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OKE Storage offers a variety of Warehouse Storage Solutions that can help you optimize your storage space. We are providing you with customized design options like 3D sampling before production. You can submit a one-stop storage solution.  

  • Customized Coloring Of Outer Surface. 
  • Designing As Per Storage Requirement  
  • Use Of Advanced Techniques In Manufacturing  
  • Innovative Method For Packaging 
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    Our Well-known Warehouse Storage Solutions Customer Group

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    We Help You In Controlling Your Warehouse Stock In Real-Time

    OKE Storage is committed to providing Warehouse Storage Solutions for managing the warehouse space. We study the requirement of the customer and then design the most appropriate storage solutions.  

    OKE Storage increases the storage capacity of a space with its Warehouse Storage Solutions. We can make decent improvements to your warehouse. Our team of experts can guide you to the perfect solutions. 

    Some related Warehouse Storage Solutions types are given: 

    Selective Pallet Racking
    Selective Pallet Racking is one of the most common types of racking. At OKE Storage, you can submit a free sample solution.
    Teardrop Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage is among the top 10 leading suppliers in China. We use certified raw materials and top-quality powder coatings.
    Dexion Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage gives an ultra-long warranty for Compatible Dexion Pallet Racking. We use safe, professional, and strong packaging methods.
    Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage gives you a high-density storage system, in the form of Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking. We are worldwide exporters and supplying to 85+ nations.
    Double Deep Pallet Racking
    You can get a top-notched Double Deep Pallet Racking at OKE Storage. Our installation service is so reliable, it is so quick & basic.
    Warehouse Pallet Racking
    You can make your storage space more efficient with our Warehouse Pallet Racking. OKE Storage can guide you to the right storage solution.
    Industrial Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage offers a wide range of Industrial Pallet Racking for a variety of needs. Its design depends on your organizational needs.
    Heavy Duty Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage has 20+ years in the manufacturing of Heavy-Duty Pallet Racking. We are matchless suppliers in China and globally.
    Mobile Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage uses advanced manufacturing techniques in making Mobile Pallet Racking. Our Strict quality inspection team checks quality tests in all phases.

    We Have Optimal Storage Solutions For Your Business

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      How Warehouse Storage Solutions Skyrocket Your Business?

      Our Warehouse Storage Solutions can help you in keeping your storage solution well-organized. We offer an extensive range of racking and shelving systems for your warehouse. We are consistent in terms of quality and a trusted name in China. 

      • OKE Storage believes in complete detailing. We analyze certain things before designing your Warehouse Storage Solutions. Like which option is best for your space, availability of floor space, and height of inventory.  
      • It’s been more than 20 years since OKE Storage is involved in the production of Warehouse Storage Solutions. Our valuable experience helped us in reducing the chances of error. While achieving accuracy and customer satisfaction at the very same time.  
      • We adapt all the relevant equipment in the manufacturing of Warehouse Storage Solutions. We always deliver the best as we mix the expertise of our team with advanced techniques. For the purpose of perfect punching, we have Heavy Duty Punch Machine and Heavy Punch Machine. 
      • Our Warehouse Storage Solutions are cost-effective because of multiple reasons. We try our level to reduce the cost from the designing step to packaging. For packaging, we have load engineers to provide us with top-class racking package solutions. We make sure the full use of container space. 
      • Warehouse Storage Solutions designed by OKE Storage are long-lasting. Because we use certified material that complies with international standards and powerful coating. Our coating is engineered for all the conditions. We use Racking Powder Cutting Line in the process of coating our storage solutions.     
      10 Years Warranty
      We are happy to give warranting of 10 years over all Warehouse Storage Solutions. This warranty is applicable, if any kind of external damage happens to storage systems.
      Advanced Manufacturing
      Advanced and automatic techniques are used for the welding of Warehouse Storage Solutions. We never compromise on anything less than best in manufacturing procedures.
      Installation Service
      We are available for complete assistance and guidance for the installation of Warehouse Storage Solutions. We offer our service before and after the installation of the storage system.
      Export To 85+ Countries
      Not only in China but we are trusted by customers all across the world. We are exporter of Warehouse Storage Solutions to 85 countries.

      Warehouse Storage Solutions – Description

      OKE Storage offers a wide range of warehouse storage solutions to its customers throughout the globe. These warehouse storage solutions are storage systems for your warehouse to fit all types of storage needs efficiently and effectively. OKE Storage provides all types of warehouse storage solutions such as traditional shelving, carton flow racks, wire partitions, pallet racking systems, and mezzanines.

      OKE’s warehouse storage solutions provide time-saving while placing your storage products into the storage solution. OKE Storage also assures you get warehouse storage solutions that are denser and maximize the use of your warehouse space. Not only that, but OKE International Storage also assures you get the most reasonable price tag for all of its warehouse storage solutions.

      Your products could be in any shape, size, or material, OKE Storage offers you suitability for every type of storage problem. OKE also helps you through free consultations to find the best warehouse storage solutions as per your requirements. OKE also provides custom warehouse storage solutions. It means you can get your warehouse storage solutions in every desired type of color, coating, shape, or structure.

      This is because of OKE Storage’s advanced manufacturing capabilities. OKE International Storage is a Top-Rated warehouse storage solutions manufacturer and supplier. It has also attained all the international and local quality standard certifications such as ISO, and EU.

      OKE’s advanced manufacturing equipment and its skilled and certified workforce are its main power. OKE has supplied warehouse storage solutions to more than 80 countries around the globe with splendid feedback. OKE Storage uses the best raw steel from the top Chinese Steel Exporters for reliability and strength.

      OKE Storage also provides 24/7 after-sales support for all of the warehouse storage solutions. Whatever platform you prefer, OKE can guide you over there such as instant chat, email, support calls, etc. OKE Storage also provides the longest warranty of 10 years for almost all of your warehouse storage solutions.

      OKE Storage also provides you options to get your warehouse storage solutions in your preferred delivery way. It includes delivery through air transport, sea freight, or possibly road transportation. Moreover, OKE Storage also provides an on-demand installation facility at your warehouse location.

      In addition to warehouse storage solutions, OKE Storage also manufactures all other types of storage products. From simple pallet racking systems to advanced satellite racking, OKE is an expert in manufacturing and supplying.

      OKE Storage offers all types of warehouse storage solutions at the lowest price possible without compromising the quality. Importing warehouse storage solutions from China is also one of the easiest and most convenient. This is because of the relaxing and guided import rules provided by OKE International Storage.

      OKE believes in providing its customers, with the best quality. This is why it tests all the components of warehouse storage solutions from the first step to packaging and shipment. OKE Storage can provide you Free samples for warehouse storage solutions with lifetime 24/7 after-sales support. So, contact me now to get your warehouse storage solutions without any worries!

      Warehouse Storage Solutions – The Complete FAQ Guide


      If you are thinking of updating your warehouse storage, starting by considering your shelves and racks is a natural way.

      Optimizing your warehouse storage can lead to greater warehouse storage improvements while introducing additional functionality to your operations.

      In this guide, you will get to look at the most common warehouse storage solutions for more productiveness and space.

      1. What are the Warehouse Storage Solutions?

      Warehouse storage solutions are methods to efficiently store goods on racks optimize warehouse space, and maximize operational productivity.

      In warehouse storage solutions, we prioritize the effective use of space, speeding up the processes, and the ease of access.

      These storage systems are designed to stack materials in horizontal or vertical rows with multiple levels.

      Its benefits are simple enough and allow for simple movement between the racking systems to vehicles, which leads to more efficient warehouses.

      To optimize the density and selectivity, profits, and efficiency of your warehouse, warehouse storage solutions play an important part.

      Storage Solutions for Your Warehouse Storage Optimization
      Storage Solutions for Your Warehouse Storage Optimization

      2. What are the Benefits of Implementing Warehouse Storage Solutions?

      You may be currently using 20-30% of your warehouse space to its full potential and it can be increased by 60-70 by utilizing a warehouse storage solution.

      Doing so can also make your warehouse extremely safer, more efficient, and more productive.

      The following are some of the primary benefits of implementing warehouse storage solutions:

      • Cost-efficiency by increasing processes speed by 50-70% and reducing overall costs by >40%
      • Transforms vacant space into highly-efficient storage space to increase storage density by >60%
      • Increases versatility and flexibility of your warehouse
      • Makes the warehouse durable enough to withstand active warehouse and assembly operations
      • Reduces the picking and placing errors
      • Increases pick accuracy with a reduction in repeat work

      3. What are the Categories of Warehouse Storage Solutions?

      The warehouse storage solutions are divided into categories to better suit your needs.

      1. Simple solutions: Pallet racking, shelving, mezzanines, and a variety of other warehouse storage solutions are a part of this category.


      1. Dense solutions: Dense warehouse storage solutions are always a priority to decrease your footprint without losing the warehouse storage space.


      • Picking solutions: To assist you in picking materials, these strategic, smart, and simple warehouse storage solutions are the most appropriate. These warehouse storage solutions include the following:
      • Long-span shelving
      • Light Shelving
      • Multi-tier racking
      • Carton flow rack


      1. Specialty solutions: It’s for if you want a customized or specialized storage solution for your warehouse to meet your custom requirements.

      4. How do Storage Solutions Solve Warehouse Challenges?

      Disorganized warehouse space can lead to minimum profitability and an inefficient warehouse storage solution can result in wasted time.

      However, the right warehouse storage solution can help solve the following challenges:

      • Insufficient storage capacity
      • Minimum worker productivity
      • Disorganized inventory or products
      • High labor costs that account for 60-80% of warehouse operation’s expenses

      Moreover, the right warehouse storage solution can reduce labor costs by minimizing the travel and search time by also increasing the picks-per-day rate.

      Minimizing the Risks and Solving the Storage Challenges in Warehouse Environments
      Minimizing the Risks and Solving the Storage Challenges in Warehouse Environments

      5. Which Warehouse Storage Solution is the Right Option?

      The best warehouse storage solution that can be extremely productive for you is the one that meets the limitations and needs of your warehouse in the most cost-effective manner.

      When deciding on one, the following factors should be considered:

      • Expected storage capacity
      • Number & pallets per SKU
      • Handling equipment
      • Available space
      • Budget for the project

      It’s critical to choose the right option from many traditional and more advanced warehouse storage solutions depending on your;

      • Goals & facility’s footprint
      • Vertical height
      • The unique characteristics of your inventory
      • Floor space availability
      • Throughout requirements

      6. What are the Primary Warehouse Functions and Storage Needs?

      In general, there are four primary functions of every warehouse. The size of a warehouse doesn’t matter, because these functions remain consistent:

      1. Storing products: From small items to large volume pallets, each application requires storage solutions unique to their characteristics.


      1. Inbound operations: By optimizing the inbound operations, you can reduce the travel time and minimize inbound operation trips.


      • Outbound operations: Warehouse storage solutions can be durable, efficient, and safe for your warehouse while being easy to access for picking and staging operations.


      1. Value-added processes: Value-added processes include labeling products, additional packaging measures, and a special kitting process.


      You will need efficient space to successfully complete these operations.

      The storage needs of a warehouse can be defined based on these functions.

      Furthermore, a suitable warehouse storage solution can be selected for maximum productivity.

      7. What are the Racking Warehouse Storage Solutions?

      These storage solutions are the basic floor-only options and can maximize your warehouse efficiency.

      A bulk racking system as a warehouse storage solution is an excellent solution for storing products that aren’t palletized.

      For more bulky and long items, racking systems can be an ideal space-saving solution.

      8. What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing a Warehouse Storage Solution?

      In addition to knowing all your options for warehouse storage to maximize its efficiency, there are other factors to consider when deciding on your warehouse layout;

      • Existing structural components: These structural elements include exterior walls, doors, openings, interior support columns, stairs, and non-bearing partitions.


      Working with these structural components can lead to finding the best warehouse storage solution.


      • Aisle widths: Depending on the design efficiency of your warehouse, this is the area where plenty of your warehouse space can be lost or gained.


      • Vertical cubes: It enables you to maximize your space in cubic volume from the floor up to the ceiling by selectively placing stock from low to high.


      • Dock door placement: Always try to design your warehouse storage solution around your dock doors because they can be extremely expensive to relocate.

      9. How Warehouse Storage Solutions Help Increase the Functionality of Your Warehouse?

      The extended functionality of your warehouse leads to increased safety, efficiency, and maximum valuable space.

      However, implementing a warehouse storage solution can increase the functionality of your warehouse.

      It’s also a top priority of any business to ease the navigation of the goods.

      From warehouse shelving to mezzanines, utilizing a functional warehouse storage solution can result in better time management, increased productivity, and improved efficiency.

      Increasing the Functionality of Your Warehouse through Warehouse Storage Systems
      Increasing the Functionality of Your Warehouse through Warehouse Storage Systems

      10. How to Minimize Business Risk Through Warehouse Storage Solutions?

      Implementing a storage solution can improve the production workflow of your business while minimizing the risk.

      Implementing a storage solution in a warehouse not only increases its efficiency and productivity but also makes it risk-free.

      It helps minimize the inventory loss from fire, damage, theft, etc.

      11. How Implementing a Warehouse Storage Solution Can Optimize Your Supply Chain?

      By increasing the efficiency of its internal operations, implementing it improves the operational efficiency of your warehouse.

      This improvement in its operational efficiency leads to reduced costs and an improved supply chain.

      It also helps eliminate unnecessary or non-productive activities for fast and accurate shipments.

      These savings in cost and time coupled with improved processes enable you to improve your warehouse operations.

      Warehouse Storage Solution Implementing the Very Aspect of Your Business Supply Chain
      Warehouse Storage Solution Implementing the Very Aspect of Your Business Supply Chain

      12. Do Seismic Zones Require Specially Designed Warehouse Storage Solutions?

      Setting up a warehouse in a seismic zone is a logistics challenge and requires an optimal design of storage systems.

      The selection of top-grade material and advanced software to design storage systems can lead to a seismic-proof warehouse.

      These specially designed warehouse storage solutions are based on the following factors:

      • Geography (level of vulnerability to a high-impact seismic event)
      • Daily ground movement
      • Weight of average rack loads
      • Materials and construction

      These high-performance custom storage solutions are designed based on your warehouse’s level of seismic vulnerability.

      Especially (Custom-designed) Warehouse Storage Solutions for Seismic Zones
      Especially (Custom-designed) Warehouse Storage Solutions for Seismic Zones

      13. What is the Permitted Weight in Warehouse Storage Solutions?

      It depends on the upright and load beam capacity of your warehouse storage system.

      However, the precise weight capacity of a storage system can be calculated at the early stages of its implementation so that the required customizations can be performed before installation.

      In general, the majority of warehouse storage solutions can handle 30,000lb steel coils, stacking 3 high.

      14. What is the Maximum Height of Warehouse Storage Systems?

      The storage systems in a warehouse can reach a specific height based on the following factors:

      • Rack condition
      • Weight of the load
      • Height clearance
      • The capacity of the warehouse forklifts

      At OKE Storage, our qualified engineers help you get the precise number to stack racks on top of each other.

      15. What Warehouse Storage Solution is Recommended for Greater Storage Capacity?

      Compactor high-density storage systems like high-density pallet rack systems can provide greater storage capacity.

      Moreover, they make better use of your warehouse surface area compared to racking with direct access.

      Drive-in drive-thru pallet racks, push-back racks, pallet flow racks, and pallet shutter racking systems are ideal for an enhanced warehouse storage capacity.

      Optimizing the Warehouse Space for Extended Storage Capacity
      Optimizing the Warehouse Space for Extended Storage Capacity

      16. Can You Store Hazardous Materials in Warehouse Storage Systems?

      Hazardous materials, depending on their risks, can be stored in your warehouse storage systems.

      Manufacturers understand the resistance your storage system requires to efficiently store these hazardous materials.

      You must alert your warehouse storage solution manufacturer about your hazmat goods for better results and your business productivity.

      17. What are the Various Requirements of a Storage Warehouse?

      Following are some of the requirements of any warehouse storage system to maximize the safety, performance, and efficiency of processes:

      • Structurally strong and safeguarded warehouse building
      • Adequate locking devices with proper air ventilation
      • A warehouse is to be equipped with various security devices to prevent the illegal dispatch of goods
      • Efficient use of floor space for maximum storage and efficient deployment of storage systems

      After understanding these requirements, the right high-rise storage with a multi-tier storage system can be selected for your warehouse.

      Fulfilling Your Warehouse Requirements through Warehouse Storage Systems to Maximize Performance
      Fulfilling Your Warehouse Requirements through Warehouse Storage Systems to Maximize Performance

      18. How Much Does Warehouse Storage Solutions Cost?

      Every project is individually priced and specially designed to suit your warehouse.

      Ergonomically designing the storage system for your warehouse to suit the product stored and the size of the building defines its initial cost.

      The final cost can be determined after defining your storage system’s material, design, and size.

      After understanding your requirements and finalizing the budget, the right warehouse storage solution can be determined.

      19. How to Maintain Quality of Your Warehouse Storage Solution?

      Quality control is an important element in good warehouse operations.

      Overlooking can harm your business’s productivity and revenue.

      Maintaining the ideal temperature and performing time-to-time check-ups can help in the detection of any damage or other hazards.

      There’re seasonal changes that you should be able to account for and plan for in advance depending on the types of products stored in your warehouse.

      20. Does OKE Storage Offer Custom Storage Solutions for Your Warehouse?

      In short, yes. We can manufacture custom sizes, types, and materials of storage systems to fit your warehouse storage needs.

      Furthermore, height and weight are also customizable to fit all-size products with clearance.

      With the help of our skilled engineers, our precisely manufactured storage systems feature premium quality metal building material and advanced technologies.

      The Custom Warehouse Storage Systems Designed for Your Custom Warehouse Environment
      The Custom Warehouse Storage Systems Designed for Your Custom Warehouse Environment

      21. How OKE Storage is the Best Manufacturer for Warehouse Storage Solutions?

      OKE Storage is known for its high-quality designing, production, distribution, and customization of warehouse storage systems.

      We offer excellent customer service and innovative solutions to maximize your warehouse space and boost productivity.

      From beginning to end, we analyze your fire code and seismic requirements to ensure safety and efficiency as well as offer you the best storage system uniquely designed for your warehouse.

      22. Should You Import Warehouse Storage Solutions from China?

      In recent years, China has taken a top spot in the global production of top-grade warehouse storage systems cost-effectively.

      It can be both extremely affordable and profitable for your business.

      With OKE Storage, we oversimplify this process for you without any complications on your side.

      Under the supervision of industry experts, we can safely and cost-effectively ship your warehouse storage systems anywhere.

      Cost-Effectively Importing Warehouse Storage Systems from China
      Cost-Effectively Importing Warehouse Storage Systems from China

      23. What After-Sale Services does OKE Storage Provide for its Warehouse Storage Solutions?

      As one of the leading warehouse racking companies, OKE Storage with the help of its cutting edge technology is committed to innovation and most importantly, our customers’ satisfaction.

      We will resolve any technical issues that may arise over time and support you 24/7.

      Our manufactured storage systems are covered with 1-2 years of warranty.

      Our goal is to help you achieve your global strategic objectives and makes your warehouses more efficient.

      By providing you with the best warehouse storage systems, we can revolutionize your operations and marketability.

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