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OKE Storage can provide you with a one-stop solution to all your warehouse needs. We have over 20 years of experience in producing high-quality Shuttle Racking System. With our advanced equipment, you can experience high-quality and outstanding performance. 

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    Get Amazing Design Support For Shuttle Racking System Like 3D Sampling

    OKE Storage is one of the leading suppliers of Shuttle Racking System. We are among the top 10 leading suppliers. Our core activity is the development, manufacturing, and installation of top-quality racking systems. 

    Our engineering teams are trained, and all related processes are adapted, to ensure OKE Storage is fully compliant. 

    We can handle all installations in your warehouse very nicely. We believe in having 100% accountability, so you won’t be disappointed by our services.  

    Some related Shuttle Racking System types are given: 

    Radio Shuttle Racking
    OKE Storage is giving 10 years super long warranty for Radio Shuttle Racking. It offers a large storage with highly effective space usage.
    ASRS Shuttle System
    OKE Storage Automated Warehouse Shuttle System is a high-density storage racking that offers more effective storage with maximum utilization.
    2 Shuttle Racking
    OKE Storage is an international exporter of Radio Shuttle. Exported to 85 plus countries of the world. It is trust-worthy in handling almost all types of palletized goods.
    Pallet Shuttle System
    OKE Storage is giving exciting designing feature for your Pallet Shuttle System. Efficient load and unload system, which ensures high accuracy.
    Pallet Shuttle
    OKE Storage is one of the front-runners in China. We are fast suppliers of Pallet Shuttle. And deliver it within 10-15 days and it can reatly reduce labor cost.
    Shuttle Storage System
    We have rich experience of more than 20 years in manufacturing of Shuttle Racking. It prevents damage to goods and enhances durability.

    Offering You Professional & Strong Packaging For Your Shuttle Racking System

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      How Shuttle Racking System Maximizes Your Storage Efficiency?

      OKE Storage design and install Shuttle Racking System perfectly according to your needs. We use top-quality raw material along with top-quality powder coatings. Free samples before starting the production. 

      • We use certified raw materials only in the manufacturing of the Shuttle Racking System. Also, we buy high-quality steel from the biggest steel company Bao Steel Co., Ltd. With a certificate of quality. 
      • Offering you a fast and lightning delivery period within 10 – 15 days. 
      • OKE Storage’s install engineers provide detailed install instructions or videos for the Shuttle Racking System to help you save cost and time. 
      • Our huge loading team with 12*40HQ containers one day helps you a lot. 
      • You can submit a free sample solution for the Shuttle Racking System. Enjoy amazing design features like 1:1 3D sampling and logo printing at the racking surface.  
      • Our strict quality inspection team of 12 members always maintains the quality by following international standards and certificates. 
      • OKE Storage has passed ISO and CE international certifications. Also complies with international Standards such as FEM, RMI, and AS4084. 


      20 Years’ Experience
      OKE Storage has rich experience of 20 years in the manufacturing of Shuttle Racking System, so you can order with ease.
      Customized Design
      OKE Storage offers the best design support for our worthy clients. You can have custom design options like 3D sampling and much more.
      Lightening & Fast Delivery
      Enjoy the safest and secure packing mechanism of Shuttle Racking System that delivers to you at your doorstep. Within 10-15 days only.
      Best Service
      OKE Storage gives exciting services like pre and post installation service. Our after-ice team is so active and quick. Get services even after installation.

      Shuttle Racking System – Description

      OKE Storage Systems provides a fully-featured shuttle racking system with unique and quality-oriented functionalities. With over 20 years of rich experience in manufacturing specialized shuttle racking system, OKE Storage Systems are top of the list in the rack manufacturing global market.

      You can store a lot of products and different-sized pallets in OKE’s specialized shuttle racking system. It also provides you the ability to customize all aspects of the rack such as its design, structure, dimensions, types, and other important characteristics. The Nanjing OKE International Storage assures the quality of its manufactured shuttle racking systems through various quality tests.

      With the specialized shuttle racking system, you don’t need to worry about any spacing issues in your warehouse because it provides more than 80% of storage depth. You can completely rely on OKE’s shuttle racking system because of its easy-to-use and understanding shuttle operating procedures.

      The shuttle racking system also provides complete control over the inventory management issues faced by most warehouse owners. OKE Storage provides this specialized shuttle racking system with two different operational modes namely LIFO and FIFO. No matter in which layout your warehouse is, this shuttle racking system is equally useful for you in every situation.

      The usage of forklifts is greatly reduced thus reducing the labor costs as well as the workforce required to operate the shuttle racking system. You can store products with similar characteristics and high turnaround times in OKE’s shuttle racking system without any worries.

      Nanjing OKE International Storage System always uses high-quality material to manufacture a shuttle racking system. It has a vast shipment history spread over the period of 20 years to more than 85 countries around the world. You can get a lot of shipment delivery options from air shipment to roads or a combination of a few.

      Besides the shuttle racking system, OKE Storage also can provide you with various other racks, such as narrow aisle racking, warehouse mezzanine, cantilever racking system, long span racking, etc.

      The cost of OKE’s shuttle racking system is also very market competitive and low. The import cost for a shuttle racking system to your home country is also very economical. Surprisingly, OKE International Storage System also provides one year warranty for the shuttle and ten years for the rack itself.

      Nanjing OKE International Storage also provides lightning delivery within 3-4 weeks after ordering your specialized shuttle racking system. All of your customized requirements will be completely fulfilled through OKE’s high-standard machines and skilled engineers.

      Moreover, OKE’s shuttle racking system is an automatic choice for inventory storage and management. The shuttle moves onto the rack freely according to the remote device instructions. Your staff will also be trained on how to install and operate a shuttle racking system in an effective manner.

      When it comes to after-sales support, Nanjing OKE International Storage System promises high-class 24/7 after-sales service through your preferred communication medium. It can also provide your free shuttle racking system design service with a lot of presets and templates.

      Therefore, if you want a high-quality shuttle racking system with all the required functionalities and features, OKE International Storage System is always the best choice due to its successful track record. Contact us now to get your free design of a customized shuttle racking system instantly.

      Shuttle Racking System – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

      Knowing each and every detail of shuttle racking system is necessary to bring efficiency to your warehouse.

      This is a complete and compact FAQ guide to know the details about shuttle racking system.

      It consists of all the aspects of shuttle racking system such as its specifications, price, efficiency, etc.

      So, it is better to go through this guide to have sound knowledge about shuttle racking system.

      1. What is Shuttle Racking System?

      A shuttle racking system is a type of rack which uses automated shuttles to store pallet racks.

      These shuttles are either controlled by a remote handling device or by other manual methods.

      A pallet is placed on a shuttle and then the shuttle is moved on the shuttle rails to lock itself in a proper place.

      These shuttles are made in such a way that pallets will not get slipped or malfunction.

      This is indeed one of the quickest racking systems which provide higher selectivity and storage depth.

      Shuttle Racking System
      Shuttle Racking System

      2. What are the Uses of a Shuttle Racking System?

      There are numerous uses of a shuttle racking system because of its compact and efficient structure.

      The most common applications of the shuttle racking system are as follows:

      • Warehouses with high turnaround time is an ideal case to use this type of racking system.
      • The pallets with minimum references and bulk quantity are stored in shuttle racks.
      • Seasonal items which require urgent pick and drop are stored in it.
      • For cold storage products, shuttle racking system is one of the best solutions.
      • In general, all the things which require high selectivity and turnaround should use shuttle racks.

      You can also use these types of racks in other specialized applications depending upon your requirements.

      Shuttle Racking System Uses
      Shuttle Racking System Uses

      3. What are the Components of a Shuttle Racking System?

      There are numerous parts of a shuttle racking system because of its high-end design.

      You can add or remove some components but the standard structure remains the same.

      The most usual components of a shuttle racking system are as follows:

      • Galvanized Frame:

      This is the most basic element of a racking system which consists of base plates, floor adjusting and upright parts.

      The entire structure of the shuttle racking system depends upon the dimensions and structure of the galvanized frame.

      • Pallet Beams:

      These beams are the elements that support the pallet load.

      It also connects the frame with the components from one end to another.

      • Support Rails:

      These are the rails on which pallet shuttles are installed and moves along with it.

      If the pallet rails are strong, heavy-sized pallets can easily be placed on the racking system.

      • Shuttles:

      This is the primary component of a shuttle racking system as the pallets are placed on it.

      These shuttles are responsible for the swift movement of pallets on the pallet rails.

      These shuttles can be fully automatic or manually handled by some other mediums.

      • Pallet Guidance:

      This guidance is installed on the front and back sides of the pallet to guide the operator about depositing the load.

      • Backstops:

      As the name suggests, backstops are the components that stop the pallets from dropping down.

      These are usually installed at the end of the pallet rails.

      Additionally, remote control can also be used with the shuttle system to control the movement of shuttles.

      Components of Shuttle Racking System
      Components of Shuttle Racking System

      4. How Shuttle Racking System Works?

      The working procedure of the shuttle racking system is quite smooth and understandable.

      At first, a shuttle is moved towards the start of the rack for placing the pallet easily.

      A forklift places the pallet on the shuttle which is placed at the start.

      The pallet-loaded shuttle locks the pallet on itself and then it is moved backward to an appropriate place.

      If a pallet is required, the shuttle is moved underneath that pallet and it is brought towards the front side.

      After coming to the front side, forklifts grab the concerned pallet easily and retrieved it from the rack.

      There could also be extra functionalities in a shuttle racking system depending upon your requirements.

      5. What are the Advantages of a Shuttle Racking System?

      There are numerous advantages of using a shuttle racking system.

      Some of the most important ones are as follows:

      • The operating aisles are minimum in a shuttle racking system which in turn makes storage efficient.
      • Automatic inventory management comes with this racking system.
      • The error margins are drastically decreased in shuttle racks because of proper barcode management.
      • Remote controlling provides an efficient, quick, and easy way to store and retrieve pallets from the rack.
      • The shuttle racking system provides maximum pallet safety because the operator doesn’t have to enter any aisles.
      • You can either choose FIFO or LIFO storage mechanisms.
      • The handling flow of the pallets is constant which makes the process flawless.
      • It is powered by a strong battery which means it doesn’t require any wired connection.

      In addition to these above-mentioned advantages, the shuttle racking system has numerous other benefits as well.

      Advantages of Shuttle Racks
      Advantages of Shuttle Racks

      6. What are the Disadvantages of a Shuttle Racking System?

      Alongside numerous advantages, the shuttle racking system also has a few disadvantages.

      Although these are not so noticeable but mentioning them is necessary.

      These are as follows:

      • If there happens a problem with the shuttles, the rack becomes dysfunctional.
      • Special training is required for staff and operators on how to use and control it efficiently.
      • If specific items are required from the rack, it becomes time-consuming.

      However, you can overcome the effects of these disadvantages by getting a requirement-friendly shuttle rack.

      7. How Much Efficient is a Shuttle Racking System?

      Shuttle racking system is too much efficient because of various reasons.

      If you manufacture it as per requirements and from a reliable manufacturer, the efficiency becomes maximum.

      You can save up to 80% of your warehouse storage space through the shuttle racking system.

      Besides storage efficiency, it also provides quick handling of pallets.

      These types of pallets are well-tested and proven to be more efficient than traditional racking systems.

      Efficiency of Shuttle Racking System
      Efficiency of Shuttle Racking System

      8. What are the Types of Shuttle Racking System?

      There are multiple types of shuttle racking system because of their design efficiency.

      The primary types of shuttle racking system are as follows:

      • Fully Automatic Shuttle Racking System:

      The fully automatic shuttle racking system consists of remote control.

      This remote control is used to fully control and move the shuttles on the racking system.

      The fully automatic shuttle racking system also comes with additional features like automatic inventory management.

      • Semi-Automatic Shuttle Racking System:

      This type of racking system consists of shuttles that are not fully controlled by a remote device.

      This is not a standard type of shuttle racking system thus it is not being used commonly.

      In addition to the above-mentioned types, you can talk to your rack manufacturer for customizations.

      9. Is Shuttle Racking System a High Density Storage Solution?

      Absolutely, a shuttle racking system provides high density storage solution.

      You get a reliable storage density of up to 80% through it because it doesn’t come with any aisles.

      The aisles are only at the start and endpoints of the shuttle racks.

      Shuttles also enable the efficient usage of free space within the racking rails.

      There are minimum chances of space losses due to its automatic control system.

      This is also because you can get your desired pallet in a quick way.

      High-Density Shuttle Racking System
      High-Density Shuttle Racking System

      10. Do You Need a Forklift Operator to Use Shuttle Racking System?

      A shuttle racking system works by automatically moving the shuttles on the rack.

      In this way, the work of a forklift operator becomes minimum.

      A forklift operator is only needed to put the pallets on the shuttle only.

      It is then up to the shuttle to place the pallets in an appropriate position.

      The efforts that a forklift operator put in other racks are minimum in the shuttle racking system.

      However, without a forklift operator, it is surely challenging to mount these pallets.

      11. What are the Features of Shuttle Racking System?

      There are numerous features of shuttle racking system because of its automated structure.

      The primary and most noticeable features of shuttle racking system are as follows:

      • You can control the movement of shuttles remotely without any physical efforts.
      • Only one shuttle can control the movement of an entire storage row.
      • You can store pallets in shuttle racking system either through LIFO or FIFO storage mechanisms.
      • It will provide maximum storage depth for storing your pallets effectively.
      • It is comparatively easy to retrieve pallets in a shuttle racking system.
      • It reduces the risk of damage by working internally without any external forces.
      • Shuttle racking system doesn’t require any wired connection to the shuttles because they work on batteries.

      In a nutshell, you can get even more features by purchasing it from the right manufacturer like OKE Storage Systems.

      This is because it provides extra value-added features by following strict quality control processes.

      Features of Shuttle Racking System
      Features of Shuttle Racking System

      12. Does Shuttle Racking System Work on Battery?

      Yes, the shuttles used in the shuttle racking system completely work on their batteries.

      The quality and capacity of these batteries depend upon the manufacturer.

      A single shuttle usually consists of a single onboard lithium battery.

      You will also get a battery charger along with your package of shuttle racking system.

      The battery could last longer for days if used appropriately.

      However, you may have to remove the battery and charge it after a few hours of extreme load.

      This is because the battery will perform according to your usage of the shuttle.

      You should get in touch with the manufacturer to know more about the battery for your preferred shuttles.

      13. How Shuttles are Connected to the Controlling Devices?

      Shuttles are connected to the controlling devices through wireless mediums.

      These mediums can include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other connectivity.

      The remote controlling devices are interlinked with the shuttles to control various aspects of them.

      This connectivity can control forward and backward movement, inventory control, and counting functions.

      Your rack manufacturer will have more ideas of connectivity to provide you with an efficient shuttle racking system.

      Connection of Shuttles
      Connection of Shuttles

      14. What are the Dimensions of Shuttle Racking System?

      A shuttle racking system can have different dimensions according to your requirements.

      There are no standard dimensions for shuttle racking system.

      The dimensions of pallets you want to store in the shuttle racking system should be aligned with its dimensions.

      On an average, the dimensions of a shuttle racking system are as follows:

      • Weight of the shuttle: 230kg
      • Depth of pallet: 800mm – 1200mm
      • Width of pallet: 1000mm – 1200mm
      • Charging time of battery: 5 hours approximately

      15. How Much Weight Can a Shuttle Withstand in a Shuttle Racking System?

      The amount of weight a shuttle racking system can carry varies from rack to rack.

      It depends upon your storage requirements because there are various varieties for it in the market.

      Typically, a shuttle racking system can withstand 2000kg (4400 lbs) of weight.

      You can get in touch with the shuttle racking system manufacturer to suit your storage requirements.

      Weight Capacity of Shuttle Racking System
      Weight Capacity of Shuttle Racking System

      16. How to Install Shuttle Racking System?

      Installing a shuttle racking system could have various steps depending upon your installation requirements.

      However, a usual method to install a standard shuttle racking system is as follows:

      • At first, the pallet beams are installed on the ground for a stronger foundation and structure.
      • The entire upright frame of the rack is connected to the structure.
      • Pallet rails are placed onto the frame by taking care of the required dimensions.
      • Pallet guidance and shuttle stops are installed onto the rails.
      • Shuttles are connected to the pallet rails in such a way that they can move on onto them easily.
      • Remote control is used to test the movement of shuttles.
      • After successful trials of shuttle rack, it is completely installed and ready to use.
      Installation of Shuttle Racking System
      Installation of Shuttle Racking System

      17. What are the Things to Consider before Buying Shuttle Racking System?

      There are numerous factors to look at before buying a shuttle racking system.

      These factors are as follows:

      • You should check that the products you are going to store in that should be mentioned in its primary applications.
      • You should have the required amount of technical skills to operate shuttle racks.
      • Proper electricity sockets for charging the shuttles should be installed in your warehouse.
      • The pallets should be of the same uniform size which is mentioned by your rack manufacturer.

      In addition to these considerations, always consult your racking manufacturer for more details.

      18. What is the Cost of Shuttle Racking System?

      The cost of shuttle racking system depends upon its specifications and features.

      There are other factors that directly affect the price of shuttle racking system.

      These factors include the manufacturing quality, dimensions, and structure of the rack.

      How a manufacturer makes the shuttle racking system also affects the price range.

      On average, a typical shuttle racking system comes under the price range of $250 per piece.

      The actual price of your specialized shuttle racking system can only be given to you by the concerned manufacturer.

      Cost of Shuttle Racking System
      Cost of Shuttle Racking System

      19. What Should be the Qualities in a Reliable Shuttle Racking System Manufacturer?

      The qualities that should be found in a reliable shuttle racking system manufacturer are as follows:

      • The manufacturer should be having vast experience in manufacturing a shuttle racking system.
      • It should be having all the mechanical and technical capabilities, tools, and skilled staff.
      • It should definitely be delivering a shuttle racking system to your country/address.
      • The manufacturer should be following international quality standards.
      • The price of the shuttle racking system should be comparable to the market.

      20. Who is the Best Shuttle Racking System Manufacturer?

      The best manufacturer of shuttle racking system is the one who has all the qualities.

      Chinese shuttle racking market is one of the tops in the world and provides reliable quality.

      Not only that, the import prices are also very much economical when you import it from China.

      OKE Storage Systems is on the top when it comes to the best shuttle racking system manufacturers.

      This is because they have more than 20 years of experience and advanced service capabilities.

      You can access their website to find out more about them.

      Shuttle Racking Manufacturer
      Shuttle Racking Manufacturer

      21. How to Assess the Quality of Shuttle Racking System?

      A good shuttle racking system should have numerous qualities.

      Some of the most significant qualities to look for are as follows:

      • The pallet rails should be made of strong material with smooth surface finishing.
      • Shuttles should be capable of remote connectivity without breaking the connection while moving.
      • The remote control should be capable of moving forwards and backward to the shuttles.
      • The battery lifetime of shuttles should be enough to support smooth operations.
      • Strong material should be used in the galvanized frames as well as the uprights.

      Additionally, reliable manufacturers like OKE Storage Systems ensure the quality through various quality tests.

      OKE ensures quality control through strict quality assurance processes according to international norms.

      They also adhere to all the international quality standards as well.

      22. Can You Customize Shuttle Racking System?

      Yes, good quality racking manufacturers provide the facility of customizing shuttle racking system.

      Not only the design but the entire structure is customizable.

      Mostly, the dimensions of this type of racking system are customized according to the requirements.

      A reliable manufacturer like OKE Storage Systems can provide you with various custom templates as well.

      This is because they have strong and advanced product designing capabilities.

      23. Can You Design Shuttle Racking System?

      Yes, designing of shuttle racking system is possible in many ways.

      Only the technically-equipped manufacturers like OKE Storage Systems can allow you to design shuttle racks.

      It provides the capability to design it from all dimensions internally and externally.

      You can also provide your own design in any prescribed format by the shuttle racking system manufacturer.

      The design should accurately represent your requirements for a well-crafted shuttle racking.

      Designing of Shuttle Racking System
      Designing of Shuttle Racking System

      24. Can You Repair Shuttle Racking System?

      Yes, most of the components of shuttle racking system are reparable.

      Your racking manufacturer will help you in all the steps of repairing your shuttle racking system.

      The placement and intensity of the defect will enable the manufacturer to analyze the condition.

      If the condition is encouraging only then the rack can be repaired.

      25. Is Shuttle Racking System Adjustable?

      Yes, a shuttle racking system is adjustable in many ways.

      You can add it with various other components which are compatible with it.

      Additional safety components can also be added with their adjustable structure.

      For more details about your specified rack’s adjustability, always contact your shuttle racking system manufacturer.

      26. How Much Accessible is Shuttle Racking System?

      Shuttle racking systems is one of the most accessible storage rack systems of all.

      This is because of the quick shuttle system installed to it.

      The shuttle automatically moves through its connection with the remote device.

      It also saves the inventory information while having all the barcodes.

      When a pallet is required, the pallet having the selected barcode is moved towards the front side of the rack.

      After that, the pallet is retrieved through a forklift easily.

      Accessibility of Shuttle Racking System
      Accessibility of Shuttle Racking System

      27. How Much Time it Takes to Deliver Shuttle Racking System?

      The time required to deliver shuttle racking system varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

      On an average, a trustable manufacturer like OKE Storage Systems can deliver it within 3-4 weeks.

      This is one of the fastest delivery services because of its lightning delivery capabilities.

      It also depends upon your geographical location and shipment preferences.

      28. How to Order Shuttle Racking System?

      For ordering shuttle racking system, you should follow the steps given below:

      • Find a reliable manufacturer and visit its website.
      • Navigate through the Contact page and start writing a message.
      • Mention your shuttle racking system requirements and request for a price quote.
      • Ask for the sample delivery, if possible and then check its quality.
      • Provide your shipment preferences, location and finalize the order by clearing out the payments.
      • Your shuttle racking system will be delivered right at your door step.

      One of the most convenient and quality-oriented shuttle racking system manufacturer is OKE Storage Systems.

      It provides one stop solution for ordering all types of shuttle and all other racking systems.

      Ordering Shuttle Racking System
      Ordering Shuttle Racking System

      29. How to Import Shuttle Racking System from China?

      In order to import a shuttle racking system, you need to take care of a few things.

      First, mention all your requirements clearly and look for the right manufacturer who can deliver you in the right way.

      Order the shuttle racking system with your custom requirements.

      The Chinese manufacturer will help you throughout the import process till customs clearance and delivery.

      30. What is the Warranty of Shuttle Racking System?

      The warranty of shuttle racking system surely varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

      However, trusted manufacturers like OKE Storage Systems provide a warranty of up to 3 years for radio shuttle car.

      10 years warranty for the rack itself is also covered in that period.

      This is far beyond most of the manufacturers around the world.

      You can get in touch with the shuttle racking manufacturer to know about the warranty in detail.

      Warranty of Shuttle Racking System
      Warranty of Shuttle Racking System
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