E-Commerce– The Complete FAQ Guide

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    Today is an internet era. More and more people are shopping online. Thus, the e-commerce industry derived from it is also growing faster and faster.

    E-commerce is a fast-selling industry. It requires racking systems to have a large inventory and high mobility characteristics, so the storage requirements are also very high.

    The Difference between a Customized Approach

    To better understand your fulfillment center requirements, you can give us specific information about your warehouse. Depending on the size and number of items in your warehouse, the number of SKUs, as well as seasonal and future traffic patterns, we can build an appropriate storage solution for you. Even after the design phase has ended, OKE Storage can provide you with ongoing support.

    Having experience designing racking systems, installing systems, and arranging for final inspections is our specialty as a systems integrator. As part of our project management services, all subcontractors are coordinated under the guidance of our experienced project managers.

    E-Commerce Racking System
    E-Commerce Racking System

    OKE Storage E-Commerce Storage Solutions

    To save you time, OKE Storage has to find out suitable racking systems for the E-commerce industry. You can refer to the table and if you have something confused, you can consult us anytime.

    E-Commerce Racking System
    E-Commerce Racking System


    Having a speedy order fulfillment process is key to any E-commerce business. Our engineering and project management department sets OKE Storage apart from its competitors. The rack system will be selected based on how your inventory is organized and how your picking process works.

    Our services include:

    Customized Design: Our warehousing and distribution services start with an assessment of each of your spaces, as well as your inventory’s characteristics and the material handling procedures your team uses on a daily basis. In the meantime, we will decide what type of rack and layout is best for you based on your business needs.

    Fast Delivering: Our manufacturing process will be strictly controlled to ensure high quality. Our service is also guaranteed to arrive on time for your order.

    Installation: OKE Storage’s team of professionals is highly skilled and experienced. In order to cater to your individual storage needs or distribution center, we offer the highest quality racking and decking products from a variety of top manufacturers.

    Maintenance and Repairing: The service will be provided to you even after the shipment has been delivered. Our team of professionals can give you a free consultation about the maintenance of the racking system. A FREE maintenance and repair consultation is available to you. To ease your worries, we also offer a ten-year warranty.

    Certification support: One of OKE Storage’s major advantages is that all of our racking systems are certificated for CE/ISO and admitted of high quality.

    E-Commerce Racking System
    E-Commerce Racking System
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