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    Well-known Radio Shuttle Racking Customer Group

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    • Pepsi
    • DHL
    • Toyota
    • Peugeot
    • LG Chem
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    OKE Storage’s Radio Shuttle Racking Thrives Your Business Rapidly

    OKE Storage which is among the top 10 manufacturers and suppliers in China provides you with a one-stop Radio Shuttle Racking storage solution. It will give you a new concept for loading pallets and storage space.

    Radio Shuttle Racking is also known as semi-automated storage. It maintains maximum selectivity and increases your operational efficiency.

     Here are some Related Radio Shuttle Racking types are given:

    Radio Shuttle
    Radio Shuttle is perfect where we required maximum utilization of space according to the storage. OKE Storage offers you with top-notch quality Radio Shuttle
    Pallet Shuttle
    OKE Storage is one of the leading Pallet Shuttle manufacturers in China. It is providing you with the best quality Pallet Shuttle and all solutions related to it.
    Pallet Shuttle System
    With a working experience of over 20 years, OKE Storage will be your best choice for Pallet Shuttle System in China. You can rely on us due to best quality products.
    Shuttle Racking
    OKE Storage is known globally for its best quality Shuttle Racking and exports to other countries worldwide. We are supplying it to almost 85 countries. It helps you to grow your business rapidly.
    Automated Warehouse Shuttle System
    OKE Storage offfer a FREE solution design based on your requirements so you can have your modular customization of Automated Warehouse Shuttle System.
    Shuttle Storage System
    OKE Storage has detailed install instructions or videos for every type of warehouse racking, which can save you much time in installing Shuttle Storage System.

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      How Radio Shuttle Racking Maximize Space For Your Business?

      OKE Storage which has the best cost-effective solutions for Radio Shuttle Racking can provide you with the best quality racking experience, as it is among the top 10 Storage Manufacturers/Suppliers in China.

      • OKE Storage Radio Shuttle Racking is the perfect option for your business by which you can enhance the storage of your items up to many pallets deep. You will save much cost and time because of supporting an incredible warranty of 10 years.
      • You can find an exclusive way how to store products in the vertical heights of your storage place with Radio Shuttle Racking. It is loaded into storage loads and executes orders to load or unload pallets into a lane. OKE Storage develop an easily managed remote control system for you.
      • OKE Storage simply helps to increase productivity and achieve high density storage. Radio Shuttle Racking is a real-time cost-effective solution to stock your warehouse products efficiently.
      • Radio Shuttle Racking based on both ‘‘First In, First Out’’ or ‘‘Last In, First Out’’ works with the help of a rack, forklift, and trolley. In this, all racks joined as a whole structure to maximize the usage of space.
      Safe Packaging
      Safest and secure packing mechanism of Radio Shuttle Racking that delivers to you at your doorstep.
      10 Years Warranty
      Super Long 10 Years Of Warranty
      Radio Shuttle Racking is with a super long warranty of 10 years. It saves your storage cost as well.
      100% Customer Support
      With OKE Storage 100% customer support of Radio Shuttle Racking. We provide you best pre and post services from purchase to installation.
      Over 20 Years of Experience
      As we are having rich experience in the manufacturing of Radio Shuttle Racking, so you can rely on OKE Storage.

      Radio Shuttle Racking- Description

      The OKE Storage in China provides you with the best quality manufactured Radio Shuttle Racking by importing raw material from a famous steel manufacturer company named Bao Steel Co., Ltd. All of OKE Storage racking has passed CE and ISO 2015 certificate and comply with AS4084 standard, American RMI standard, and FEM standard.

      OKE Storage is considered the top ten racking and shelving manufacturer in China. You can always approach them if you need the best quality manufactured Radio Shuttle Racking. OKE Storage has a well-known Radio Shuttle Racking customer group including Coca-Cola, Toyota, Pepsi, DHL, China CNR Corp etc.

      OKE Storage has 12 rolling lines for upright frames and eight rolling lines for beams. They also have nine workshops together. Professional racking engineers worked in those workshops to manufacture your Radio Shuttle Racking. OKE Storage always does the best quality powder coating on your Radio Shuttle Racking to prevent corrosion.

      The OKE Storage also provides you with customized solutions for your Radio Shuttle Racking, which means that you can easily make any changes to the product before placing your order. You can get blue, orange, or any customized color racks from OKE Storage.

      OKE Storage has professional customized racking engineers in order to customize your Radio Shuttle Racking, i.e., you can store pallets of any dimensions and products of any height. Radio Shuttle Racking can be reconfigured easily according to the type of product being loaded into the storage system.

      The OKE Storage gives you the opportunity to order any flexible quantity of Radio Shuttle Racking and can also provide you with a free test sample of their products. They have advanced Radio Shuttle Racking manufacturing machines and a staff of more than 200 employees that ensures the best quality of your ordered products. Your ordered Radio Shuttle Racking is inspected at every manufacturing step by a professional team of 12 members.

      OKE Storage always tries to save the cost of their customers and give them the cheapest storage solutions. They can manufacture not only Radio Shuttle Racking but also manufactures Drive-In Racking, Gravity Racks, Push Back Racks, Cantilever Racks, and many more to fulfill your warehouse storage requirements.

      Nanjing International OKE Storage in China can provide you with the best Radio Shuttle Racking installation services with minimum cost and maximum accuracy. You can also get one-stop storage solutions from OKE Storage.

      If you are unsure of the Radio Shuttle Racking design, they can send racking engineers to your site. They will guide you through all the necessary requirements for your storage system. Their 20 years of experience in racking and shelving will save you from all the losses and damages during the Radio Shuttle Racking installation.

      OKE Storage is a reliable and affordable Radio Shuttle Racking manufacturer that has given a 5-star review rating for each of its products from its customers. All of their products or accessories are 100% manufactured using quality standards and have quality certifications.

      OKE Storage does not have strict Radio Shuttle Racking MOQ requirements. If you need a small number of products, then you can simply place a minimum order of one piece. They also offer a free sample of their products to satisfy their customers and get their trust.

      OKE Storage has professional packaged and loading engineers to compute your container space precisely. They also use airbags between different packages to ensure safety during multiple forklift handling and long transportation. With their rich experience, you can make full use of the container with minimum cost.

      OKE Storage can also provide you with ten years of warranty for each of their product and are available 24/7 to assist you with any queries.

      Radio Shuttle Racking- The Ultimate FAQ Guide

      If you want to add Radio Shuttle Racking in your warehouse to manage heavy weight products, then before buying, you first have to understand this type of racking.

      Radio Shuttle Racking relies on technology for storing or retrieving your warehouse products in an efficient manner with the help of high speed shuttles.

      You can get complete information with this FAQ guide article about Radio Shuttle Racking’s benefits, usage, technical information, comparison, and safety measures.

      1. What Is Meant By Radio Shuttle Racking?

      Radio Shuttle Racking is an excellent way of storing your heavy weight warehouse or industrial products on the pallets.

      The use of shuttles in the Radio Shuttle Racking improves the precision and accuracy in storing and retrieving products at high speed.

      You can easily control the shuttles with a mobile tablet device that is directly connected to shuttles through a Wi-Fi connection.

      This storage system can be utilized for all types of products that require to be rotated after small time intervals or for the products that need to be stored for long time periods.

      Radio Shuttle Racking
      Radio Shuttle Racking

      2. What Do You Mean By “Shuttle” In Radio Shuttle Racking?

      The shuttles are electronic devices with a weight of about 190 kg to 230 kg.

      They travel on the rail system inside the storage channels of the Radio Shuttle Racking to carry out your warehouse or industrial product’s storing and retrieval process.

      It consists of four wheels and is directly connected to a mobile tablet device through a Wi-Fi connection with user-friendly software to operate the shuttles.

      Radio Shuttle Racking's Shuttle
      Radio Shuttle Racking’s Shuttle

      3. How Can You Operate Radio Shuttle Racking?

      You can efficiently store or retrieve your products in the Radio Shuttle Racking by the following steps:

      • Place the pallet loaded product and the shuttle at the entrance location of the storage channel by using a forklift truck.
      • Select the FIFO or LIFO mode and storing function on the display screen of the mobile tablet device and press the start tab on the screen.
      • The shuttle starts traveling by lifting the pallet loaded product, and it stops at the location where it cannot travel further
      • At this stage, the lifting mechanism on the shuttle’s surface drops the pallet loaded product on the rail system.

      The unloading of products in the Radio Shuttle Racking can be completed as:

      • Select the unload function, FIFO or LIFO mode of the shuttle, and the product’s location that needs to be unloaded on the mobile tablet device.
      • The shuttle starts travelling towards the product and lift it using the lifting mechanism installed on its surface.
      • It again starts travelling towards the mouth of the Radio Shuttle Racking’sstorage lane and drops the lifted product there.
      • You can then withdraw the product from the storage rack using a forklift truck.


      4. Why Is Radio Shuttle Racking A Preferable Storage System For Your Warehouse And Industry?

      You should always prefer Radio Shuttle Racking to fulfil the storage requirements of your warehouse or industrial products due to the following reasons:

      • Due to the excellent working speed of the Radio Shuttle Racking’sshuttles, it increases the productivity rates of your warehouse and industry.
      • If your warehouse needs to rotate products daily, you can use this storage system that follows FIFO (First In, First Out) stock rotation style.
      • If your warehouse and industry need to store products for long periods, you can use Radio Shuttle Rackingthat follows the LIFO (Last In, First Out) stock rotation style.
      • The use of shuttles reduces the labor cost that making it a cost-effective storage solution.
      • The use of technology for storing and retrieving your products increases the accuracy and precision rates, thus reducing maintenance costs.
      • Radio Shuttle Rackingallows all the warehouses and industries to utilize their storage space on a maximum level, thus reducing wastage of storage space.
      Radio Shuttle Racking- Preferable Storage Solution
      Radio Shuttle Racking- Preferable Storage Solution

      5. What Is The Difference Between Radio Shuttle Racking And Gravity Flow Racks?

      Both the Radio Shuttle Racking and Gravity Flow Racks store your pallet loaded products, but still, they have some differences, which are described below:

      • Products are stored on the rail system inside the storage channels of the Radio Shuttle Racking, whereas products are stored on the rollers in Gravity Flow Racks.
      • Radio Shuttle Storage Racking makes use of shuttles for the movement of pallets inside the storage channels. In contrast, the Gravity Flow Racks use gravity to move the product from the loading side toward the unloading side.
      • Radio Shuttle Rackingcan be made for both stock rotation styles, i.e., LIFO and FIFO, whereas the Gravity Flow Racks can only follow the FIFO stock rotation style.
      • Radio Shuttle Storage Racks can be installed against the walls using LIFO style stock rotation, whereas the Gravity Flow Racks cannot be installed against the walls.
      • The loading side of the Gravity Flow Racks is made higher with respect to the unloading side, whereas the height of both ends of the storage channels of the Radio Shuttle Rackingis the same.
      • The shuttles in the radio shuttle racks improve the operating speed up to a maximum level, resulting in increased productivity rates than the Gravity Flow Racks.
      • You must need two aisles to carry out the product’s loading and unloading process in the Gravity Flow Racks, whereas if you need, you can skip the unloading aisle by making a LIFO style radio shuttle rack.
      • Radio shuttle racks require electrical power to carry out the product’s loading and unloading process, whereas the Gravity Flow Racks do not require power.
      Radio Shuttle Racking Vs. Gravity Flow Racks
      Radio Shuttle Racking Vs. Gravity Flow Racks

      6. What Is Control System in Radio Shuttle Racking?

      The control system in Radio Shuttle Racking is responsible for communicating orders to the shuttle via a mobile device with a Wi-Fi connection.

      It is a very easy-to-use software that does not require special training for its proper use.

      The operator only has to select the wanted function on the mobile device’s screen that has a very user-friendly interface.

      7. What Is the Internal Structure of a Single Radio Shuttle Racking’s Storage Channel?

      The front view of the Radio Shuttle Racking’s storage channel is like a two-dimensional hollow square having dimensions 1.35 meters wide and 1.35 meters high.

      It can extend to about 40 meters to 50 meters, i.e., you can store pallet loaded products up to 40 meters deep to 50 meters deep inside the storage channel from its entrance.

      The internal structure consists of two rails connected on both sides of the storage lanes with the upright steel frames through external rail supports.

      The beams are also connected below the rail system with uprights at alternate distances that also hold the rail using internal rail supports.

      Internal Structure of Radio Shuttle Racking
      Internal Structure of Radio Shuttle Racking

      8. What Is the Meaning of “Rail System” In The Radio Shuttle Racking’s Storage Channel?

      A rail system is a combination of two rails that are manufactured using high quality steel and are installed inside the storage channels of the Radio Shuttle Racking.

      These two steel rails are the essential component in this storage system where the pallet loaded products are placed for storing purposes.

      They have an outside ledge such that the right rail’s ledge direction is towards the left rail and the left rail’s ledge direction is towards the right rail.

      The ledge of these two rails is used by Radio Shuttle Racking’s shuttles to travel smoothly deeper inside the storage channels.

      The ends of the rail system are connected with upright steel frames through external rail supports, and they are associated with beams using internal rail supports.

      Radio Shuttle Racking Rail System
      Radio Shuttle Racking Rail System

      9. What Is the Purpose of Radio Shuttle Racking Beams?

      The beams are an essential part of the Radio Shuttle Racking connected below the rail system at alternate distances.

      When you store your heavy weight products on the rail system, the beams provide extra power to the rail system at different points so that it can hold products easily.

      The beams also prevent any deformation that can occur on the rail system by loading heavy weight products deeper inside the storage channels of the Radio Shuttle Racking.

      Radio Shuttle Racking Beams
      Radio Shuttle Racking Beams

      10. On What Factors Required Shuttles Depends to Load/Unload in Radio Shuttle Racking?

      The number of shuttles/carts required to carry out the loading or unloading process for some products depends on the following factors:

      • The total number of pallets you need to move in an hour.
      • The total length of the storage lane on which you want to store your products.
      • The total time required for loading or unloading the products.

      11. Is The Rail System Capable of Carrying the Weight of Products in the Radio Shuttle Racking?

      Yes, the rail system is capable of carrying heavy warehouse products.

      The upright steel columns and beams provide additional support and stability to the rails in Radio Shuttle Racking.

      The rails are connected with beams inside the storage channels and rail supports are bolted with the upright steel frame at both ends of the storage channel.

      Weight Holding Capacity of Rails
      Weight Holding Capacity of Rails

      12. How Much Weight Does the Shuttle Can Carry in Radio Shuttle Racking?

      A single Radio Shuttle Racking shuttle can carry around 3300 pounds (1500 kg) of weight.

      Radio Shuttle Racking Shuttle's Weight Capacity
      Radio Shuttle Racking Shuttle’s Weight Capacity

      13. What Are Aisles in The Radio Shuttle Racking?

      The aisle is a warehouse or industry storage space where all the loading and unloading processes are carried out through a forklift truck.

      The pallet loaded products are lifted using a forklift truck, and then the forklift drives into the aisles of this storage system to reach the mouth of the storage lane.

      If you have installed Radio Shuttle Rack for LIFO stock rotation, you need only one aisle.

      Whereas you may, need two aisles for the Radio Shuttle Racking that follows FIFO stock rotation.

      Radio Shuttle Racking's Aisle
      Radio Shuttle Racking’s Aisle

      14. How Radio Shuttle Racking Shuttles or Carts Are Controlled?

      The Radio Shuttle Racking uses a mobile tablet device to control the shuttles or carts inside the storage channels.

      The mobile tablet device is directly connected to the shuttles through a strong Wi-Fi connection and consists of user-friendly software with different functions.

      Using the different available functions on the display screen of the Radio Shuttle Racking’s mobile tablet device lets you take various tasks from the shuttles.

      Radio Shuttle Racking- Mobile Tablet Device
      Radio Shuttle Racking- Mobile Tablet Device

      15. What Are the Different Functions Available in The Radio Shuttle Racking Mobile Device?

      The details of all Radio Shuttle Racking’s mobile device functions are given below:

      • Pallet Selector:

      There are many types of pallets available in the market, so before storing your products, you can provide complete details of the pallets to the shuttle.

      • FIFO or LIFO Configuration Settings:

      Using this function, you can instruct the cart about the stock rotation you need for loading and unloading.

      • Change of Working Aisle:

      You can guide the Radio Shuttle Racking’s shuttle about the aisle where you need to retrieve your already stored products.

      • Locking System:

      With the help of this function, you can activate the locking mechanism installed at the bottom of the shuttle to prevent falling off the shuttle from the forklift blades.

      • Compacting:

      You can compact the pallet loaded product at the start of the LIFO stock rotation style storage rack and at the end of the FIFO stock rotation style storage rack.

      • Continuous loading and Unloading:

      By activating this, the shuttle continuously takes products at the mouth of the storage channel and drops them at the first available location until you stop this function.

      • Partial Unloading:

      If you want to retrieve a specific number of products from the Radio Shuttle Racking, you can select this function and retrieve the pallets of your choice.

      • Inventory:

      By activating this function, the shuttles start counting the stored pallets into the storage lane of the Radio Shuttle Racking.

      • Location Signal:

      You can trace the shuttle’s location by activating this function. It will turn on a light and sound on the shuttle.

      • User Management:

      This function sets the number of mobile devices that can control the same shuttle from different users, i.e., you can give control access to another user.

      • Operating Mode Selector:

      You will be able to select the operating mode of the Radio Shuttle Racking’s shuttles that can be automatic or manual (to perform maintenance tasks).

      • Shuttle Indicator:

      This function will indicate the total number of shuttles performing different activities inside the storage channels of the complete storage rack.

      • Tiltmeter:

      If an shuttle is not correctly positioned on the rail system, you can easily detect that shuttle by using this function.

      • Rescue:

      Any damaged shuttle inside the storage channels can quickly be recovered by using this function on the mobile tablet.

      • Position Camera (Optional):

      If you want to trace the live location of the shuttles, then you have an option to install a position camera on them that can be activated by using this function.

      Radio Shuttle Racking- Mobile Tablet Device Functions
      Radio Shuttle Racking- Mobile Tablet Device Functions

      16. Can Shuttle Fall Out from The Radio Shuttle Racking’s Rails During Loading/Unloading?

      No, the shuttles cannot fall out from the Radio Shuttle Racking’s storage lanes during the loading or unloading process.

      The Radio Shuttle Racking has pallet backstops at both ends of the storage lanes.

      If there occurs any technical issue in the tablet device software due to which the shuttle cannot stop at the endpoints.

      The pallet backstops will not allow the shuttle to fall out from the storage lanes.

      17. How Shuttles Can Get Electrical Power for Efficient Working in The Radio Shuttle Racking?

      The Lithium batteries are installed at the surface of the shuttles, which are the primary source of electrical power supply.

      You can easily recharge these batteries to use them in the future and quickly install them into the battery compartment on the Radio Shuttle Racking shuttle’s surface.

      They only take 2 hours to 3 hours for a complete recharge and are able to work continuously for about 8 hours to 12 hours inside the storage channels.

      Radio Shuttle Racking Shuttle's Battery
      Radio Shuttle Racking Shuttle’s Battery

      18. How Can You Utilize Maximum Storage Space Of Your Warehouse Using The Radio Shuttle Racking?

      The Radio Shuttle Racking can be installed efficiently to utilize the maximum storage space of your warehouse in the following manner:

      • If your warehouse does not deal with date-sensitive products, then you should install LIFO stock rotation style Radio Shuttle Rackingto minimize the aisle space in your storage area.
      • If your warehouse deals with date-sensitive products, then you should install one large FIFO stock rotation style racking structure that uses only one aisle for loading and another aisle for unloading.
      • If you are dealing with both types of products that may be date-sensitive or not date-sensitive, then you should install a FIFO style racking structure at the center and a LIFO style racking structure with the walls of your warehouse storage area.
      • Suppose you encounter any waste space against the walls of your warehouse storage space. In that case, it can easily be used for storing purposes by installing LIFO stock rotation style Radio Shuttle Racking.
      • You should try to make storage racks multiple levels high to use the vertical space of your warehouse for product storing purposes.
      • Avoid installing less deep Radio Shuttle Rackingor multiple racking structures in your storage area that require more aisles.
      Radio Shuttle Racking for Maximum Space Utilization
      Radio Shuttle Racking for Maximum Space Utilization

      19. What Can Be the Maximum Height Achieved for Radio Shuttle Racking?

      The Radio Shuttle Racking can be made for any height as per your warehouse or industry storage requirements.

      The Radio Shuttle Racking’s height also depends on your warehouse ceiling’s height and the maximum reachable height of the forklift truck.

      The standard height used for installing Radio Shuttle Racking in warehouses is 40 m.

      Radio Shuttle Racking's Height
      Radio Shuttle Racking’s Height

      20. Is The OKE Storage System’s Radio Shuttle Racking Safe for Storing Your Warehouse or Industrial Products?

      Yes, the OKE Storage is the best racking and shelving manufacturer in China that uses excellent quality steel to manufacture your Radio Shuttle Racking.

      All of their steel has been imported from China’s biggest steel manufacturing company called Bao Steel Co. Ltd.

      They have a quality inspection team of 12 members who check the quality of your Radio Shuttle Racking at each of its manufacturing steps.

      They also have around 20 years of racking and shelving experience and exported their racking to around 85 countries just because of the excellent quality of their products.

      The OKE Storage Radio Shuttle Racking has passed the CE and ISO 2015 certificate and comply with AS4084 standard, American RMI standard, and REM standard.

      Radio Shuttle Racking for Heavy Weight Products
      Radio Shuttle Racking for Heavy Weight Products

      21. How Can You Assemble the Radio Shuttle Racking in Your Warehouse?

      You can assemble a single storage channel of the Radio Shuttle Racking by following the steps below:

      • Connect the first right and left upright using a beam and repeat the same process for all remaining uprights.
      • Bolt each upright using footplates with the ground.
      • Bolt the external rail supports on both the first uprights and both the last uprights.
      • Take a long rail and bolt it with the external rail supports of the right side uprights.
      • Take another long rail and repeat the above process with the left side uprights.
      • Inside the storage channel, connect the rails with the beams using internal rail supports.

      It becomes difficult to follow these steps if you install a Radio Shuttle Racking for large warehouses and industries.

      Therefore, you must contact racking and shelving experts to complete this task.

      Fortunately, the Nanjing International OKE Storage in China can provide you with the excellent installation services of your Radio Shuttle Racking at a very cheap rate.


      22. How Can You Prevent the Damage of Radio Shuttle Racking?

      You can prevent the Radio Shuttle Racking damage if you follow the steps given below:

      • You should avoid overloading the shuttles.
      • You should hire experienced forklift drivers to avoid forklift accidents with the storage racks during handling.
      • There should be a proper lighting system at all your warehouse storage area locations to make everything visible to the working staff.
      • Use warning lights at the start of each storage rack that alerts the forklift drivers of the existence of storage racks in their traveling path.
      • Install caution sign boards at different risky locations of your warehouse storage area to avoid any accident or damage to the Radio Shuttle Racking.
      • You should install weight labels on the shuttles.
      • You should avoid using broken pallets for storing your products.
      • Avoid lifting the shuttle using your hands; instead, it should always be lifted using a forklift truck.
      • You should use safety enclosures on the sides of the storage racks to prevent the falling of the already stored products into the Radio Shuttle Racking storage channels.
      • The pallet loaded products should be correctly placed on the shuttle through the centralizers.
      • The storage racks should be coated with high quality paint to avoid rust or corrosion.
      • You should timely inspect your Radio Shuttle Rackingto trace any cracks or damages that may occur during loading and unloading processes.
      Radio Shuttle Racking Safety Precautions
      Radio Shuttle Racking Safety Precautions
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