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You can optimize your space requirements by using OKE Storage Mobile Pallet Racks, which offer a maximum amount of flexibility depending on the size of your stored goods.

  • Increase storage capacity up to 90%
  • Save saving for up to 45%
  • High efficiency and durability
  • Maximum storage density

OKE Storage Mobile Pallet Racks

OKE Storage Mobile Pallet Racking is a system in which the pallet rack is mounted on a chassis or mobile base guided on fixed tracks.

In this type of rack, the base features an electric motor and push-pull elements that allow the racks to move along the tracks so that only one forklift aisle is open at a time.

Using a Mobile Pallet Racking, pallets can be easily accessed by conventional forklifts.

The adaptability of its design permits its integration with a wide range of loads and forklifts.

To ensure that there is no safety risk during the movement of the shelving, a series of organizational and technical protection measures have been put in place.

Mobile Pallet Racking System

For safety reasons, Mobile Pallet Racking System can be equipped with wire decking, span beams, and support bars, ensuring that small items are stored safely.

Moving Pallet Racks

Moving Pallet Racks are compatible with other automatic or conventional storage systems because they adapt to any size, weight, or shape of the goods.

Movable Pallet Racking

Movable Pallet Racking is a high-density system since the individual aisles of traditional racking systems have been eliminated, leaving just one access lane.

Pallet Rack Moving System

With Pallet Rack Moving System, you can reorganize rack aisles into areas for logistics and other functions, creating additional storage space and optimizing storage capabilities.

Powered Mobile Racking 

Powered Mobile Racking allows you to automatically open the aisle for accessing your work area using electric motors and moving parts that are installed on the base of the rack.

Mobile Pallet Racks Benefits

Safe and Accident-free Work
Safe and Accident-free Work

Designed to keep your warehouse safe and functioning, this system includes emergency stop switches and photoelectric safety barriers.

Better Space Utilization
Better Space Utilization

All warehouses, distribution centers, and industrial products can be stored efficiently with this storage system. It uses maximum storage floor space as well as vertical height space.

Prolong Warranty
Prolong Warranty

A super-extended ten-year warranty is offered with this storage system. Broken parts can be replaced for free, depending on the severity of the damage.

Energy Saving
Energy Saving

Minimizing the need to cool a space by controlling the lighting. Lighting is only provided for the open aisle. A row’s lighting is automatically turned off once the rack is fully loaded.

How Mobile Pallet Racks Works?

OKE Storage Mobile Pallet Racking is mounted on heavy-duty mobile bases that travel on electronically driven tracks.

This storage system is very easy to operate:

  • Open aisle space of the lane where you want to store your product using a remote control device.
  • Use forklifts to lift the pallet.
  • The raised pallet must be placed on a pair of beams.

As described above, pallets loaded with products rest on beams in the storage system until removed.

  • Open aisle space of the lane where you want to retrieve your product using a remote control device
  • Lift the pallet from the beams using a forklift truck.
  • Take the pallet out of Mobile Pallet Rack.
  • Drive your truck to the place where the product will be placed.
How Mobile Pallet Racks Works
Mobile Pallet Racks Advantages

Mobile Pallet Racks Advantages

Mobile Pallet Racks from OKE Storage are ideal for warehouses, distribution centers, and industries as a storage solution.

This storage system can boost productivity and enhance business.

The following benefits may be beneficial to your business:

  • The capacity of warehouse storage is increased.
  • Approximately 9000 pounds (4000 kg) can be stored at each level.
  • Direct access to pallets is possible.
  • Vertically store products up to the maximum height.
  • Small and large items can be accommodated.
  • High-density storage is available at an affordable price.
  • Reconfiguration and installation are simple.
  • For date- and time-sensitive products, it is ideal.
  • It provides a reliable and affordable way to store heavyweight products.
  • Saves significant amounts of energy.

Mobile Pallet Racks Basic Components

Mobile Pallet Racking consists of the following main components:

  • Rails: Shuttles that move the mobile bases are supported on rails.
  • Front Protection Laser Barrier: A safety laser device located on the front prevents any potential hazards.
  • Laser Barrier on The Mobile Base: An electronic safety device similar to the front protection but located on the rack’s base.
  • Aisle Check Button: It ensures that each work aisle is generated.
  • Start/Stop Button: It starts or stops the racks.
  • Main Control: It registers, orders, and processes the various modes of operations.
  • Distribution Cables: They supply electricity to each electronic motor of each rack.
  • Beams: They support loaded products on the pallets.
  • Uprights: All of the other system components are mounted on uprights.
  • Braces: The braces are welded between the uprights in order to stabilize them.
  • Wire Decking: They store small products and improve safety at the same level.
  • Span Beams: Small items can be stored in span beams that are attached to beams.
Mobile Pallet Racks Basic Components

Choose OKE Storage Mobile Pallet Racks

OKE Storage Mobile Pallet Racks
OKE Storage Mobile Pallet Racks

OKE Storage Mobile Pallet Racking made of certificated material is the world’s best choice for storing warehouse goods and industrial products.

We have satisfied customers in more than 85 developed countries and export our products worldwide and get a 5-star review rating for each of our products from our customers.

For corrosion prevention, Mobile Pallet Racking is coated with excellent quality powder and will be best packaged after manufacturing.

The products we offer have passed 100% quality verification, passed the CE and ISO 2015 certifications, and met AS4084, American RMI, and FEM standards.

We provide Mobile Pallet Racking customization services based on our extensive experience in the racking and shelving fields.

Our products are made using highly skilled workers and the latest CNC technology. We even support your professional service, including installing, maintaining, and even repairing Single Deep Pallet Racks.

If you need your order delivered quickly, please contact us as soon as possible.

pallet selection

You can store products using any type of pallet with the Mobile Pallet Racking.

It is possible to choose between pallets that have a two-way entry or a four-way entry.

Depending on the manufacturing materials, these types of pallets are usually used:

  • Wood Pallets
  • Plastic Pallets
  • Metal Pallets

When compared to plastic pallets, wooden pallets can support more weight.

A wooden pallet can hold approximately 2100 kilograms of weight, while a plastic pallet can hold about 1300 kilograms.

Forklift Selection

Warehouse and industrial vehicles such as forklifts are the most versatile of them all.

Humans can safely lift objects that are too large for them with the help of a forklift, making it a very useful tool on any job site, such as a warehouse or construction site.

Since there are so many styles and models to choose from, choosing the right forklift can be challenging.

Forklifts that can be used in Mobile Pallet Racking are given below:

  • Warehouse Forklift
  • Articulated Forklift
  • Heavy-Duty Forklift
  • Walkie Stacker
  • Counterbalance Forklift
  • Telehandler
  • Order Picker
  • Reach Fork Truck
Mobile Pallet Racks Installation

The steps below can be followed to install Mobile Pallet Racking:

  • Step 1:Install guide rails and roller rails in parallel into the storage floor area.
  • Step 2:Install a mobile base consisting of a roller carriage, guide carriage, end of the carriage, base beam, bracing set, motor, cable channel, and drive shaft.
  • Step 3:On each roller carriage, install four uprights vertically.
  • Step 4:The horizontal braces should be attached with the left and right pairs of uprights.
  • Step 5: Connect the diagonal braces between the upper and lower horizontal braces.
  • Step 6:Install a pair of beams with each left and right pair of uprights.
  • Step 7: Install an onboard power panel on the front-drive carriage and connect cable channel wires with it.
  • Step 8:Install safety barriers.
  • Step 9:Install the control panel and main power panel on the side wall.
  • Step 10: Connect the signal and power cables with the distribution cables.

This method can be used to construct one lane and one level of this storage system.

Mobile Pallet Racks Maintenance

The following steps will assist you in maintaining your Mobile Pallet Racking:

  • Keep floor leveled equally.
  • Use safety barriers.
  • Hire qualified staff.
  • Avoid climbing on the beams.
  • A qualified and professional forklift operator is essential.
  • Do not overload the storage system.
  • Do not use the storage system outside without a shed.
  • Inspect the storage system regularly.
  • Pallets should be stored around 4 inches apart.
  • Open aisles should be well-lit.
  • On the beam, labels indicating its capacity should be installed.
  • The aisle space should be sufficient for the forklift to maneuver in an open aisle.
  • Warehouse storage areas need to be cleaned.

Mobile Pallet Racks Applications

Food and Beverage Industries

Food and Beverage Industries

The food and drink we consume are perishable. They must be consumed before expiration and loaded and unloaded daily. This storage system can be convenient for you to access your stock.

Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical Industries

Medical products are manufactured in various sizes and shapes. With this system, you can store small items like test tubes and large ones like fertilizer.

Electronics & Electrical Appliances

Electronics & Electrical Appliances

The electronics & electrical appliances stores require an accessible, high-density storage system that displays their products directly. Mobile Pallet Racking can meet all of these requirements.

Textile and Garments

Textile and Garments

Bulk storage is necessary for garment wholesalers and cloth manufacturers. They also need easy access to them. Using this system, you can make maximum use of your storage space.

Automobile Industry

Automotive Parts Industries

If you sell engine parts, spare parts, tires or other automobile parts, then this high-density storage system can save you money on storage costs.

Mobile Pallet Racks
Mobile Pallet Racks Manufacturer

OKE Storage has over 20 years of experience. We have advanced manufacturing equipment to manufacture high-quality Mobile Pallet Racks for our customers.

Why OKE Storage Mobile Pallet Racks Reliable

Weight & Dimensions
Depth: 850-1050mm Or Customized
Width: 1800/2700/3600mm Or Customized
Beam Range Height: 80~160mm; Width: 45mm/50mm; Thickness: 1.5~2.5mm
Upright Range 80*60; 90*60; 90*70; 90*75; 100*67; 100*70; 100*75; 120*75; 120*87mm, Thickness: 1.5~3.0mm
Pitch holes: 50/50.8/76.2/75mm
Weight Capacity: 500~5000kg
Height: Max 12000mm Or Customized

Product Details
Model Number: Mobile Pallet Racks
Assembly Required Yes
Brand Name: OKE Storage
Beam Type Step Beam/Box Beam
Construction Type Bolted Frame
Type Starter
Number Of Levels According To Customer Needs
Material: Steel/Q 235B Steel(Same Level SS400), Q345 Steel( Same Level SM490)
Unit Bay Capacity 500kg – 23000kg / Customized
Color: Standard: Blue(RAL5005/5015), Orange(RAL2004), Customized: All RAL Color, MOQ( per 20FT container)
Surface Finish: Powder Coated/ Galvanized
Packing: Package Ends With Cardboard And Bundle With Steel Strapped Outsides, Follow The Customer’s Needs.
Feature: Durable, Corrosion Protection
Use: Warehouse Rack
Usage: Warehouse Storage System
Application: Widely Used
HS Code: 73089000
Products Support
Free Consultation: Yes, Any Questions You Can Consult With Free.
Support For Custom: Yes
Free Design: Yes, CAD/PDF/3D Drawing
Free Sample: Available (Delivery Cost By Buyer)
3D Sample: Yes, 1:1 3D Sample, Save Your Time And Cost of Trial and Error
Pre-installation: Yes
Capacity Test: Yes, If Needed.
OEM&ODM: Available
Certification: CE / ISO
Lead Time: 15-20 Days For Regular Pallet Racking, One Container
Installation Service Yes, Submit Installation Drawing Or Video, Also Send Engineer To Your Site If Needed.
Maintenance Service: Yes, We Submit Free Maintenance Guide.
Repair Service: Yes, We Submit Repair Services.

successful cases

  • I have worked on a number of warehouse projects with OKE Storage as part of my career. Their price-competitiveness has never interfered with their commitment to quality. I highly recommend them.

  • It has always been a pleasure to use OKE Storage products. It is easy to work with them, and they go above and beyond what one would expect a business to do.

  • From beginning to end, OKE Storage offers outstanding service. Each member of their staff works tirelessly to accommodate you and your business. Definitely recommend them to anyone looking for Mobile Pallet Racks.

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