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OKE Storage offers you Industrial Racking for the optimization of storage space. You can choose it according to the space capacity of your warehouse. We will come up with the best possible storage solution for your warehouse as per your requirement. 

  • Support Customized Design With 3D Sample – No Other Supplier Matches
  • Certified With ISO & CE
  • Printing Of Your Logo At Racking Surface  
  • Professional Method For Packaging 
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    Our Well-known Industrial Racking Customer Group

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    • Pepsi
    • DHL
    • Toyota
    • Peugeot
    • LG Chem
    • GM
    • Geely
    • SF

    We Ensure That Your Business Runs Smoothly With Our Racking

    OKE Storage provides high-class storage solutions. We are specialized in the manufacturing of Industrial Racking that are complying with international standards.  

    We help you in optimizing the available space with its skillful designs of Industrial Racking.  Just let us know your requirement as we are masters in making customized designs. 

    Some related Industrial Racking types are given: 

    Selective Pallet Racking
    Selective Pallet Racking is the cheapest type of racking system. OKE Storage can design this in the most suitable and efficient configuration for your storage space.
    Teardrop Pallet Racking
    The best thing about Teardrop Pallet Racking manufactured by OKE Storage is its design that allows very quick assembling and dissembling when configuration requires changing.
    Dexion Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage offers the designs of Compatible Dexion Pallet Racking based on your needs and load requirements. Our racking systems can provide optimal storage economics.
    Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking
    Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking is an ideal solution when access to stock is required with high flexibility. This system by OKE Storage allows full access to each pallet.
    Double Deep Pallet Racking
    In Double Deep Pallet Racking you can store the pallets two rows deep instead of one. This system by OKE Storage increases the storage capacity of space.
    Warehouse Pallet Racking
    You can maximize your space and increase productivity by investing in Warehouse Pallet Racking designed by OKE Storage. It can reduce the cluttering too.
    Industrial Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage offers a full range of Industrial Pallet Racking to optimize the warehouse storage space and help to improve the efficiency of storage.
    Heavy Duty Pallet Racking
    Heavy Duty Pallet Racking is typically used for large warehouse storage. OKE Storage allows you to adjust the levels of this racking according to your storage needs.
    Mobile Pallet Racking
    You can enable access to multiple shelves from single working aisles by using Mobile Pallet Racking. It can reduce warehouse footprints by more than 40 percent.

    We Offer Safe And Long-Lasting Storage Solutions!

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      How Industrial Racking Get The Most Out Of Your Storage Space?

      OKE Storage is the provider of premium Industrial Racking systems for your storage space. Our storage systems help you be widely used in arranging your space well disciplined. Because of our consistency, we are a reliable manufacturer of storage systems in China. 

      • OKE Storage values your time and money very high. We help our customers at every single step either pre or post-installation of Industrial Racking. You can save your cost and time by providing you with a detailed video of every step.  
      • We have completed a number of projects over the years. We come so far because we always help our customers in the smooth run of their businesses with maximum efficiency. We have a team of experts to hand over to you the Industrial Racking of the highest quality.   
      • Our Industrial Racking passes through the development process and multiple tests such as loading tests for capacity. This is how we make it possible to produce racking systems of exceptional quality. We are trusted by our customers for the past two decades. 
      • We take pride in giving our customers the racking system they have asked for. Our team helps you in developing a full understanding of your space. After that, we design a customized Industrial Racking that is most effective and safe for your space.  
      • Safety is imperative in every storage system designed by OKE Storage. We comply with international standards such as American RMI Standard, FEM Standard, and some other certifications. We only use certified material to make top-class racking systems. 
      10 Years Warranty
      In case of any external damage to Industrial Racking, a warranty of 10y is available. This makes a clear statement relating to the quality and longevity of our racking systems.
      Quality Control
      Quality is something we never compromise for it. Even we have a special team of 12 members for the complete and close inspection of Industrial Racking. We use top quality raw material.
      Best Service
      We are reliable because we offer service related to our product 24 hours x 7days a week. You can get full-on assistance for your Industrial Racking before and after the installation.
      Lighting Fast Delivery
      You can get your desired Industrial Racking within the span of 10-15 days. Our delivery mechanism is not only quick but safe also. Fast delivery within committed time period.

      Industrial Racking – Description

      OKE Industrial Racking is a type of pallet storage racking that is used for storing heavy-duty goods. OKE International Storage is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of all types of industrial racking. It offers a wide range of industrial racking solutions such as selective, deep-reach, cantilever, pallet flow racking, etc.

      Due to OKE’s usage of high-level strong steel, its industrial racking is one of the strongest ones in the market. OKE Storage imports raw materials for industrial racking from top-notch Chinese raw material manufacturers. OKE Storage has provided its specialized industrial racking to more than 90 countries.

      Moreover, the positivity ratio of feedback received by international clients is absolute 100%. You can use OKE’s industrial racking for all types of industrial and commercial products. OKE makes it possible to use heavy-duty forklifts with industrial racking quite conveniently. That is why lifting heavier and more critical goods has become easier due to OKE’s industrial racking.

      OKE International Storage also provides a surprising capability to customize each aspect of your industrial racking. There are numerous customization options ranging from coloring to structural and functional changes. OKE’s industrial racking can be used in all types of warehouses, especially industrial ones.

      OKE International Storage has a compact and fully experienced team of professional engineers. Its skillful and completely certified staff members ensure the productivity of industrial racking up to its fullest. One of the diverse and most notable features is OKE’s adherence to international quality standards. It manufactures industrial racking by following ISO and EU standards as well as local quality standards.

      The delivery capability of OKE International Storage is also matchless because it provides industrial racking to all the countries around the globe. There are no limits for OKE when it comes to racking system delivery. OKE’s manufacturing time for industrial racking is also one of the minima in the entire manufacturing market. It can deliver professional standard industrial racking systems within just a week.

      Surprisingly, you can get OKE’s industrial racking with 10 years of international warranty. Undoubtedly, it is one of the longest warranty periods that hardly any industrial racking manufacturer can provide.

      The specialty of OKE’s industrial racking is its extra-fine quality and enduring strength. Most importantly, OKE’s industrial racking is one of the most economical racking systems in the entire rack manufacturing market. The average price of OKE’s industrial racking is $300 which is quite considerable for empowering your business.

      OKE International Storage also provides 24/7 after-sales support for industrial racking. You can get the ultimate support through your favorite platforms as well as on-sight customer support. OKE has more than two decades of experience in manufacturing industrial racking with high quality.

      There are other types of racking systems and solutions as well that OKE Storage can provide you. It includes drive-in racking, push-back racking, shuttle racking, drive-through racking, and many others. So, if you want to kick start your industrial warehouse business, contact us to get the most reliable industrial racking now!

      Industrial Racking – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

      Industrial racking as material handling storage technologies improves and efficiently uses warehouse space.

      Industrial racking is the most critical need of warehouse companies today to efficiently store and manage materials.

      In this article, you will learn how industrial racking is the best solution to optimize your warehouse space.

      1. What is Industrial Racking?

      Industrial racking provides a strong and versatile storage system that is widely used in warehouse and factory environments.

      Moreover, it is capable of maximizing space for heavy-duty goods storage with ease.

      Industrial racking is an advanced and cost-effective way to improve the functionality of your warehouse.

      To provide maximum storage capacity, industrial racking offers multiple storage levels.

      It also eliminates internal inefficiencies of the warehouse and ensures the overall well-being of its products.

      Industrial Racking as a Vital Part of Warehouse Environments
      Industrial Racking as a Vital Part of Warehouse Environments

      2. Why is it Important to Implement Industrial Racking?

      Industrial racking is a fundamental part of every material handling or distribution facility.

      A vast amount of styles and capacities of these storage systems are available to meet your specific needs.

      Storage is a key point in the industry as it helps safeguard the integrity of a company’s material.

      Industrial racking can correct the internal insufficiency of warehouses.

      It also ensures the protection and preservation of the merchandise.

      In general, industrial racking helps in providing the maximum storage capacity of an industrial warehouse.

      3. What are the Types of Industrial Racking?

      There are various types of industrial racking and their classification depends on the storage or technique systems.

      Focusing on the storage mechanism, industrial racking can be classified in the following way:

      1. Manual storage systems: Industrial racking systems that require direct handling of the warehouse storage personnel to fulfill their function.
      2. Automated storage systems: Industrial racking systems that are almost completely independent from human intervention and controlled by robotic equipment.

      The following are some basic types of industrial racking:

      • Selective pallet racking: It is economical versatile industrial racking with a single-deep design that allows 100% SKU selectivity.


      • Deep-reach pallet racking: Two-deep pallet storage requires a deep-reach forklift to access pallets.





      • Carton flow racking: It’s an optimized carton and tote storage that improves pick rates and reduces labor costs.


      A large variety of sizes and styles of upright frames, beams, and rack accessories can be selected to build custom racking systems.

      Industrial Racking Classification for Your Custom Warehouse Environments
      Industrial Racking Classification for Your Custom Warehouse Environments

      4. What is the Difference Between Industrial Racking and Industrial Shelving?

      Generally, industrial racking has larger space availability and is tacked higher than industrial shelving in warehouses and facilities.

      Due to the higher vertical dimensions, racking systems accommodate forklifts.

      Their use of warehouse equipment helps enhance the efficiency of your warehouse operations.

      Industrial shelving enables warehouses to store items that can be accessed manually without any automated equipment required.

      The most interesting thing about industrial shelving is that it offers a more robust storage structure to withstand heavy pallets.

      The selection of highly durable materials and ergonomic designs of industrial racking systems makes them stand out from others.

      5. What are the Benefits of Industrial Racking?

      Industrial racking allows you to store more materials in your warehouse without expanding your horizontal footprint.

      It maximizes your warehouse space utilization by taking advantage of vertical space.

      The following are some primary benefits that industrial racking can offer your business:

      1. Convenience: Warehouses require easy and rapid product retrieving to increase the speed of your warehouse operations.


      By implementing industrial racking, finding and retrieving items became extremely easy and fast.


      1. Cost-Effective & Affordable: Industrial racking solutions help reorganize warehouse goods on a large scale.


      They’re affordable and eliminate the need for expensive readjustments or relocation of goods.


      The long-term durability and high performance of industrial racking mean low ongoing costs and one-time investment.


      • Robust & Flexible: Industrial racking features different designs that can increase the quality of your warehouse storage structure.


      Furthermore, it makes the warehouses resistant to versatile conditions to withstand years of persistent use.


      1. Increased Material Storage: By optimizing space, you can potentially introduce further racks to increase the number of products you can hold by 50% to 60%.


      1. Cleans-up Floor Space: Industrial racking maximizes usable space from the floor to up on walls.


      Floors will become less crowded and easier to maneuver around as obstacles have been eliminated increasing safety.

      Benefits of Industrial Racking for Higher Business Productivity
      Benefits of Industrial Racking for Higher Business Productivity

      6. How Industrial Racking is Ideal for Your Warehouse?

      Industrial racking is the most critical business need of warehouse companies that help maximize your warehouse’s storage space.

      Moreover, it increases your warehouse efficiency by increasing retrieving process speed to maximize productivity.

      It is a cheaper, smarter, and faster method to optimize free space in the warehouse.

      Having industrial shelving reduces clutter and corrects internal inefficiencies of the warehouse.

      It also protects the goods by ensuring the overall well-being of the merchandise.

      7. What are the Applications of Industrial Racking?

      Industrial racking serves a vast library of applications to increase production.

      It serves the following industries:

      • Warehouse
      • Automotive
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Retail
      • Food
      • Manufacturing
      • Lumber

      In general, industrial racking is ideal for warehouse environments where products are stored for easy and efficient retrieval.

      Industrial Racking Serves Different Applications for efficient product storage and retrieval
      Industrial Racking Serves Different Applications for efficient product storage and retrieval

      8. How to Find the Right Industrial Racking Technology for Your Warehouse?

      It’s important to have the right industrial racking technology to accommodate the individual needs of each business.

      The following are some areas to consider when choosing the right industrial racking technology for your business:

      • The types of goods to be stored
      • Sizes & weights of pallets & goods
      • Stock rotation and access requirements
      • Height & floor space available for the racking installation
      • The type of handling equipment used
      • The speed of throughput required

      Afterward, it becomes easy to identify your racking requirements and design the most suitable solution.

      9. What are the Benefits of Customizing Industrial Racking for Your Warehouse?

      Customizing industrial racking solutions can optimize your warehouse to maximize its space and throughput, and reduce labor costs.

      Industrial racking customization is possible through a robust array of custom options available to meet your objectives.

      In this way, your warehouse can offer higher density storage that increases your productivity.

      Furthermore, it improves workplace ergonomics while maximizing cost-effectiveness.

      Custom Designing Industrial Racking Systems According to Your Needs and Warehouse Structure
      Custom Designing Industrial Racking Systems According to Your Needs and Warehouse Structure

      10. How Much Does Industrial Racking Costs?

      The complete cost of industrial racking is defined by its types and material selection.

      As there is a vast library of warehouse racking systems available, the prices depend on your needs and selection.

      As a general rule of thumb, the costs of industrial racking vary from $75 to $450 per pallet position.

      11. What is the Leading Cause of Industrial Racking Failures?

      The industrial racking failures can be a result of the following:

      • Damaged components of the racking system
      • Loading racks beyond their maximum capabilities
      • Modifying/reconfiguring racks without proper evaluation
      • Poor training of warehouse employees
      • Intermixing racking system components from various manufacturers
      • Change in material handling equipment or operation without a proper rack interaction

      It’s possible to minimize the risk of your storage rack collapse by purchasing racking systems designed to applicable standards.

      The racking systems must be installed by professionals and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

      Any modifications to an industrial racking must be approved by the manufacturer or an engineer.

      Leading Causes of Your Warehouse Racking System Failure and Other Risks
      Leading Causes of Your Warehouse Racking System Failure and Other Risks

      12. How does Industrial Racking Increase Your Warehouse Efficiency and Space?

      The primary goal of industrial racking is to optimize your warehouse space and efficiency.

      Its multi-level modules and the right level of technology helps you compete in today’s highly-charged industry.

      Industrial racking is custom-fit for your needs by utilizing space and resources to maximize your warehouse space and operational efficiency.

      13. How Industrial Racking is Increasing Your Market Profits?

      With the adoption of technological advancements in industrial racking, warehouses are becoming more productive.

      By being more productive, they can increase the market profits and value of your business.

      Industrial racking by maximizing the efficiency of the operations helps your business grow alongside the fastest-growing industries.

      The high storage capacity and low-cost advantages of industrial racking have a significant impact on the global industrial market.

      It increases your market and business profits by enabling you to meet the most demanding requirements of the modern industry.

      The Importance of Industrial Racking for Increasing Your Market Profits
      The Importance of Industrial Racking for Increasing Your Market Profits

      14. How Do the Industrial Racking Systems Work?

      The basic principle of any industrial racking system is that materials are efficiently and safely stored on the storage racks.

      It also makes material loading and retrieval easy and fast.

      The higher storage density and greater efficiency for the input and output of materials determine its importance for businesses.

      A standard warehouse racking system would include racks with aisles for easy access.

      15. What Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Right Industrial Racking Solution?

      Each warehouse has its own set of requirements and structural limitations.

      The right industrial racking system must increase its space without hampering the operations and picking processes.

      To know which industrial racking technology to choose, consider these factors:

      1. Budget: It’s important to know the estimated cost per pallet to make sure that the racking system fulfills all your needs.


      1. Floor utilization: The ability of a racking system to maximize the warehouse floor space.


      • Storage utilization: The amount of space an industrial racking system is able to utilize. The warehouse storage capacity you need depends on the quantity, size, and weight of your cargo.


      1. Forklift accessibility: It’s important to take into consideration the amount of aisle width required for your forklifts to maneuver.


      1. Versatility: It defines the ability of an industrial racking system to accommodate a wider range of goods.


      1. Inventory management: It’s important to define the inventory retrieval required by your warehouses to select the right functionality for your industrial racking.
      Implementing Industrial Racking Systems Based on the Structural Limitations of Warehouses
      Implementing Industrial Racking Systems Based on the Structural Limitations of Warehouses

      16. What are the Characteristics of Industrial Racking from OKE Storage?

      At OKE Storage, we manufacture industrial racking systems ergonomically designed for maximum safety, durability, and efficiency.

      Our engineering and manufacturing abilities enable us to provide heavy-duty structural racking systems that lead to superior durability and strength.

      Our cutting-edge techniques help us achieve consistent, high-quality, and reliable results for industrial racking.

      17. What are the Features of OKE Storage Industrial Racking?

      Our industrial racking solutions offer unique features to businesses for maximum productivity.

      These features include the following:

      • Steel is the primary structural material for maximum stability, corrosion resistance, and strength
      • The optimal use of limited space
      • Specialized industrial racking to protect products and staff
      • High load capacity >80,000 pounds per tier
      • Lower operating costs by enabling fast retrieval of materials
      • Custom design capabilities through hundreds of custom options available for industrial racking

      18. How OKE Storage is the Best Industrial Racking Manufacturer?

      OKE Storage is experienced and skilled in achieving and optimizing the efficiency, productivity, and safety of your warehouse.

      We do this by implementing the right industrial racking solution for your facility cost-effectively.

      As one of the leading industrial racking manufacturers, OKE Storage enables you to maximize the potential of your storage space.

      OKE Storage as One of the Best Industrial Racking Manufacturers in China
      OKE Storage as One of the Best Industrial Racking Manufacturers in China
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