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    Work With OKE Storage Industrial Mezzanine - Expand Your Business

    OKE Storage has advanced Industrial Mezzanine automatic manufacturing machines, we have more than 200 workers that make sure the best quality of your Industrial Mezzanine order.
    As the leading Industrial Mezzanine manufacturer in China, we will be your best partner then.

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    Mezzanine Floor
    OKE Storage can produce all kinds of Mezzanine Floor, we have more than 20 years rich experiences in this field.
    Warehouse Mezzanine
    OKE Storage can submit you one-stop Warehouse Mezzanine storage solutions, and help you save much time and cost.
    Steel Mezzanine
    OKE Storage can manufacture top quality Steel Mezzanine, our Steel Mezzanine System exported to all over the world.
    Racking Mezzanine
    OKE Storage Racking Mezzanine provides you a cost-effective solution to store your any kinds of the products with a very efficient way.
    Pallet Rack Mezzanine
    OKE Storage Pallet Rack Mezzanine can help you use maximum storage floor area for your warehouses.
    Storage Mezzanine
    OKE Storage uses top quality Q235 steel for your Storage Mezzanine order, included the quality certificate.
    Mezzanine Shelving
    OKE Storage submit an extra long warranty - 10 years on your Mezzanine Shelving order.
    Mezzanine Platform
    OKE Storage can provide you with exclusive customization service to meet your different Mezzanine Platform customization requirements.
    Modular Mezzanine Floor
    OKE Storage Modular Mezzanine Floor can meet your modular customization needs, saving you a lot of time and labor costs.

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      OKE Storage Your Premier Industrial Mezzanine Manufacturer And Supplier In China

      What are The Advantages of Using OKE Storage Industrial Mezzanine?

      OKE Storage has 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and supplying of Industrial Mezzanine.
      We provide one-stop storage solutions for all types of Industrial Mezzanines to meet your needs.
      As the leading Industrial Mezzanine manufacturer and factory in China, we will be your best partner to expand your business.

      Working with OKE Storage has the below benefits:

      • The biggest advantage the industrial mezzanine provides is the additional space.
        It does so by fully using the high ceilinged areas of the already available space.
      • Using the OKE Storage Industrial Mezzanine is a cost-effective decision because you don’t need to buy more space or build a new building.
      • OKE Storage Industrial Mezzanines are quick to install as they are mostly pre-fabricated.
        This means you just need to join the parts with nuts and bolts.
      • OKE Storage Industrial Mezzanine is scalable, so you can add multiple levels and increase a lot of space.
      • OKE Storage Industrial Mezzanine is a portable option, so it can be transformed, relocated, or completely dismantled as per your needs.

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      Provide One-Stop Industrial Mezzanine Solutions To Your Business
      OKE Storage can supply you top quality one-stop storage solutions for your Industrial Mezzanine's order. You just only need send your requirements, and then OKE Storage will do the rest!
      More Than 20 Years Of Industrial Mezzanine Rich Experiences
      OKE Storage has over 20 years experience in the manufacturing of Industrial Mezzanine, our long Industrial Mezzanine experience provides reliable and good quality products to you.
      100% Support Sustomize Your Exclusive Design.
      OKE Storage 100% supports your customized Industrial Mezzanine design, If you have any customized design for your Industrial Mezzanine, then OKE Storage is your best reliable manufacturer.
      The Leading Industrial Mezzanine Manufacturer And Supplier In China
      OKE Storage as the Leading Industrial Mezzanine Manufacturer And Supplier In China, we can meet your all kinds of the Industrial Mezzaine needs!

      Industrial Mezzanine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

      This guide will give you complete information about industrial mezzanines.

      It also includes their varying usage depending on your needs.

      So read this guide to learn how you can utilize your current space area using an industrial mezzanine.

      1, What is an Industrial Mezzanine for a Warehouse?

      An industrial mezzanine is a raised multi-surface platform between two floors.

      They are steel structures installed between two floors of a building in an industrial setting.

      They are not built with the overall structure of the building.

      Rather they are installed afterward to fully utilize the high-ceilinged spaces like warehouses.

      They are called free-standing because they stand on their own without any surrounding support.

      typical industrial mezzanine for a warehouse

      A typical Industrial Mezzanine for a warehouse

      2, What Are the Different Types of Industrial Mezzanines?

      1. Freestanding Mezzanine Storage System

      This is a flexible solution best for creating additional storage space when the load requirement is not too high.

      These are supported by steel columns bolted to the floor.

      1. Catwalk Mezzanine Storage System

      This is an ideal solution for when your workforce needs to freely move around the warehouse without hindering the workflow.

      It utilizes racks uprights for deck supports eliminating the need for free-standing columns.

      1. Full Mat Mezzanine Storage System

      This combines the features of a freestanding and catwalk mezzanine system using racking uprights for support but providing an open area for storage on the mezzanine level.

      The different types of Industrial Mezzanine Systems include:

      Types of Industrial Mezzanines

      Types of Industrial Mezzanines

      3, What are the Parts of an Industrial Mezzanine?

      You have to join several components to make an industrial mezzanine floor.

      The components play an important part in the structural stability and safety of the floor.

      Each component can be made using a variety of materials depending on your usage and budget requirements.

      You should be careful that the components should conform to the International Building Code (IBC) requirements for safety.

      Following are the components of an Industrial Mezzanine system for a warehouse.

      Parts of an industrial mezzanine for a warehouse

      Parts of an industrial mezzanine for a warehouse

      1. Selective Racking

      A simple racking system that allows only one-unit-deep pallet loads to be stored side-by-side.

      In this design, you can access all pallets from the aisle.

      1. Steel Shelf Plate

      Shelf plates provide the platform on which goods are placed.

      The material often used is steel because it is durable and resistant to moisture and wear and tears.

      1. Floor Grating

      Metal floor gratings are walkways.

      They allow airflow so are a good option when an industrial mezzanine covers a large portion of a room.

      Solid decking is a better option when the industrial mezzanine stores small parts.

      It also allows you to roll pallet jacks or carts on the industrial mezzanine.

      1. Staircase

      A staircase provides the means to reach the industrial mezzanine floor.

      In some cases, a staircase is also installed at an emergency exit point to escape the floor in emergency cases.

      1. Floor Support Columns

      Columns transfer a load of an industrial mezzanine to the foundations through the base plates.

      The distance between the columns depends on the type of load the industrial mezzanine is designed for and can be custom-designed accordingly.

      1. Main Support Beams

      They provide the framework for the industrial mezzanine floor.

      They also hold the horizontal weight of the structure and are made of the same material ad the floor support columns.

      1. Handrail

      Handrails provide the support to get through the floor and staircase safely.

      Handrails must be installed on all sides of an industrial mezzanine open to a floor.

      1. Wire Partitions

      They are used to create separate rooms but are optional installments.

      It is useful to have wire partitions if you need security and visibility at the same time.

      The entire industrial mezzanine structure is held firmly to the ground with base plates.

      In the case of tough environments, base plates are raw bolted with plate protectors.

      Other small accessories like joists, bracings, brackets, screws and stumps, etc. are used as per the desired need.

      Refer to this video of you want to get a little glimpse of what an industrial mezzanine is

      4, What is the Industrial Mezzanine Used for?

      Industrial mezzanines are semi-permanent structures.

      You can easily dismantle, relocate and convert them into a new structure.

      Due to this, they can serve all sorts of application purposes as follows:

      • Storage deck
      • Product display area
      • Manufacturing areas
      • Equipment positioning and support
      • Offices and Administrative spaces
      • Enclosed restricted areas
      • Order picking modules
      • Observation platforms

      Also, you can order custom-made mezzanines to fully cater to your industrial mezzanine required run and span.

      5, Which Industries most frequently Use Industrial Mezzanine Racking?

      Industrial Mezzanines Floor helps you save money by creating extra space in the already available area.

      This versatility makes it the best option to use in industries.

      • Manufacturing factories
      • Storage companies and warehouses
      • Supermarkets and retail industries

       Industrial mezzanine for a Storage Company


      Industrial mezzanine for a Storage Company

      6, What Products can Industrial Mezzanine Store?

      You can use an industrial mezzanine to store several products.

      The most common products stored in an Industrial Mezzanine Floor are as follows:

      • Products of catering business and restaurants
      • Office tools and apparatus
      • Gym equipment and machinery
      • Retail business products
      • Goods of the industrial sector
      • Chemical storage products
      • Any stock that needs to be put away in a safe place for some time

      7, What are The Advantages of Using Industrial Mezzanine Racking?

      • The biggest advantage the industrial mezzanine provides is the additional space.
      • Using an industrial mezzanine is a cost-effective decision because you don’t need to buy more space or build a new building.
      • They are quick to install as they are mostly pre-fabricated. This means you just need to join the parts with nuts and bolts.
      • It is scalable so you can add multiple levels and increase a lot of space
      • It is a portable option so it can be transformed, relocated or completely dismantled as per your needs.

       Industrial Mezzanine utilizing Space

      Industrial Mezzanine utilizing space

      8, What are the Disadvantages of Using Industrial Mezzanine Racking?

      There are no disadvantages to using an industrial mezzanine.

      It is better to say that some things should be considered before installing a mezzanine.

      These considerations can put you at a disadvantage while installation. They are:

      • You have to thoroughly consider the ground-work area and the traffic flow in that area.

      If this is not done, you’ll have difficulty installing the Industrial Mezzanine Systems as it might disrupt the flow of the traffic.

      • You would need to hire a company specialized in industrial mezzanine warehousing systems that is aware of the short and long-term solutions.

      That can be a burden on your pocket. But still, it’s comparatively three times cheaper than a new construction area.

      So you don’t need to worry much.

      9, What is the Best Material for Industrial Mezzanine?

      The best material depends on the purpose for which you are installing the mezzanine floor.

      One of the most durable materials for industrial mezzanine flooring is steel.

      You can also use stainless steel material because it can easily handle high-density loads.

      Steel Industrial Mezzanine Floor is preferred in food industry storage systems by galvanizing the deck to protect from corrosion.

      Other options include composite board and concrete.

      When investing in an Industrial Mezzanine Floor make sure that the company providing the raw material has a certificate of quality.

      Top Quality Raw Material Certificate

      Top Quality Raw Material Certificate

      10, How Many Levels can an Industrial Mezzanine Support?

      The number of levels an industrial mezzanine floor supports depends on:

      • The material used
      • Structural design
      • Strength of the material

      It is always best that you should hire the services of a professional engineer for this purpose.

      On a general scale, within industrial facilities, an industrial mezzanine has at least six-meter headroom.

      This six-meter headroom can easily include a three to four-tier mezzanine floor installation.

      11, What is the Load Capacity Range of a Multi-tier Industrial Mezzanine?

      The load capacity of a multi-tier industrial mezzanine depends on:

      • Material
      • Height
      • Size of the deck panel
      • Mezzanine type
      • Size of the main beam

      There is no thumb rule to find the overall load capacity range.

      A regular industrial mezzanine can hold a load range between 300kg-1000kg/sqm.

      When you demand a sample quote from the company, the overall load capacity, covered area needed and other specifications are mentioned in the draft quote.

      12, Are Industrial Mezzanines Pre-engineered or can it be Customized?

      Industrial mezzanines are both pre-manufactured and can also be customized as per your need and your budget allowance.

      This quality makes it a highly value-added resource for your facility.

      To make a decision it is recommended that you consider the safety, durability and cost-effectiveness of the industrial mezzanine facilities.

      Also, always request sample quotes as per your exclusive design need.

      Just send your requirements to Nanjing OKE International Storage and we will do the rest.

      A Pre-engineered Industrial Mezzanine
      A Pre-engineered Industrial Mezzanine

      13, Can Industrial Mezzanines Integrate with Existing Operational Framework?

      The purpose of installing an industrial mezzanine is to fully utilize the already available space.

      This is done by adding a floor by putting in there an Industrial Mezzanine Floor structure.

      So yes, you can fully integrate an industrial mezzanine with the existing operational framework.

      If you have a high-ceilinged area, you can install a mezzanine to maximize the usable area.

      Industrial Mezzanine integrated with Existing Operational Framework

      Industrial Mezzanine integrated with Existing Operational Framework

      14, How to Install Industrial Mezzanine?

      The installation of an industrial mezzanine is not a linear process. Here is an overview:

      1. At first, you have to do a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the whole building.
      2. This results in the making of a unique solution fully catering to your needs.
      3. The pre-engineered or customized industrial mezzanine is then delivered to the location.
      4. It is then installed with the help of a Quality Assurance engineer.
      5. The installation involves highly specialized personnel. They ensure that no harm could be done while installation.
      6. An efficient after-sale team is required to provide detailed installation instructions or videos for every type of racking.

      Hire a company that provides an engineer to your site in case you need help with installation.

      This ensures safety and helps you save costs, time, and energy.

      OKE Storage specifically takes care by providing detailed installation instruction guides and videos.

      We can also send engineers to your sites to help in the installation of the industrial mezzanine.

      15, Can Industrial Mezzanine be Dismantled Once Installed?

      Industrial mezzanines are not built as a part of the structure.

      Instead, they are installed in high-ceilinged structures afterward.

      They are semi-permanent and free-standing structures.

      This means you can dismantle and relocate them even after installing.

      Here’s a time-lapse of the dismantling of the industrial mezzanine:

      16, How to Maintain an Industrial Mezzanine?

      After installing an industrial mezzanine you would surely want to maintain it for long-term use. The maintenance of a mezzanine requires a bit of care.

      Here are some tips to help you maintain an industrial mezzanine and increase its life:

      • Take care to get the Industrial Mezzanine Systems installed by professionals
      • Clean the mezzanine on daily basis to ensure the removal of any dust or debris from them. Use good quality detergents instead of just water
      • Ensure that the Industrial Mezzanine System is fully dry after cleaning as the moisture can create corrosion in it
      • Don’t put sharp objects fully exposed to the mezzanine. Rather put them inside a box so that they may not scratch the mezzanine.
      • Repair the unwanted damage as soon as you can. This would help in saving you from potential hazards.
      • Take care of the spills right away
      • Apply oil regularly. This will help in corrosion elimination.

      A well maintained Industrial Mezzanine

      A Well Maintained Industrial Mezzanine

      17, What is the Cost of an Industrial Mezzanine?

      You need to consider several things while designing a customized industrial mezzanine.

      There’s no thumb rule for the cost of an industrial mezzanine as each design is made specifically for the project.

      Also, uncommon shapes for specified areas, column placements, and the material of the industrial mezzanine greatly influence the overall cost.

      To get a quote for your project contact us!

      18, Is Industrial Mezzanine Beneficial for Space Utilization?

      The main benefit of an industrial mezzanine is that you don’t need to build extra space for it.

      They are free-standing and use the already present space up in the air of high-ceilinged buildings.

      This helps in using the space that might be left unused if you were not to install an industrial mezzanine.

       Effecient Space Utilization

      Efficient Space Utilization

      19, Is Industrial Mezzanine Cost-effective?

      Industrial Mezzanine Floors are very cost-effective than buying a completely new premise for work or storage.

      They are estimated to be almost three times cheaper than building a new space for your use.

      As you can easily dismantle and relocate them once installed, they prove to be an asset for you in case you plan to relocate.

      20, What are the Important Facility Factors to Consider when Investing in Industrial Mezzanine?

      There are five main factors that you need to consider:

      1. The place where you plan to install the industrial mezzanine. This includes ceiling height, clearance area, etc.
      2. Your floor slab capacity to check if it can bear the load of the industrial mezzanine.
      3. Column layout to find if it is efficient enough not to disturb the workflow.
      4. Mezzanine support load capacity and other structural requirements for stability.
      5. IBC requirements and other building limits like sprinkler lines, electrical fixtures, ceiling clearance.

      You don’t need to worry if you do not particularly understand these factors.

      OKE Storage experts ensure that we provide full support to you from design and consultation to installation and after-sales service.

      Important facility factors to consider

      Important Facility Factors To Consider

      21, How to Check the Quality of Industrial Mezzanine?

      Anyone can check the quality of the industrial mezzanine by looking at the following:

      1. Welding:

      A careful look at the welding place will tell if the welding is good or not. Some things to consider in the weld are:

      • The weld appearance form after welding
      • The size of the weld
      1. Some laboratory tests like:
        • Hardness testing
        • Non-destructive testing
        • Physical and chemical destructive testing
      2. Structure:
        • The hooks and fasteners are joined to the beams and columns to form an industrial mezzanine.
        • The tightness of the hooks, the physical appearance and the inner side of the uprights can reveal its quality.
        • The hooks should be hardly tightened to give stability.
        • Likewise, the uprights are needed to be uniformly bent to give a pleasing look to the industrial mezzanine.
      3. Surface:
        • The surface of the industrial mezzanine should be:
          • Smooth
          • Uniform
          • Free of corrosion
          • Free of wear and tear
      1. Stability:
        • The stress analysis
        • Load and internal force
        • Displacement cushion
        • Stress-strain decomposition study of the joints

      They are enough to check the stability of the industrial mezzanine.

      All this is done by the professional engineer before and after the design and installation process.

      High-Quality Industrial Mezzanine

      High-Quality Industrial Mezzanine

      22, How long is the Warranty for Industrial Mezzanine?

      The warranty of the industrial mezzanine specifically depends on the provider.

      Good suppliers provide up to ten years of regular warranty if there is no artificial damage to the industrial mezzanine.

      Moreover, to extend the life of the mezzanine for more than 10 years please make sure your warehouse is clean and dry.

      Industrial mezzanines installed in humid or salty environments have a shorter warranty.

      OKE storage provides 10 years of the best and reliable racking.

      Ten Years Warranty

      Ten Years Warranty

      23, What are the Things to Consider when Buying an Industrial Mezzanine?

      While buying an industrial mezzanine, you need to consider:

      • Size and orientation of the industrial mezzanine and its base-plates.
        This will let you know if they are adjustable to the area where you plan to install them.
      • If your floor slab capacity is robust enough to bear the load coming from the columns.
      • If the column layout is efficient to provide ample space area for workflow.
      • If the knee braces and cross braces are uniform enough not to cause any damage to the work population.
      • Type and size of hardware used to assemble the industrial mezzanine and other structural requirements.
      • If the industrial mezzanine designed fully caters to the building code requirements.

      24, From where should you Buy Industrial Mezzanine?

      Industrial mezzanines are manufactured all over the world.

      You should always choose an option that is best for you in terms of quality, reliability, ease of access and after-sales support.

      China is a leading supplier of industrial mezzanines globally.

      You can definitely find a custom or pre-engineered solution within your budget by researching a little online.

      OKE Storage is your best reliable manufacturer and supplier in China.

      We will give you the best solution and fully support your business.

      Just send us your requirement detail and we can cater to your needs.

       Industrial Mezzanine Market

      Industrial Mezzanine Market

      25, What is the MOQ of an Industrial Mezzanine?

      The minimum order quantity MOQ of an industrial mezzanine varies from company to company.

      It depends on the type of industrial mezzanine being purchased.

      Usually, it is given in square feet or in terms of units.

      If you are interested in getting MOQ for an industrial mezzanine, contact us at OKE storage.

      26, How to Choose Reliable Industrial Mezzanine Manufacturer?

      Finding a company that can thoroughly understand your needs and implements them practically is a daunting task.

      To choose a reliable manufacturer for an industrial mezzanine you should ensure:

      • That the supplier has a good track record of the work because you would never want to compromise on quality.
      • That the supplier is efficient in making custom-made Industrial Mezzanine Floor to fully meet your requirements.
      • That the supplier understands your budgetary and time constraints.
        This will help you make sure that the result would be cost-effective and delivered on time.
      • If you could visit their site to see the actual performance that would be a plus point.
        This will help you see the quality of work they perform.

      If you are looking for an expert in industrial mezzanines who can provide quality and affordability then OKE Storage would be a fair choice.

      Reliable Racking ManufacturerReliable Racking Manufacturer

      27, How to Receive Quotations for Industrial Mezzanines from China?

      Follow these steps to receive quotations for Industrial mezzanines from China:

      1. At first, you need to select your desired supplier from China.
      2. After selection, contact the supplier and send a detailed project file or a list of your required materials to him.

      The project file should include the desired number of levels, warehouse layout, gate location, etc.

      • The supplier will respond to you within the prescribed time and give you an estimated price.

      If you have a design drawing you can send that too.

      This will help the supplier in preparing a detailed quotation.

      No worries if you do not know where to begin to get the quotation.

      The customer support team at OKE Storage is available to help you out in any way possible.

      We provide a free design solution for you and give you a quick quotation for your project.

      28, What are the shipping details for China?

      China exports industrial mezzanines to many countries in the world.

      Each country has specific regulations but most suppliers use the international freight system.

      When it comes to shipping, you want your cargo delivery safe, on time, with competitive freight costs.

      OKE Storage System delivers international orders to over 85 countries.

      We can guide you on shipping times and shipping procedures wherever you are in the world.

       Shipping from China to any Global Destination

      Shipping from China to any Global Destination

      29, How long does it take to deliver an Industrial Mezzanine from China?

      Different suppliers provide different delivery times and methods.

      Regular importing takes anywhere between 2-3 weeks and customized industrial mezzanines can take anywhere between 3-4 weeks.

      Delivery methods include using air and sea freight and train and truck delivery.

      Specifically, OKE storage provides delivery capabilities with lightning-fast delivery time. Kindly contact us for queries related to international orders.

      30, Can We Speak to Customer Representatives?

      Customer Representatives deal with all queries related to buying, installation and maintenance of an industrial mezzanine.

      Some suppliers provide 24hrs telephonic, email and website chat support.

      Specifically, at OKE, we provide 24*7 hours of service to remove all your ambiguities.

      In short, installing an industrial mezzanine is an efficient and cost-effective solution to better utilize space in your building.

      This guide has covered all the important aspects of buying an industrial mezzanine in detail.

      For any further questions please send us a message here.

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