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As a top 10 manufacturer in China, OKE Storage has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing Mezzanine Racking System. With our high-quality system, you can double up the usable storage area. We can offer you a customized design as well.

  • Support Customized Design With 3D Sample – No Other Supplier Matches
  • Top-quality Material With Certificate
  • Over 20 Years Experience
  • No Strict MOQ Requirements


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    Our Well-known Mezzanine Racking System Customer Group

    • Coca_Cola
    • Pepsi
    • DHL
    • Toyota
    • Peugeot
    • LG Chem
    • GM
    • Geely
    • SF

    Optimizing Your Storage Space With Our Mezzanine Racking System

    OKE Storage is dedicated to providing the top quality Mezzanine Racking System for the warehouse and storage space. This system specifically uses part of the racking system to add either second or third level inside your space.

    OKE Storage helps you in getting a more efficient storage system and we have a team of experienced engineers for inspection and designing.

    Some Related Mezzanine Racking System types are given:

    Mezzanine Shelving
    Mezzanine Shelving uses the vertical space of the warehouse to the maximum limit. You can ask OKE Storage for customized designs according to your own wish.
    Racking Mezzanine
    You can discover excellent addition to your storage space with Racking Mezzanine. OKE Storage has a network of customers across different countries around the globe.
    Steel Mezzanine
    Steel Mezzanine is light in weight and has an economic steel structure. OKE is designing and manufacturing storage products now for more than two decades.
    Warehouse Mezzanine
    Warehouse Mezzanine can be widely used in storage warehouses and production stores. OKE Storage is very famous in China because it is among the top 10 manufacturers in China.
    Mezzanine Platform
    OKE Storage only uses the certified materials with certificate in accordance with the international standards for the production of Mezzanine platforms.
    Storage Mezzanine
    Storage Mezzanine is an ideal storage system to be installed in warehouses. OKE Storage follows strict quality control during the manufacturing process.
    Mezzanine Floor
    Mezzanine Floor is designed in such a way that it can utilize the maximum height of the warehouse. OKE Storage gives full-on design and installation support to customers.
    Modular Mezzanine Floor
    Modular Mezzanine Floor is the most efficient option for creating additional floor levels. OKE Storage has more than 20 years of experience in this field.
    Pallet Rack Mezzanine
    The best thing about Pallet Rack Mezzanine is that it can be easily relocatable. OKE Storage serves with a warranty of 10 years over its storage products.

    We Give Reality To Your Vision Related To Your Warehouse Storage Space - OKE Storage

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      How Did Mezzanine Racking System Help You Increasing Capacity Rapidly?

      We are incomparable in making superior quality rackings. OKE Storage always designed mezzanines by keeping in mind all the safety protocols and building codes. We help you in achieving maximum output with minimum cost value by using our quality racking.

      • OKE Storage is outstanding in manufacturing the spotless Mezzanine Racking System. It has a raised platform which helps in creating additional floor space vertically. The amount of extended space is double or triple as compared to the actual space.
      • The integration is very easy and it can be easily dismantled. OKE Storage assures that it has seamless integration within the storage environment and won’t cause any disturbance.
      • Mezzanine Racking System increases the productivity value of the company because it utilizes the maximum space. OKE Storage ensures maximum strength and always does load tests of all of its storage products.
      • You can modify the Mezzanine Racking System according to the fitting of your exact storage area. OKE Storage gives you a customized design. We finish our all products with top-quality coating.
      • If you want to take full advantage of the storage space, then OKE Storage offers you a Mezzanine Racking System that has great loading ability. This is best to use for offices, cafeterias, stockrooms and distribution centers.
      quality control
      Quality Control
      OKE Storage has well trained and experienced inspection team that has answers of all the quality-related problems. This team ensures that each product has quality at the highest level.
      Lightning Fast Delivery
      Lighting Fast Delivery
      You can get all types of the mezzanine at your doorstep with OKE Storage premium delivery services. All this is done by keeping safety in mind,
      Customized Service
      Customized Service
      OKE Storage always leaves a mark with unmatchable services. It provides excellent and reliable services to customers related to its storage products.
      Advanced Manufacturing
      Advanced Manufacturing
      Manufacturing procedures is done by using the latest manufacturing techniques. OKE Storage has experience engineers to fully supervise the advanced techniques and procedures.
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