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      How Push Rack Ensures Maximum Storage Capacity For Your Business ?

      OKE Storage is one of the reputed manufacturers and suppliers in China. OKE Storage delivers the best quality Push Rack. If you need a high-density storage option in a limited space, OKE Storage- Push Rack is the perfect option for your business.

      • With the advanced manufacturing of OKE Storage Push Rack, your business will grow gradually. Enhance occupancy and stock rotation because each level stores various products in Push Rack.
      • Push Rack of OKE Storage uses the steel trolley to help work smoothly.
      • OKE Storage has a strong inspection flow team that ensures the best quality for Push Rack because OKE Storage experts know that quality matters a lot.
      • Push Rack is the ideal solution for storing large quantities of small-sized goods.
      • As OKE Storage is one of the largest Push Rack Suppliers in China, provides you with top-quality equipment and a professional approach.
      • 100% Customer support of OKE Storage helps in trust-building with our clients
      • Customer Satisfaction – OKE Storage Push Rack offers you a full range of services from design to installation of storage solutions
      Reliable Packaging
      OKE Storage provides you with safest and secure packing of Push Rack mechanism.
      Quality Control
      Certified Raw Material
      We prepare the best quality material to meet your desired needs and serves you with Best Push Rack design. Approved by ISO standards.
      Lightning Fast Delivery
      Fastest Suppliers
      OKE Storage deliver you Push Rack within given time period.
      Super Long 10 years of Warranty
      Push Rack gives you super long warranty of 10 years. It saves your storage cost as well.

      Push Rack – Description

      OKE Storage is one of the top Chinese racking manufacturers with more than two decades of professional expertise. You can use OKE’s push rack in every warehouse type you want. There are hundreds of customization options that OKE provides you for your push rack.

      Nanjing OKE Storage has world-class machinery which enables high-quality push rack manufacturing. The certified and professional engineers at OKE ensure the raw material of the push rack is up to the mark. The entire manufacturing process of the push rack is also analyzed by OKE Storage experts from start to finish.

      The adjustability and flexibility of the push rack are also one of the top features provided by OKE Storage. Nanjing OKE Storage also understands your warehouse needs which is why its push rack can save up to 75% storage space of your warehouse. OKE Storage believes in cost-efficiency therefore its push rack can cut around 25% of your operational costs.

      Surprisingly, you can access your stored pallets from OKE’s push rack within no time. OKE Storage has made it possible to access all of your pallets as smoothly as they can. OKE Storage also manufactures and supplies all other racking systems with high-end quality. These racking systems include cantilever racking, drive-in racking, double deep racking, high bay racking, and much more.

      OKE Storage complies with all the international quality standards while manufacturing all of its racking systems. You can store all types of products in OKE’s push rack with remarkable accessibility and swiftness. OKE’s strength has always been high quality which is why it has supplied push rack systems to more than 85 countries globally.

      The design engineers at Nanjing OKE Storage also assure high-quality designing with your preferred combinations. OKE’s design has always been the best in the global market with the power of customizations in whatever way you want.

      Nanjing OKE Storage uses quality-oriented raw steel from the world’s top steel exporters for manufacturing push racks. This high-end steel and streamlined manufacturing process of OKE ensures the durability and reliability of push racks for decades to come. OKE’s advanced pickling technology coats your push rack system in your preferred design.

      OKE understands the value of endurance of your push rack which is why it applies an advanced layer of oxidation. This enables the racking system to become rust-proof and environmentally friendly. Product quality testing engineers of OKE Storage ensure the survivability of the push rack with advanced testing mechanisms.

      Surprisingly, OKE can deliver you finalized push rack systems within ten to fifteen days for international shipments. This is because OKE Storage has a strong global shipment network and the best results. You can also buy all types of pallet components and accessories from OKE Storage without any worries.

      For the best customer service, OKE Storage offers 24/7 after-sales support with your preferred platforms. It also provides 10 years long-lasting warranty for push racks and other racking systems. OKE also doesn’t limit you to any requirements of minimum order quantity. If you order now, OKE can provide you free design service for your push rack.

      So, contact us now to avail this limited-time offer and promising high-quality push rack system!

      Push Rack – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

      Finding the best racking system for your warehouse storage problems is a huge challenge.

      Nanjing OKE Storage Solutions is here to get you started and help you find the best racking system as per your needs.

      One of the best among those racking systems is the push rack system.

      This is a complete and comprehensive guide for you to know all about push rack.

      It consists of important details about its feasibility, price, suitability, applications, and many more.

      Therefore, before making any final decisions regarding the push rack, go through this guide.

      1. What is Push Rack?

      A push rack is a type of pallet storage rack system for warehouses.

      The reason why it is called push rack is due to the fact that pallets are pushed forwards to load into it.

      Push rack is also known as with others names such as push racking system, gravity rack, or even back racking.

      Push rack is a Last In First Out (LIFO) based storage racking system.

      Push Rack
      Push Rack

      2. What are the Applications of Push Rack?

      Push rack systems are widely used in numerous warehouses around the world.

      The applications of push rack pallet storage systems are as follows:

      • Pallets or products with equal dimensions and weight are the best to store in push rack systems.
      • Products for cold storage can also be placed in a push rack.
      • It is recommended to use similar products within a push rack.
      • Products or pallets with short turnaround time and which require quick movement.
      • You can also store all types of pallets into it ranging from wooden to cardboard or plastic pallets.
      • It is not recommended to use long structured and uneven products into the push rack system as steel rods.

      Moreover, you can also use a push rack to fulfill your specified requirements as per your needs.

      Uses of Push Racking System
      Uses of Push Racking System

      3. What are the Advantages of Using Push Rack?

      The advantages of a push rack pallet storage system are numerous.

      Some of the most significant advantages are as follows:

      • The products or pallets placed on the push rack smoothly flow over its structure.
      • The time required to store or retrieve a pallet from a push rack is quite less than most of the other racking systems.
      • The chances of jamming or pallet stuck are quite less than other racking systems.
      • Chances of damages to the products or pallets are just a few in a push rack system.
      • The push rack doesn’t require any electricity or power to operate so it is energy efficient.
      • It is easier to learn the operating mechanism of push racks by a common worker.

      In addition to the above-mentioned advantages of it, this racking system is also economical.

      The number of advantages becomes double when you buy a push rack from a prominent manufacturer.

      Benefits of Push Racking System
      Benefits of Push Racking System

      4. What are the Disadvantages of Push Rack?

      There are a few disadvantages of push rack pallet storage system as follows:

      • The maintenance and repair of the push rack are comparatively harder than most of the other racking systems.
      • If you want to retrieve a selected pallet from the push rack, it takes time unless you store similar products into it.
      • Storing long structured products cannot be feasible with push rack systems.

      However, experienced manufacturers like OKE Storage can limit the disadvantages as much as possible.

      This is because of their ability to manufacture state-of-the-art push rack systems with advanced machining.

      5. What are the Components of a Push Rack?

      The push rack system consists of many components with its own functionalities.

      Manufacturing a customized push rack may have some different components than the standard ones.

      However, the overall structure remains the same with the same components.

      The primary components of the push rack are as follows:

      • Upright Frame:

      This is a vertical steel-oriented structure upon which other components are connected.

      It gives a vertical shape to the push rack and is often made with galvanized steel.

      • Load Beams:

      These are the steel beams upon which the weight of the load/pallet is placed.

      These are horizontally shaped structures on which shuttles or rollers are installed.

      • Pallet Rollers:

      Rollers are the rolling structures upon which pallets are placed and they move freely on push rack.

      These rollers are installed onto the load beams of a push rack system.

      • Pallet Shuttles:

      Pallet shuttles are large horizontal plate-like structures on which pallets are placed in a push rack.

      Instead of pallet rollers, shuttles are installed onto the load beams on the push rack systems.

      Components of Push Racking System
      Components of Push Racking System

      6. Is Push Rack More Efficient Than Other Racking Systems?

      The efficiency of the push rack system depends upon its usage and feasibility of it.

      If the push rack system fits your needs, then it is completely efficient.

      In a general perspective, push rack is more efficient than most other racking systems.

      For example, drive-in racking systems are slower than push racks when it comes to retrieving pallets.

      7. What are the Working Principles of Push Rack?

      The working principle of push rack is simple to understand.

      Either the rollers or the shuttles will be installed to your push rack.

      At first, you just load the pallet onto the forklift and move the forklift to the desired pallet placement.

      If there are previously stored pallets on the push rack, push them backwards by your forklift.

      The rollers automatically slide back and then space for the newer pallet is created.

      Gravity plays a vital role in the working of push rack systems.

      For retrieving pallets, simply withdraw the most recent pallet first from the push rack.

      In this way, you can easily store and retrieve pallets from the push rack system.


      Working Principles of Push Racking System
      Working Principles of Push Racking System

      8. How Much Strong is a Push Rack?

      The push rack is much stronger than most of the other pallet storage racking systems.

      On average, a pallet position on the push rack system can bear around 3000 pounds of weight.

      This is a good weight average as compared to other racking systems.

      The push rack is usually made with galvanized steel which proves to be stronger and more efficient.

      9. What are the Features of a Push Rack?

      Due to the smooth structure of the push rack pallet storage system, its features are numerous.

      Some of the most notable features of push rack are as follows:

      • Push rack allows easier placement and retrieval of pallets.
      • Push rack is a quick and efficient storage system with simple operational methods.
      • It comes with multiple options for its pallet installation as you can use rollers or shuttles.
      • The chances of pallet stuck are quite minimum in push rack systems.
      • Push rack uses the earth’s gravity to operate efficiently.
      • The required pallets automatically come one after another in the push rack system’s front side.

      The above-mentioned features of the push rack can also be increased by manufacturing it as per the user’s needs.

      Features of Push Racking System
      Features of Push Racking System

      10. What Type of Storage Flow is Used in Push Rack?

      Push rack pallet storage system uses the Last In First Out pallet storage mechanism.

      This LIFO storage flow mechanism allows the most recently stored pallet to be retrieved first.

      The pallets which are stored previously can only be retrieved if the recent pallets are removed from it at first.

      11. What are the Things to Consider Before Buying Push Rack?

      There are a lot of things and aspects you need to look at before buying the push rack.

      The most considerable things are as follows:

      • Make sure that the push rack is the right choice by checking its feasibility.
      • If you want to store similar and uniformly shaped pallets, consider a push rack system.
      • Make sure that your warehouse ground levels are not uneven as it can make problems in operating it.
      • If you have a limited or average budget, a push rack system is a considerable choice.
      • You must always buy a push rack from an experienced and prominent manufacturer like OKE Storage.

      You can also consult your push rack pallet manufacturer about the possible considerations as per your needs.

      Things to Consider for Push Racking System
      Things to Consider for Push Racking System

      12. What are the Types of Push Rack?

      As per structure differences are concerned, push rack has two types.

      The details of both of these types are as follows:

      • Push Rack with Rollers:

      Rollers are installed onto the load beams instead of shuttles in this type of push rack.

      Multiple rollers are installed onto a single column for better and flawless movement of pallets.

      These rollers move back and forth along with the pallets for easier movement and pallet placement.

      • Push Rack with Shuttles:

      Only one shuttle per pallet row position is used in this type of push rack.

      Shuttles move back and forth on the rails and when reached up to the desired place, it unloads the pallets over there.

      The usage of either the shuttles or the rollers completely depends upon the user requirements.

      Push Racking System with Shuttles
      Push Racking System with Shuttles

      13. For How Many Levels Can a Push Rack be Manufactured?

      Different manufacturers may provide different level capabilities for push rack storage systems.

      In general, a typical push rack can have around four deep storage levels for pallets inside of it.

      It is also recommended not to use a push rack with more than five-level deep storage positions but it is possible.

      Prominent manufacturers like Nanjing OKE Storage can provide the push rack with as many levels as you require.

      They will also provide you with useful suggestions and will check the feasibility of pallet storage levels as per your needs.

      14. Is Forklift Essential for Working with Push Rack?

      The need for a forklift for a push rack system largely depends upon its usage and requirement.

      If your pallets are heavier and with large-sized structures, forklifts become essential to use with a push rack.

      Otherwise, manual methods can also be used in some cases.

      However, using a forklift is always recommended to avoid pallet damage and better placement.

      15. What are the Load Beams of a Push Rack?

      Load beams are the actual structures upon which the load of the pallets is placed.

      In a push rack system, additional structures like the rollers or shuttles are installed onto the load beams.

      It enables the weight of the pallets to be distributed along with the entire frame of the push rack.

      Therefore, the load beam is one of the most important components of a push rack.

      Load Beams of Push Racking System
      Load Beams of Push Racking System

      16. What is the Frame of a Push Rack?

      The frame of a push rack is the overall structure upon which the entire push rack is based.

      The frame is often made with galvanized steel for better support and strength.

      The frame of the push rack should be dimensionally correct as it becomes the base for other components.

      17. What are the Rollers of a Push Rack?

      The rollers of a push rack are one of its primary components as they hold the pallets directly.

      These are the rolled structures like horizontal, steel-based shapes.

      Rollers of Push Racking System
      Rollers of Push Racking System

      18. What are the Shuttles of a Push Rack?

      Shuttles are the alternatives to rollers in a push rack pallet storage system.

      Pallets are placed onto these shuttles for better pallet placement in a push rack.

      As the rollers, these shuttles can also move back and forth but the number of shuttles is limited in a push rack.

      These shuttles are also made with strong and dependable steel types.

      19. Should You Use Push Rack with Shuttles or with Rollers?

      Using either the rollers or the shuttles in a push rack completely depends upon your requirements.

      For lighter pallets and pallets with quick turnaround time, rollers prove to be competent.

      For heavier pallets or other requirements, shuttles should be used with push rack systems.

      However, your push rack manufacturer can provide you with better information about what you should choose.

      20. How Can You Install Push Rack?

      The installation mechanism of the push rack pallet storage system consists of a few steps.

      These crucial installation steps of the push rack are as follows:

      • The ground is properly marked to assure the dimensional efficiency of the push rack.
      • Foundations of the push rack system are installed onto the ground over the markings.
      • The upright frame of the push rack is installed onto these foundations.
      • Then, load beams are connected with the upright frame.
      • Upon these load beams, pallet shuttles or pallet rollers are installed.
      • For a test, sample pallets are put onto the push rack for checking out their reliability.

      Moreover, push rack manufacturers can also send professional engineers for on-sight installation if possible.

      Installation of Push Racking System
      Installation of Push Racking System

      21. Can You Save Storage Space through Push Rack?

      Yes, a push rack is one of the best choices when you are concerned with storage space efficiency.

      Even it is more space-efficient than most of the other racking systems like drive-in racking systems.

      You can save up to 75% to 80% of your storage space by using the push rack.

      For more storage efficiency, contacting your push rack manufacturer will help you a lot.

      22. What are the Chances of Jamming in a Push Rack?

      The chances of jamming in a push rack pallet storage system are quite minimum.

      This is due to the flawless and smooth roll-over structure of the push rack.

      On average, the chances of jamming a pallet over the push rack is around 5%.

      However, if you place heavier or uneven pallets onto it, the chances of jamming may increase.

      23. Is Push Rack a Durable Racking Storage System?

      Yes, the push rack is a durable and reliable racking storage system.

      This is because most of its primary components are made with strong and reliable steel types.

      You can store pallets for longer periods over it without any worries.

      The durability of the push rack increases if you buy it from an experienced manufacturer like OKE Storage Systems.

      This is because they assure its reliability through different quality tests of an international standard.

      On average, a push rack can last up to 50 years if used properly as per the user guidelines.

      Durability of Push Racking System
      Durability of Push Racking System

      24. What are the Average Dimensions of a Push Rack?

      The depth and height of the push rack pallet storage system are the most important dimensions.

      They define the overall structure of the pallet storage system.

      You can ask the manufacturer to make these dimensions customized as you require.

      However, a typical push rack comes with the following depth dimensional options:

      • 36’’
      • 42’’
      • 48’’

      The usual height options are as follows:

      • 8’’
      • 10’’
      • 12’’
      • 16’’
      • 20’’

      The above-mentioned values are not static as you can change them as well as per your demands.

      25. How Can You Buy Push Rack?

      Buying a push rack is one of the easiest tasks as it involves simpler steps.

      These steps are as follows:

      • Visit the website of the push rack manufacturer.
      • Find out its contact information or send him a message on the website’s Contact Us page.
      • Mention your requirements like whether you require rollers or shuttles and deep levels etc. in the message.
      • Request for a price quote and other delivery information.
      • Once you receive the price quote, review it and make sure that everything is feasible for you.
      • For finalizing the order, send the payment through the manufacturer’s preferred channel.
      • Provide your shipment preferences and the duration in which a push rack is required.
      • It will be delivered right to your delivery address.

      If you found yourself stuck on some steps, the manufacturer will help you along.

      Buy Push Racking System
      Buy Push Racking System

      26. What is the Cost of Push Rack?

      The cost of a push rack pallet storage system varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

      Your requirements also affect the overall price of this racking system.

      On average, the price of one set of push racks is around $100.

      This is quite an economical value if you have a limited budget and limited requirements.

      You can ask the manufacturer for the exact cost of your preferred push rack type with custom requirements.

      27. Can You Use all Types of Forklifts with Push Rack?

      Yes, you can use almost all types of forklifts with a push rack storage system.

      It also depends upon the weight and dimensions of your pallets as well as the push rack itself.

      However, light-weighted and heavier forklifts, both can be used with it easily.

      28. Is it Easy to Import Push Rack from China?

      Importing a push rack pallet storage system from China is one of the easiest ways to import goods.

      This is because China has relaxed its export regulations and has encouraged its manufacturing business.

      You only need to provide the shipment details and observe your local import regulations.

      Other than that, all of the things are taken care of by the push rack manufacturer and supplier in China.

      That is why it is always preferred to buy storage racks from China.

      Import Push Racking from China
      Import Push Racking from China

      29. What are the Tips to Maintain the Quality of Push Rack?

      In order to maintain the quality of push rack systems, you need to follow a few tips.

      These important tips are as follows:

      • Always look for any structural changes like dents in the push rack before placing the load onto it.
      • Place it in a dry environment where the chances of damage are less.
      • Try to clean and analyze the primary components of your push rack for better reliability.
      • Ask for repairs immediately after observing even the minor defects.
      • Always follow the guidelines given by the specified pallet racking manufacturer.

      30. What You Should Look For in a Push Rack Manufacturer?

      The more wisely you choose your pallet manufacturer, the more reliable it would be.

      That is why you should always look for a few essential qualities of a good manufacturer.

      These qualities are enlisted as follows:

      • A good push rack manufacturer should have experience of over a decade in quality manufacturing.
      • It should have advanced machines and skillful staff for better reliability.
      • Having a global delivery service is a quality you should also look for.
      • Look for adherence to international quality standards while finding a suitable manufacturer.

      Additionally, you should also observe if the manufacturer matches your economic needs.

      Manufacturer of Push Racking System
      Manufacturer of Push Racking System

      31. Who is the Top Manufacturer of Push Rack?

      When it comes to the top manufacturer of push racks, you should look for the qualities.

      One of the top push rack manufacturers is Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems.

      The reason behind its top-notch placement is its more than 2 decades of experience and quality manufacturing.

      It has delivered push rack systems to more than 85 countries around the globe with positive user feedback.

      32. What Delivery Options Do You Provide for Push Rack?

      For the push rack pallet storage system, there are a lot of delivery options depending upon the manufacturer and supplier.

      On average, the push rack delivery options are as follows:

      • Delivery through sea route
      • Delivery through air transportation
      • Delivery by road

      Moreover, the delivery may be a combination of more than one option.

      Delivery Options for Push Racking System
      Delivery Options for Push Racking System

      33. How Much is the Warranty of Push Rack?

      The warranty of the push rack varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

      However, a good manufacturer can provide you with its warranty for around one year.

      You can inquire about the specific warranty period for the push rack from your racking manufacturer.

      Warranty of Push Racking System
      Warranty of Push Racking System

      34. What is the Delivery Duration of Push Rack?

      The delivery duration of the push rack depends upon a few factors.

      At first, fulfillment of your requirements may take a few weeks and may also take just a few days.

      The manufacturer’s capability also plays a vital role in its delivery duration.

      Your shipment address is also a significant aspect as long routed delivery address will take longer than usual.

      On average, it takes 1 to 2 weeks to deliver the push rack to your shipment address.

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