Racking System Shims – The Complete FAQ Guide

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    When installing the racking system, you will encounter many problems. One of the more common is an uneven floor.
    If you ignore this issue and install the racking system, it can make the racking a great safety hazard.

    To maintain plumpness and straighten the racking system vertically, shims are metal plates fitted under upright baseplates.
    Shims have many sizes, shapes, and types, and the material should match or exceed the floor’s design bearing strength and fit the upright baseplate size.

    Also, a racking system with different heights may require different shim thicknesses. Thicker shims may be needed for taller frames to reduce movement.

    Shims More Details
    Material: Steel
    Color: Galvanized
    Surface Finish: Galvanized
    Packing: Plastic Bag/Card boxes, Follow The Customer’s Needs.
    Thickness: 2.0mm


    Racking System Shims
    Racking System Shims
    racking system shims application scene
    Racking System Shims Application Scene
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