Long Materials– The Complete FAQ Guide

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    In real life, we commonly have raw materials and other shapes that are not fixed. Even some are longer difficult to store shapes.

    And this shape of the material is very common, like tubing, pipes, bars, and lumber. They are too long to store for some common racking systems.

    So so many materials are long, how to make good use of the existing storage space and store them in an orderly way? OKE Storage can solve these problems for you and support much more considerate services.

    Long Materials Racking System
    Long Materials Racking System

    Customized Design of Racking Systems for Long Materials

    Having designed racking systems for over 20 years, OKE Storage has a wealth of experience in the industry. With our experience, we are able to provide you with racking systems of the highest quality. The following services are also available to you:

    Customized Design: If you have special requirements, or if your warehouse is special, consult us. We can give you a free design plan and provide personalized and customized service.

    Fast Delivering: Our manufacturing process will be strictly controlled to ensure high quality. Moreover, we guarantee delivery on time to keep you at ease.

    Installation: If you encounter problems during the installation process, you can consult us. We provide detailed installation tutorials. We can even provide you with professional helpers or a whole installation team to help you with the installation.

    Maintenance and Repairing: Even after the delivery, we will still support your service for you. If you want to maintain the racking system or find somewhere needed repairing, you can consult us. We support FREE maintenance and repair consulting. And we offer an extra-long ten-year warranty to save your worries.

    Certification support: The quality of our racks is largely determined by the fact that they are produced using material that has been certified by the largest steel company in China, Baoshan. In addition, our products are passed CE, and ISO, and are compliant with other international standards.

    Long Materials Racking System
    Long Materials Racking System

    Long Materials Racking System Solutions

    It can be very helpful to have a suitable racking system. It is always free to consult with OKE Storage. We can also provide you with suggestions on how to choose the right type of rack system for your products.

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