What Type of Warehouse Racking are Used in Chemical Warehouses?

chemical storage - pallet racking

In chemical products, the three-dimensional storage is conducive to the uniform distribution of products, is conducive to making full use of the storage space, and is also conducive to the relative unaffectedness of chemical products, ensuring subsequent delivery and use.
Today, OKE will take you to understand: What Type of Racking are Used in Chemical Warehouses?

chemical warehouse storage

Chemical storage raw materials (powder, solid, liquid) have various storage unit forms/containers: irregular bags (ton bags, nylon bags), liquid barrels (big barrels and small barrels), boxes, etc., storage what type of racking is used for storage can solve the convenient storage and exit, and the reasonable use of storage space is the work of our racking layout design company.
Here are some kinds of racking used in chemical storage warehouses.

chemical warehouse storage

In its warehouse, heavy-duty racks and drive-in racks are commonly used storage rack types. It allows different chemical products to perform better storage and turnover operations.

The characteristics of heavy-duty racks are: simple structure, assembled structure, customized with high-quality steel, the heavy load of each layer of heavy-duty racks exceeds 500kg and the most can reach 4000kg per level, and the name of heavy-duty racks is derived from this. But the storage density is relatively low.
This feature is more suitable for the use of heavy-duty racking for agricultural products in bags and chemical products in boxes.
The use of heavy-duty racking is first of all that the products are now intensively packaged and then placed on pallets, etc., and then forklifts and other tools are used to carry out operations on the heavy-duty pallet racking.

chemical warehouse storage

Heavy-duty racking generally has two unit positions on each floor, and the height of the pallet racking is generally within 12 meters, which is more convenient for the operation and use of other storage equipment.
The surface of heavy-duty racking is treated with electrostatic powder coating, which has a certain performance in waterproof and corrosion-proof.

chemical warehouse storage

Drive-in rack is also a kind of efficient traditional racking type.
Drive-in rack can be regarded as heavy-duty racking without beams. It has more cargo spaces on each floor than heavy-duty racks. It can be used for forklifts or unmanned trucks to drive into the racking for operations.

This kind of racking is suitable for products with large batches and fewer specifications. In many chemical products, such as box-type packaging products, small-package chemical products, and special chemical products that require a cold storage environment, efficient storage operations can be carried out with the support of drive-in rack.
However, the stability of the through-type racking is relatively low, and it is not suitable to build too high.

chemical storage for drive in rack

The racking used in the chemical material warehouse may choose different types of racking according to the actual situation. What kind of racking are used for specific chemical material warehouses needs to consider factors such as the building structure of the warehouse and the materials placed in it.

chemical storage for drive in rack

The shuttle racking system is a high-density storage system composed of racks, shuttle cars, and forklifts. This efficient storage method is to improve the utilization of warehouse space and bring customers a new storage choice!

The characteristics of shuttle racks:
High-density storage, high warehouse utilization.
High work efficiency, greatly reducing the waiting time for operations.
The operation mode is flexible, and the goods can be stored in first-in-first-out or first-in-last-out. The safety factor is high, reducing the collision between the rack and the forklift, and improving safety and productivity.

The lighting requirements are relatively low, compared with other types of racking, the overall investment is less. The single-item chemical industry storage warehouse has also been highly praised in recent years! (About OKE’s smart storage systems, please click here).

chemical storage for radio shuttle rack

There are many varieties of chemical materials, with complex models and specifications, including general engineering materials, as well as materials with special properties and special purposes for chemical plants. In addition to the properties of general engineering materials, chemical materials should also have excellent corrosion resistance.

According to different purposes and conditions of use, chemical materials are sometimes required to have special properties such as high-temperature resistance or low-temperature resistance, heat conduction, or heat insulation.

Chemical materials are divided into two categories: metallic materials and non-metallic materials. Non-metallic materials mainly include plastics, rubber, glass, ceramics, enamel, and impermeable graphite.
With the development of the chemical industry, the demand for chemical materials has also continued to rise, resulting in the rising demand for chemical material warehouse racking.

chemical storage for radio shuttle rack

Chemical storage warehouses are not limited to the above-mentioned types of racking.
In practice, which racking is used should take into account the above-mentioned warehouse building structure, materials, and other factors. The beam rack is the main type of chemical material warehouse rack.
In a wide variety of product specifications, the crossbeam racks of chemical materials warehouses with complex models and specifications are ideal choices. The biggest advantage of beam racking is the convenience of storing and unloading goods.

chemical storage for radio shuttle rack

There is no need to follow first-in-first-out or first-in-last-out. Many chemical material warehouses choose beam racking as the main racking storage. If you need on-site inspections, and then make a racking implementation plan, OKE is happy to advise you.
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