Racking System Anchor Bolts – The Complete FAQ Guide

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    An effective way to keep a racking system in place is to secure it to the concrete slab. A fastener is used to secure the system to the slab.

    Wedge, screw, concrete strike, and sleeve anchors are the most commonly used anchors in racking.

    Anchor length and size vary based on various factors from weight to height to floor level to seismic activity.
    They are usually made of steel and can be found in several sizes.

    Racking Anchor Bolts More Details
    Material: Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel
    Color: Galvanized
    Surface Finish: Galvanized
    Packing: Plastic Bag/Cardboxes, Follow The Customer’s Needs.
    Strength: Grade 4.8, Grade 8.8
    Size: M2-M100
    Length: 5-300mm
    Racking System Anchor Bolts
    Racking System Anchor Bolts
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