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OKE Storage is a leading cantilever rack manufacturer and supplier in China with over 20 years rich experience, we can meet your any heavy duty/medium duty/light duty capacity needs, OKE can always be your best choice!

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    Work With OKE Storage Cantilever Rack - Boom Your Business

    OKE Storage is a leading cantilever rack manufacturer and supplier in China, we have more than 20 years of rich experiences in this field and exported to more than 85 countries, OKE Storage can meet your extensive long-size storage needs.
    Check below the details of all types of cantilever rack systems.

    Lumber Racking
    OKE Storage lumber racking is one of the widely storage racking system, we can help you expand your business.
    Structural Cantilever
    OKE Storage can submit you any different types of Structrual Cantilever, such as heavy duty cantilever and light duty cantilever.
    Cantilever Shelves
    OKE Storage can manufacture top quality Cantilever Shelves, our Cantilever Shelves System exported to more than 85 countries.
    Cantilever Racking System
    OKE Storage can produce H beam heavy duty cantilever racking, also can produce rolled light duty cantilever racking.
    Cantilever Storage Racks
    OKE Storage Cantilever Storage Racks are widely used in a variety of your industrial areas, it can help you save much storage cost.
    Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks
    OKE Storage Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks is one of the popular cantilever racks, it can load very heavy duty long size products.
    Rack Cantilever
    OKE Storage Systems Rack Cantilever can be combined freely, even adjust the height and spacing of the cantilever at will.
    Steel Tubing Storage Racks
    OKE Storage can manufacture different types of Steel Tubing Storage Racks, it can help you expand your business.
    Pipe Racking System
    OKE Storage Pipe Racking Systems can help you easy storage different pipe products, it can save much cost for you!
    Heavy Duty Lumber Rack
    OKE Storage Heavy Duty Lumber Rack can load different capacity from 500kg to 2000kg per level.
    Cantilever Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage Cantilever Pallet Racking is very popular in the world, and we exported them more than 110 containers every year!
    Light Duty Cantilever Rack
    OKE Storage also manufacture Light Duty Cantilever Rack, It is the most economical of all cantilever racks and can help you save much cost.

    China's Top Cantilever Rack Manufacturers Can Expand your Business - OKE Storage





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      OKE Storage Use OKE Storage Cantilever Rack to Delight Your Customers

      OKE Storage is a professional cantilever rack manufacturer. We are glad to manufacture all types of cantilever rack system to delight your customers. OKE Storage cantilever rack also names Cantilever Shelves, Structural Cantilever, Cantilever Storage Racks or Cantilever Pallet Racking which can be used in your following products:

      • Lumber, timber, and boards
      • Building material
      • Furniture storage
      • Sheet metal
      • Pipe, bar, and tube storage
      • Steel rods
      • Plasterboard
      • Steel trusses and piping
      • PVC carpet
      • Bar stock
      • Wood
      • Iron pipes
      • Other bulky, odd-sized, and long products

      Compared with other normal heavy-duty cantilever rack and light-duty cantilever rack, the cantilever rack of OKE Storage achieves better results with quality, load capacity, appearance and work life.

      OKE Storage has more than 20 years of rich experience, can provide you with one-stop warehousing solutions, from consulting, design, production, shipping, installation and so on, which can help you save time and money,

      Meanwhile, OKE Storage has a strict cantilever rack quality control process, from the purchase of raw materials, quality inspection during production, thoughtful packaging, fast transportation, which can help you to quickly grow your business, OKE Storage must be your reliable business partner!

      Factory price with high quality. If you like it, welcome to consult us to get a more accurate purchase!

      Meet All Your Cantilever Rack Type Needs
      OKE Storage can meet you all types of cantilever rack needs, we can produce heavy-duty/light-duty cantilever rack, rolled or Hot dip galvanizing, and cantilever rack for other different applications.
      Over 20 Years Cantilever Rack Manufacturing Experience
      OKE Storage has more than 20 years experience of cantilever rack manufacturing, now we can meet your any typs of your cantilever rack systems needs.
      Sell Over 110 Containers Every Year
      OKE Storage cantilever rack sell over 110 containers every year and have been widely recognized by customers in overseas markets.
      Provide One-stop Storage Solutions
      OKE Storage can provide One-stop Storage Solutions from from consulting, design, production, shipping, installation and so on, it can help you save much time and cost.

      Cantilever Rack – The Complete FAQ Guide

      This is the most comprehensive guide on the internet that covers everything about cantilever racks.
      From cantilever racking system types to its price and shipment, you will find everything in this guide.
      So, before ordering cantilever rack, read this complete FAQ guide.

      1. What is a Cantilever Rack?

      Cantilever rack is a warehouse storage system designed to store bulky and long-length material.

      A beam is anchored at one end only to support the load.

      You can store products like pipes, beams and timber on the arms of the cantilever racking system.

      Cantilever Rack

      Cantilever Rack

      Cantilever rack shelf is considered one of the strongest for holding bulky items.

      2. What are the Parts of Cantilever Rack?

      Cantilever racking system consists of the following parts/components:

      • Uprights: The vertical beam that makes it possible to support the arms is called uprights.
      • Base: It is a grounded part that supports the entire structure of uprights to be stable and support the load.
      • Arms: Horizontal beams that support the load and have the ability to be set at different angles for better storage.
      • Braces: These are like steel rods that support the uprights to make them more strong and rigid.

      Cantilever Rack Parts

      Cantilever Rack Parts

      3. What is the Space Consumption of Cantilever Rack?

      Cantilever racking system minimizes the footprint space and maximizes horizontal and vertical storage density.

      It is an ideal and economic storage solution for you because of its ability to hold versatile products.

      You can stack the horizontally stored products on each other to make it more promising.

      Cantilever Rack Space Efficiency

      Cantilever Rack Space Efficiency

      4. What are the Types of Cantilever Rack?

      A cantilever racking system has the following types:

      Heavy Duty Cantilever:

      It doesn’t consists of front columns that helps it holding larger, bulkier and odd shaped products.

      For storing long goods, heavy duty cantilever rack is ideal.

      Horizontal arms are fixed with vertical uprights with optional stoppers at the end.

      Types of goods that can be stored in heavy duty cantilever rack are furniture, building materials, piping, flooring, etc.

      Light Duty Cantilever:

      This cantilever racking system is made for holding light materials and products of uniform shape.

      You can store products like timber, small pipes, etc. in the cantilever rack.

      The height and width of light duty cantilever rack shelf is usually kept smaller than heavy duty cantilever rack.

      Cantilever Rack Types

      Cantilever Rack Types

      5. What are the Advantages of Using Cantilever Rack?

      There are various advantages of using cantilever rack as follows:

      • Cantilever racking system is simple to install and configure.
      • Angle of the arms and height is easily adjustable due to the absence of actual shelves.
      • The handling time for longer products/loads is greatly reduced.
      • Cantilever rack shelf is more accessible for your staff than other racks.
      • Products can be stacked upon each other on a single arm.
      • Cantilever rack is cost-effective and efficient.
      • It allows you to place the stocks onto racks as well as off the floor which maximizes vertical space consumption.
      • Cantilever racks provide you the opportunity to add different sized and shaped products without any restrictions.
      • These racks are easy to manage and clean.
      • You can observe the condition of your placed products on the cantilever rack by just seeing them directly all the time.
      • Cantilever racking system offers you the availability of using either double-sided or single-sided storage.
      • Cantilever rack eliminates load deflection.

      Cantilever Rack Benefits

      Benefits of Cantilever Rack

      6. Which Type of Products can be Stored Using Cantilever Rack?

      There are a lot of options for you to store items into the cantilever racking system.

      Some of the product types which can be used for storing into cantilever racking shelf are as follows:

      • Long-length products
      • Heavy and bulky products
      • Odd sized and shaped products
      • Products who require easy access

      Cantilever Rack Product Types

      Cantilever Rack Product Types

      7. What are the Applications of Cantilever Rack?

      You can use cantilever racking system for storing various items.

      Some of them are as follows:

      • Lumber, timber and boards
      • Building material
      • Furniture storage
      • Sheet metal
      • Pipe, bar and tube storage
      • Steel rods
      • Plasterboard
      • Steel trusses and piping
      • PVC carpet
      • Bar stock
      • Wood
      • Iron pipes
      • Other bulky, odd-sized and long products

      Cantilever Rack Applications

      Cantilever Rack Applications

      8. What is the Difference between Single Sided and Double Sided Cantilever Rack?

      As the name suggests, single sided and double sided cantilever racking system has a major difference.

      It is of their availability of storage sides.

      Single Sided Cantilever Rack:

      It is only one sided which means that the arms are only on the front side of the rack.

      You can place stocks only on one side of it and the opposite side is usually covered by a wall or something else.

      Double Sided Cantilever Rack:

      It can store stocks on both, the front and back sides of the cantilever rack.

      Both sides consists of arms that helps it holding items.

      Cantilever Rack Sides

      Cantilever Rack Sides

      9. What Can be Used to Protect Cantilever Rack from Load Falling?

      At the end of the arms of cantilever rack, you can use sockets and pipes to prevent items from falling.

      You can also use lips for this purpose, which can be bolted on the arms or welded through it.

      Protective Items for Load Falling

      Protective Items for Load Falling

      10. What is the Base Length and Depth of Cantilever Rack?

      Total length of the base of cantilever rack is called the base length.

      The base depth is the measurement between the outside edge of the upright column to the end of the base.

      The base length and depth of cantilever racking system varies from rack to rack.

      Base Length and Depth of Cantilever Rack

      Base Length and Depth of Cantilever Rack

      11. How does the Cantilever Rack Work?

      The cantilever rack works in such a way that the base helps in stabilizing the entire cantilever rack.

      Upright column keeps the space to hold arms in it which are used for storing different items.

      When you place items on the arms, it balances the load by the help of upright columns.

      Cantilever Rack Working

      Cantilever Rack Working

      12. What is the Cost of Cantilever Rack?

      You can purchase a cantilever racking for sale in different prices.

      The cost of cantilever rack depends upon the specifications of the rack you are willing to purchase.

      Usually, you can get a single sided cantilever racking system for around $300.

      Cantilever Rack Cost

      Cantilever Rack Cost

      13. Is Cantilever Rack Cost-Efficient?

      Yes, cantilever racking is very cost-efficient.

      It is due to some factors as follows:

      • Cantilever rack allows stacking products on each other on a single shelf.
      • It offers complete vertical space consumption by allowing the floor storage as well which saves cost.
      • It cuts a lot of cost by providing the availability of double side storage option.
      • Forklifts are used only a few time, once for loading items and once for unloading them which saves cost and effort.

      Cost Efficiency of Cantilever Rack

      Cost Efficiency of Cantilever Rack

      14. Is Cantilever Rack Safe to Use?

      Yes, cantilever rack is completely safe to use as it comes with various safety features.

      At first, the tilt of arms can protect your items.

      Secondly, extra protective sockets and pipes can be fixed with the arms to assure safety at its best.

      Thirdly, floor storage option allows you to store more safety-risk products in it.

      Safety of Cantilever Rack

      Safety of Cantilever Rack

      15. Is Cantilever Rack Easy to Access and Use?

      Yes, the cantilever rack is easy to access and easy to use.

      That is because the entire rack is accessible for every worker.

      There are no extra coverings or stacks back and forth which causes difficulty in accessing the items.

      The protective equipment used in front of the arms is also access friendly and can be easily removed if necessary.

      Just a slide of the forklift will enable you to access your items stored in the cantilever rack.

      Easily Accessible Cantilever Rack

      Easily Accessible Cantilever Rack

      16. Is Cantilever Rack Adjustable?

      Yes, the cantilever racking system is completely adjustable.

      There are holes in the upright column that can be used to place the arms wherever you need them.

      You can also place or remove protective lips at the end of the arms.

      Making the arms a bit tilt is no longer difficult due to the adjustability of the cantilever rack shelf.

      Cantilever Rack Adjustability

      Cantilever Rack Adjustability

      17. What Type of Arms are Available in Cantilever Rack?

      There are two types of arms available for cantilever racks as follows:

      Straight Arms:

      As the name suggests, straight arms are in a complete horizontal level.

      These arms are used to place items of flat loads and provides more space-efficiency.

      Tilted Arms:

      These arms are given a tilt (positioned upwards) that helps those storing items with more chances of rolling out from it.

      Unstable loads and round items are the best usages of tilted arms.

      Cantilever Rack Arm Types

      Cantilever Rack Arm Types

      18. What is the Best Material of Cantilever Rack?

      The best material for the cantilever rack is the steel used in it.

      For a light-duty cantilever racking system, strong steel is used to bear the normal loads.

      For heavy-duty cantilever racks, super-strong steel is used to bear the bulkiest loads.

      Steel Used in Cantilever Rack

      Steel Used in Cantilever Rack

      19.  Can Cantilever Rack Break with Heavy Load?

      The cantilever racking system is designed to bear heavy and bulky loads.

      However, using the wrong type of cantilever rack with an inappropriate load can lead to rack damage.

      This could happen if you place extra heavier loads on a light-duty cantilever rack.

      There will always be some instructions about the maximum weight limit for your cantilever rack.

      You should follow these safety instructions to save your stock as well as the rack from any breakage.

      20. How to Check the Quality of the Cantilever Rack?

      You can evaluate the quality of a cantilever rack by checking out the following aspects:

      • Check if it is accurately fulfilling your size needs.
      • Observe the positioning of arms before and after placing the load as it should not move.
      • Assure that all the structure and pattern of the cantilever rack are the same.
      • Make sure that the cantilever racking system is not broken from anywhere.
      • Assure that the welded parts, such as arm connections and the base are strong enough to hold bulky loads.

      Quality Assessment of Cantilever Rack

      Quality Assessment of Cantilever Rack

      21. How do you Measure a Cantilever Rack?

      You can measure the dimensions of a cantilever rack by determining the following properties.

      • Upright column spacing
      • Support arm numbers and spacing between them
      • Arm’s length
      • Type of arms
      • Upright column height
      • Arms and upright column capacities
      • Length and depth of the base
      • The number of upright columns

      Dimensions of Cantilever Racking System

      Dimensions of Cantilever Racking System

      22. How to Determine Cantilever Rack Capacity?

      You can calculate the capacity of cantilever rack by evaluating the capacity of its arms and upright columns.

      Arms Capacity:

      It can be calculated by dividing the total load weight by the number of arms per level.

      Make sure that each arm supports an equal amount of load throughout the cantilever rack.

      Upright Column Capacity:

      You can determine it by multiplying the number of arms on one column by the load on each arm.

      For instance, if there are 4 arms with 750 pounds capacity per arm the column capacity will be 4×750 = 3000 pounds.

       Cantilever Rack Arms and Columns Capacities

      Cantilever Rack Arms and Columns Capacities

      23. How to Install Cantilever Rack?

      You can install a cantilever rack by following the given order below:

      • Fix the base with the ground in an appropriate position.
      • Connect the upright columns to the base.
      • Join the braces with the upright columns.
      • Connect the arms with the upright columns through appropriate holes.
      • Fix any protective lips to the end of the arms if necessary.

      24. How to Calculate Column Spacing of Cantilever Rack?

      You can measure the exact space between the upright columns of the cantilever rack by doing the following steps:

      • Simply measure the actual length of your load.
      • Divide that load length by 2.
      • You can get the final measurement by determining the number of arms required to support your load.
      • You will get center to center dimensions.

       Column Spacing of Cantilever Racking System

      Column Spacing of Cantilever Racking System

      25. How to Determine the Number of Support Arms and Spacing for Cantilever Rack?

      Determining the number of arms and spacing is essential to counter load deflection.

      You can determine it as follows:

      • Gather some wooden blocks and put a sample of your load on them.
      • Observe if there is any deflection and put another block in the bottom of it if deflection happens.
      • Grab a tape measurer and write down all the points where there are wooden blocks.
      • These blocks will act as arms and you can easily figure out the spacing and numbers of them required.

      Spacing and Number of Support Arms of Cantilever Rack

      Spacing and Number of Support Arms of Cantilever Rack

      26. How to Calculate the Arm Length for Cantilever Rack?

      The length of the arms of a cantilever rack can be determined by measuring the depth/width of your load.

      You should make sure that the load is not extending beyond the arm’s length.

      Arm Length of Cantilever Rack

      Arm Length of Cantilever Rack

      27. How to Determine the Column Height of Cantilever Rack?

      You can calculate the upright column height of the cantilever racking system by the following order:

      • Add the height of the base.
      • Observe the number of arms you require and add the height of loads.
      • Make sure to add the arm’s height and handling space height.
      • Add all of these three aspects and you will get the entire column height.

      Upright Column Height of Cantilever Rack

      Upright Column Height of Cantilever Rack

      28. How Many Arms can be Used with a Single Upright of Cantilever Rack?

      The number of arms per upright column of a cantilever rack depend upon your size requirements.

      You can use a minimum of two arms and a maximum of as many as you want.

      However, if you want to have more arms, the height of the upright column should also be high.

      With a reasonable height of the column, you should also take care of the handling space for each arm.

      29. How to Choose Reliable Cantilever Rack Manufacturer?

      You can choose a reliable and dependable cantilever rack manufacturer by observing some of the highlighted qualities below:

      • Assure that the manufacturer has a number of years of experience in making cantilever racks.
      • It has a market good will.
      • Make sure that the manufacturer can supply the cantilever rack to your location – the shipping coverage.
      • You should check the manufacturer’s quality assurance standards and techniques.
      • The tools, techniques, and machines used by the manufacturer should be the latest.
      • The customer’s feedback to that manufacturer.
      • Assure that they have the license to manufacture products like cantilever rack.
      • The speed of manufacturing should match your requirements for quick delivery.

      Cantilever Rack Manufacturer Qualities

      Cantilever Rack Manufacturer Qualities

      30. From Where you can Get the Best Cantilever Rack?

      There are many manufacturers that promise to be the best in manufacturing cantilever rack.

      The best in this department are the Chinese manufacturers.

      There are various reasons behind it as follows:

      • They have the experience of shipment throughout the world.
      • Machines, tools, and techniques of them are highly advanced.
      • They do not compromise the quality and adheres to all international standards.
      • The price of cantilever rack is budget-friendly and economical than other manufacturers.

      31. How to Get Price Quotes of Cantilever Rack from Manufacturers of China?

      You can easily get price quotations of your desired cantilever rack from the manufacturers of China by the following ways.

      • Visit the manufacturer’s website
      • Find their contact information
      • Send them a message which specifies your requirements
      • Provide them your working contact details
      • You will soon receive price quotes from them.

      Price Quotes from Chinese Cantilever Rack Manufacturers

      Price Quotes from Chinese Cantilever Rack Manufacturers

      32. How to Import Cantilever Rack from China?

      You can import high-quality cantilever racking system from China by following the given procedure.

      • Select the manufacturer and order them cantilever rack according to your requirements.
      • After the payment procedures, you will select the preferences of shipment.
      • You will get notified by your manufacturer about the status of your shipment until it reaches at your address.

      Import Cantilever Rack from China

      Import Cantilever Rack from China

      33. How to Pack Cantilever Rack for Long Transportation?

      For long transportation, cantilever racks are packed with extreme care.

      Plastic film is used to cover all around the cantilever rack to make it impact-proof.

      A steel belt is used to protect the parts of the cantilever rack from displacement.

      It should be assured that no extra weight is placed upon the packing of cantilever racks.

      Cantilever Rack Packing

      Cantilever Rack Packing

      34. What is the Average Shipping Time of Cantilever Rack?

      Delivery time varies from location to location and according to shipment preferences.

      Normally, a set of cantilever rack can be shipped internationally within 3 to 4 weeks.

      However, the delivery time may get delayed due to some complex customizations or geographical restrictions.

      35. How to Maintain Cantilever Rack?

      After placing the cantilever rack in your warehouse, you must maintain it in the following ways:

      • Make sure that the area where the rack is placed is not wet.
      • Assure that all parts of the cantilever rack are painted properly to prevent it from getting rusty.
      • Clean your cantilever rack periodically with dry cleaning sources.
      • Observe if anything is intact and in good condition and tell the manufacturer if you witness any flaws.

      Cantilever Rack Maintenance

      Cantilever Rack Maintenance

      36.  How Long is the Warranty of Cantilever Rack?

      A cantilever rack for sale can come with various warranty periods depending upon the manufacturer.

      Usually, the warranty of a cantilever rack is around 5 to 10 years.

      It starts from the purchasing date and lasts until the time period gets over or it is claimed.

      Warranty of Cantilever Rack

      Warranty of Cantilever Rack

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