A Flawless Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving Providers In China

OKE Storage is an international supplier of Heavy-Duty Industrial Shelving. We are exporting to more than 85 countries. Passed with global certifications like CE and ISO (International Standard Of Organization). 

  • Support Customized Design With 3D Sample – No Other Supplier Matches
  • Unmatchable Quality Suppliers  
  • Top Quality Powder Coatings 
  • Offering Turnkey Solutions
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    Our Well-known Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving Customer Group

    • Coca_Cola
    • Pepsi
    • DHL
    • Toyota
    • Peugeot
    • LG Chem
    • GM
    • Geely
    • SF

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    OKE Storage has 20 years of rich experience in manufacturing the best quality Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving.  

    Our efficient team provides you one-stop storage solution for all your shelving needs. 

    OKE Storage only uses top-quality raw materials in the manufacturing of Heavy-Duty Industrial Shelving. Along with the best after-sale services as well. 

    Some related Heavy-Duty Industrial Shelving types are given:

    OKE Storage is among the top 10 leading suppliers and manufacturers of Heavy Duty Pallet Racks. We are exporting to more than 85 nations. It provides high capacity storage.
    OKE Storage is providing you with customized design options for Heavy Duty Industrial Racking. This includes a 1:1 3D sampling and logo printing at the surface.
    OKE Storage is offering you a super-long warranty of 10 years over Heavy-Duty Racks For Warehouse. The most useful and cost-effective storage solution. It has low equipment costs.
    OKE Storage is an unmatchable supplier and manufacturer of the Heavy-Duty Pallet Racking System in China. We have passed international quality certificates like ISO & CE.

    We Carefully Engineered Racking To Provide High Storage Efficiency.


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      Why Heavy-Duty Industrial Shelving Is Best Storage Solution?

      OKE Storage is offering a one-stop storage solution for Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving. Our design service is a great plus for you. It includes an exclusive logo design on the racking surface and a 1:1 3D sampling. 

      • OKE Storage is certified with CE and ISO. We use top-quality powder coatings. A certified raw material from reputed steel company Bao Steel Co. Ltd in China. 
      • Offering you remarkable customized designs for Heavy-duty Industrial Shelving. You can submit a free sample solution with a 1:1 3D sampling. 
      • OKE Storage can maximize your profits at a minimal cost. We are providing you with fast and lightning delivery of 10-15 days. As we are fast and unmatchable suppliers of Heavy-duty Industrial Shelving in China. 
      • The quality inspection team of 12 members ensures quality by using only certified raw materials in manufacturing. We are known globally for outclassing Heavy-duty Industrial Shelving. 
      • Our after-ice team is so active. Free customer service before and after the installation. After-sale services are available round the clock 24/7. 
      20 Years Of Experience
      OKE Storage has a worthy experience of 20 years in the making, manufacturing, and designing of Heavy-duty Industrial Shelving.
      Export To 85+ Countries
      OKE Storage is an international supplier. We are exporting to more than 85 countries of the world.
      OKE Storage has passed certifications like CE & ISO (International Standard Of Organization) and complies with international standards FEM & RMI.
      Lighting Fast Delivery
      OKE Storage gives you fast and lightning delivery of Heavy-duty Industrial Shelving at your doorstep. Within the committed time of 10-15 days.
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