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From the design phase to installation at your plant, OKE Storage is a full-service Metal Mezzanine manufacturer. With a consistent emphasis on quality, we craft every one of our Metal Mezzanine with 100% customized designs support.

  • Support Customized Design With 3D Sample – No Other Supplier Matches
  • Easy Installation Guide For You
  • Customer Support Service (24/7)
  • Using Certified Raw Material
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    Our Well-known Metal Mezzanine Customer Group

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    • Pepsi
    • DHL
    • Toyota
    • Peugeot
    • LG Chem
    • GM
    • Geely
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    Metal Mezzanine Is Customized Superbly As We Are Engineering Experts!

    Metal Mezzanine that OKE Storage built is available in top-quality powder coatings and provides you with a greater level of durability.

    As your business grows, you must have extra floor space and storage. Installing Metal Mezzanines in your warehouse can practically double your usable space smartly.

    Some related Metal Mezzanine types are given:

    Mezzanine Floor
    Not just a working platform in your warehouse, Mezzanine Floor can bring much-needed office space to your facility. OKE Storage gives you 100% customized support.
    Modular Mezzanine Floor
    Elevate your warehouse to a whole new level with a perfectly designed Modular Mezzanine Floor from OKE Storage. We are always consistent in making the best quality products.
    Storage Mezzanine
    Storage Mezzanine from OKE Storage are custom engineered and manufactured. As it gives you a one-stop storage solution along with strong packaging at your doorstep.
    Mezzanine Floor System
    OKE Storage offers you a safety solution as well as customized design options as well. We builds its Mezzanine Floor System with structural steel beams and columns.
    Racking Mezzanine
    A Racking Mezzanine manufactured by OKE Storage can take your warehouse to the next level. It provides you with the best installation services as well.
    Mezzanine Shelving
    Mezzanine Shelving is the best option to provide you with the shelving that saves your much time. OKE Storage is a quality supplier of storage products over 2 decades in China.
    Steel Mezzanine
    Steel Mezzanine can be configured to match the building needs of your warehouse for a wide variety of applications. OKE Storage provides you with an detailed installation service.
    Mezzanine Platform
    A Mezzanine Platform can be a smart economic decision. And OKE Storage can give you a customized design which can save yu much sapce and cost.
    Pallet Rack Mezzanine
    OKE Storage has innovative ideas for Pallet Rack Mezzanine and racking solutions through years of designing pick modules and multi-level platforms. Having experience of 20+ years.

    OKE Storage Is Delivering You An Unmatchable Quality With The Excellence!

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      How Metal Mezzanine Design & Installation Is Suitable?

      OKE Storage has been manufacturing and designing products for your commercial, industrial, educational, hospital, and car dealerships since 2000. A Metal Mezzanine provides you with extra increasing space in your warehouse. We specialize in warehouse and workspace development to maximize the productivity of facilities and human resources.

      OKE Storage’s quality experience is unmatchable in manufacturing. We follow international standards to maintain and control quality. We have Material certificates as well.

      • Always customized by experts at OKE Storage, the product gives you the freedom to use every level at your leisure: production space, mixed storage, and more. It is available in a variety of floor types and colors.
      • At OKE Storage, Metal Mezzanine is certified (CE & ISO), and we have material certificates that ensure the material we are using is full of quality.
      • We give you a complete one-stop storage solution. We will design, manufacture, deliver, and install your Metal Mezzanine completely.
      • Our Metal Mezzanines and industrial work platforms are engineered to boost productivity. And we are international suppliers of Metal Mezzanine, OKE Storage is a worldwide exporter of its best quality racking systems.
      • With OKE Storage, the system can be a smart economic decision because it can be changed or moved as your warehouse storage needs.
      OKE Storage is a full pack of great services that includes installation services, custom design services, after-sale services etc.
      Lightning Fast Delivery
      Fastest Suppliers
      OKE Storage provides you with a strong and professional packing service along with super-fast delivery at your doorstep.
      Export To Many Countries
      Export To Many Countries
      OKE Storage is a worldwide exporter of best-quality racking storage products. We are delivering to more than 85 countries all over the world.
      Installation Service
      Installation Service
      Our experts install all your racking systems easily. Our installation service is so quick and reliable for your warehouse needs.
      20 years experience
      20 Years’ Experience
      All products of OKE Storage come with a valuable warranty of 10 years because we only use quality materials in the manufacturing of products.
      quality control
      Quality Control
      Our strong inspection team always maintains the quality of its racking product by following international standards.
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