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OKE Storage has a quality experience of more than 2 decades. Our Warehouse Mezzanine perfectly utilizes the surface area of your warehouses and stores a great variety of floor sizes. We have exported our products to over 85 countries.

  • Support Customized Design With 3D Sample – No Other Supplier Matches
  • Super Long 10 Years Warranty
  • Strict Quality Inspection Team
  • Strong & Professional Packaging
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    An Efficient Solution That Maximizes Space Surprisingly – OKE Storage

    OKE Storage helps you in saving additional money by making more efficient use of existing space. Warehouse Mezzanine is perfect for businesses and organizations experiencing growth!

    You can get a top-notched Warehouse Mezzanine by OKE Storage which is a cost-efficient storage solution as well. Our customization service is a great plus for you, we can design Warehouse Mezzanine exactly according to your requirement.

    Some related Warehouse Mezzanine types are given:

    Mezzanine Floor
    OKE Storage gives you exciting services, along with a super long warranty of 10 years. Mezzanine Floor is a cost-effective solution to stock your warehouse products
    Steel Mezzanine
    Steel Mezzanine is really beneficial for your business growth as it provides you maximum storage capability. OKE Storage has working experience of 20+ years.
    Mezzanine Floor System
    You can get a top-quality Mezzanine Floor System by OKE Storage without a premium price. We provide you with the best ever customization services.
    Storage Mezzanine
    You will find an outstanding Storage Mezzanine experience with OKE Storage. We are worldwide exporters of many racking products, already exported to 85+ countries.
    Mezzanine Shelving
    OKE Storage gives you a high-density storage system with a Mezzanine Shelving. Offering you 100% customer & design support and the best after-sale service as well.
    Pallet Rack Mezzanine
    OKE Storage provides you with the best quality Pallet Rack Mezzanine. We manufacture all our racking products by following international standards like ISO and CE.
    Modular Mezzanine Floor
    OKE Storage introduces a Modular Mezzanine Floor that is an ideal storage solution for your warehouse or business, which is made of the raw material with certificate.
    Racking Mezzanine
    OKE Storage believes in having a strong bond with its customers. We offer design support and a customized Racking Mezzanine with the best after-sale installation services.
    Mezzanine Platform
    Mezzanine Platform is suitable for items that are not time-sensitive. OKE Storage has always been consistent in making top-quality storage products and time has proved this.

    Flourish Your Business With Our Super Quality Warehouse Mezzanine

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      How a Warehouse Mezzanine Help Increase Your Warehouse Productivity?

      OKE Storage has completed many successful projects and received a number of praises. We are the top-leading Warehouse Mezzanine Supplier in China. We can maximize your profits with the lowest cost.

      OKE Storage offers you exciting services for our worthy customers, which includes 100% customer support. Installation services are also available.

      • Warehouse Mezzanine is a cost-effective storage solution for your business. OKE Storage perfectly designs, manufactures, and delivers it to you.
      • In Warehouse Mezzanine, OKE Storage provides a wide variety of mezzanine floors that can be optimized for your floor space without any disturbance.
      • We provide you with flexible and efficient storage solutions and fulfill your warehouse needs. The Warehouse Mezzanine can be used as a storage platform and adjusted resized to suit any workspace or business.
      • Each Warehouse Mezzanine is designed to fulfill your unique requirements and concern for safety. OKE Storage ensures safety with strong & professional packaging support.
      • Costs are held to a minimum through the use of standardized, production-line components. OKE Storage follows International Standards in manufacturing as well.
      • You may build a Warehouse Mezzanine only once in a business lifetime. We do it continually. We have experience of more than 2 decades.
      High-quality certified materials are used by OKE Storage in the manufacturing of rack systems. We always provide you with the finest quality racking systems.
      One-Stop Solution
      One-Stop Solution
      OKE Storage is offering you all the services related to the product and a one-stop solution for all of your problems related to storage space.
      quality control
      Quality Control
      OKE Storage has strict inspection team that is responsible to ensure the quality of the product at the highest level.
      Best Service
      Best Service
      OKE Storage offers the best service to its customers regardless of the installation of the product. We fully assist you before and after the installation of the product.
      Advanced Manufacturing
      Advanced Manufacturing
      Our experts design and manufacture racking products efficiently. OKE Storage uses advanced manufacturing techniques.
      Lightning Fast Delivery
      Lighting Fast Delivery
      Racking product is delivered by OKE Storage by taking special cautions to prevent any kind of damage or loss.

      Warehouse Mezzanine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

      This FAQ guide is to get you an outstanding warehouse mezzanine to ease your stock-keeping and storage process.

      You will learn all the information related to warehouse mezzanines, such as types, uses, benefits, and many more facts.

      So, give this guide a good read to understand more about the warehouse mezzanine.

      What is a Warehouse Mezzanine?

      A warehouse mezzanine is a single or multiple stories built between the warehouse’s ceiling and concrete floor.

      Its main purpose is to let businesses keep their big and small inventory in a properly managed environment by increasing the warehouse’s size. Thus, saving time and resources for the organization.

      That is why warehouse mezzanines are widely adopted in distribution centers. They are mostly customized as per the client’s specifications and requirements.

      The key components of a warehouse mezzanine are primary beams, joists, columns, and decking.

      Warehouse mezzanine
      Warehouse mezzanine

      What are the Different Types of Warehouse Mezzanine?

      There are different types of warehouse mezzanines.

      1. Free-standing warehouse mezzanine
      2. Rack supported warehouse mezzanine
      3. Building column-connected warehouse mezzanine
      4. Shelving supported warehouse mezzanine

      What is Free-Standing Warehouse Mezzanine?

      A free-standing warehouse mezzanine adds storage space inside your manufacturing units, distribution centers, or other factory areas.

      Opting for free-standing mezzanines permits you to include another floor level in your storage center. Moreover, it can also be used to create another office space inside the premises.

      Besides, you are also free to count on this mezzanine type if you desire to add different kinds of mezzanine lights or willing to attach the parts elevator.

      More to this, the free-standing mezzanine comes with a variety of floor surfaces, and you can pick the best as per your requirement.

      What is Rack Supported Warehouse Mezzanine?

      A rack-supported warehouse mezzanine is easy to integrate to increase the storage capacity. It is also an affordable solution mostly used to utilize wasted space above the racking through standard pallet rack elements.

      Rack-supported warehouse mezzanine could be as tall as 12-feet. But it can be customized as per your requirements.

      All the necessary storage could be placed above the structure through an open deck.

      Rack supported warehouse mezzanine
      Rack supported warehouse mezzanine

      What is Building Column-Connected Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Building column-connected mezzanines are made up of steel. This form of warehouse mezzanine is designed to sustain the additional load on the already standing mezzanine.

      Therefore, many storage facilities use it to widen their stock keeping capacity without worrying about the excessive weight.

      The building column-connected warehouse mezzanine is implemented after analyzing the existing structure of the warehouse.

      You can either use it to support the current mezzanine completely or create blended support to partially use it to provide sustenance to the existing mezzanine through the building structure or columns.

      What is Shelving Supported Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Shelving supported warehouse mezzanine is often placed on the top of rivet shelving, wide-span shelving, or metal shelving.

      You can also use different deck types to create more space for keeping maximum items.

      This mezzanine is installed in facilities with greater storage requirements, such as automotive parts manufacturing units.

      But you can use it for any purpose because it keeps things organized and fasten the stock loading and unloading process.


      How can Warehouse Mezzanine be Utilized?

      The warehouse mezzanine is ideal for warehousing. It offers great storage solutions that allow you to keep your products in an ergonomic way for easy access.

      You can stockpile anything, such as construction materials, electronic items, food products, and many more, in an organized way you

      What Products can You Store in a Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Whether you’re a manufacturer, importer, exporter, or supply chain company, you can store all kinds of perishable and non-perishable inventories in a warehouse mezzanine in a safe environment.

      Note: Warehouse mezzanine provides storage solutions only and bears no relation with the expiry of any materials/products by any means.

      Products stored in warehouse mezzanine
      Products stored in warehouse mezzanine

      What are the Benefits of a Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Warehouse mezzanines appear to be in high demand as they help companies reduce their space utilization.

      But that’s not it! You can enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:

      1. Building new warehouses could take several years and months while installing a warehouse mezzanine from a few days to weeks.
      2. With a warehouse mezzanine, you can keep the entire stock under one roof and forget worrying about handling things from two or more different locations.
      3. Installing a warehouse mezzanine in your warehouse is less expensive in contrast to buying a whole new place to keep the stock, where you have to take care of all the utility expenses right from scratch.
      4. On the federal and state level, warehouse mezzanines are depreciated after 7-years instead of 31 as they are considered non-permanent structures, giving you tax relief to some extent.
      5. At some local levels, the US authorities don’t count extra square footage when adding a mezzanine to your warehouse, which means you are only required to pay taxes on your warehouse’s building area, excluding the mezzanine.
      6. Adding a warehouse mezzanine provides tranquility to your employees as they can work without commuting from one warehouse to another, thus saving your employees time and your transportation expenses.
      7. Last but not least, warehouse mezzanines are flexible, which means you can add or remove its components in compliance with your business needs.

      Do You Need Permission when Planning for a Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Depending on which state you are planning a warehouse mezzanine, you will require the authorities’ permission.

      In most cases, you don’t require a permit to include a mezzanine in your warehouse.

      Nevertheless, you may require permission in some countries, especially if your warehouse is currently located in heavy seismic regions.

      But, if you’re using a non-seismic warehouse mezzanine and there are no earthquake risks, there’s no need at all.

      Permission and planning warehouse mezzanine
      Permission and planning warehouse mezzanine

      How much Weight can a Warehouse Mezzanine Sustain?

      A standard warehouse mezzanine for light production and storage is designed to hold 500 kilograms (1102lbs) per square meter (4.8kN/m2).

      For medium storage, a warehouse mezzanine can bear up to 734 kilograms (1618.19lbs) per square meter (7.2kN/m2).

      Likewise, a heavy storage warehouse mezzanine has a load capacity of 978.9 kilograms (2158lbs) (per square meter (9.6kN/m2).

      What is the Minimum Height of a Warehouse Mezzanine?

      The minimum height of a warehouse mezzanine depends on your warehouse’s ceiling. Typically, the majority of warehouse mezzanines require a 14-feet (4267mm) ceiling height.

      That is why you have to leave 7-feet (2000mm) space underneath and above the warehouse mezzanine floor to store your products easily.

      Minimum height of a warehouse mezzanine
      Minimum height of a warehouse mezzanine

      Is Warehouse Mezzanine Flexible?

      A warehouse mezzanine is a self-sustaining platform inside the premises, allowing you to position it anywhere in the building.

      Additionally, due to its flexible nature, it can be expanded in the future to comply with your storage requirements.

      Does a Warehouse Mezzanine Add Value to your Business?

      A growing business demands an increased storage capacity.

      A warehouse mezzanine saves your business capital by allowing you to keep more stock in one place rather than renting a new warehouse.

      Likewise, it saves the transportation expense and moving cost.

      That way, you also don’t have to worry about changing the address. And you can manage business operations from a single location.

      Thus, allowing you to stay ahead of your competitors and generate high profits.

      What is Prefabricated Warehouse Mezzanine Office?

      A prefabricated warehouse mezzanine office is a standalone office designed on a warehouse mezzanine structure. Such offices create a calm, clean, and comfortable workspace.

      And offer crystal clear and wide views for managers, supervisors, office staff, or other personnel to make sure every business function is going as planned.

      Prefabricated warehouse mezzanine office
      Prefabricated warehouse mezzanine office

      Do You have to Re-Design the Warehouse Space for Building a Warehouse Mezzanine?

      There is no need to re-design your current warehouse space to add a warehouse mezzanine.

      However, you may have to temporarily move your existing equipment, products, or any other items from the area where you are willing to have a mezzanine.

      It is because to let the engineers and experts build it without complications or distractions. And also to save the workers from any accidents.

      Once it is built, you can bring the materials and items back to the premises and store them in a much-managed way with the help of a warehouse mezzanine.

      What are the Things to Consider before Installing a Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Before installing a warehouse mezzanine, don’t forget to consider the following things:

      1. Know the purpose why you need to install a warehouse mezzanine and choose the right type
      2. Get permission from the authorities and make sure you have it in writing
      3. Plan a proper ventilation system and install insulators in your workspace because warehouse mezzanines become warm during summers
      4. Discuss all the safety measures for the labor to prevent fatality or injury in case of any mishaps
      5. Inform your landlord about adding a mezzanine to the warehouse in case he or she might want to change the rental terms
      6. If you are buying a used warehouse mezzanine, make sure you have all the vital information about its present condition
      7. Always choose the experts to install a warehouse mezzanine to avoid complexities in the future

      Should You Buy a Used Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Buying a used warehouse mezzanine can put your workforce in great danger because safety is not always guaranteed.

      Why? Because it is difficult to do the background check to make sure if it has a long life and good performance.

      But if you can’t afford a new warehouse mezzanine and willing to get a used one, it is recommended to have it evaluated by professionals.

      Used warehouse mezzanine
      Used warehouse mezzanine

      Is Used Warehouse Mezzanine Less Time-Consuming?

      Not necessarily! Whether you buy a new warehouse mezzanine or a second hand, both will take the same installation time.

      In fact, a used warehouse mezzanine might take more time because the engineers and technicians may have to alter it to fit your office space size.

      Warehouse mezzanine installation time
      Warehouse mezzanine installation time

      What are the Advantages of a New Warehouse Mezzanine vs the Used Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Following are the benefits of a new warehouse mezzanine:

      1. A new warehouse mezzanine is specially designed according to your building.
      2. It saves your time and helps the mezzanine provider understand the entire requirements, flooring type, and immediately installing the mezzanine.
      3. Since it would be new, it could serve you for an extremely long term, which can, for sure, save you from instant repairing expenses.
      4. A new warehouse mezzanine offers robust safety and comes with excellent quality
      5. It is easy to inspect and demands low maintenance

      Now, let’s explore the advantages of a used warehouse mezzanine:

      1. A second-hand warehouse mezzanine is inexpensive and allows you to negotiate the price
      2. A used mezzanine is delivered quickly to your storage facility
      3. If you’re lucky enough to get the right size, you can install it faster than the new warehouse mezzanine

      With so many advantages of a warehouse mezzanine, it is usually difficult to find the manufacturers, especially in China, when the internet is the only way to find the top-notch mezzanine provider.

      But the good news is, that you can rely on Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems if you wish to get excellent quality storage options, such as a warehouse mezzanine, pallet racking, and many more.

      OKE Storage has proved its mettle several times and no wonder it is one of the prominent warehouse mezzanine providers in China that deals worldwide.

      Increased storage capacity benefit with warehouse mezzanine
      Increased storage capacity benefits with warehouse mezzanine


      What are the Disadvantages of a New Warehouse Mezzanine vs the Used Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Here are some flaws of a new warehouse mezzanine:

      1. A new warehouse mezzanine structure needs time to be manufactured before it can be delivered for the installation
      2. Going for a new warehouse mezzanine means preparing yourself to pay high prices because of the extra labor hours, delivery, as well as installation

      Demerits of a used warehouse mezzanine:

      1. The first and foremost disadvantage of buying a used warehouse mezzanine is that you don’t know how roughly the previous owner has utilized it
      2. A second-hand mezzanine is most likely damaged when uninstalled from the previous place and spoiled more during the delivery and reinstalling process
      3. You are required to pay extra for the amendments, for example reconfiguring the height, to match it to your warehouse standards
      4. Since it is old, it would have gone through a lot of wear and tear in the previous warehouse; therefore, you will need to ensure its maintenance more often, making you lose more money
      5. A used warehouse mezzanine cannot be altered for future business requirements, as it has already gone through a lot of changes over the past years
      6. An old warehouse mezzanine is unsafe for the workers and the overall environment as it has severed quite well already


      What is the Difference between Standard Warehouse Mezzanine and Customized Warehouse Mezzanine?

      A standard warehouse mezzanine is a preplanned structure installed inside the premises.

      It is mostly single-story and based on decking, primary beams, columns, purlins, and a staircase to maintain and manage the usual inventory.

      Standard warehouse mezzanine
      Standard warehouse mezzanine

      Conversely, a customized warehouse mezzanine is tailored according to your business needs.

      It could be a single or multiple story structure that helps businesses in numerous ways, including stock-keeping, distribution facilities, supporting prefabricated offices, and many more.

      While a custom warehouse mezzanine is made on-demand, the most common features you will see in it are perimeter handrail, mezzanine joists, main support beams, columns, staircase, kickboard, a pallet up with an over safety gate to ensure labor safety.

      Customized warehouse mezzanine
      Customized warehouse mezzanine

      Should You Buy a Seismic Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Earthquakes are a threat to your warehouse mezzanine if the structure cannot bear seismic activities and is incorrectly installed.

      That’s why some countries have made it obligatory to install seismic warehouse mezzanines to avoid major accidents.

      So, if you think any natural disaster like an earthquake could hit your warehouse, you should buy a seismic warehouse mezzanine.

      What is the Difference between Seismic Warehouse Mezzanine and Non-Seismic Warehouse Mezzanine?

      A seismic warehouse mezzanine is designed with an Equivalent Lateral Force (ELF) approach.

      Whereas the non-seismic warehouse mezzanines have 2D pre-engineered metal.

      So, if you opt for a seismic warehouse mezzanine, the basic frame construction is similar to the non-seismic warehouse.

      But with an addition of a horizontal component to cover the seismic effect to equally distribute shocks and vibrations on all sides to save the structure from collapsing.

      Horizontal component of seismic warehouse mezzanine
      The horizontal component of seismic warehouse mezzanine

      What is the Cost of a Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Every warehouse mezzanine service provider has its own pricing. But on average, a warehouse mezzanine with the most common features can cost around $20 to $30 per square foot.

      And if you choose to go for a customized structure, you might pay higher prices per square foot, typically $40 to $90.

      So the cost depends on the type of mezzanine you are selecting for your warehouse and the supplier.

      Cost of a warehouse mezzanine
      Cost of a warehouse mezzanine

      Is it Possible to Import a Warehouse Mezzanine from China?

      Sure it is! After clearing all the taxes and legal documentation, you can import a warehouse mezzanine from China to any country.

      But you have to discuss it with the Chinese company you’re importing from. Moreover, both parties must understand and work according to the rules and regulations of both countries.

      For example, if you are importing a warehouse mezzanine from OKE Storage, here’s what you need to do:

      1. Know your import rights
      2. Understand the custom duties you are required to pay in your country
      3. Trade with a renowned supplier and make him agree to all the FOB terms
      4. Assure legality of the product you are about to import (warehouse mezzanines are legal to import from China)

      And if you’re still unsure and want to know more about importing from China, feel free to contact OKE Storage to make sure you get the best warehouse mezzanine delivered in your country.

      Import warehouse mezzanine from China
      Import warehouse mezzanine from China

      How to Load and Unload Your Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Of course! Taking a staircase every time to load and unload stock could be tiring and time-consuming.

      So to ease this process, you can utilize conveyors to smooth the movement process between the levels.

      There are three types of conveyors commonly used in a warehouse mezzanine.

      Spiral conveyors: Best for multiple-story warehouse mezzanines.

      Spiral conveyor warehouse mezzanine
      Spiral conveyor warehouse mezzanine

      Incline conveyors: They are fast, economical, and ideal for a single-story warehouse mezzanine.

      Incline conveyor warehouse mezzanine
      Incline conveyor warehouse mezzanine

      Vertical lifts: Takes less space and are best for storing heavy-weight items.

      Vertical lifts warehouse mezzanine
      Vertical lifts Warehouse Mezzanine

      How Quickly can a Warehouse Mezzanine be Installed?

      After surveying your warehouse, installation can begin from the very next day. As a general rule of thumb, a warehouse mezzanine can be installed entirely within one week.

      But the timescale may vary because of different floor sizes and warehouse conditions. There might be some flaws to fix before starting the installation.

      Is Depending on the Floor’s Concrete Thickness Enough for Building a Warehouse Mezzanine?

      A typical warehouse floor’s concrete is 6-feet thick and can bear a load up to 11,339 kilograms (25,000lbs), but that’s just not the only factor to rely upon.

      You should also consider the amount of soil underneath the concrete floor that will compress when given the load.

      There could be a possibility that a 6-feet concrete thickness can only have a load capacity of 4536 kilograms (10,000lbs) because of the water table.

      So, it is wise to examine all the factors before going further with your warehouse mezzanine building and installation process.

      Can You Add Cargo Lift to a Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Yes! You can add a cargo lift to your warehouse mezzanine to increase business operations and make things work faster.

      What are the Benefits of Adding a Cargo Lift to Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Adding a cargo lift to your warehouse mezzanine can be a great decision because of a wide range of benefits.

      For example, many cargo lifts come with built-in safety features, like interlocked gates, emergency stop buttons, push-to-run controls, and overload sensors.

      Such features maximize work performance and ensure the safety of the products and warehouse staff.

      With cargo lifts, you can place goods neatly on the warehouse mezzanine. Also, these lifts don’t take a lot of space and lower the operation cost.

      How to Make the Warehouse Mezzanine Safe for Employees?

      There are numerous actions you can take to assure 100% safety of the employees serving around your warehouse mezzanine, including:

      1. Do not ignore the capacity limit
      2. Have kickboards on all mezzanine edges
      3. Install necessary warehouse mezzanine handrails, pallet gates, and fire protection system
      4. Make sure the warehouse mezzanine is well-lit
      5. Try to keep things in an organized way
      6. Make a safety policy and give safety training to your employees

      Is it Necessary to Install a Fire Suppression System for Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Fire protection is an essential part of building regulations.

      Installing a fire suppression system in a warehouse mezzanine is not compulsory if the place is used for storage only and if the mezzanine is covering 50% of the warehouse area.

      But, it is still suggested to it installed in case of any negative incident.

      Fire suppression system in warehouse mezzanine
      Fire suppression system in warehouse mezzanine

      What are the Benefits of Installing Fire Suppression System in Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Following are the reasons why you have a fire suppression system installed in your warehouse mezzanine:

      1. It reduces the risk of death caused by fires
      2. It’s cost-effective and can save you from huge property damages
      3. It requires minimum maintenance and can minimize the insurance premiums
      4. Last but not least, it increases the value of your warehouse

      Does a Pallet Racking System Maximizes Warehouse Mezzanine Storage Capacity?

      Adding a mezzanine to your warehouse is a perfect way to maximize the space. But do you know what makes a warehouse mezzanine more spacious?

      A pallet racking system!

      It’s a single or multi-level storage system used to store palletized loads or stacking individual items on the warehouse mezzanine.

      All items are stored on pallets, and each pallet rack is placed horizontally on the warehouse mezzanine rows on numerous vertical levels. It helps create extra storage space within a space.

      Pallet racking system in warehouse mezzanine
      Pallet racking system in warehouse mezzanine

      What Type of Lighting is Recommended for Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Accurate lighting is vital for your warehouse mezzanine, and failure to do so can cause accidents.

      You are left with three options when it comes to lighting up the warehouse mezzanine:

      1. High-intensity discharge (HID) lights
      2. LED lights
      3. Fluorescent lights

      It is also essential to understand that using fancy lights anywhere near or around the warehouse mezzanine is strictly opposed.

      And it is always suggested to fix or change any flickering bulbs or faulty lights immediately.

      Lighting in warehouse mezzanine
      Lighting in warehouse mezzanine

      How to Clean and Maintain a Warehouse Mezzanine?

      Using harsh chemicals or abrasion can damage a warehouse mezzanine’s protective coatings.

      So, if you want to keep it clean, here are two important tips:

      1. Sweep floors regularly to remove dirt, dust, and debris
      2. Use light detergents or diluted isopropyl alcohol to clean the warehouse mezzanine floor with the help of a damp mop

      Now, to maintain your warehouse mezzanine, here’s what you need to do:

      1. Tighten any loose fastenings right away
      2. Do not overburden the warehouse mezzanine with excessive weight
      3. Train your employees to use machines and other supportive equipment gently to avoid damaging the mezzanine
      4. Repair any damaged coating instantly
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