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Radio Shuttle is an efficient solution for business. It provides maximum storage with effective use of space and opens more options for customers. OKE Storage has various Radio Shuttle techniques and ideas according to your business needs.

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    Your Best Radio Shuttle Supplier And Manufacturer In China

    OKE Storage has a quality experience of more than 2 decades and we’re flawless in making and delivering it. Radio Shuttle is a very high-density storage system with optimum usage of space that saves your cost. It helps you out to work more professionally according to your business requirements.

    Here are some related Radio Shuttle types are given:

    Radio Shuttle Racking
    Radio Shuttle Racking is a real-time cost-effective solution to stock your warehouse products efficiently. It works with the help of a rack, forklift, and trolley. In this, all racks joined as a whole structure to maximize the usage of space.
    Pallet Shuttle
    Pallet Shuttle uses semi-automated and automated technology and OKE Storage is one of the best manufacturers in China. It is providing you with the best quality Pallet Shuttle and all solutions related to it.
    Pallet Shuttle System
    Pallet Shuttle system is a really beneficial system for your business growth. With a working experience of over two decades, OKE Storage will be your best choice for Pallet Shuttle System in China.
    2 Shuttle Racking
    You will find a top-quality Shuttle Racking experience with OKE Storage, which is known globally for its best quality Shuttle Racking. OKE Storage is supplying a Radio Shuttle Racking system to almost 85 countries.
    ASRS Shuttle System
    You can have your modular customization of the Automated Warehouse Shuttle System. OKE Storage has Automated Warehouse Shuttle System remotely controlled by the operator which reduces workplace accident rates.
    Shuttle Storage System
    Shuttle Storage System is suitable for a large number of samples: food, chemicals, beverages, etc. OKE Storage has a high-density and compact Shuttle Storage System. It makes a complete new concept for storage space.

    Our Top-Quality Radio Shuttle Meet Your Budget And Business Needs

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      How did Radio Shuttle help To Expand Your Business Gradually?

      Radio Shuttle is perfect where we required maximum utilization of space and it has the best cost-effective solutions. It is providing you with best the quality Radio Shuttle and all solutions related to it.

      OKE Storage is a worldwide exporter of Radio Shuttle over the years and among the top 10 storage manufacturers and suppliers in China.

      • Radio Shuttle is really useful for its basic advantages depth, flexibility, strength, and adaptability
      • It’s Pallet Runner -different sizes and designs, can be tailored accordingly. Push Radio Shuttle can work either as FILO or LIFO.
      • Radio Shuttle has a space utilization of up to 80 %.
      • Storage Capacity: Radio Shuttle is a highly integrated system and is best for massive storage and pick up.
      • Radio Shuttle minimizes the rack impact which improves safe productivity. It is remotely controlled by the operator which reduces the accident chances at the workplace.
      • With OKE Storage-Radio Shuttle, installation is quite basic and understandable.
      Lightning Fast Delivery
      Fastest Suppliers:
      Radio Shuttle by OKE Storage delivers you within the committed time period.
      Installation Sevice
      Installation Service:
      Radio Shuttle install easily, provides very quick and reliable installation services.
      Export To Many Countries:
      Radio Shuttle can be exported to many countries worldwide.
      Advanced Manufacturing
      Advanced manufacturing with OKE Storage meets all your business needs completely.

      Radio Shuttle- Description 

      OKE Storage System was established in 2000 and is considered the top ten shelving and racking manufacturer in China. If you need the best quality manufactured Radio Shuttle, you can always contact them. OKE Storage has large satisfied Radio Shuttle customers worldwide such that they export their products to more than 85 developed countries.

      OKE Storage consists of large production equipment that includes 12 rolling lines for upright frames and eight rolling lines for Radio Shuttle beams. They also have nine workshops together with more than 40 sets of other rack equipment. Professional racking engineers worked in those workshops to manufacture your Radio Shuttle.

      OKE Storage System has a professional inspection team of 12 members. Their duty is to check the Radio Shuttle manufacturing at each step to ensure your storage system’s high quality. OKE Storage has more than 200 working staff with a minimum of three to four years of working experience to manufacture your Radio Shuttle.

      OKE Storage ordered the top-quality raw material from China’s largest steel manufacturing company named, Bao Steel Co. Ltd. They provide you with the best products storage solution. You can store not only date sensitive products in the Radio Shuttle but also the products that need to be stored for a long time.

      Due to having 20 years of large experience in the racking and shelving field, OKE Storage System can provide you with Radio Shuttle customization services. They use the latest technology, CNC machines and professional working staff to manufacture any type of Radio Shuttle design. You just have to provide complete details of your desired Radio Shuttle design; the experienced OKE engineers make your design within the given deadlines.

      All the OKE Storage products are 100% quality-verified and have passed CE and ISO 2015 certification, and comply with the AS4084 standard, American RMI standard, and FEM standards.

      OKE Storage System is a reliable and affordable Radio Shuttle manufacturer that has given a 5-star review rating for each of its products from its customers. After manufacturing, all of their products are coated with excellent quality powder to prevent corrosion.

      You can also get one-stop storage solutions from OKE Storage System. If you are not sure of the Radio Shuttle design, they can send racking engineers to your site. These engineers will then guide you through all the necessary requirements needed for your storage system.

      Besides Radio Shuttle, OKE Storage also provides you with other storage solutions and complete shelving and racking accessories. All of their products or accessories are 100% manufactured using quality standards and have quality certifications. Other available storage solutions include gravity flow racks, cantilever racks, push back racks, etc.

      You can also get the Radio Shuttle installation services from OKE Storage System. They also provide you with installation animated videos that save your time and money. They use the latest packaging methods to avoid any damage to the products during transportation and can deliver your ordered products within 10 to 15 working days.

      OKE Storage does not have strict Radio Shuttle MOQ requirements. If you need a small number of products, you can simply place a minimum order of one piece. They also offer a free sample of their products to satisfy their customers and build their trust.

      OKE Storage also has professional packaged and loading engineers to use your container space precisely. With their excellent experience, you can make full use of the container at a cheap cost. OKE can also provide you with ten years of extended warranty for each of their product and are available 24/7 to assist their customers with any queries of your Radio Shuttle.

      Radio Shuttle- The Ultimate FAQ Guide

      If you want to increase your warehouse storage density and maximize your business’s profits by increasing production rates and decreasing maintenance costs, you are in the right place!

      The OKE Storage System has manufactured an excellent storage solution for your warehouse that almost relies on technology.

      In this FAQ guide, you will get complete information about the Radio Shuttle usage, benefits, components, specifications, technical data, and safety precautions.

      1. How Can You Define Radio Shuttle?

      The Radio Shuttle is a very simple and semi-automated compact pallet loaded products storage system used by different warehouses and industries.

      This storage system uses technology-based loading and unloading processes.

      Radio Shuttle consists of a storage rack with storage lanes that can be extended to multiple levels high and multiple levels deep.

      It makes use of high speed shuttles for the movement of pallet loaded products into the storage channels.

      To fulfill all types of warehouse requirements, this storage system has been manufactured to be operated for both types of stock rotation styles, i.e., FIFO and LIFO.

      Radio Shuttle
      Radio Shuttle

      2. What Are the Components of Radio Shuttle?

      The basic components used for assembling the Radio Shuttle are given below:

      • Uprights:

      They form the base of the complete storage rack. All other Radio Shuttle components are connected with each other into the storage rack formed by using uprights.

      • Beams:

      The beams are connected between the uprights and below the rail system to provide extra support to the rails of this storage system.

      • Rails:

      They are used to hold the pallet loaded stored products, and their outside ledge provides a smooth path to the shuttles for traveling inside the storage channel.

      • Supports:

      The endpoints of the Radio Shuttle rails are bolted with the uprights using external rail supports, and internal rail supports are used to connect the rails with the beams.

      • Braces:

      The two uprights on the same side of the storage channel are connected with horizontal and diagonal braces to provide stability to the uprights.

      • Shuttles:

      They are electronic devices placed on the rail system and are used to carry out all the warehouse product storing and retrieving processes in a faster manner.

      • Forklift Trucks:

      The shuttles and pallet loaded products are placed on the rails system inside the storage channels with the help of forklift trucks.

      • Remote Control Device:

      It is an electronic device consisting of user-friendly software with different functions for performing various tasks from the Radio Shuttle shuttles.

      Radio Shuttle Internal Components
      Radio Shuttle Internal Components

      3. What Are the Primary Components of the Shuttle Used in Radio Shuttle?

      Following are the primary components that form the foundation of shuttles used in the storage channels of your Radio Shuttle:

      1. Wheel
      2. Contrast Wheels
      3. Shuttle Stops
      4. Aerial
      5. Safety Bumper
      6. Safety Scanner (Optional)
      7. Lifting Platform
      8. Battery Compartment
      9. Fault Indicator
      10. Battery Status Indicator
      11. On/Off Switch
      12. Emergency Stop Button
      13. End-Of-Track Sensor
      14. Position Camera (Optional)
      15. Pallet Detector
      16. Locking System
      Components of Shuttle Used in Radio Shuttle
      Components of Shuttle Used in Radio Shuttle

      4. How Can You Store and Retrieve Products in the Radio Shuttle?

      The Radio Shuttle involves a few easy steps that you can follow for storing and retrieving your heavy weight products:

      Product’s Loading Process:

      • First, place the shuttle and then pallet loaded product using a forklift truck at the entrance point of the storage lane where you want to store your products.
      • Using a remote control system, instruct the shuttle to take the product and store it in the first available location of the storage channel.
      • The shuttle lifts the pallet loaded product and drops the lifted product on the rail system at the first available location in the storage channel.
      • In this way, the product’s loading process is carried out in Radio Shuttle.

      Product’s Unloading Process:

      • Instruct the shuttle to retrieve the product from the storage lane of your Radio Shuttleusing a remote control device.
      • The shuttle starts moving towards the first available pallet loaded product.
      • The shuttle lifts the product and starts traveling towards the exit point of the storage channel.
      • At this point, you will withdraw the pallet loaded product from the storage channel by using a forklift truck.


      5. What Is the Difference Between Radio Shuttle and Traditional Storage System?

      The most common differences between Radio Shuttle and the Traditional Storage system are given below:

      • The products are stored on the rail system inside the storage channels of Radio Shuttle,whereas the products are stored on storage rack beams in the traditional storage system.
      • There is no need for aisles between different storage channels of Radio Shuttle. In contrast, you cannot remove aisles between different storage lanes of the traditional storage system.
      • The depth of the Radio Shuttle can be made up to 40 meters to 50 meters for storing your heavy weight warehouse products, whereas the traditional storage system can be made only two pallets deep.
      • The Radio Shuttleis semi-automated, which means that it almost relies on technology. In contrast, the loading and unloading process is not automated in the traditional storage system.
      • The loading and unloading process is carried out using shuttles in Radio Shuttle, whereas the traditional storage system does not use shuttles for this purpose.
      • You can utilize about 85% to 90% of your storage space with Radio Shuttle. In contrast, you can utilize about 70% to 75% of your storage space in the traditional storage system.
      • The Radio Shuttlecan be made for two styles of stock rotation, i.e., FIFO (First In, First Out) and LIFO (Last In, First Out). In contrast, the traditional storage system only provides you FIFO (First In, First Out) stock rotation facility.
      • You cannot directly access the stored products in Radio Shuttle, whereas all the stored products are easily and quickly accessible in the traditional storage system.
      • The shuttles of this storage system are able to carry a weight of 1500 kg to 2000 kg, whereas each layer of the traditional storage system can hold about 4000 kg of product weight.
      • You cannot make decking on the rail system of Radio Shuttle, whereas decking can be done on each traditional storage system layer.
      • The products are stored deep inside the storage channels of the Radio Shuttle, whereas the products are stored on the beams in the traditional storage system.
      Radio Shuttle Vs. Traditional Storage System
      Radio Shuttle Vs. Traditional Storage System

      6. What Are Beams in Radio Shuttle?

      The term “Beam” is used in the racking and shelving industry that is a long steel manufactured bar to use for holding or carrying heaving weight products onto them.

      For a single Radio Shuttle’s storage channel, whose structure consists of two upright frames, the beams are connected at the bottom between the upright frames.

      They provide complete support and stability to the rail system and enable it to withstand the weight of the pallet-loaded product.

      7. What Are Storage Channels in The Radio Shuttle?

      The storage channels are also called storage lanes that are used to hold your pallet loaded heavy weight products.

      The storage channels have consisted of a rail system and beams.

      The complete storage rack consists of various storage channels whose length can be extended from about 40 meters to 50 meters.

      Storage Channel of Radio Shuttle
      Storage Channel of Radio Shuttle

      8. What Are the Standard Dimensions of Radio Shuttle’s Storage Channel?

      The length or depth of the storage channel varies according to the storage space of your warehouse, but the standard depth or length used is 40 meters to 50 meters.

      The width and height of a single storage channel should be designed so that you can easily install the storage channel’s components and store or retrieve your products quickly.

      The most common Radio Shuttle’s storage channel’s width is 1.35 meters, and height is 1.35 meters.

      Radio Shuttle's Storage Channel Dimensions
      Radio Shuttle’s Storage Channel Dimensions

      9. How Many Radio Shuttle’s Storage Channels Can You Install in Your Storage Space?

      The total number of Radio Shuttle’s storage channels depends on the width and height of your warehouse storage space.

      Let your warehouse storage area width be 54 meters and height is 27 meters then:

      • The standard width and height of a single Radio Shuttle’sstorage channel are taken to be 1.35 meters.
      • (Storage Area Width)/ (Storage Channel Width) = (54 meters)/ (1.35 meters) = 40, that means you can install 40 storage lanes on one level of the storage system.
      • (Storage Area height)/ (Storage Channel height) = (27 meters)/ (1.35 meters) = 20, which means you can install 20 storage lanes one above the other to cover the total height of your storage area.

      So if your warehouse storage space has dimensions 54 meters wide by 27 meters high, you will be able to install 40 x 20 = 800 storage channels of 40 meters to 50 meters deep.

      Excess Number of Radio Shuttle Storage Channels
      Excess Number of Radio Shuttle Storage Channels

      10. Why do You Need a Rail System Inside the Radio Shuttle’s Storage Channels?

      The rail system is an extremely important component inside the storage channels of your Radio Shuttle.

      The pallet loaded products are directly deposited on the rails, which are then transferred to the first available location in that storage lane using a shuttle.

      The shuttle also needs a rail system in order to travel inside the storage lane of the Radio Shuttle.

      So for the movement of shuttles and storing pallet loading products, you must need a rail system inside the storage channel.

      Importance of Rails in Radio Shuttle
      Importance of Rails in Radio Shuttle

      11. Do The Radio Shuttle’s Rail System Capable to Hold Heavy Weight of Products?

      The rail system has been manufactured using the best quality steel.

      Therefore, they are strong enough to carry your products for as long as you need to store them.

      In addition to the excellent quality of rails, there are beams attached below the rail system of the Radio Shuttle at alternative distances.

      The beams also provide extra support to the rails.

      Both the beams and rails work together to hold the stored products into the storage lanes.

      Capability of Radio Shuttle Rails to Hold Heavy Weight
      Capability of Radio Shuttle Rails to Hold Heavy Weight

      12. What Can Be the Length of Radio Shuttle Rails?

      The Radio Shuttle rail’s length is directly proportional to the depth of the storage system.

      You can design the storage system’s depth according to your warehouse storage needs, and similarly, the rail’s length can also be made whatever you want.

      As Radio Shuttle is a high-density storage system whose standard depth is 40 m so you can make two rails having 40 m length for a single storage channel.

      13. Do The Radio Shuttle Follows Only FIFO Stock Rotation Style for Storing Your Products?

      No, the Radio Shuttle can be applied to all the warehouses and industries that need to store their products for long periods.

      This storage system can also be used for LIFO (Last In, First Out) stock rotation style.

      Instead of loading and unloading on opposite sides of the storage rack, this process can be carried out in a single aisle.

      Doing this will save your storage space by using the second aisle space for storing your warehouse products.

      Radio Shuttle- LIFO Style Stock Rotation
      Radio Shuttle- LIFO Style Stock Rotation

      14. How To Provide Electric Power To The Shuttles Used In The Radio Shuttle?

      There is a battery compartment on the surface of each shuttle where Lithium batteries are installed in order to supply electric power to the shuttles.

      These batteries are rechargeable and can be easily installed into the shuttles of the Radio Shuttle.

      After the complete charge of the battery, the shuttles are able to perform various tasks inside the storage channels of the Radio Shuttle for about 8 hours to 12 hours.

      Lithium Battery in Shuttles
      Lithium Battery in Shuttles

      15. Can You Directly Access the Stored Products into The Storage Channels of the Radio Shuttle?

      The Radio Shuttle storage channels are connected with each other into the complete storage rack.

      Due to this, there is no side space for directly accessing all the stored pallet loaded products.

      The products are stored deeper into the storage lanes for up to 40 meters to 50 meters which also do not allow you to reach stored pallets.

      For FIFO style Radio Shuttle, you can have direct access to only two pallet loaded products that are stored on the entrance location of a single storage channel

      Whereas for LIFO style, you can directly access only one pallet loaded product at the entrance of each storage lane.

      No Direct Access to Stored Products in Radio Shuttle
      No Direct Access to Stored Products in Radio Shuttle

      16. Can You See the Live Location of the Shuttles Working in the Radio Shuttle?

      Yes, you can attach a position camera to each shuttle working inside the storage channels of your Radio Shuttle.

      The camera will be directly connected with the remote control device through a Wi-Fi connection.

      You can turn on the position camera, and you will be able to see the live location of the working shuttle on the display screen of your remote control device.

      Radio Shuttle- Live Location of Shuttle
      Radio Shuttle- Live Location of Shuttle

      17. What Are the Technical Characteristics of the Radio Shuttle?

      The technical data related to each component of the Radio Shuttle is given below:

      • Standard Storage Rack Height:up to 40 meters to 50 meters
      • Standard Storage Rack Depth:up to 40 meters
      • Standard Storage Channel Width:around 1.5 meters
      • Standard Storage Channel Height:approximately 1.5 meters
      • Standard Pallet Dimensions:2 meters wide and 1 meter long
      • Standard Shuttle Dimensions:1 meter wide, 1.2 meters long, and 0.2 meters high
      • Standard Shuttle Weight:190 kg to 230 kg
      • Shuttle Working Speed:2 meters per second (For Empty Pallets)
      • Shuttle Working Speed:92 meters per second (For Loaded Pallets)
      • Shuttle’s Weight Capacity:about 1500 kg (3300 pounds) to 2000 kg (4400 pounds)
      • Shuttle Weight Lifting Time:2 seconds
      • Shuttle’s Battery:Lithium batteries
      • Battery Usage Per Charge:shuttles can work about 8 hours to 12 hours per charge
      • Battery Charging Time:around 1 hour to 2 hours
      • Battery Lifespan:up to 5 years
      • Number of Wheels:4
      • Working Temperature (Ambient):5°C to 45°C
      • Working Temperature (Cold):-30°C to 5°C
      • Radio Shuttle Rails Height:21 meters
      • Distance Between Two Rails in Storage Channel:1 meter
      • of Shuttles Controlled by Single Remote Control: up to 18 shuttles
      • Remote Control Display:O-LED (Suitable for Cold Stores)
      • Radio Shuttle Warranty:up to 10 years
      Radio Shuttle Excellent Characteristics
      Radio Shuttle Excellent Characteristics

      18. What Are the Reasons and Objectives of the Radio Shuttle?

      Following are the reasons and objectives for manufacturing Radio Shuttle in your warehouse or industry:

      • Increase storage capacity.
      • Increase storage density.
      • Improve security and reduce pilferage.
      • Reduce labor costs and increase productivity.
      • Improve safety.
      • Improve inventory control.
      • Improve the stock rotation.
      • Improve customer service.
      • Increase throughput.
      Improving Warehouse Storage Capacity Using Radio Shuttle
      Improving Warehouse Storage Capacity Using Radio Shuttle

      19. What Benefits You Will Enjoy If You Install Radio Shuttle in Your Warehouse?

      The Radio Shuttle consists of excellent components that combine together to give you outstanding benefits for your warehouse business:

      • You can efficiently use your warehouse storage floor space.
      • Pallet loaded product picking accuracy will be increased.
      • Radio Shuttleallows you to reclaim your vertical warehouse space.
      • The storage density can be increased up to the maximum level.
      • Fewer labor constraints due to labor shortages
      • Increased throughput
      • Improved safety and ergonomics that results in fewer accidents
      • Radio Shuttlereduces labor costs up to the maximum level.
      • It improves your warehouse product’s security.
      • It increases your warehouse workplace safety.
      • The efficiency, productivity, and accuracy will be increased by installing Radio Shuttlein your warehouse.
      • It is able to reduce 80% to 85% of your warehouse waste space.
      • You can trace and track all your product’s movements using user-friendly software on the remote control device.
      Radio Shuttle Benefits
      Radio Shuttle Benefits

      20. What Can Be the applications of Radio Shuttle?

      The Radio Shuttle is applicable in various businesses whose details are described below:

      • Cooler, freezer, and special environment applications
      • Automotive industry
      • Beverage industry
      • Electronics industry
      • For perishable and non-perishable products.
      • Radio Shuttlecan be used for all applications where FIFO and LIFO stock rotation is needed.
      • For warehouses that require high productivity in short times.
      • Radio Shuttlecan be applied where product’s loading and unloading require high precision.
      • For the warehouses that handle a more significant number of products to be rotated
      • Food industry
      • Hazmat industry
      • Maintenance & repair operations
      • Paper industry
      • Pharmaceutical industry
      • Plastics industry
      • Spare parts handling
      • Warehousing and distribution centers
      Radio Shuttle Applications
      Radio Shuttle Applications

      21. Can Radio Shuttle Save Your Time and Money?

      Yes, the Radio Shuttle always saves your operation time and cost due to the following reasons:

      • The software used in Radio Shuttle’sremote control device always keeps the record of the number of products and type of products stored in the storage channels, which can save your record maintaining time.
      • Due to the semi-automation of this storage system, work-related injuries reduce, which saves costs that can happen through employee injuries.
      • The remote control device has user-friendly software which can easily be accessible for any person, so you should not need to spend a lot of money on training the employees.
      • The storage channels are not operated by working staff. All storing and retrieving processes are carried out through shuttles, so you do not need to spend money for lighting and labor to work inside the storage channels.
      Save Time and Money Using Radio Shuttle
      Save Time and Money Using Radio Shuttle

      22. Which Radio Shuttle Manufacturer in China Can Provide You with the Best Installation Services?

      There are many Radio Shuttle manufacturers in China who can provide you with installation services but choosing the right one is a difficult task.

      You should always get the installation services from a manufacturer whom you are buying your Radio Shuttle to fulfill your warehouse products storage requirements.

      Nanjing International OKE Storage Systems in China have highly experienced racking and shelving experts who not only supply their Radio Shuttle worldwide but also provide installation services.

      You will be able to get free installation instructions and animated videos of this storage system in your warehouse that will be helpful for you to save your time and money.

      A racking engineer can visit your warehouse for a detailed installation guide.

      You can always contact OKE Storage by exploring their website or sending them an email to


      23. Do The Radio Shuttle Require Audits for Excellent Performance?

      Yes, the Radio Shuttle requires audits for its excellent performance.

      If there are minor issues in your storage system which require minor repairing, then they can easily be traced by audits.

      After tracing issues in your storage system, they can easily be repaired before they convert into terrible problems.

      Radio Shuttle Audits
      Radio Shuttle Audits
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