Racking System Wire Mesh Decking – The Complete FAQ Guide

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    For smaller items that don’t span the distance between pallet racking beams, wire mesh decks can be used to store undersized/damaged pallets, boxed goods, and other items that require a smaller level of storage than the racks themselves.

    Installation of mesh decks is super easy, each panel simply drops onto the racking beams.

    OKE Storage can customize the wire mesh deckings according to your requirements.

    European Sizes
    A. Load capacity 300kg B. Load capacity 800kg C. Load capacity 1000kg
    Wire Mesh 50×150 mm Wire Mesh 50×100mm Wire Mesh 50×100mm
    Dim (D×W) (mm) Dim (D×W) (mm) Dim (D×W) (mm)
    600×880 1000×880 1000×1340
    1000×880 1050×880 1050×1340
    1050×880 1100×880 800×1340
    1100×880 1000×1090 1200×1340
    European Wire Mesh Decking
    European Type Wire Mesh Decking
    American Sizes
    Standard U-channel Flared channel
    Dim (D×W) (mm) Dim (D×W) (mm)
    24″×46″ 42″×46″ 24″×46″
    30″×46″ 42″×52″ 36″×46″
    36″×34″ 42″×58″ 36″×52″
    36″×46″ 48″×34″ 42″×46″
    36″×52″ 48″×46″ 42″×52″
    36″×58″ 48″×52″ 44″×46″
    42″×34″ 48″×58″ 48″×46″
    American Type Wire Mesh Decking
    American Type Wire Mesh Decking
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