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OKE Storage has more than 20 years of drive-in rack rich experience, it can allow your space to use up to 80%. Whether you are a dive-in rack dealer or an end-user, OKE Storage can always be satisfied with any of your dive-in rack needs!

  • Exported to over 85 countries
  • Super long 10 years warranty
  • Over 20 years experience
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    Flourish Your Business With OKE Storage All Types of Drive-in Rack System

    OKE Storage has more than 20 years of experience in drive-in rack manufacturing, we can always meet any your drive-in rack needs, if you are looking for a reliable supplier or manufacturer in China, OKE Storage can be your best choice.
    Check below the details of our all types of the drive-in rack system.

    Drive In Racking System
    OKE Storage drive in racking system is one of the density storage racking system, It allows you to use up to 80% of your space.
    Drive In Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage drive-in pallet racking suitable for your small varieties and large quantity goods storage.
    Drive Through Racks
    OKE Storage drive through racking can help you make full use of your warehouse space, and help you save storage cost!
    FIFO Racking
    OKE Storage FIFO racking is one of the drive-in racking system, it can make your cargo storage more convinent.
    FIFO Racking System
    OKE Storage racking system has sell to more than 85 countries and win customer trusted, OKE storage will be your best choose.
    Drive Through Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage through pallet racking are widely used in a variety of your industrial areas and can help expand your business.
    Drive Thru Racking System
    OKE Storage drive thru racking system can be adapted for all types of your warehouses and help you maximize the use of space.
    Drive In Pallet Racking System
    OKE Storage drive in pallet racking system is a high-density racking system, it can make the most of your warehouse space.
    FIFO Storage Racks
    OKE Storage FIFO storage racks applicable to your various industries: food, Cold Chain Logistics, wholesale, tobacco industry , etc.

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      OKE Storage How Can We Control Your Drive-in Rack Order Top Quality?

      OKE Storage as a leading Drive-in Rack manufacturer and supplier in China for over 20 years, we always provide you one-stop storage solutions for any types for your drive-in rack needs.
      Whether you are a drive-in rack dealer or an end-user, OKE Storage can satisfy your all needs!

      1, Top quality of steel material with a certificate.
      We use top quality Q235 or Q345 steel, which is the best material for the drive-in rack.
      All of your drive-in racking system material bought from China`s biggest steel company – Bao Steel Co., Ltd.

      2, Strictly quality inspection flow.
      OKE Storage has a strictly quality inspection flow team, we check your drive-in rack quality for every manufacturing step, it can ensure the quality of your drive-in rack order.

      3, The top quality of powder coating in China.
      Your drive-in rack via two times powerful pickling technology, can oxidize very well, and produce a layer of oxidation film on the surface of the steel, which can make the resin powder adsorb better on the steel, greatly increased your drive-in rack life.

      4, Leading packaged method,
      We use plastic film covers the drive-in rack, and then use steel belt to fix it, and then put an airbag between different package, and also, we have added a corrugated paper at the package bottom to ensure no damage after multiple forklift handling and long transportation, so you can receive perfect drive-in racking system.

      Send us your project needs now, we will give you the best drive-in rack storage solution.

      More Than 20 Years Drive-in Rack Manufacturing Experience
      OKE Storage has more than 20 years experience of drive-in rack manufacturing, now we can meet your any typs of your drive-in rack systems needs.
      Supply Drive-in Rack Design For Free
      Whether you are a drive-in rack dealer or an end-user, you can send your detail requirement to us, OKE Storage will supply you the best storage solutions design for free.
      Top Quality of Raw Material With Certificate
      OKE Storage use best material for Q235 or Q345 for your drive-in rack order, it can garrantee your order top quality and long work life.
      10 Years Supper Long Warranty Period
      OKE Storage can offer you a 10-year drive-in rack warranty in the absence of external damage, so it can save your storage cost and save worry for you.

      Drive-in Rack – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

      This guide will help you choose a high-quality drive-in rack system.

      It has information about the drive-in racking system such as design, types, usage, and other important aspects.

      So, before you buy a drive-in rack system, read this guide.

      1.   What is a Drive-in Rack?

      The drive-in rack is a pallet racking system. It is based on the LIFO (Last In, First Out) inventory management.

      It provides high-density storage. It means that you can store a large volume of products in less space.

      Drive-in Rack

      Drive-in Rack

      It is the best solution to store products that have a fast turnover, uniformity, and long shelf-life.
      There is only one open side of the drive-in rack to place or get the pallets/products.

      It provides 75% more usage of available space than other storage systems.

      Drive-in rack reduces the pathways (aisles), which increases the usage of available space.

      A drive-in rack has the following properties:

      • Support rails are used to store pallets.
      • A lift truck can get the pallets that are most recently loaded into the rack at first.
      • A floor-mounted guide rail is also a part of drive-in rack systems. It helps in reducing the frame damage.

      2.  What are the Applications of the Drive-in Rack System?

      You can use the drive-in rack for every type of warehouse no matter how small or big the warehouse is.

      You can save a large number of products in your warehouse by using the drive-in rack.

      It is because pallets are placed in front of each other, which saves a lot of space.
      Applications of Drive-in Rack

      Applications of Drive-in Rack

      A drive-in rack system can be used for the following purposes:

      • You can use drive-in rack systems to store products with long expiration dates.
      • A drive-in rack system can also be used to store large products that require only a one-time move.
      • You can store cooler or freezer items in the drive-in rack.
      • Fragile products are also stored in the drive-in rack system.
      • Almost all the products that cannot be stored in block stacks can be stored using a drive-in rack.
      • Expensive storage items can be stored using a drive-in rack.
      • Drive-in rack can be used in revenue warehousing.
      • If you have slow-moving products, a drive-in rack is the best choice.

      If you have limited space to store pallets, a drive-in rack can help you a lot.

      3. What are the Dimensions of a Drive-in Rack?

      Drive-in racks are available in dimensions according to your needs.

      Dimensions of Drive-in Rack

      Dimensions of Drive-in Rack

      The average width of a pallet is 2.5 to 3.5 feet.

      The maximum height of upright is 11.85 m.

      The total height and width of the pallet are seen to adjust the other dimensions of a drive-in rack.

      The dimensions are as follows:

      • Level to level height
      • Pallet width
      • Pallet Height
      • The total height of a level
      • Arms width
      • Clear between upright frames
      • Center to the center area of upright frames

      4. Which Steel Type is Used to Make a Heavy Duty Drive in Rack?

      Q235B grade (European Standard S235) or Q345B (European Standard S355) grade steel is used to make a heavy-duty drive-in rack.

      Both of them are heavy-duty because of the following reasons:

      • Good Plasticity
      • Toughness
      • Weld-ability
      • Great strength
      • Good cold bending performance

      Steel Type of Drive-In Rack
      Steel for Drive-in Rack

      Both of these steel types can be used to hold the heavy drive-in rack pallet loads.

      5. What is the Cost of Drive-In Rack?

      The price of a drive-in rack varies due to the quality and other dimensional factors.

      Usually, the average cost of one set of the drive-in rack is $50 if you import it from China.

      If you import a set of the drive-in rack from other countries, the average cost could be more than $170.

      6. What is the Load Capacity of Drive-In Rack?

      The load capacity of the drive-in rack differs from pallets to pallets.

      Normally, you can see a drive-in rack with the following loading capacities:

      • 500KG
      • 800KG
      • 1200KG
      • 1500KG
      • 2000KG

        Storage Capacity of Drive-in Rack

        Storage Capacity of Drive-in Rack

      7.   What is the Drive-in Rack Rail System?

      The Drive-in rack rail system is a structural rail that is connected by the rack arms.

      Drive-in Rack Support Rails
      Drive-in Rack Support Rails

      These drive-in rack rails provide side support so that you can place pallets on them.

      You can think of it as two steel rods attached on each side of the drive-in rack uprights.

      You can set the height of these support rails to adjust the pallets properly in a drive-in rack.

      8.  Which Inventory Management Flow Does the Drive-in Rack Support?

      Drive-in rack supports Last In First Out(LIFO) Inventory management system.

      The Drive-in rack has only a single entry/exit point. Therefore, you can get the last item stored at first.

      LIFO Drive-in Rack

      Drive-in Rack Flow (LIFO)

      As you can see in the image shown above, the pallets stored at last is being retrieved at first.

      This is because you can only retrieve pallets from a single side. The other end of the drive-in rack is closed.

      9.  Can You Combine More Racks with the Drive-in Rack System?

      Yes, it is possible to combine more racks with a drive-in rack system as per your requirement.

      It is also possible to order additional components to attach to the drive-in rack.

      Extending the rack by combining them with other pallet racks can be easily done.

      10.  Which Type of Products Can Be Stored Using Drive in Rack System?

      A drive-in rack can be used for the following purposes:

      • Drive-in rack systems are used to store products with long expiration dates.
      • A drive-in rack system can also be used to store large products that require only a one-time move.
      • Cooler or freezer items can also be stored in the drive-in rack.
      • Fragile products are also stored in the drive-in rack system.
      • Almost all the products that cannot be stored in block stacks can be stored using a drive-in rack.
      • Expensive storage items can be stored using a drive-in rack.
      • The drive-in rack is used for revenue warehousing.
      • If you have slow-moving products, a drive-in rack is the best choice.

      11.  What is the Difference between Drive-Thru and Drive-in Rack?

      The Drive-in rack is based on the Last In First Out(LIFO) inventory management flow.

      Drive-in Rack Flow

      Drive-in Rack Flow

      There is only a single point that can be used to place or get the pallets from the drive-in rack.

      Forklifts can only enter from one side of the drive-in rack.

      Whereas, drive-thru rack is based on the First In First Out(FIFO) inventory management flow.

      Drive Thru Rack FlowDrive Through Rack Flow

      You can load the pallets from one side and retrieve them from the other side of the drive-thru rack.

      Forklifts can enter from both sides in a drive-thru rack.

      12.  When Should You Use Drive in Rack?

      You should use a drive-in rack in the following conditions:

      • For storing products which require less turnaround.
      • Storing large bulks of similar (homogenous) products.
      • Saving more space in your warehouse.
      • Preserving seasonal items then a drive-in rack is the best option.

      13.What are the Advantages of Using Drive in Rack?

      Drive-in rack has the following advantages:

      • Drive-in rack improves utilization of warehouses because it leaves no special channel for forklift.
      • You can arrange more inventory locations in a drive-in rack.
      • Drive-in rack can adapt to various types of pallets.
      • Drive-in rack can meet different storage size requirements. This is because you can adjust the beam height according to your cargo size.
      • The drive-in rack provides good strength of the shelf structure.
      • The cost of the drive-in rack is quite low compared to other pallet racks.
      • Drive-in rack saves time during storing or retrieving goods.
      • Drive-in rack provides high-density storage.
      • Drive-in rack maximizes square footage in your warehouse.
      • The drive-in rack provides better control over entry and exit.

      14.  What are the Disadvantages of Drive-in Rack?

      The disadvantages of the drive-in rack are as follows:

      • The drive-in rack is not suitable for small batches or varieties of products.
      • In a drive-in rack, the dimensions of the forklift must match the dimensions of the rack.
      • Products can be misplaced if the arrangement is not done properly.
      • The driver of the forklift should be more careful because he has to enter into the drive-in rack.
      • The selectivity of pallets is limited in a drive-in rack system.

      15.  How Much Space Can Be Saved Through Drive in Rack?

      You can save up to 75% more storage space by using a drive-in rack system.

      It can save space by the following factors:

      • The traditional racks allow aisles in each individual row. It consumes more space. On the other hand, the drive-in rack has only one aisle.
      • The drive-in rack comes with more number of supporting rails than other racks.
      • The extra gap between the upright columns is reduced in the drive-in rack.
      • Pallets are stored back to back without any extra gap between them.
      • Rails on the drive-in rack are used to store pallets in a compact manner.

      Drive-in Rack Space Utilization

      Drive-in Rack Space Utilization

      16.  What is the Average Life of a Drive-In Rack?

      A drive-in rack can last for nearly forever. But some factors can affect the life span of a drive-in rack.

      These factors are as follows:

      • Quality of steel and other material used in the drive-in rack.
      • Selection of the rack according to the environment it is used. For example, whether it will be used outdoor or in a cold environment.
      • The rust-proof ability of a drive-in rack.
      • Regular inspection by professional engineers.
      • The usage of proper protection accessories eliminates the cause of damage to the drive-in rack.
      • How much trained and skilled the forklift drivers also impacts the average life of a drive-in rack.

      17.  What are the Basic Components of a Drive-in Rack?

      Drive-in Rack Structure
      Drive-in Rack Structure

      The basic components of a drive-in rack are as follows:

      • Upright Frame: Bear for the entire drive-in rack system.
      • Horizontal Brace: Divider of the upright frames.
      • Top Beam: Connection between two upright frames.
      • Batter Brace: Support between two top beams that connect upright frames.
      • Footplate: Keep the drive-in rack in a steady position by connecting the upright frames to the floor.
      • Guard Rail: It protects the drive-in rack from collisions.
      • Support Arm: It bears the weight of the pallets by dispersing their energy to the upright frames.
      • Pallet Rail: These rails provide support to keep the pallet stable.

      18.  Is Drive in Rack a High-Density Storage System?

      Yes, a drive-in rack is a high-density storage system.

      You can get up to more than 75% dense storage by using the drive-in rack.

      Here is how a drive-in rack becomes a high-density storage system:

      • It is because pallets can be fitted with minimum gaps between them.
      • There is no extra aisle in the drive-in rack to pass the forklift.
      • The drive-in rack can be adjusted easily according to your pallet size, height, and width.
      • Drive-in rack sets can be easily connected to each other.

      19.  Is Drive in Rack System Adjustable?

      Yes, the drive-in rack is adjustable. You can adjust a drive-in rack according to your pallet size requirements.

      It is because the upright pitch can be set at a 50mm or 75mm pitch.

      This means the adjustable hole distance makes its height adjustable.

      Drive-in Rack Hole System

      Drive-in Rack Hole System

      There are different things you can adjust in a drive-in rack.

      You can also set the placement of support arms, upright frames as well as pallet rails.

      You will first adjust the placement of support arms and then the rails according to it.

      20.  Is Drive in Rack More Efficient Than Pallet Rack?

      It depends upon your requirement but in most cases, the drive-in rack proves to be more efficient.

      If you want to store bulks of similar products then a drive-in rack is the most efficient option than other pallet racks.

      If you want to store different products with different shapes, the drive-in rack may not be the perfect option.

      However, it greatly saves your warehouse space by providing dense storage.

      Therefore, you can consider the drive-in rack as more efficient than other pallet racks.

      Drive-In Rack vs Pallet Rack

      Drive-in Rack vs. Pallet Rack

      21.  How Does Drive in Rack Work?

      At first, the drive-in rack is assembled and installed properly.

      A drive-in rack works in the following sequence:

      • The product is placed on the pallet and then loaded on the forklift.
      • The forklift enters the drive-in rack from the open side.
      • The support rails of the drive-in rack are used to place the pallets on it.
      • After placing the pallet in the drive-in rack, a forklift is moved backward to get out from the rack.
      • When you require a pallet from the drive-in rack, the forklift again enters the rack.
      • The forklift holds the required pallet by sliding it backward on the support rails.
      • The forklift exits the drive-in rack from the same point by reversing itself.

      22.  What are the Things to Consider before Buying a Drive-In Rack?

      Before buying a drive-in rack, you should consider the following aspects:

      • Your Product’s Type: Which type of products you are planning to store in the drive-in rack. If these are a group of similar/seasonal products you should buy the drive-in rack.
      • Your Product’s Size: If there are no variations in the size of your products then a drive-in rack is the best choice.
      • Your Product’s Turnaround Time: If you have a quick turnaround time, a drive-in rack is a good choice.
      • The Quality of Material: You should assure that the quality of materials in the drive-in rack is good.
      • Experienced Seller: You should also look out for the best-sellers who are experienced in making drive-in racks.
      • Availability of Professionals: You should also check if you can have experienced professionals who can install the drive-in rack properly.

      23.  How to Manufacture Drive-In Rack System?

      At first, you have to make the individual components of the drive-in rack.

      After selecting the right steel type for manufacturing them, start making the following components:

      • Upright Frame
      • Pallet Rail
      • Single and Double Side Arm
      • Top Beam
      • Back Beam
      • Single and Double Side Spacer
      • Top Bracing
      • Back Bracing
      • Guide Rail
      • Upright Protector

      You can manufacture all these parts through specified machines and then assemble them together.

      24.  How to Choose Reliable Drive-In Rack Manufacturer?

      As there are different qualities of the drive-in rack, there are different manufacturers.

      You can choose a reliable drive-in rack manufacturer by observing the following points:

      • You need to check the previous experience of the drive-in rack manufacturer.
      • You need to check the experience level and market goodwill of the drive-in rack manufacturer.
      • You have to check their shipping coverage.
      • You need to check their adherence to quality standards and certifications.
      • You have to check how their previous customers respond to them.
      • You need to observe the warranty period offered by the manufacturer.
      • You also need to check that the manufacturer has an authentic license and insurance.
      • You need to check the speed of their work and delivery.

      Now Chinese manufacturing is well known around the world, you can find many good drive-in rack manufacturers.
      Specifically, Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems Co., Ltd is considered as the most prominent and reliable manufacturer in the Chinese market.

      Drive-in Rack Manufacturer

      Drive-in Rack Manufacturer

      25.  How to Get a Price for Drive-In Rack?

      For getting a price for a drive-in rack you need to do the following things:

      • Find a Manufacturer: You can easily find a drive-in rack manufacturer by exploring the internet.
      • Find Contact Information: From the drive-in rack manufacturer’s website, you can find their contact information and get in touch with them.
      • Request to Get a Quotation: After finalizing your requirements, you can request them a quotation.

      You will get the price for the drive-in rack according to your requirements.

      26.  How to Check the Quality of the Drive-In Rack?

      You can check the quality of the drive-in rack by checking out the following aspects:

      • You need to check the quality of the material used especially the steel.
      • Assure that the welded parts of the drive-in rack are strong enough for your usage.
      • The surface should also be checked as it could be powder coated if it’s smooth and flat.
      • You have to check the compliance with the international quality standards of a drive-in rack.
      • You need to assure the proper assembling of the drive-in rack.
      • You can also see the results of different tests taken on the drive-in rack by the manufacturer.
      • You have to check the warranty period of the drive-in rack.

      27.  How to Import Drive-In Rack from China?

      Import Drive-in Rack from China

      Import Drive-in Rack from China

      You can import a drive-in rack from China through following steps:

      • Check out the right drive-in rack manufacturer by exploring the internet.
      • Go to their website and find the contact information.
      • Order them according to your drive in rack requirements.
      • Pay them and enquire about all the necessary checks during the import process.
      • Arrange your cargo transport according to your preferences for shipment.
      • Get prepared to receive the drive-in rack by tracking your shipment until it arrives.

      OKE Storage can always supply you with one-stop storage solutions for any types of drive-in rack needs, whether you are a drive-in rack dealer or an end-user, you just only need to send your detailed requirements to me, and then OKE will do the rest.

      28.  How Should a Drive-in Rack be Packed?

      All parts of the drive-in rack should be covered by plastic film.

      It is because the impacts of damage can be transformed into plastic film if anything happens to the drive-in rack.

      Drive-in Rack Packing

      Drive-in Rack Packing

      You can save the state of a drive-in rack during long transportation by following steps:

      • The Drive-in rack should be packed properly by using the steel belt and plastic film.
      • All parts of the drive-in rack should be properly wrapped.
      • Airbags should be placed at the interspace of containers which prevents collapse and collision of products.
      • Placing rack sets over each other should be avoided.
      • Place some material between the sets of the drive-in rack within the gaps.
      • You should make sure that the packing is not wet from anywhere.

      29.  What is the Delivery Time of Drive-In Rack?

      At first, the time taken during the manufacturing process is measured and it depends upon the manufacturer.

      On average, manufacturers take a maximum of 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture and supply a set of the drive-in rack.

      It includes complete delivery with shipment to the customer’s preferred location.

      The delivery time can be delayed due to some geographical restrictions or the quantity of drive-in racks.

      More time can be spent if there are specific requirements or the order quantity is greater than normal.

      30.  How to Install Drive-In Rack?

      Before installing the drive-in rack, you should make sure that the team is professional and skillful.

      Proper installation drawing should be made with guidelines and clarity.

      After you have made a comprehensive plan and a well-understood drawing, start the installation process.

      Follows these steps to install a drive-in rack in your warehouse:

      • Place the rear pallet rack beam at the bottom and install it properly.
      • Install the top rear beam above the bottom rack beam.
      • After installation of both beams, install the top front and back front pallet rack beam.
      • Install the slide supporting rails by fixing the single and double arms on the drive-in rack.

      OKE Storage as a well-known supplier of the drive-in rack in China, we can provide you detailed install instruction or videos for every type of racking to help you save cost and time.
      If needed, we can also send the engineer to your site to guide racking installation to help you save worry.

      31.  How to Avoid Drive-In Rack Getting Rusty?

      To protect the drive-in rack from getting rusty you need to take care of the following aspects:

      • Try to make sure that the steel used in the drive-in rack should not get wet.

      Avoid it placing in a wet place or area which is more open to oxidation.

      • To avoid rust, you should paint the drive-in rack or use the rubber to cover all of its parts.
      • Dry clean your drive in rack periodically to make sure it’s in good condition.

      32.  How to Maintain Drive-In Rack?

      You can maintain a drive-in rack in the following ways:

      • You should regularly inspect the quality of the drive-in rack and identify any defects.
      • If defects found in the drive-in rack, repair them immediately.
      • Assure that pallets are placed in the proper positions on the racks.
      • Assure that the weight put on the rack is below its maximum capacity.
      • Use appropriate accessories to prevent items from falling.
      • Train your employees about the proper usage of the drive-in rack.
      • Take advice from professional engineers before making any changes.

      Maintenance of Drive-in Rack

      Maintenance of Drive-in Rack

      33.  How Long is the Drive-In Rack Warranty?

      The warranty period of the drive-in rack starts from its date of purchase.

      Usually, the warranty for a drive-in rack lasts for 10 years.

      It means that if you find any kind of defects in a drive-in rack you can replace it without paying anything.

      But the warranty can be claimed under some rules prescribed by every warranty provider.

      Damage cannot be claimed for warranty.

      Therefore, the drive-in rack needs to be placed under a dry atmosphere in your warehouse.

      OKE Storage as the leading drive-in rack manufacturer and supplier in China, we have more than 20 years in this field and can supply you with a 10-year supper long warranty.

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