Pallet Flow Rack Manufacturer and Supplier in China

OKE Storage is a renowned name for making pallet flow racks. These racks are best for high-density storage and FIFO inventory control. You can also enjoy more features, such as:

  • Ideal volume utilization
  • Keeps goods safe from damage
  • 1500kg load-bearing capacity per level
  • Saves approximately 60% of floor space

OKE Storage Pallet Flow Rack

A pallet flow is a high-density storage system that increases the capacity for keeping goods by utilizing depth. The pallet flow rack is designed using a combination of rails (slightly inclined) and other dynamic elements (rollers or wheels) installed within the flow lanes.

This unique design allows pallets and loads to move easily throughout the racks for quick loading and unloading. OKE Storage recommends these racks for fast-moving products, as they can be loaded and unloaded simultaneously using the first-in, first-out method.

Pallet Flow

A Pallet Flow system is scalable and affordable compared to other HD storage solutions available.

Through a Pallet Flow Racking System, you can adjust from 2 to 20 pallets on a single SKU lane without any trouble.

Pallet Flow Rack

A Pallet Flow Rack uses the power of gravity to move palletized goods from one side to the other side of the system.

Flow Through Racking

If you’re choosing Flow Through Racking, you can even customize these racks with a speed controller according to your product weight and other requirements.

Most Flow Rack Systems come with brakes placed at various intervals within the flow lanes for the safety and protection of pallets and inventory.

Pallet Flow System

With a Pallet Flow System, there are three types of lanes for you to choose from: full-width rollers, poly wheel rollers, and skate wheel rollers.

Pallet Flow Rack Benefits

Inventory Control
Inventory Control

One of the key features of a Pallet Flow Rack is that it is ideal for non-stop inventory rotation and date-sensitive products.

Improved Productivity
Improved Productivity

You can use flow racks to increase your warehouse productivity, allowing your staff to track, load, and unload inventory whenever needed.

Enhanced Visibility
Enhanced Visibility

With the help of these racks, none of your inventory remains unnoticed, permitting you to save your inventory from becoming outdated.


Flow racks are customizable effortlessly. You can add a lane type of your choice, include brakes between certain points, and increase levels.

How Does Pallet Flow Rack Works?

A forklift brings pallets loaded with goods near the Pallet Flow Rack lane. Then, each pallet is placed carefully onto the wheels or rollers of the lane until the entire level of the rack is full.

When the time comes to unload the inventory, again, a forklift is used to lift the pallet from the Pallet Flow Racking System.

Once the current pallet is removed, the pallet behind the lifted one comes into the next position with the help of wheels or rollers and gravitational force, which is then ready for unloading.

How Does Pallet Flow Rack Works
Advantages of Pallet Flow Rack

Advantages of Pallet Flow Rack

A Pallet Flow Rack includes several benefits. However, you should be confident that you are installing the system made with high-quality materials to save time and cost.

OKE Storage assures providing top-notch Pallet Flow systems with a premium mechanism to serve your business needs through the following advantages:

  • Easy to operate
  • Affordable maintenance
  • Strong inventory control
  • Enhanced space for storage
  • Fast access to each product
  • Tailor-made layout and design
  • No external energy is required for functionality
  • Minimum risks of goods damage due to frequent loading and unloading

Pallet Flow Rack Components

A Pallet Flow Rack consists of the following components:

  • Intermediate Beam: Connects the main structure with the shelves.
  • Charge End Beam: It stops the pallet and load from falling out of the system.
  • Discharge End Beam: It allows the forklift to drop and pick the load.
  • Upright Frame: Upright frames help create additional levels in the flow racks.
  • Row Spacer: For accurate spacing between multiple rows of the racking system.
  • Flow Track/Lane: The flow track is an essential component comprised of wheels or rollers for the smooth flow of the load.
Pallet Flow Rack Components
Pallet Flow Rack Roller

Pallet Flow Rack Roller

The roller bed consists of several C-section frames, unpowered rollers, brake rollers, entry guide, and pallet separators:

The roller bed is made into standard modules and connected by bolts and nuts.

Roller Diameter: 60mm

The Slope of the Roller Bed: 3-5°

Load Per Roller: 150kg/Roller

Weight: 150-1500kg

Standard: 300/1800 rollers

Bearings: Sturdy and Durable

Choose OKE Storage Pallet Flow Rack

OKE Storage Pallet Flow Rack
OKE Storage Pallet Flow Rack

OKE Storage has been offering Pallet Flow Racks and other storage solutions for over 20 years, and we have satisfied customers in 85+ countries.

Our 200+ skilled engineers focus on each production step to provide top-notch products by utilizing premium raw materials, powder coating, and packaging. Our professionalism has led us to serve several high-profile and renowned businesses worldwide, including Toyota, DHL, and Pepsi.

OKE Storage also offers customization options to ensure you get an exclusive design to match your needs. Moreover, each product that we offer holds CE and ISO 2015 certifications. Likewise, our company strictly follows AS4084, FEM, and RMI standards, assuring 100% quality of all racking systems.

Our company values your time and money. So, to make sure your resources aren’t wasted, we even submit a 1:1 3D sample design of your preferred racking system for your satisfaction.

So whether you want a Pallet Flow Rack or any other storage solution, feel free to speak to our customer support for installation, maintenance, and repairing of all types of racking systems.

If you think we can be a good partner for you to choose our Pallet Flow Rack.
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pallet selection

Choosing a Pallet Flow Rack for your business allows you to use different types of pallets. However, it is essential to know that the pallet you select is made of wood to tolerate the weight when it flows in the lane without slipping. So, here’s the list of pallets you can opt for:

  • Block pallet
  • Double face pallet
  • Single wing pallet
  • Double wing pallet
  • Flush pallet
  • Four-way stringer pallet
  • Reversible and non-reversible pallet
  • Solid deck pallet
  • Two-way entry pallet
Forklift Selection

One of the best things about using a Pallet Flow Rack is that you can use almost any type of warehouse forklift. Nevertheless, it also depends on the weight you are required to load and unload on your flow rack. Likewise, the width of the aisle and the distance between two racks.

Therefore, considering all these points, the following are the most suitable forklifts for Pallet Flow Racks.

  • Standard warehouse forklift
  • Counterbalance forklift
  • Walkie stacker
  • Pallet Jack (Pump trucks)



Pallet Flow Rack Installation

Since a Pallet Flow Rack is made of several components, it is wise to take experts’ help to install the system. However, just to get an idea, here are the steps to install flow systems.

  • Connect beams with upright to create levels
  • Each level must be shimmed and tightened using nuts
  • Add a flow lane to each level with rolling elements
  • Make sure your flow lane has a slope
  • Always complete installing one lane and test it before installing another

This method can be used to install a single bay and one level of this storage system.

Repeat this procedure to install this storage system throughout your storage area and increase the storage levels.

Pallet Flow Rack Maintenance

Here are some useful tips for your Pallet Flow Rack maintenance:

  • Review the entire system twice a month
  • Look for poor connections or any damaged zones due to forklift hit
  • Test flow lane and rolling elements
  • Use a lubricant on wheels or rollers to prevent them from rust
  • Verify the brakes are working properly
  • Make sure the slope is inclined according to the standards
  • Take immediate action and replace if you find faulty beams or uprights

Pallet Flow Rack Applications

Food and Beverage Industries

Food and Beverage Industries

Food and beverages are the most running items. Plus, these items are also date-sensitive. Pallet flow racks allow you to do it using the FIFO method.

Freezing & Refrigeration

Freezing & Refrigeration

Frozen products require quick delivery as they are date and temperature-sensitive. A flow storage solution can deliver the earliest batches first while storing the recent ones.



On-time deliveries of goods help E-Commerce businesses grow. You can use these racks to sort goods according to their nature and deliver them using the FIFO method.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Most FMCG setups store and deliver products on FIFO standards, making flow systems ideal for them. You can unload goods from the lane through a forklift while the next batch automatically comes forward to be picked up.

Wholesale and Distribution

Warehousing and 3PL

This racking system is perfect for your business if you’re dealing in large quantities and need to deliver products to wholesalers or retailers through the FIFO method.

Pallet Flow Rack
Pallet Flow Rack Manufacturer

We are offering customized Pallet Flow Rack design options and you can submit a free sample solution. We can also offer turnkey solutions to save you many worries, time, and costs. 

Why OKE Storage Pallet Flow Rack Reliable

Weight & Dimensions
Depth: 850-1050mm Or Customized
Width: 1800/2700/3600mm Or Customized
Beam Range Height: 80~160mm; Width: 45mm/50mm; Thickness: 1.5~2.5mm
Upright Range 80*60; 90*60; 90*70; 90*75; 100*67; 100*70; 100*75; 120*75; 120*87mm, Thickness: 1.5~3.0mm
Pitch holes: 50/50.8/76.2/75mm
Weight Capacity: 500~5000kg
Height: Max 12000mm Or Customized

Roller Information
Roller Diameter 60mm
The Slop of Roller Bed with 3-5°
Load Per Roller 150kg/Roller
Weight 150-1500kg
Standard 300/1800 rollers
Bearings: Sturdy and Durable
Product Details
Model Number: Pallet Flow Rack
Assembly Required Yes
Brand Name: OKE Storage
Beam Type Step Beam/Box Beam
Construction Type Bolted Frame
Type Starter
Number Of Levels According To Customer Needs
Material: Steel/Q 235B Steel(Same Level SS400), Q345 Steel( Same Level SM490)
Unit Bay Capacity 500kg – 23000kg / Customized
Color: Standard: Blue(RAL5005/5015), Orange(RAL2004), Customized: All RAL Color, MOQ( per 20FT container)
Surface Finish: Powder Coated/ Galvanized
Packing: Package Ends With Cardboard And Bundle With Steel Strapped Outsides, Follow The Customer’s Needs.
Feature: Durable, Corrosion Protection
Use: Warehouse Rack
Usage: Warehouse Storage System
Application: Widely Used
HS Code: 73089000
Products Support
Free Consultation: Yes, Any Questions You Can Consult With Free.
Support For Custom: Yes
Free Design: Yes, CAD/PDF/3D Drawing
Free Sample: Available (Delivery Cost By Buyer)
3D Sample: Yes, 1:1 3D Sample, Save Your Time And Cost of Trial and Error
Pre-installation: Yes
Capacity Test: Yes, If Needed.
OEM&ODM: Available
Certification: CE / ISO
Lead Time: 15-20 Days For Regular Pallet Racking, One Container
Installation Service Yes, Submit Installation Drawing Or Video, Also Send Engineer To Your Site If Needed.
Maintenance Service: Yes, We Submit Free Maintenance Guide.
Repair Service: Yes, We Submit Repair Services.

successful cases

  • “I was confused with racks for my multiple eCommerce platforms. So a friend of mine introduced me to OKE Storage, and with their assistance, I finally chose the right rack that suits me.”

  • “I own a frozen goods facility, and I was looking for a customized pallet flow rack. I contacted OKE Storage and finally got the rack with an accurate design.”

  • “I never realized the importance of racks until I started getting bulk orders. Since I needed a quick solution, I contacted OKE Storage for three racks, and my operations are now smooth.”

Fast & Lightening Delivery For Your Pallet Flow Rack Worldwide

OKE Storage’s Pallet Flow Rack improves your warehouse storage efficiency. We are having a rich experience in manufacturing pallet racking for more than 2 decades. Get an instant response to your quotes, our team is available round the clock 24×7.

  • Support Customized Design With 3D Sample –No Other Supplier Matches
  • Super Long 10 Years Warranty
  • Exporting To More Than 85 Countries
  • Offer One-stop Storage Solutions

Boom Your Business With OKE Storage All Types Of Pallet Flow Rack

With the help of OKE Storage’s Pallet Flow Rack, you can find ways to move products quickly and efficiently. As OKE Storage is the top-most supplier in China, It offers you with Pallet Flow Rack a simple structure, very easy to install.

How Did Pallet Flow Rack Help To Expand Your Business?

OKE Storage is a worldwide exporter for over 20 years. OKE Storage pallet flow designs are perfectly designed and customized with high-quality manufacturing equipment.

  • Pallet Flow Rack is really helpful when it comes to your ease, its sorting and distribution are quite easeful.
  • The racking is the most popular and economical rack for your storage system.
  • When it comes to material handling, saving space means saving money.
  • OKE Storage has 2 decades of experience designing a Pallet Flow Rack. We’re here to help you create a system that exceeds your expectations and improves your storage efficiency.
  • Our Company gives you cost-efficient storage solutions according to your business needs, Pallet Flow Rack is a cost-efficient storage solution.
  • The name you can trust is “OKE Storage”, we are known for the best quality.
  • Pallet Flow Rack maximizes actual storage space by minimizing path and it allows a quick and efficient storage solution.
  • In this type of racking, flow is created by loading action and gravity with no energy consumption. Our company gives you a super long warranty for worthy customers.

OKE Storage Pallet Flow Rack Features

  • Given Certificate
    OKE Storage delivers you with the best Pallet Flow Rack by following international standards like ISO.
  • Installation Service
    OKE Storage values the customer ease at the top and provides free services even after the installation of the Pallet Flow Rack.
  • 10 Years Warranty
    All the design of the Pallet Flow Rack manufactured by OKE Storage comes up with a warranty of 10 years.
  • Customized Service
    OKE Storage provides customized designs, according to the requirement of the customer. The Pallet Flow Rack can be designed and customized perfectly.
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