Textiles and Garments– The Complete FAQ Guide

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    In Textiles and Garments, the presentation and placement of products are intertwined. It helps ensure overall customer satisfaction as well as efficiencies in stocking and inventory when the space is attractive and clearly arranged.

    In this industry, raw materials cover a large area. There are a wide variety of colors and material categories. Unprocessed clothes need to be stacked in an orderly manner for easy finding and picking up later. Racking systems can solve these problems and requirements efficiently.

    Individualized Designs

    Throughout this industry, OKE Storage understands the uniqueness of every space. Designed specifically for you, we ensure that your products are exhibited in an attractive way that encourages customers to visit again and buy from you. As a result of a clear understanding of OSHA’s requirements, we are able to design systems that comply with RMI standards.

    Professional Installation

    We have a team of highly-trained employees who implement our designs into the space, never forgetting the importance of maintaining a safe working environment. To ensure that your project meets the exact specifications of our designs, we use only the finest racking and shelving products.

    Textiles and Garments Racking System
    Textiles and Garments Racking System

    After Sales Services

    OKE Storage’s service can last for a long time. We support you with a 10 years warranty. During the usage, whatever problems you have, you can consult us for professional suggestions. We always support you with FREE consulting 24/7.

    Customized Design: First, we inspect your facility, inventory, and the way your team handles the material so that we can recommend the most suitable storage and distribution solutions for your company. Our team will determine which type(s) of racking and layout are best suited for your operations after the survey is completed.

    Fast Delivering: Throughout our manufacturing process, we will ensure that high quality is maintained. Furthermore, we guarantee that the order will be delivered on time for your convenience.

    Installation: OKE Storage provides detailed instructions for installing the racking system, in case you think you cannot do it yourself. Additionally, we can provide you with an installation team that can assist you.

    Maintenance and Repairing: We will continue to support you even after the delivery has been completed. You can consult us if you need to maintain the racking system or if you find that there is a faulty area that needs repairing. Our maintenance and repair consulting are free of charge.

    Certification support: A major advantage of OKE Storage is that all of our racks are manufactured with material certified by Baoshan, one of the largest steel companies in China. Moreover, our products are CE, ISO certified, and comply with other international standards.

    Textiles and Garments Racking System
    Textiles and Garments Racking System

    OKE Storage Textiles and Garments Racking Solutions

    Textiles and Garments Racking System
    Textiles and Garments Racking System
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