Pallet Support Bar– The Complete FAQ Guide

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    By supporting the bottom of the pallet, pallet support bars increase the structural integrity of pallet rack storage systems.

    A pallet support system can also make pallets more likely to fall through a rack system without wire decking.

    As well as providing superior strength to plywood, support bars are also more easily accessible to sprinklers and promote better airflow in the warehouse.

    In addition to supporting the pallet, forklift drivers may not rest the pallet on both front and rear beams. This can be an issue when the pallet is not resting on the front or rear beams. It is safer to store your inventory with more pallet supports.

    Pallet Support Bar
    Pallet Support Bar
    Pallet Support Bar More Details
    Material: Steel/Q 235B Steel(Same Level SS400)
    Color: Standard: Orange(RAL2004), Customized: All RAL Color, MOQ( per 20FT container)
    Surface Finish: Powder Coated
    Packing: Package Ends With Cardboard And Bundle With Steel Strapped Outsides, Follow The Customer’s Needs.
    Pallet Support Bar
    Pallet Support Bar
    Pallet Support Bar Type: Section: Thickness(mm): Size(mm):

    Type 1
    50*30/60*40 1.5/2.0 800
    50*30/60*40 1.5/2.0 900
    50*30/60*40 1.5/2.0 1000
    50*30/60*40 1.5/2.0 1100
    50*30/60*40 1.5/2.0 1200
    Type 2 50*30/60*40 1.5/2.0 1000*1000
    Type 3 50*30/60*40 1.5/2.0 1000*1000
    Pallet Support Bar
    Pallet Support Bar
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