      Just wipe out the dust from your pallet racking with a simple sponge or cloth.

      However, it is not encouraged to use harsh cleaning equipment that may harm your pallet racking.

      Cleaning the Pallet Racking Cleaning the Pallet Racking

      How Do You Organize Pallet Racking?

      You can organize the pallet racking by figuring out your product storage needs per pallet rack.

      Additionally, you should also observe the dimensions of your warehouse.

      The equipment you want to use within should also be observed, such as forklifts.

      You can join different units of pallet racking at one place for better accessibility and organization.

      How Long is the Warranty of Pallet Racking?

      Nanjing OKE International Storage provides a long warranty period for pallet racking.

      Unlike other manufacturers, we provide an ultra-durable warranty of 10 years.

      The warranty can easily be claimed if any flaw occurs without any external conditions or damages.

      Can You Provide After-Sales Support for Pallet Racking?

      Yes, Nanjing OKE International Storage provides you advanced after-sales support for pallet racking.

      It is easier to get support because of the availability of various communication mediums like phone, chat, email, forms, etc.

      You may ask about installation, maintenance, and other after-sales services by getting in contact with the manufacturer.

      Pallet Racking After Sales ServicesPallet Racking After Sales Services

      How Do You Manage to Provide Local After-Sales Support of Pallet Racking in Another Country?

      The after-sales support of Nanjing OKE International Storage is not limited to a city or a country.

      After-sales services is provided globally by providing you insightful and helpful online content.

      This type of online support will save you a lot of costs and time.

      If you want to get some specialized support services, pallet racking manufacturers can also send it to your place in no time.

      Is Your After-Sales Support for Pallet Racking 24/7?

      Yes, the after-sales support of Nanjing OKE International Storage is available to you all the time for an entire week.

      Surprisingly, you will get a response from the support staff within an hour.

      In fact, this is no ordinary support like replying to you late with useless responses.

      The support staff of prominent manufacturers is always well-trained to provide you the state-of-the-art services.

      How to Provide Feedback for Pallet Racking?

      To provide you feedback regarding the pallet racking to Nanjing OKE International Storage, you need to visit our website.

      Browse and provide your valuable feedback through the contact us form.

      You can also use the contact information to get in touch with us anytime with your feedback because we value your feedback the most.

      Pallet Racking Feedback

      Pallet Racking Feedback

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