A Modern & Sturdy Steel Mezzanine Manufacturer In China

OKE Storage has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing Steel Mezzanine floors. Also it is a world-leading provider of fire-rated Steel Mezzanine. We always design and deliver high-quality lightweight Steel Mezzanine structures for you.

  • Support Customized Design With 3D Sample – No Other Supplier Matches
  • Certified With ISO & CE
  • Top-quality Material With Certificate
  • No Strict MOQ Requirements
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    Our Well-known Steel Mezzanine Customer Group

    • Coca_Cola
    • Pepsi
    • DHL
    • Toyota
    • Peugeot
    • LG Chem
    • GM
    • Geely
    • SF

    Important Factors Of Steel Mezzanine To Be Right for Your Warehouse

    OKE Storage is a leading manufacturer of Steel Mezzanine in China and worldwide. We have done a number of successful projects in different types of racking. Our clients have trusted us to design and install Steel Mezzanine projects for over 20 years.

    Our Steel Mezzanine projects are lighter, stronger, and more cost-effective than the industry average, with greater flexibility for unique design choices. Steel Mezzanine floor increases storage space in a production facility.

    As OKE Storage is the leading designer and installer of Steel Mezzanine, our experience and expertise are unmatchable. Our products are designed and manufactured in close accordance with international standards, as well as certified.

    Some Related Steel Mezzanine types are given:

    Warehouse Mezzanine
    OKE Storage uses elite quality materials in the manufacturing of Warehouse Mezzanine. These mezzanine floors are more durable and flexible as per your demands.
    Mezzanine Floor System
    OKE Storage builds its Mezzanine Floor System with structural steel beams and columns. OKE Storage gives you a safety one-stop solution as well as customized design options.
    Mezzanine Floor
    OKE Storage proposes a warranty of 10 years on its racking products. Mezzanine Floor is really essential for your warehouse, as it saves maximum floor space.
    Mezzanine Shelving
    Mezzanine Shelving is the best option to provide you with the shelving that saves your much time. OKE Storage is a quality supplier of storage products for more than 20 years.
    Pallet Rack Mezzanine
    Pallet Rack Mezzanine has the ability to extend your surface area. OKE Storage follows professional rules and international standardsto maintain quality, such as CE/ISO.
    Mezzanine Platform
    A Mezzanine Platform is a perfect storage solution for your warehouse or business. OKE Storage gives you a 10 years warranty, which can save you much cost.
    Modular Mezzanine Floor
    Modular Mezzanine Floor enhances the capacity of your storage space in an efficient way. OKE Storage is giving you exciting services like installation services and after-sales services.
    Racking Mezzanine
    OKE Storage has an expert team for the attentive inspection of the storage systems. We can design and supply a wide range of Racking Mezzanine and finished to a high standard.
    Storage Mezzanine
    OKE Storage has been exporting Storage Mezzanine to over 85 countries. We also make a habit of daring to fulfill your expectations in terms of the best racking experience.

    Believe In ‘’Customer Satisfaction Always Comes First’’ Narrative- OKE

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      How Steel Mezzanines Can Help Industries To Make Optimum Use Of Floor Space?

      OKE Storage’s smartly designs can provide you with more storage space. Our team of experts ensures that every mezzanine is structurally sound, even under heavy loads.

      We use advanced manufacturing techniques in making Steel Mezzanine, we mean everything from the initial quotation stage right through to the installation has been very professional and efficient. So, you can rely on us. Feel free to contact us anytime.

      • A Steel Mezzanine level generates completely a new area of space, our best racking experience makes you feel confident that the structure is safe, load-ready, and fully compliant with current steel standards.
      • Our Steel Mezzanine is absolutely the right choice, both for its affordability and its adaptability to many environments. OKE Storage offers you a qualified team with decades of Steel Mezzanine manufacturing experience.
      • OKE Storage is competitively priced means a reasonable price with good quality and with an unlimited design style. Steel Mezzanine is an economical storage solution for you.
      • No matter what you’re intending to use your custom Steel Mezzanine for, we’ll find a way to make it happen with OKE Storage 100% customized and design support.
      • Our expert team ensures that the final product is designed, installed, and finished to the highest standard.
      • OKE Storage offers you 10 years super long warranty for Steel Mezzanine also means that we can offer an immutable guarantee of safety as well. Professional and strong packaging is the best in our services.
      Export To Many Countries
      Export To 85+ Countries
      Due to our unique design and promising quality, OKE Storage delivered storage products across many countries in the world.
      Customzed Service
      Customized Service
      Designing of products is done by OKE Storage according to the requirement of the customer and updated design.
      quality control
      Quality Control
      OKE Storage always maintains the quality of its product by inspecting them over regular intervals using comprehensive methods.
      Only certified materials are used by OKE Storage in the manufacturing of storage products of the finest quality.
      after sales service
      After Sale Service
      Even after the installation, OKE Storage is fully available to provide complete assistance related to storage products.
      Installation Service
      Installation Service
      All the storage systems can be installed easily and we also provide very quick and reliable installation services alongside proper guidance.
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