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OKE Storage has professional customization engineers with six years of experience in the field of racking and shelving that help you design the best Warehouse Racking configuration for your warehouse.
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  • CE/ISO Certificate
  • Super long 10 years warranty
  • Fully support customized design
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    With OKE Storage Warehouse Racking Skyrocket Your Business

    The OKE Storage provides you one-stop storage solutions for all types of racking.
    We always take care of our customer’s needs by providing high-quality products that long last for many years.
    By using the OKE Storage Warehouse Racking, you will be able to utilize about 85% of your warehouse storage floor area.

    You can also utilize the vertical height of your warehouse storage area for storing your heavy-weight products on multiple levels high by using the OKE Storage Warehouse Racking.
    You can store any type of product in the OKE Storage Warehouse Racking.
    The OKE Storage Warehouse Racking can be easily reconfigured.

    Heavy Duty Pallet Racks
    The OKE Storage provides you one-stop storage solutions for your Heavy Duty Pallet Racks.
    Industrial Racking
    OKE Storage gives you ten years of warranty for your Industrial Racking.
    Selective Racking
    OKE Storage has 20 years of experience for the manufacturing of Selective Racking.
    Warehouse Storage Racks
    OKE Warehouse Storage Racks are available in a wide range of options to suit the storage of your products.
    Selective Pallet Racking System
    OKE Storage provides you the best installation services for your Selective Pallet Racking System.
    Pallet Racking System
    OKE Storage customizes your Pallet Racking System according to your warehouse storage needs.
    Storage Racking System
    OKE Storage Storage Racking System offers robust storage solutions with high capacity, specially designed for the storage of long merchandise.
    Metal Storage Racks
    OKE Storage have a professional team of 12 members to inspect your Metal Storage Racks at every manufacturing step.
    Warehouse Racking
    OKE manufactures your Selective Pallet Racking by using the advanced technology machines to ensure products safety.

    Advanced Warehouse Racking Manufacturing Make Your Business Take Off - OKE Storage

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      OKE StorageWhy You Should Trust The OKE Storage Warehouse Racking

      The heavy experience of 20 years in the field of racking and shelving is the main reason for the OKE Storage to be the most trustable Warehouse Racking manufacturer and supplier in China.

      OKE manufactures your Warehouse Racking by using advanced technology machines to ensure product safety.

      Our professional racking engineers inspect your Warehouse Racking at every stage of its manufacturing process and the final product is coated with high-quality powder coating to prevent it from rust and corrosion.

      We always think best for our customers and their storage needs.

      The OKE Storage has passed the CE and ISO 2015 certificate and comply with the AS4084 standard, American RMI standard, and FEM standard.

      Racking Strict Quality Control
      Best Quality Raw Material
      The OKE Storage always uses the best quality raw material for the manufacturing of your Warehouse Racking. All the steel is imported from Bao Steel Co. Ltd.
      Best Quality Powder Coating
      The OKE Storage System make best quality powder coating to the final manufactured Warehouse Racking components to ensure protection against rust and corrosion.
      Customized Service
      Experienced Working Staff
      The OKE Storage System has hired more than 200 working staff members, each of them has a very high experience in the field of racking and shelving.
      10 Years Warranty
      Ten Years Super Long Warranty
      The OKE Storage System provides a warranty of ten years for our Warehouse Racking in the absence of any external damage.

      You Can Get The Best Warehouse Racking At Your Door Now!

      OKE Storage can give you detailed installation guides and videos that help you save your time and cost.

      You can always contact us and place an order for your Warehouse Racking by describing your warehouse storage needs.

      We give you ten years of warranty for your Warehouse Racking.

      Your order can be delivered to your door as fast as possible.

      You can always contact OKE Storage by visiting our warehouse in Nanjing, China, or emailing us at sales@okestorage.com.

      Warehouse Racking – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

      If you think of adding Warehouse Racking to your business, it is necessary to understand how this racking benefits your storage needs.

      When choosing the Warehouse Racking option, you need racking solutions that are ideal for your space and built to last.

      The below FAQ guide will help you understand the Warehouse Racking. It covers everything you have been looking for, such as Warehouse Racking usage, specifications, advantages, cost, and precautions.

      1. What Is Warehouse Racking?

      Warehouse Racking is a storage solution used by many industries and warehouses for efficiently storing their heavy-weight products.

      You can maximum utilize your industry or warehouse storage floor space and vertical height space by installing Warehouse Racking to your business.

      The products can be stored on pallets in horizontal rows with multiple levels high.

      2. What Is The Use Of Warehouse Racking?

      Storing heavy weight and different kinds of products is a challenge for every warehouse and industry nowadays.

      The Warehouse Racking is a helpful storage tool for efficiently storing heavy-weight products.

      It gives you an excellent opportunity for your warehouse to fulfill storage needs at a very low price.

      Warehouse Racking uses a rack structure to store products loaded on pallets with the help of a forklift.

      Use of Warehouse Racking

      Use of Warehouse Racking

      3. What Is The Working Mechanism Of Warehouse Racking?

      Warehouse Racking consists of a rack structure usually made up of upright steel frames, load beams, conveyors, etc., that depends on the Warehouse Racking type you choose for your warehouse.

      You can load/unload the products with the help of a forklift.

      For loading, you can tightly band the product onto the pallet, which is then lifted with the help of a forklift and then easily be placed in the Warehouse Racking.

      For unloading, you can lift the products with the help of a forklift and then easily draw from the Warehouse Racking.

      4. Who Can Take Benefits From Warehouse Racking?

      Every warehouse needs a storage system that can store many products in less space which can easily be accessed.

      Warehouse Racking is an ideal storage solution for different warehouses and industries that requires continuous product circulation.

      When you have less storage space but the quantity of your product requires a high storage solution, you must install a Warehouse Racking in your storage area.

      Warehouse Racking An Ideal Storage System
      Warehouse Racking An Ideal Storage System

      5. What Are The Possible Types Of Warehouse Racking?

      Warehouse Racking occurs in many possible types, like:

      • Selective Racking System
      • Drive-in Racking System
      • Double-Deep Racking System
      • Pallet Flow/Live Racking System
      • Push Back Racking System
      • Narrow Aisle Racking System
      • Cantilever Racking System
      • Carton Flow Racking System

      6. What Are The Factors You Should Consider Before Selecting The Right Warehouse Racking?

      Every warehouse has its own set of requirements. The right racking system increases your space utilization without hampering your operations, especially the picking process.

      To know which Warehouse Racking is appropriate for your warehouse, consider these factors:

      • Budget: The estimated cost per pallet position. You can consider this factor while making sure that the racking system fulfills all your needs.
      • Floor Utilization: The ability of a racking system to maximize the warehouse floor space.
      • Storage Utilization: The amount of space you can utilize in the racking system. The amount you will need depends on the weight, quantity, and size of your cargo.
      • Forklift Accessibility: The ability to accommodate forklifts used for bulky cargo. This takes into consideration the aisle width required for forklifts to maneuver.
      • Versatility: The ability of Warehouse Racking accommodate a wider range of goods.
      • Inventory Management: The order of inventory retrieval required by the warehouse.

      7. What Is The Importance Of Warehouse Racking In Warehouse Storage System?

      Every warehouse needs a storage system that bears the harsh warehouse environment and utilizes most of its storage area.

      Warehouse Racking is a very important storage tool for warehouses nowadays.

      With Warehouse Racking, you can utilize about 70% of your warehouse storage floor area and use your warehouse vertical storage space to store products of many categories.

      This system can provide you quick access to every stored product into the system at a very low investment.

      Due to these qualities, Warehouse Racking is very important for different warehouses to expand their business reliably and cost-effectively.

      8. How Products Are Loaded/Unloaded In The Warehouse Racking?

      The Warehouse Racking generally uses forklift trucks for loading and unloading the products into the storage system.

      First of all, you must have to band your product for both loading and unloading.

      You can lift the product with a forklift for loading and then placed it into the Warehouse Racking.

      Similarly, for unloading, the product can be lifted from the Warehouse Racking with the help of a forklift and easily withdrawn.

      9. What Type of Pallets Can Be Used In Warehouse Racking?

      A pallet is a support or platform that holds your products in your storage area.

      There are many different types of pallets according to their size, composition, and material.

      You can use any type of pallet in a Warehouse Racking.

      Two-way entry pallets or four-way entry pallets are commonly used for storing products in Warehouse Racking.

      You can use wooden pallets, plastic pallets, metal pallets, and cardboard pallets.

      Plastic pallets can bear weight up to 680 kg, whereas; wooden pallets can bear weight up to 1400 kg.

      10. What Are The Standard Pallet Dimensions Used In Warehouse Racking?

      The standard pallet dimensions most likely to be used in Warehouse Racking are 40 inches by 48 inches (1 m by 1.2 m).

      This 48 inches (1.2 m) width of the pallet provides complete stability to the stored products.

      The pallet is placed in the Warehouse Racking so that it exceeds outwards about 3 inches (0.08 m) from both sides on which the pallet is placed.

      Standard Pallet Dimensions

      Standard Pallet Dimensions

      1. What Can Be The Benefits Of Using Warehouse Racking In Your Warehouse?

      The Warehouse Racking can benefit your business in the following ways.

      • Stores your products in an efficient way.
      • The Warehouse Rackingutilizes 70% of your warehouse storage floor area.
      • More than one forklift can load/unload the products in Warehouse Racking’s aisle, giving a significant impact on work efficiency.
      • You can utilize the vertical height of your storage area for storing your heavy-weight products on multiple levels high.
      • The Warehouse Rackingis best for storing date-sensitive products.
      • You can store products on plywood, pallets, or additional wireframes in Warehouse Racking.
      • You can easily access your stored products in the Warehouse Racking.
      • The Warehouse Racking can be easily reconfigured.
      • The height of Warehouse Racking can be made according to your usage, i.e., it depends on the quantity of your products.
      • You can change the beam spacing at different levels for storing large or small height products in the Warehouse Racking.
      • You can easily store any type of product in your Warehouse Racking.
      • The Warehouse Rackinggives you high storage density.
      • Wire decking and back mesh and can also be used in Warehouse Racking to increase safety for your stored products.
      • The products are stored in different Warehouse Racking positions that prevent any damage from other stored products at the same level of the storage system.
      • The Warehouse Rackinghas a high utilization rate.
      • You can easily store products at the bottom level/on the floor of your Warehouse Racking that lowers the product’s storage cost.
      • The Warehouse Racking can be very easy to install.
      • The Warehouse Rackingis an affordable warehouse storage system.

      Warehouse Racking Benefits

      Warehouse Racking Benefits

      12. What Are The Drawbacks Of Using Warehouse Racking?

      The Warehouse Racking can have the following drawbacks:

      • Aisles utilize 30% of your storage area.
      • The increasing aisles in your storage area always require more storage space for storing the same type of products on the same levels.
      • You need extra time for loading and unloading the same kind of products at different levels of the Warehouse Racking.
      • More forklift operators and forklift trucks are required if you need to store or retrieve products quickly, thus increasing the product’s storage cost.

      13. What Are The Different Components Used In Warehouse Racking?

      Warehouse Racking consists of a rack structure usually made up of upright steel frames, load beams, conveyors, etc., that depends on the Warehouse Racking type you choose for your warehouse.

      The major components that are used in Warehouse Racking are as under:

      • Load Beams: Load beams are also called step beams or box beams used to support the loaded products in Warehouse Racking.
      • Upright frames: Upright Steel frames are also called upright columns or uprights. Load beams are attached in between the uprights.
      • Diagonal braces and horizontal braces: These braces are welded between the upright frames to make the Warehouse Racking
      • Wire Decking: Wire decking can be used in Warehouse Racking to prevent the loaded products from falling down the system.
      • Footplates: Footplates are also known as base plates, or footpads are at the base of upright frames to provide stability to the Warehouse Racking.
      • Row Spacers: If you want to arrange uprights in back-to-back rows, then row spacers are used. They are made between the adjacent columns to ensure that the rows are straight.
      • Rollers: The gravity roller conveyors can be used to make a roller bed on which the stored product flows easily from loading to the unloading side in pallet flow Warehouse Racking.
      • Profile: A component bolted to the beams at each end level that supports the roller beds.
      • Pallet Guidance: The roller beds have pallet guidance at the loading side that guides the forklift operators to store the product safely into the storage system.
      • Brake Rollers: The brake rollers control the speed of the flowing product in pallet flow Warehouse Racking.
      • Pallet Backstops: The pallet backstops are attached at the unloading side of the pallet flow Warehouse Racking that stops product flow at the lower end of the system.

      14. What Is Bay In Warehouse Racking?

      The one unit of general Warehouse Racking is made by connecting four upright frames and four load beams.

      The bay is a space or an area in one unit of general Warehouse Racking that is used to store your heavy-weight products on the load beams or the total space where you store products in pallet flow Warehouse Racking.

      In other words, the space where you connect the load beams between upright frames is called the bay of Warehouse Racking.

      Bay of Warehouse Racking

      Bay of Warehouse Racking

      15. How Can You Measure The Bay Length In Warehouse Racking?

      The bay of general Warehouse Racking is the space between upright steel frames where you connect the load beams or the total space where you store products in pallet flow Warehouse Racking.

      So, to measure the length of the bay, you only need to measure the length of the load beams attached with your Warehouse Racking or the length of the total space where you store products in pallet flow Warehouse Racking.

      The load beam length you use will be the length of the bay of your Warehouse Racking.

      16. How Many Pallets Can You Load In a Single Bay Of Warehouse Racking?

      The number of pallets you should load in a single bay depends on the bay length, pallet dimensions, and some standard measures.

      You should follow these preventive measures for loading your pallets in the Warehouse Racking bay.

      • You should exclude five inches of space between upright steel frames and loaded pallets on each side of the bay.
      • There should be about six inches of gap between loaded pallets in the Warehouse Racking.

      So, by the above measurements, you should load only two pallets for a 96 inches bay length and 40 inches wide by 48 inches deep pallet.

      Loading Precautions in Warehouse Racking
      Loading Precautions in Warehouse Racking

      17. What Is The Aisle In Warehouse Racking?

      The aisle is a space in your storage floor area between any two rows of your Warehouse Racking.

      You can use the aisle space to drive your forklift trucks and load and unload your products from the Warehouse Racking.

      Warehouse Racking Aisle
      Warehouse Racking Aisle

      18. What Are Beams In Warehouse Racking?

      The Warehouse Racking is consists of two main components, i.e., Beams and Uprights.

      Load beams called the step beams, or the box beams are connected between the two upright frames of Warehouse Racking.

      You can use these beams to support your heavy weight products in Warehouse Racking.

       Warehouse Racking Beams

      Warehouse Racking Beams

      19. What Is Beam Spacing In Warehouse Racking?

      The Warehouse Racking can be made up to multiple levels high for storing your heavy-weight products.

      The distance between any of the two consecutive beam levels of the Warehouse Racking is referred to as beam spacing.

      You can change the beam spacing in Warehouse Racking to store large or small-sized products in the storage system.

      Warehouse Racking Beams Spacing
      Warehouse Racking Beams Spacing

      20. Can You Adjust Beam Spacing In Warehouse Racking?

      The adjustment of beam spacing depends on which Warehouse Racking type you are using.

      There are some Warehouse Racking types where you can easily adjust the beam spacing according to your storage needs.

      The load beam can easily be removed from the punch holes that run throughout the upright steel frames and can be quickly attached wherever needed.

      In this way, you can adjust the beam spacing according to your storage requirements.

      21. What Should Be The Beam Spacing In Warehouse Racking?

      The beam spacing in Warehouse Racking usually consists of major measurements like pallet height, load height, etc.

      You must calculate the pallet height and the height of the product placed on that pallet.

      Add both these heights after measuring from some standard measuring instrument and add about 4 inches to the previous result.

      This final result could be the beam spacing in Warehouse Racking.

      22. What Are Span Beams In Warehouse Racking?

      Warehouse Racking beams are used to hold your pallet-loaded products onto the system.

      Sometimes the size of pallets is too small that you cannot place these pallets on both sides of the corresponding beams.

      You can place span beams on the beams connected between upright frames that support the small pallets loaded in Warehouse Racking to avoid this difficulty.

      Adding span beams to the system increases your product’s safety.

      Warehouse Racking Span Beams
      Warehouse Racking Span Beams

      23. What Is Back Mesh In Warehouse Racking?

      When you load the product from the front side of the Warehouse Racking, the product may fall from the system’s backside.

      There must also be some security measures from the backside of the Warehouse Racking to prevent product damage.

      The back mesh can be added to the Warehouse Racking that prevents the products from falling backward.

      Warehouse Racking Back Mesh

      Warehouse Racking Back Mesh

      24. Can You Make Back Mesh In Warehouse Racking?

      Yes, some Warehouse Racking types can protect your stored products by making back mesh.

      For this, you only have to attach clips of the back mesh on the punch holes of the upright steel frames on the back of the storage system.

      The back mesh then provides safety for your stored products into the Warehouse Racking.

      25. Can You Make Decking In Warehouse Racking?

      Yes, there are some Warehouse Racking types where you can protect your stored products by decking.

      You can store small-size products on a pair of load beams at the same level by decking your Warehouse Racking.

      The metal or wire decking also can hold a weight of about 9000 pounds (4000 kg) per decking.

      Warehouse Racking Decking

      Warehouse Racking Decking

      26. How Much Deep The Warehouse Racking Can Be Made?

      The depth of Warehouse Racking depends on the type you have installed in your warehouse.

      You can design your Warehouse Racking from one pallet deep to about 20 pallets deep.

      Increasing the deepness of the Warehouse Racking also increases the storage density of your warehouse.

      Warehouse Racking Decking

      Warehouse Racking Deepness

      27. How Much Weight Can You Load In Warehouse Racking?

      Different Warehouse Racking types have their weight holding capacities.

      You can store about 3000 pounds (1400 kg) on pallet flow Warehouse Racking and 4000 pounds (1800 kg) on a pair of 96 inches load beams.

      28. How Many Racks Are There In Warehouse Racking?

      The Warehouse Racking can be extended to any desired length.

      Sometimes, the height of Warehouse Racking should be restricted due to the restricted height of your warehouse ceiling or by observing the abilities of your forklift truck to reach to the stored products.

      The standard vertical height used for Warehouse Racking is 30 feet (9 m).

      Standard Warehouse Racking Height

      Standard Warehouse Racking Height

      29. Do Warehouse Racking Use Special Forklifts For Loading/Unloading Of The Products?

      No, Warehouse Racking does not use special forklifts for loading and unloading the products.

      The type of forklift used in Warehouse Racking depends on your storage system’s aisle space and height because different forklift trucks have different height capacities.

      Counterbalance forklifts, Reach trucks, and Articulated forklifts are some of the most useable forklifts in Warehouse Racking.

      30. What Are The Applications Of Warehouse Racking?

      The Warehouse Racking has the following applications:

      • Hardware stores or distribution centers.
      • Wholesale stores.
      • Retail Inventory rooms.
      • It can easily be used for storing bulk items.
      • Perfect for pharmaceutical, logistics, retail, and general warehouse environments
      • High-density product storage system.
      • It is best for Grocery and drug distribution facilities.
      • Applicable for food, beverages, and chemical industry products.
      • Ideal for date-sensitive
      • Refrigerator or freezer storage applications.
      • Easy order picking.

      Warehouse Racking Applications

      Warehouse Racking Applications

      31. What Accessories Can You Add For Your Warehouse Racking?

      You can add a lot of accessories as you want in your Warehouse Racking like:

      • Metal or Wire Decking: You can easily make decking on the corresponding beams at the same levels to store small-size products and can increase the safety of your stored products.
      • Floor Guides: You can easily add the floor guides around the Warehouse Racking uprights to avoid any forklift accidents.
      • Ram guard: You can easily add the ram guards to every Warehouse Racking uprights to avoid accidents.
      • Row to Wall Spacer: If you need to attach your Warehouse Racking with the walls, you can always use a row to wall spacer that provides complete stability to your storage system.
      • Row Spacer: If you need to arrange the Warehouse Racking in alternate rows, row spacers can be used between the upright frames to ensure a straight arrangement.
      • Aisle Bridge: You can always add an aisle bridge between two corresponding uprights on the aisle side that can prevent anything from entering your storage system from the sides of the system.
      • Pallet Stoppers: You can easily add pallet stoppers on the load beams that can prevent the stored pallets from slipping forward towards the aisle of the storage area.
      • Column Guards Floor Mounted: You can easily add floor mounted column guards at the bottom of each upright frame that can prevent any damage to the uprights due to the collision of forklift trucks.
      • V-Shaped Column Guards: You can easily add V-Shaped column guards at the bottom of each upright frame to avoid forklift collision with the uprights.
      • Span Beams: You can easily add the span beams in your Warehouse Rackingthat provide good support to your small-size products.
      • Protect parapet: To prevent any accidents that occur due to any irresponsibility of the forklift drivers, you can use the protect parapet for your Warehouse Racking.
      • Back Mesh: The stored products in the Warehouse Racking can be further protected from the backside when you add back mesh to the storage system.
      • Warning Lights: You can easily add warning lights or blinking lights to your Warehouse Racking upright frames that can make the storage system always visible to all the working staff.
      • Shims: For uneven floors, you can add the shims at the bottom of the upright steel frames that are equal in size to the upright base to provide stability to the structure.

      Warehouse Racking Accessories

      Warehouse Racking Accessories

      32. Do You Need To Anchor The Warehouse Racking With Bolts To The Floor?

      Yes, the Warehouse Racking always bolted to the floor.

      As the Warehouse Racking can be made multiple levels high for storing your heavy-weight products, there is a great chance of mishap.

      The storage system may fall due to the collision with the forklift during loading or unloading of products that risks the life of working staff and results in a great loss.

      By bolting the base of your Warehouse Racking with the floor, you can get good stability of the storage system in any harsh circumstances.

      Anchoring Warehouse Racking

      Anchoring Warehouse Racking

      33. Why Warehouse Racking Is a Preferable Storage System For Different Warehouses?

      The Warehouse Racking is a preferable storage system because of the following reasons:

      • You can directly and quickly access every stored product in your Warehouse Racking.
      • You can utilize around 70% of your warehouse storage floor area by installing the Warehouse Racking.
      • The vertical space or height of your warehouse storage area can also be utilized for storage purposes.
      • It is very easy to assemble.
      • It has high utilization rates.
      • You can pre-galvanize the Uprights and beams of your Warehouse Racking.
      • It is ideal for products that are near their expiration dates.
      • You can store your products up to 20 pallets deep.
      • The Warehouse Rackinghas a high storage density.
      • It has a very easy loading/unloading process for your products.
      • It is ideal for the storage of products of any type.
      • It has the ability to store heavy-weight products.
      • Easy to handle.
      • Very low investment
      • Very simple rack structure.

      Warehouse Racking, A preferable Storage System

      Warehouse Racking, A preferable Storage System

      34. Who Is The Best Warehouse Racking Manufacturer?

      With over 21 years of experience in racking and shelving, the Nanjing OKE International Storage Co., Ltd in China has developed some of the most commonly-used warehouse storage systems on the market today.

      They design your Warehouse Racking for durability and operational reliability.

      You can always contact the Nanjing OKE International Storage Co., Ltd in China to get the best quality Warehouse Racking.

      They always take care of their customer’s needs and uses the best quality material that longs lasts for many years.

      35. How Much Does Warehouse Racking Cost?

      Many factors must be considered when pricing the various types of Warehouse Racking. You should always consider your Warehouse Racking provider for the most accurate rates.

      The cost of Warehouse Racking depends on the type you have installed in your warehouse. The estimated cost of Warehouse Racking is described as under:

      • Selective Pallet Racking:$50 to $75 per pallet position.
      • Drive-in Pallet Racking:$115 to $135 per pallet position.
      • Pushback Pallet Racking:$151 to $273 per pallet position.
      • Double-Deep Pallet Racking:$75 to $105 per pallet position.
      • Cantilever Racking:$850 to $1700 per bay.

      36. How Warehouse Racking Can Be Imported From China?

      It is a modern age of technology where the advanced communication system allows you to contact anyone in the world without reaching there.

      You should search for different Warehouse Racking manufacturers in China online and then contact the best racking manufacturers that can fulfill your warehouse needs.

      Specifically, Nanjing OKE International Storage Co., Ltd is the largest independent warehouse storage solution provider in China that has to build up about 20 years of expertise in racking and shelving.

      They ship the Warehouse Racking to anywhere in the world.

      The OKE Storage has advanced Warehouse Racking manufacturing machines and more than 200 working staff that ensures you the best quality of your storage system.

      You can always contact OKE Storage by visiting their warehouse in Nanjing, China, or emailing them at sales@okestorage.com.

       Import Warehouse Racking From China

      Import Warehouse Racking From China

      37. What Are The Precautions For Using Warehouse Racking In Your Warehouse?

      You can use the Warehouse Racking in your warehouse by following the given precautions as under:

      • Always buy the best quality Warehouse Racking from experienced manufacturers.
      • You should always hire experienced forklift drivers or give training to the newly recruited forklift drivers.
      • The aisles should be clean every time.
      • According to your storage needs, you must take experts advice before buying the right Warehouse Racking for your warehouse.
      • Always make good lighting in your storage area to make everything visible for all the working staff.
      • Warning lights should be planted at the start and end of the upright steel frames to avoid any accident by forklift.
      • You should not climb on the beams of your Warehouse Racking.
      • Avoid overloading the storage system.
      • The Warehouse Racking should be bolted to the floor.
      • Pallets are loaded with six inches of the gap in the Warehouse Racking.
      • There should be five inches gap between loaded pallets and upright frames from both sides of the Warehouse Racking.
      • The beam spacing should be like that there are about three inches to four inches of gap between the load beam and the loaded pallet above the loaded product.
      • The pallet depth should be four inches to six inches more than that of Warehouse Racking

      38. How Warehouse Racking Be Installed In Your Warehouse?

      Installing racking in a warehouse is not an easy task; you always need professional workers that can efficiently install your Warehouse Racking with maximum accuracy.

      As a full-service racking and shelving systems provider, Nanjing OKE International Storage Co., Ltd can assist with every phase of your project.

      With their installation services, they can handle the installation of your entire Warehouse Racking and provide you with project management support to coordinate the efforts of the sub-contractors working on every other element of your space.

      They have a professional and well-trained racking team with a high experience of about twenty years and are able to provide you free installation guides and animated videos that save your time and money.

      They can even provide you on-site installation guidance.

      39. How Can You Maintain Your Warehouse Racking?

      The Warehouse Racking must have to tolerate the unpleasant conditions in warehouses and industries; that is why you must take care of your Warehouse Racking.

      You can maintain your Warehouse Racking by observing the following steps:

      • You should hire experienced and qualified working staff.
      • You should clean your storage area environment.
      • You should arrange training sessions for all of your working staff.
      • You should apply the protect parapet to the base of your Warehouse Racking to avoid forklift accidents.
      • You should avoid climbing the load beams.
      • Always avoid overloading the storage system.
      • You must choose a forklift that is according to your storage needs and aisle space.
      • Timely inspections should be done from time to time.
      • Damaged components should be replaced in time.

      Warehouse Racking Maintenance

      Warehouse Racking Maintenance

      40. How To Avoid The Warehouse Racking Damage During Long Transportation?

      The Warehouse Racking damage during long transportation can be avoided as:

      • All the Warehouse Rackingcomponents should be packed in separate boxes.
      • Same Warehouse Rackingcomponents should be wrapped with each other to avoid any damage.
      • The space between different packages should be covered with some soft equipment like
      • Good quality forklifts should be used for loading and unloading your Warehouse Racking components packages.
      • You should hire well-experienced and senior forklift drivers to prevent any forklift accidents.
      • You should not overload the forklift truck with different Warehouse Racking components package boxes.
      • All the packages in the container on which the Warehouse Racking will be transported should be aligned.
      • Broken pallets should be avoided.

      41. How To Avoid Corrosion Of Your Warehouse Racking?

      The Warehouse Racking can start rusting whenever its components become wet and start oxidizing.

      You can avoid your Warehouse Racking from being corrosion by considering the following preventive measures:

      • You can make rubber or paint coating on every component of your Warehouse Racking that prevents your storage system to come in contact with moisture.
      • You can always use galvanized steel or stainless steel that uses additives like zinc and chrome, respectively, that stop the steel from rusting.
      • If your Warehouse Rackinghas to start rusting, you can remove it using a strong acid like hydrochloric acid that inhales all the rust and leaves your steel alone.
      • Avoid using your Warehouse Racking outdoor without having a shed above it because the rainy weather makes your racking wet that starts rusting.
      • You can always use the cathodic protection that involves the addition of another element to the steel that will corrode in place of steel, leaving the steel safe for use.
      • Timely inspections should be taken to stop corrosion if any part of your Warehouse Racking is affected by rust.

      42. What Can Be The Delivery Time For Warehouse Racking?

      The delivery time for the Warehouse Racking depends from manufacturers to manufacturers.

      The Warehouse Racking manufacturers worldwide provide different delivery times from 20 to 25 days as per your demands.

      Nanjing OKE International Storage Co., Ltd in China has been providing companies with storage and material handling solutions since 2000.

      Their goal is to provide their customers with quality material handling products at competitive pricing with outstanding customer service.

      They can deliver your Warehouse Racking at your door for just 10 to 15 days only.

      43. How Many Times The Warehouse Racking Be Inspected In a Year?

      As the Warehouse Racking must have to bear the uncertain warehouse environment, there are many chances of damaging its components.

      The use of damaged components may lead to serious accidents that may result in a great financial loss and put the life of working staff in danger.

      That is why you should inspect the Warehouse Racking from time to time.

      According to the rules of thumb, the Warehouse Racking should be inspected once a year.

      Warehouse Racking Inspection

      Warehouse Racking Inspection

      44. Do Warehouse Racking Have Warranty?

      The warranty of Warehouse Racking depends on the manufacturer whom you have imported your racking.

      Most Warehouse Racking manufacturers provide a warranty for their products.

      Specifically, Nanjing OKE International Storage Co., Ltd in China provides warranty service related to your Warehouse Racking.

      If you experience quality problems with your racking and would like to get your products repaired or replaced freely, you can always contact them.

      Their service team, consisting of many professionals, is fully committed to assuring you enjoy a rewarding and positive experience through the implementation of the after-sales warranty service.

      They can provide you a warranty of about ten years for all of their racking products.

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