Maximize Warehouse Space With Warehouse Steel Racks

OKE Storage is dedicated to designing, planning, and manufacturing Warehouse Steel Racks. We are offering an exclusive warranty of 10 years on racking. We only use certified raw materials. 

  • Low Prices And Superior Quality  
  • 10 Years Ultra Long Warranty 
  • Unmatchable Quality Suppliers 
  • Top Quality Powder Coatings 
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    Our Well-known Warehouse Steel Racks Customer Group

    • Coca_Cola
    • Pepsi
    • DHL
    • Toyota
    • Peugeot
    • LG Chem
    • GM
    • Geely
    • SF

    Our Designs Are Based On The Needs Of Client

    OKE Storage is supplying the Warehouse Steel Racks for more than 20 years. If you have a custom design, we can shape the racking according to it. Moreover, you can also print the customized logo on the outer surface of the racking. 

    OKE Storage designs the racking after consulting with its clients. As we believe, success and failure are based on the complete detailing of requirements. 

    Some related Warehouse Steel Racks types are given: 

    Racking And Shelving is suitable in most warehouse situations. OKE Storage gives a warranty of ten years over all the racking, decking and shelving.
    Steel Racking is generally used in bookstores, medicines stores and libraries. OKE Storage can allow you to choose the color of the surface of the racking.
    Racking System is used to stock the material in horizontal rows with multiple levels. All the racking manufactured by OKE Storage has passed ISO:2015 and CE certificates.
    Warehouse Racking And Shelving are easy to assemble and cost-effective. From the planning of racking to its manufacturing, OKE Storage is a one-stop solution.
    Shelving Wholesale is an ideal solution for offices and shops. OKE Storage uses advanced techniques and machines for the manufacturing of high-class shelving.

    Get Supreme Quality Racking In A Reasonable Price

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      Why Warehouse Steel Racks Is A Perfect Option For Your Warehouses?

      OKE Storage offers a 24X7 online service for any query related to Warehouse Steel Rack. You can get the guidance of experts at any time of the day. 

      • OKE Storage only uses top quality steel for the manufacturing of Warehouse Steel Racks. We purchase the steel from China’s biggest steel company-Bao Steel Co., Ltd. 
      • Whether you are a dealer or need it for your warehouse, we can serve both. As we don’t have any strict MOQ requirements. You can get the racking from us in any quantity.
      • We follow the international standards during the production of Warehouse Steel Racks 
      • All racking is in compliance with international standards such as AS4084, FEM, and RMI.  
      • Our team of experts consists of 12 professionals. You can get complete guidance and assistance. They first analyze all the requirements and then offer the most suitable racking accordingly.  
      • OKE Storage has the perfect solution for the unloading of racking. Firstly, we keep the racking close to the door of the container. And we can provide a mobile trolley to clients for smooth unloading of racking. 
      20 Years Experience
      OKE Storage is a trusted and reliable choice because of its valuable experience. We are producing the Warehouse Steel Racks for more than twenty years.
      We can design the Warehouse Steel Racks as per the order of customers. For selection of design, you can get assistance from our experts too.
      Lighting Fast Delivery
      OKE Storage has a hassle free delivery service. We can deliver Warehouse Steel Racks at your doorstep within the 10-15 days.
      Quality Control
      We have strict inspection policy over the quality of Warehouse Steel Racks. Our inspection team keeps complete checking at every single step.
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