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OKE Storage gives a warranty of 10 years over its supreme class Light Duty Rack. We are matchless suppliers in China. You can submit one-stop storage solution here. Exporting to more than 85 countries of the world. 

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  • Certified With CE & ISO 
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    Our Well-known Light Duty Rack Customer Group

    • Coca_Cola
    • Pepsi
    • DHL
    • Toyota
    • Peugeot
    • LG Chem
    • GM
    • Geely
    • SF

    A Considerable Packaging For Your Light Duty Rack!

    OKE Storage Offers you an ultra-long 10 years warranty for Light Duty Rack. Free samples before starting the production.  

    Get superior quality Light Duty Rack in low prices. 

    We have over 12 years of experience in producing high-quality Light Duty Rack. Get fast quote and quick turnaround. 

    Some related Light Duty Rack types are given: 

    OKE Storage has passed quality certificates such as ISO & CE for Light Duty Shelving. It is a modular, simple and economical system that allows a wide variety of applications.
    OKE Storage offers an amazing customized design feature for Light Duty Racking System, Submit a free sample solution. It can be easily installed and adjusted.

    We Use Certified Raw Materials For Producing High Duty Rack



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      How Light Duty Rack Helps To Boom Your Business?

      OKE Storage has done a number of successful projects. We have a strict quality inspection team of 12 members. They ensure quality in all phases. Customized design the High Duty Rack as per the order of customers.  

      • We are among the top 10 leading suppliers of High Duty Rack in China.  
      • Fastest suppliers of High Duty Rack. You can get the fast and lightning delivery of 10-15 days. 
      • OKE Storage is offering an ultra-long warranty of 10 years for High Duty Rack.  
      • Here you can submit a one-stop storage solution for High Duty Rack. A hassle-free and easy way to quote.  
      • OKE Storage is your reliable partner. We are producing high-quality High Duty Rack for more than 20 years. 
      • You can save developing costs and time, we invented an exclusive new design of High Duty Rack. Along with a 1:1 3D sampling. You can get a 1:1 3D sample before bulk production. 
      • OKE Storage is exporting its High Duty Rack to 85 countries around the world. We are exporting worldwide. 
      10 Years Warranty
      OKE Storage is providing you with a super-long warranty of 10 years.
      Quality Control
      Our strict quality inspection do quality tests and we use certified raw materials.
      Installation Service
      Get very quick & easy installation service for High Duty Rack.
      Export To 85+ Countries
      We are supplying our High Duty Rack to 85 plus countries around the world.

      Light Duty Rack – Description

      OKE Storage Systems is the leading manufacturer and supplier of light duty racks and other storage systems in China. With 20 years of experience in producing and delivering high-quality storage solutions, our company holds a reliable and trustworthy reputation even across the borders.

      So far, OKE’s light duty racking systems are delivered to various clients, including TOYOTA, DHL, and Pepsi, in more than 85 countries. We believe that storage systems are not just meant to create space, but they are one of the greatest reasons for your business growth and expansion. That is why our research and development team is always prepared to create practical designs to fit your storage needs.

      Light duty rack
      Light duty rack

      When it comes to light duty racks, the Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems is ready to provide a top-quality product. Our company has been working with renowned Chinese exporters to procure Chinese steel to ensure each light duty rack is durable, strong, and offers remarkable storage. And when it’s about obeying the local and international safety regulations, OKE Storage Systems confirms that each light duty rack meets CE and ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

      OKE Storage Systems have a wide range of light duty racks, available in different colors, sizes, and tiers. So whether you require a boltless light duty rack or a nut and bolt light duty rack, we are ever-ready to supply what you need.

      OKE understands that your time is important, so our light duty racks only take 10 to 15 minutes to install. Moreover, OKE Storage also provides customization services to help you get the light duty rack in your desired colors and dimensions. Likewise, you can also have your customized branding on the light duty racks, such as your company’s logo.

      We have more than 200 skilled engineers and technicians to make this happen. Our light duty racks go through proper surface treatment, allowing them to remain rust and grease-free.

      At OKE’s, we also send a FREE 1:1 3D sample design before starting the bulk production so you can make sure it matches your requirements. Similarly, OKE welcomes all order quantities without any MOQ restrictions.

      Apart from manufacturing, OKE Storage usually takes 10 to 15 days to deliver your light duty racks at your given address. Our gigantic and experienced loading team enables our company to load containers as big as 12*40 HQ within a day. Besides, OKE delivers light duty racks in multiple packaging so you can receive them in a faultless condition. Still, OKE Storage’s light duty racks are cost-friendly and come with a 10-year warranty on internal damage.

      Light duty rack
      Light duty rack

      Our uncompromising behavior towards the quality and clients’ trust empowers us to do more than expected, which is why we are always there to assist you through our 24/7 after-sales service. In addition to light duty racks, Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems are prominent manufacturers of various storage solutions, such as pallet racking, long span shelving, cantilever racking, warehouse mezzanines, and many more.

      So feel free to call us to discuss your requirements and get premium-quality light duty racks effortlessly.

      Light Duty Rack – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

      In this guide, you’ll be getting comprehensive information about light a light duty rack, its advantages, uses, and many more.

      So stick with this FAQ guide till the end to understand how buying a light duty rack can help you in storing your products.

      1. What is Light Duty Rack?

      A light duty rack is a type of storage system used to resolve storage issues in the industrial and commercial setting.

      Light duty rack
      Light duty rack

      2. What Light Duty Rack is Made Of?

      Usually, the light duty rack is made with four different materials, such as wire, steel, metal, or plastic. Some are also manufactured using a combination or a single material.

      3. What are the Features of Light Duty Rack?

      Some of the most prominent features of a light duty rack are:

      • Durable and affordable
      • Simple installation and maintenance
      • Used to keep multiple lightweight products
      Features of light duty rack
      Features of light duty rack

      4. Where to Use Light Duty Rack?

      Light duty racks are suitable for lighter goods.

      That is why they are found in supermarkets, the food industry, courier services, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and several other industries to store lightweight products.

      The light duty rack’s ideal applications are as follow:

      • These racks are suitable for small, medium, and large factories, manufacturing units, and warehouses
      • Light duty racks are typically found in general stores to keep both perishable and non-perishable items
      • Light duty racks are also recommended to store cartons with lightweight items in the electronic industries, shops, libraries, garages, and similar places.
      Uses of light duty rack
      Uses of light duty rack


      5. What is the Difference Between Heavy Duty Rack, Medium Duty Rack, and Light Duty Rack?

      There are three kinds of racks found in the storage systems – heavy duty racks, medium duty racks, and light duty racks.

      Heavy Duty Rack

      Heavy duty rack is a strong structure made to store palletized items and heavyweight goods up to 3,000 kilogram.

      Heavy duty rack
      Heavy duty rack

      Medium Duty Rack

      Medium duty racks are used for storing goods through machinery, as well as manual loading up to 800 kilograms per tier.

      Medium duty rack
      Medium duty rack

      Light Duty Rack

      Finally, the light duty rack serves small and medium-sized businesses to keep limited and lightweight stock approximated 50 kilograms per tier, which needs to be delivered quickly.

      Light duty rack
      Light duty rack

      6. What are the Advantages of Light Duty Rack?

      Following are the benefits of using light duty racks.

      1. Easy to install
      2. Movable and long-lasting
      3. Inexpensive maintenance and repair
      4. Available in different colors along with customization options

      7. What are the Disadvantages of Light Duty Rack?

      On the other hand, light duty racks also come with a few disadvantages, like:

      1. Limited storage capacity
      2. Does not support heavyweight stocks
      3. Easily damaged when used harshly
      4. Prohibited machine handling for loading and unloading

      8. What is the Difference Between Bolt and Nut, and Boltless Light Duty Racks?

      The core difference between these two types is that the bolt and nut light duty rack is bolted to remain fixed.

      Whereas boltless light duty racks don’t require much hardware.

      You only need connector hooks to connect beams with the upright and simply place shelves.

      Bolt and nut light duty rack and Boltless light duty rack
      Bolt and nut light duty rack and Boltless light duty rack

      9. What is the Size of Light Duty Rack?

      The light duty rack size depends on the number of levels.

      The standard size of a light duty rack in terms of height starts from 900 mm (3 feet) to 3,000 mm (10 feet).

      Likewise, the depths or width range anywhere between 300 mm (1 feet) and 1,200 mm (4 feet).

      Moreover, the beam lengths can be found from 900 mm (3 feet) to 2,700 mm (almost 9 feet).

      10. What are the Colors of Light Duty Rack?

      Light duty racks are available in standard colors, including white, silver, red, blue, and the combination of orange and blue.

      Some manufacturers also give you color customization option.

      Colors of light duty rack
      Colors of light duty rack

      11. How Much Weight Can You Put on a Light Duty Rack?

      Typically, you can put 200 kilograms of weight on your light duty rack.

      But each tier is capable to bear a different load, such as:

      • 0 kilogram to 50 kilograms on the first tier
      • 0-50 kg (1sttier)
      • 50-100 kg (2ndtier)
      • 100-150 kg (3rdtier)
      • 150-200 kg (4thtier)

      12. Can You Customize a Light Duty Rack as per Requirements?

      Yes, you can customize the size and color of a light duty rack according to your needs.

      One of the trustworthy sources to assure 100% correct customization is contacting the Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems.

      Whether you want to add some extra shelves, amend the length or width, have a different color scheme, or anything, this company is always set to satisfy you more than your expectations.

      Customized light duty rack
      Customized light duty rack

      13. How Many Tiers does Light Duty Rack has?

      Generally, a light duty rack consists of four tiers or levels, each placed above the other.

      However, some manufacturers also produce light duty racks with more than four tiers.

      Tiers of light duty rack
      Tiers of light duty rack

      14. Do You Have to Take Permission to Install Light Duty Rack?

      Since they don’t change the warehouse’s infrastructure or have any major threat to the staff or workforce, there is no need to take permission from the official authorities to install light duty racks.

      15. How to Prepare the Area before Installing Light Duty Rack?

      There are certain precautions you are required to take care of when planning to install the light duty rack.

      The first and foremost preparation is defining the place to keep the light duty rack.

      Once decided, make sure the surface is appropriately leveled and there’s no irregularity.

      Second, although light duty racks don’t need many tools for installation, it is still best to place all the fundamental installation equipment, such as a tape measure, screwdrivers, and a pencil (for marking the place for correct installation) near the area to save time.

      Third, it is best to have multiple people installing the light duty rack.

      Preparing area before installing light duty rack
      Preparing area before installing light duty rack

      Figure 11 Preparing area before installing light duty rack

      16. What is the Difference Between Installing Boltless and Bolt and Nut Light Duty Racks?

      You just need to remember that a boltless light duty rack can be assembled and disassembled without using screwdrivers, nuts and bolts.

      All you need is a hammer to fix the connector hooks and keep levels (usually made of wood but also available in metal).

      Whereas, bolt and nut light duty rack need proper installation, using all the required tools and hardware.

      17. What are the Parts of Light Duty Rack?

      But before going forward, let’s have a run-down of all the essential components of a light duty rack.

      • Upright: This is also called a column, frame, or leg of the light duty rack.
      • Beam: This element is called the bar or the step beam, and it is the horizontal hardware to fix or keep levels straight.
      • Levels: Levels are also called shelves or layers
      Components of light duty rack
      Components of light duty rack

      Figure 12 Components of light duty rack

      18. How to Assemble Light Duty Racks?

      After preparing the area (as discussed previously), begin assembling by placing the light duty rack upright (frame/structure).

      You will need a screwdriver to tighten screws to make the structure stand on the ground.

      1. Take a single beam and fix it to the upright on your desired level
      2. Make sure to aligned equally and give a light downward pressure to lock the beam into the frame/upright
      3. Continue adding beams one by one to maintain balance
      4. Once all beams are installed, begin adding levels or layers on each beam
      5. Place the levels between the two beams firmly
      6. Apply safety pins for strong hold or screw them tightly.
      Assembling light duty rack
      Assembling light duty rack

      19. How to Disassemble Light Duty Racks?

      To disassemble the light duty rack.

      1. Remove the levels by applying an upward pressure from the bottom of the level’s surface to detach them from upright after unscrewing them from the beams.
      2. Unscrew beams from the upright.
      3. Unscrew the frame to disassemble the entire structure finally.

      Note: Beams should be screwed and fixed to the corners of the frame in a single straight line to avoid the stock slide and fall from tiers.

      Disassembling light duty rack
      Disassembling light duty rack

      20. What are the Important Safety Measures after Installing Light Duty Rack?

      Here are the four most important tips to consider to guarantee safety measures.

      • Inspection is the most vital step that should be repeated every now and then
      • Use a ladder to inspect upper tiers to find any rustiness or damage
      • Do not overweight the light duty rack
      • Train your staff for correct loading and unloading
      Safety measures after installing light duty rack
      Safety measures after installing light duty rack

      21. Is It Easy to Adjust Light Duty Rack Tiers Once Bolted and Fixed?

      Yes, you can surely adjust the height between each tire.

      22. What is the Price of Light Duty Rack?

      While every manufacturer has its own demand, the average price of a light duty rack starts from $40 (USD) to $130 (USD) or even more.

      The price factor also depends on several other factors, such as the number of tiers, material, and quality.

      So if you’re trying to buy a light duty rack at a reasonable price, you can always rely on the Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems for better quotes and remarkable service.

      Price of light duty rack
      Price of light duty rack

      23. Can You Use Heavy Machinery on Light Duty Rack?

      No. You cannot use heavy machinery on light duty racks to load or unload your stock.

      24. Can You Remove the Top Shelf of Light Duty Rack?

      Yes, you can always remove your light duty rack’s topmost shelf for your own ease.

      However, this action will minimize your storage limit, as each shelf can store a specific amount of weight.

      Removing top shelf of light duty rack
      Removing top shelf of light duty rack

      25. Can You Stack Multiple Light Duty Racks Vertically?

      Yes, you can do that without any trouble.

      Light duty rack stacked vertically
      Light duty rack stacked vertically

      26. How Much Space Should You Keep between Two Light Duty Racks?

      Ideally, there should be at least 1-meter space between two light duty racks.

      27. Can You Put Caster Wheels at the Bottom of Light Duty Rack?

      Although you can add caster wheels below the light duty rack, it is still not recommended.

      Why? Because if you will put caster wheels, the structure will become movable and goods may fall.

      Caster wheels at the bottom of light duty rack
      Caster wheels at the bottom of light duty rack

      28. Can You Add Extra Shelves to Light Duty Rack?

      There are two types of light duty shelves.

      The first type has a welded frame with an “add-on-rack” option.

      But in angle light duty rack type (the second type), you cannot add extra shelves.

      29. Can You Use the Light Duty Rack for Outdoor Purpose?

      Yes, you can keep and use light duty racks outside in the open environment.

      But you need to take extra care when you’re keeping light duty racks outside because:

      • The open environment is uncontrollable as compared to the inside environment
      • The rust, rough weather, and changeable climate conditions can affect the light duty rack material

      30. How to Import Light Duty Rack from China?

      The light duty racks are free from any import restrictions, and you can get them without facing trouble.

      However, you are required to have all the mandatory documents to make the import successful.

      So make sure you have cleared all custom duties, taxes, and any other charges to get your order.

      Contrarily, you can trust the expertise of Nanjing OKE International Storage Systems for buying and delivering light duty racks from China.

      The company is known for providing products with great care and supervision all around the world.

      Importing light duty rack from China
      Importing light duty rack from China
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