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    Boom Your Business With OKE Storage’s Best Quality Rack Push Back Products

    OKE Storage boom your business with the help of its experienced employees and workers. As OKE Storage provides custom design options of Rack Push Back for its valuable customers. Rack Push Back is better with OKE Storage best quality control techniques. Related Products of Rack Push Back are given below:

    Push Back Rack
    Push Back Rack is the best option when you need to save space and cost both. OKE Storage gives you a variety of storage options for this purpose. We will always consider what’s convenient for you.
    Push Back Pallet Rack System
    Push Back Racking System of OKE Storage helps you to enhance the quality of products. We are your trustworthy business partner. This type of racking system helps you to save much space about 80%.
    Push Back Pallet Racking
    Push Back Pallet Racking is the best option when you have less space, it supports your business with maximum storage capacity. OKE Storage offers you with the best quality Push Back Pallet Racking.
    Push Rack
    Push Rack is perfect choice when you need less cost and time for storing your valuable products with 100% reliability. For quality Push Rack OKE Storage gives you better options.
    Back Racking
    Back Racking is ideal for storing your valuable products with 100% reliability. Back Racking is one of convenient way of storage. OKE Storage can saves up to 80% of space.
    Push Back Pallet Rack System
    Push Back Pallet Rack System provides you with minimal cost and maximum storage. OKE Storage provide you easy installation in less cost. It uses LIFO system (Last in First Out).

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      How Rack Push Back Helps To Strengthen Your Business?

      OKE Storage only supply high quality Rack Push Back with full certification. OKE Storage team guarantee’s to provide you with high quality Rack Push Back products. OKE Storage has advance equipment like: Rack Upright Roll Forming Machine, Step Beam Roll Forming Machine, Rack Automatic Laser Cutting Machine, Rack Punching Machine etc.

      • With top quality powder coatings and advance manufacturing of OKE Storage Rack Push Back your business will expand fast.
      • Rack Push Back of OKE Storage uses the steel trolley to help working smoothly.
      • OKE Storage has strict and strong inspection team that ensures best quality for Rack Push Back, because OKE Storage experts knows how to maintain quality. Rack Push Back is the ideal solution for storing large quantities of small-sized goods.
      • As OKE Storage is one of the largest Rack Push Back Suppliers in China, provides you with top quality equipment and a professional approach.
      • OKE Storage Rack Push Back offers you a full range of services from design to installation of storage solutions. Also provides you with Pre and Post Services. Simply 100% Customer support of OKE Storage helps in trust building with our clients.
      Super Long 10 Years Warranty
      Rack Push Back super long warranty of 10 years. It saves your storage cost as well.
      Fastest Suppliers
      OKE Storage deliver you Rack Push Back within committed period of time with design to installation services.
      Certified Raw Material
      We prepare the best quality material to meet your desired needs and serves you with Best Rack Push Back design. Approved by ISO standards.
      Over 20 years of Experience
      OKE Storage is having rich experience in manufacturing of Rack Push Back, so you can rely on OKE Storage.

      Rack Push Back – Description

      Nanjing OKE Storage is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of rack push back. It offers a one-stop solution for all of your racking system problems, especially the rack push back. OKE’s rack push back is widely used around the world with positive customer experiences.

      OKE’s rack push back is a LIFO-based pallet storage system that is very smooth and fast. The raw material which OKE Storage uses for rack push back is of extremely fine quality as per international standards. It uses galvanized steel from top Chinese steel exporters for manufacturing all types of racking systems.

      The pallet storage and retrieval on OKE’s rack push back takes around 5 to 10 seconds. This is because of the smooth and corrosion-resistant pallet rollers and shuttles. Nanjing OKE Storage tests each component of its rack push back before delivering it worldwide.

      Surprisingly, the price of OKE’s rack push back is one of the most economical in the international market. It’s around $100 per set of the rack push back without compromising its quality. When it comes to quality, Nanjing OKE Storage adheres to prominent international quality standards like ISO:9001 and EU standards.

      You can store similar dimensional pallets and products into OKE’s rack push back without any issues. If you are thinking to use it for cold storage items, OKE’s rack push back is also the best option that you could find. The working principles and operations of OKE’s rack push back are also very easy to understand and apply even by a common worker.

      Additionally, OKE Storage empowers you to customize your rack push back in each possible way. Either you want the colors to be different, the material, the style, or even the structure of your rack push back. OKE also allows you to choose what type of raw materials and steel types you would like to use for your customized rack push back. OKE Storage also can provide you with various racks, such as Radio Shuttle, Cantilever Racking System, Flow Racks For Pallets, and so on according to your requiremnents.

      With advanced machining and tools, OKE provides the fastest and the most reliable manufacturers of rack push back. The packaging and delivery of OKE are also the most trustable due to its international delivery network. OKE Storage also provides you options for receiving the delivery of rack push back either through sea freight, air, or road transportation.

      With a rack supply history of over 85 countries, OKE enables its customers to get the best racks in the shortest time possible. You can get your customized rack push back within 10 to 15 working days. Not only that, but Nanjing OKE Storage also provides you with one of the most prolonged warranties for rack push back up to 10 years.

      OKE strongly believes in providing the best customer service, that is why it offers 24/7 after-sales support. This uninterrupted support will give you immense relaxation if you find any issues while operating your rack push back. OKE Storage also manufactures and supplies all types of rack storage systems and accessories.

      This includes drive-in racking, cantilever racking, double-deep racks, radio shuttle racking, and many others. OKE offers FREE designing services for your rack push back if you order it now. So, get in touch for the world-class rack push back for a perfect warehouse solution.

      Rack Push Back – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

      If you are thinking to buy a racking system for your warehouse, especially the rack push back, this guide is for you.

      It consists of all the aspects regarding the rack push back ranging from its design, feasibility, cost, and everything else.

      Therefore, it is highly recommended to go through this valuable guide before buying the racking system.

      1. What is Rack Push Back?

      Rack push back is a pallet storage racking system in which either side of an aisle is used to store and retrieve pallets.

      Rack push back is also called push back rack, gravity racking, flow racking, and even back racking system.

      This pallet storage racking system follows the Last In First Out (LIFO) storage mechanism.

      Rack push back works either through pallet rollers or shuttles on which pallets are placed.

      Rack Push Rack
      Rack Push Rack

      2. What are the Uses of Rack Push Back?

      Rack push back is used to store numerous types of palletized products.

      The following types of pallets are best to use with the rack push back storage system.

      • Products that have a short turn-around time.
      • Cold storage products with a short retrieval time.
      • Products with uniform dimensions.
      • Similar products with similar SKUs.
      • Products should be of equal size and weight for better pallet movement and handling over the rack push back.

      Moreover, you can store almost all types of products over it such as wooden, plastic or whatever else.

      If you want to ask about some specific product’s compatibility with rack push back, you can contact the manufacturer.

      Applications of Rack Push Back
      Applications of Rack Push Back

      3. What are the Types of Rack Push Back?

      Generally, there are two types of rack push back as follows:

      • Shuttles-Oriented Rack Push Back:

      It is a type of rack push back in which moveable shuttles are installed onto the pallet racking frame.

      The pallets which you want to store in the rack push back are placed onto these shuttles.

      Rack Push Back with Shuttles
      Rack Push Back with Shuttles
      • Rollers-Oriented Rack Push Back:

      In rollers-oriented rack push back, the manufacturer installs moveable rollers over the pallet frame instead of shuttles.

      These rollers serve the same purpose as the pallet shuttles.

      However, the rollers move more swiftly and flawlessly in most conditions.

      Rack Push Back with Rollers
      Rack Push Back with Rollers

      4. Is Rack Push Back based on LIFO System?

      Yes, the rack push back system is completely based upon the Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) storage mechanism.

      In this way, you can access the recently stored pallet at the first position in the rack push back.

      This proves to be very helpful if you are storing similar types of products in it.

      5. What are the Benefits of Using Rack Push Back?

      You can get countless benefits by using the rack push back.

      Some of the most significant ones are mentioned as follows:

      • The access to your pallets in the rack push back becomes more advanced and reliable.
      • The rack push back is faster than other racks due to its automated pallet movement.
      • It is a gravity-based racking system that doesn’t require much human effort.
      • You can get more storage space in your warehouse due to its 75% storage efficiency.
      • Its price is more economical and feasible in most cases.
      • The rack push back is convenient to maintain and operate.

      Buying the rack push back from a dependable manufacturer will guarantee you ultimate benefits and reliability.


      6. What are the Components of Rack Push Back?

      The components which make the rack push back are enlisted as follows:

      • Upright Frame / Upright Structure:

      Upright frame is the primary structure of a rack push back.

      It is the vertical steel-made structure on which other components of the rack push back are installed.

      The height of the rack completely depends upon the height of its upright frame.

      • Pallet Rails:

      These rails are connected with the upright structure and host either the rollers or the shuttles.

      The weight of the pallets falls onto the pallet rails which ultimately are transferred to the ground.

      • Upright Protectors:

      The protectors are one of the optional components of the rack push back.

      These protectors provide a defense to the upright frame from any possible damages.

      • Rack Rollers:

      These are round-shaped rolling balls that are installed onto the pallet rails.

      The reason behind their installation is their ability to carry and move pallets over them.

      Movement of pallets over the rack push back is possibly made possible through these rack rollers.

      • Rack Shuttles:

      These shuttles are also installed on the pallet rails instead of pallet rollers.

      Pallets are placed on these shuttles which move back and forth to drop the loaded pallet at the most appropriate place.

      There are other optional accessories and components for the rack push back which are installed as per the user demands.

      Components of Rack Push Back
      Components of Rack Push Back

      7. How Does a Rack Push Back Works?

      Rack push back works in a very convenient and understandable way as follows:

      • Both the front and back sides of this racking system can be used in most conditions.
      • The front side is a bit declined downwards which is usually used to load and even retrieve the pallets.
      • The backside is positioned higher than the front side and a pallet can be loaded through it as well.
      • To load a pallet into the rack push back, if there is a previously stored pallet on the front side, it is pushed back.
      • Then the space is created for the newer pallet and it is dropped onto the rails/shuttles.
      • For retrieval of pallets, the most recently stored pallet on the front side is picked up by the forklift.

      The primary movement of the pallets is due to gravity as all the stored pallets automatically inclined toward the front side.

      Therefore, the rack push back is one of the easiest pallet racking systems when it comes to working principles.


      8. What is the Installation Procedure of Rack Push Back?

      Installation of the rack push back requires some expert skills due to its structure.

      Therefore, it is always recommended to install this racking system in the hands of professional engineers.

      However, it consists of the following steps:

      • At first, the ground of the warehouse is marked where the foundations are to be installed.
      • The foundations of the rack push back are installed to the ground strongly and tightly.
      • Then you will install the upright frame onto these foundations.
      • Pallet rails are installed to the upright frames as per the pallet levels you want.
      • Every pallet rail is then connected to either the rollers or the pallet shuttles.
      • Finally, the rack push back is tested to see if it works the way it was supposed to through actual pallet loading.

      9. What is the Price of Rack Push Back?

      The price of the rack push back depends upon the structure and design you ask for.

      Generally, the price of a set of usual rack push back is around $100.

      This is the average price in the Chinese rack manufacturing market.

      While in other countries, the price for the same rack push back can go up to $600 per set.

      Cost of Rack Push Back
      Cost of Rack Push Back

      10. In Which Warehouses Can You Use Rack Push Back?

      You can use the rack push back in whatever warehouse you want.

      There are absolutely no restrictions or limitations about the warehouse type.

      You can use the rack push back in either a cold storage warehouse or the general items warehouse.

      11. For How Long Can You Store Pallets in Rack Push Back?

      The rack push back doesn’t limit you about any storage time duration.

      You can store pallets into the rack as long as the products remain in good condition internally.

      It can go up to several years as well but it is recommended to use the rack push back for short turnaround products.

      This is because if you store the pallets for a long duration, the ability of rollers or shuttles might get affected.

      12. Can You Make Customized Rack Push Back?

      OKE Storage is well-equipped for all types of customization in your rack push back storage system.

      Nanjing OKE Storage allows you to customize its shape, color, design, and even overall structure.

      Moreover, OKE Storage also empowers you to choose raw materials on your own preferences.

      The customized rack push back of OKE Storage is well-graded in the international market as it follows high-quality standards.

      Customized Rack Push Back
      Customized Rack Push Back

      13. Is Rack Push Back Reparable?

      Most of the primary components of the rack push back are completely reparable.

      The repair factor also depends upon how much damage has been done to a component or what is its placement.

      However, prominent manufacturers like OKE Storage assure that each component of the rack push back is reparable.

      14. How Can You Maintain the Quality of Rack Push Back?

      Maintaining the quality of the rack push back is quite easy and convenient.

      You just need to follow the maintenance tips mentioned as follows:

      • It is advised not to place over-weighed pallets over the shuttles or rollers.
      • Try to place the rack push back in a dry environment in your warehouse.
      • Cleaning the rack push back is a recommended practice after a considerable interval.
      • If you find any minor damages or defects on its surface, try to repair them as soon as possible.

      Additionally, always follow the specific guidelines provided to you by the rack push back manufacturer.

      Maintain the Quality of Rack Push Back
      Maintain the Quality of Rack Push Back

      15. What are the Qualities of a Good Manufacturer of Rack Push Back?

      You should always try to find the best manufacturer for buying the rack push back.

      For this purpose, you need to consider the following qualities in a manufacturer in order to consider it a good one:

      • A good manufacturer always has sufficient machines and tools to make the rack push back in a finalized way.
      • Previous manufacturing experience should always be considered.
      • You should also focus on the quality standards which the manufacturer follows.
      • Whether the manufacturer is able to supply the rack push back is a considerable question.
      • You should also observe the previous customer experience of the manufacturer.
      • If the manufacturer provides a warranty, it should be considered a good one.

      16. Why OKE Storage is the Best Manufacturer of Rack Push Back?

      Nanjing OKE Storage is one of the most renowned manufacturers of the rack push back in the global market.

      The reasons behind its being the best manufacturer in the market are as follows:

      • OKE Storage has been manufacturing the rack push back for more than 20 years.
      • It has supplied this racking system to more than 85 countries around the world.
      • OKE Storage always uses state-of-the-art machines and tools for advanced level rack push back manufacturing.
      • Due to its quality-focused manufacturing, it always gets positive customer responses.
      • The reliability of its rack push back is around 50 years due to quality raw materials and enhanced mechanisms.
      Best Manufacturer of Rack Push Back
      Best Manufacturer of Rack Push Back

      17. What is the Procedure of Importing Rack Push Back?

      Importing a rack push back from another country is quite challenging but in this case, it is surprisingly the easiest.

      At first, you need to find a good and reliable manufacturer and supplier.

      Contact it through the business website and send your specified requirements.

      You can also request a price quote to see whether they are feasible for you or not.

      The rack push back manufacturer will tell you all the important custom procedures.

      Since good manufacturers like OKE Storage follow international quality standards, you will not get any problems.

      After finalizing the deal, your rack push back will be delivered right at your doorstep.

      18. Should You Import Rack Push Back from China?

      Importing the rack push back from China is a very reliable and feasible option.

      This is because China has eased export rules for enhanced customer experiences.

      The rack push back from China doesn’t cost you much as from the other countries does.

      Import Rack Push Back from China
      Import Rack Push Back from China

      19. What is the Delivery Duration of Rack Push Back?

      The delivery duration for the rack push back varies based on different aspects.

      At first, what type of rack push back you require and how much time it takes to develop it is a considerable factor.

      The supplier’s capability and delivery options are also considered when analyzing the delivery duration.

      In general, it takes around 10 to 15 days for the rack push back to reach up to your delivery address worldwide.

      20. Do You Provide Warranty for Rack Push Back?

      Of course, OKE Storage provides a warranty of 10 years for its rack push back system.

      This is one of the longest warranty periods in the entire international rack manufacturing market.

      You can claim the warranty if anything happens to the rack push back due to internal faults without any worries.

      Warranty of Rack Push Back
      Warranty of Rack Push Back

      21. Do You Provide After-Sales Support for Rack Push Back?

      Yes, OKE Storage provides after-sales support for the rack push back once you purchase it.

      Surprisingly, it offers you 24/7 support through your favorite and preferred methods.

      You can either make a phone call, instant messages, emails, or even live text or video chat.

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