OKE Storage Delivers You A Top-Notch Quality Gravity Racks

OKE Storage gives you highly efficient Gravity Racks for your storage needs. We can support you with customized designs according to your requirements. We provide you with 10 years super long warranty and after-sale services.

  • Support Customized Design With 3D Sample – No Other Supplier Matches
  • Exporting To More Than 85 Countries
  • Fast Delivery Of 10-15 Days.
  • No  Strict MOQ Requirements
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    Well-known Gravity Racks Customer Group

    • Coca_Cola
    • Pepsi
    • DHL
    • Toyota
    • Peugeot
    • LG Chem
    • GM
    • Geely
    • SF

    High-Quality Gravity Racks Are Right Here To Boom Your Business

    OKE Storage has a quality experience of more than 2 decades and we’re flawless in making and delivering it. Gravity Racks will save your business money, improve your productivity, and increase safety for your employees. These are highly useful for maximizing space and efficiency.

    Here are some Related Gravity Racks types are given:

    Flow Rack System
    You will find a top-quality Flow Rack System experience with OKE Storage, which is known globally for it has been exported to over 85 countries.
    Flow Through Racking
    OKE Storage manufacture its products with raw material with certificates which can ensure you that the Flow Through Racking can be the best-quality.
    Pallet Flow Racking System
    OKE Storage is having working experience of over two decades so it has rich enough experience to privide you the best Pallet Flow Racking System.
    Gravity Flow Pallet Rack
    OKE Storage gives you a high-density storage system with a Gravity Flow Pallet Rack, which also can be provided with a 10 years warranty.
    Flow Racks For Pallets
    OKE Storage can support you one-stop solutions of Flow Racks For Pallets which is a cost-effective solution to stock your warehouse products efficiently.
    Roller Pallet Racking
    Roller Pallet Racking is the best choice when you have limited space options, OKE Storage who has over 20 years experience would be your perfect choice.
    Shuttle Storage System
    As the top 10 manufacturer in China, it can be trusted to be your partner for a long time to get the top-quality Gravity Flow Racking Systems.
    Pallet Flow Rack
    Pallet Flow Rack is suitable when you have limited storage space and OKE Storage offers you customized designs according to your requirements.
    Gravity Racking System
    OKE Storage perfectly your customized Gravity Racking System with the best after-sale services which can save you much worries.

    The Name You Can Trust For The Best Ever Gravity Racks In China Is OKE Storage

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      How did Gravity Racks To Expand Your Business Gradually?

      OKE Storage is a worldwide exporter for over 20 years. Gravity Racks are the perfect choice for your business when you are looking to integrate a highly efficient pallet storage system into your warehouses.

      • Gravity Racks provides high-density storage and it is a cost-efficient storage solution.
      • Its ability to adjust is really good, shelves of Gravity Racks can be adjusted to meet product size and OKE Storage reduces your tension of loading and unloading problems.
      • OKE Storage provides you with a detailed installation that is quite basic and understandable.
      • Gravity Racks follows FIFO (First-In-First-Out) and it is to ensure the efficient flow of products.
      • You should go for the Gravity Racks if there is limited space in your warehouse and OKE Storage will give you an ideal solution for racking. And it is useful for large quantities of similar kinds of products.
      • The racking is convenient to use and operate because of its compact structure and perfect storage mechanism that OKE Storage provides.
      Lightning Fast Delivery
      Fastest Suppliers:
      Gravity Racks by OKE Storage delivers you within the committed time period.
      Installation Sevice
      Installation Service:
      Gravity Racks can be installed easily, provide very quick and reliable installation services.
      Advanced Manufacturing
      Advanced manufacturing with OKE Storage meets all your business needs completely.
      Export To Many Countries:
      OKE Storage’s Gravity Racks exported to more than 85 countries.

      Gravity Racks- Description 

      OKE Storage was established in 2000 and is considered the top ten shelving and racking manufacturer in China. If you need the best quality manufactured Gravity Racks, you can always contact them. OKE Storage has large satisfied Gravity Racks customers worldwide such that they export their products to more than 85 developed countries.

      Due to having 20 years of extensive experience in the racking and shelving field, OKE Storage can provide you with Gravity Racks customization services. They use the latest technology, CNC machines and professional working staff to manufacture any Gravity Racks design. You just have to provide complete details of your desired Gravity Racks design; the experienced OKE engineers make your design within the given deadlines.

      OKE Storage has a professional inspection team of 12 members. They have to check the Gravity Racks manufacturing at each step to ensure your storage system’s high quality. OKE Storage has more than 200 working staff with a minimum of three to four years of working experience to manufacture your Gravity Racks.

      OKE Storage consists of large production equipment that includes 12 rolling lines for upright frames and eight rolling lines for Gravity Racks beams. They also have nine workshops and more than 40 sets of other rack equipment. Professional racking engineers worked in those workshops to manufacture your Gravity Racks.

      OKE Storage is a reliable and affordable Gravity Racks manufacturer with a 5-star review rating for each of its products from its customers. After manufacturing, all of their products are coated with excellent quality powder to prevent corrosion.

      OKE Storage ordered the top-quality raw material from China’s largest steel manufacturing company, Bao, Co. Ltd. They provide you with the best product storage solution. You can store date-sensitive products in the Gravity Racks and the products that need to be stored for a long time.

      All the OKE Storage products are 100% quality-verified, have passed CE and ISO 2015 certification, and comply with the AS4084 standard, American RMI standard, and FEM standards.

      You can also get one-stop storage solutions from OKE Storage. If you are unsure of the Gravity Racks design, they can send racking engineers to your site. These engineers will then guide you through all the requirements for your storage system.

      You can also get the Gravity Racks installation services from OKE Storage. They also provide you with installation animated videos that save your time and money. They use the latest packaging methods to avoid any damage to the products during transportation. OKE Storage can deliver your ordered products within 10 to 15 working days.

      Besides Gravity Racks, OKE Storage also provides other storage solutions and complete shelving and racking accessories. Their products or accessories are 100% manufactured using quality standards and have quality certifications. Other available storage solutions include Selective pallet racking, cantilever racks, push-back racks, etc.

      OKE Storage does not have strict Gravity Racks MOQ requirements. If you need a small number of products, you can place a minimum order of one piece. They also offer a free sample of their products to satisfy their customers and build trust.

      OKE Storage also has professional packaged and loading engineers to use your container space precisely. With their excellent experience, you can make full use of the container at a cheap cost. OKE can also provide you with ten years of extended warranty for each of their products. Their support team is available 24/7 to assist their customers with any queries about your Gravity Racks.

      Gravity Racks- The Ultimate FAQ Guide

      OKE Storage Gravity Racks will be your best choice if you want to store your heavy-weight warehouse and industrial products at minimum cost.

      Gravity Racks use the gravity effect to store and retrieve your products, which reduces storage costs.

      To learn more about OKE Storage Gravity Racks, you must read the FAQ guide article below:

      1. What Is Meant by Gravity Racks?

      Gravity Racks are also known as Pallet Flow Racks, Gravity Flow Racks, Flow-Through Racks or Live Pallet Racking.

      It is a storage system utilized by different warehouses, industries, or distribution centers to store heavy-weight products.

      This storage system is comprised of upright frames, beams, brake rollers, and steel roller conveyors or skate wheel conveyors.

      It consists of two aisles: one for loading the products and the other for unloading them.

      The loading side is made higher than the unloading side for the smooth flow of products on the roller bed.

      Gravity Racks follow both stock rotation styles, i.e., FIFO (First In, First Out) and LIFO (Last In, First Out).

      Gravity Racks
      Gravity Racks

      2. Where Can You Implement the Gravity Racks?

      The Gravity Racks can be implemented into the following fields:

      • Where you need to store date-sensitive and time-sensitive products.
      • Food industry
      • Cosmetics industry
      • Medicine industry
      • Where you need to store in transition or intermediate zones between different areas in the same warehouse.
      • Cold or freezing environments
      • Automotive supplies
      • Distribution centers
      • Large volume per SKUs
      • High throughput
      • Pick modules and staging areas
      • Chemical Industry
      • Grocery
      • Beverages
      • Drug Distribution facilities

      3. How Can You Operate Gravity Racks for Storing/Retrieving Your Products?

      Gravity Racks can be easily operated if you follow the steps given below:


      • Lift the pallet-loaded product using a forklift truck.
      • Place it gently on the higher unloading side of the storage system.
      • The pallet-loaded product gently slides towards the unloading or lower side of the storage system by the action of gravity.
      • In the same way, you can place products one by one on the higher side, and they will store in the storage system by sliding towards the lower side.


      • Lift the stored first pallet-loaded product on the lower side of the storage system using a forklift truck.
      • Then withdraw the product by carefully reversing the truck.


      4. What Are the Possible Types of Gravity Racks?

      Gravity Racks are available in three types, whose names are given below:

      • Carton Flow Gravity Racks
      • Pallet Flow Gravity Racks
      • Push Back Racking System

      5. What Are the Differences Between Different Types of Gravity Racks?

      The different types of Gravity Racks have the following differences:

      • Carton Flow Gravity Racks:

      The bay of this storage system has a full bed of polycarbonate wheels to transfer small products from the loading side to the unloading side.

      It follows both FIFO and LIFO stock rotation styles.

      • Pallet Flow Gravity Racks:

      You can store heavy-weight products in this type of storage system.

      The bay consists of roller conveyors.

      The products are placed on pallets and then stored in this storage system.

      It follows only the FIFO stock rotation style.

      • Push Back Racking System:

      This storage system stores heavy-weight products on the pallets and uses only one aisle for loading and unloading purposes.

      The first product loaded is pushed backward to store the second product in the same bay.

      It follows the LIFO stock rotation style.

      Types of Gravity Racks
      Types of Gravity Racks

      6. Can the Gravity Racks Provide You with Excellent Storage Density for Your Warehouse?

      Yes, the Gravity Racks provide you with excellent storage density for your warehouse.

      You can utilize not only storage floor area space but also the vertical space of your warehouse to store your products.

      This storage system can be made about 20 pallets deep, and the number of aisles can be reduced as maximum as possible.

      Gravity Racks will enable you to use about 80% of your storage space.

      Storage Density of Gravity Racks
      Storage Density of Gravity Racks

      7. How Much Vertical Height Can be Utilized for Storing Products in Gravity Racks?

      Any vertical height can be utilized for storing your products in Gravity Racks.

      It mainly depends on the capacity of your forklift truck that how high it can go to load and unload your pallet-loaded products.

      The standard height used for Gravity Racks is 10 meters.

      8. What Are Beams in Gravity Racks?

      The beams play an essential role in Gravity Racks to withstand the total weight of the stored products.

      They are bolted with upright frames on the front and back sides of the storage system.

      The beams hold the profile which connects the roller conveyors of Gravity Racks.

      Gravity Rack's Beam
      Gravity Rack’s Beam

      9. What Is a Bay in Gravity Racks?

      The bay is an area where you store your heavy-weight products in the Gravity Racks.

      It consists of a roller conveyor or polycarbonate wheel conveyor bed for product transmission and diagonal braces on its sides to protect the stored products.

      Gravity Rack's Bay
      Gravity Rack’s Bay

      10. Can You Change the Bay Height in Gravity Racks?

      Yes, you can easily change the bay height in Gravity Racks.

      If you need to store a product whose height is greater or lower than the bay height, you can easily un-bolt the beams from the uprights.

      After making the required bay space, the beams can then again be bolted with the upright frames.

      Gravity Rack's Bolted Beams
      Gravity Rack’s Bolted Beams

      11. What Can Be the Weight Capacity of Gravity Racks?

      A single Gravity Rack roller conveyor having a 2.5-inch diameter can withstand about 3000 pounds (1400 kg) of weight.

      So, if you are using a standard pallet whose dimensions are 48 inches by 40 inches, then it will take about 20 roller conveyors to hold that pallet.

      This clearly means that you can store about:

      20 conveyors x 3000 pounds = 60,000 pounds (27000 kg) of weight on a single pallet.

      Gravity Rack’s Weight Capacity
      Gravity Rack’s Weight Capacity

      12. What Is the Aisle in Gravity Racks?

      The aisle is that space in your warehouse or industrial storage area which is used by the forklift trucks in order to load and unload products in Gravity Racks.

      A single Gravity Rack has two aisles.

      One for loading products into the storage system on its higher side, and the other for unloading the products from the storage system on its lower side.

      Gravity Rack's Aisles
      Gravity Rack’s Aisles

      13. How Many Pallets Can You Load In A Single Bay of Gravity Racks?

      The number of pallets loaded into a single bay of Gravity Racks totally depends on the length of the bay.

      You can easily extend the length of the bay according to your needs, but the standard length is taken to be 25 meters.

      If you are using a pallet with dimensions of 48 inches by 40 inches, you can easily load about 20 pallets in a single bay of Gravity Racks with 25 meters in length.

      14. What Is the Difference Between Gravity Racks and Radio Shuttle Racking?

      Gravity Racks and Radio Shuttle have the following differences:

      Gravity Racks Radio Shuttle
      It is not operated using electricity. It is operated using electricity.
      It works under the gravity effect. It does not work under the gravity effect.
      Products are stored on roller conveyors. Products are stored on a pair of rails.
      It needs a minimum of two aisles to carry out the loading and unloading process. The loading and unloading process can be completed in only one aisle.
      The loading side is higher than the unloading side. Both the loading and unloading side are at the same distance from the earth.
      This storage system is not automated This storage system is automated.
      It uses roller conveyors for the product’s transmission inside the bay. It uses a shuttle for the product’s transmission inside the bay.


      Radio Shuttle Vs. Gravity Racks
      Radio Shuttle Vs. Gravity Racks

      15. What Can Be the Benefits of Using Gravity Racks as Your Warehouse Storage System?

      Gravity Racks have the following benefits:

      • It enables perfect pallet turnover (FIFO system)
      • Excellent stock control
      • It has a maximum capacity as the storage system is compact
      • Loading and unloading time is reduced
      • Different loading and unloading aisles reduce accident risk for the forklift operators.
      • High-density storage system
      • The use of gravity reduces operational cost
      • You can use double storage space as the conventional pallet storage system
      • Cost-effective storage solution
      • The height of the bay can be easily adjusted to meet product dimensions
      • Improves throughput and efficiency
      • It allows easy sorting and distribution of common SKUs
      • Saves labor costs
      • Easy and quick access to all the lanes
      • Durable and have a low maintenance cost
      • Good return on investment, i.e., it provides excellent ROI.

      16. Which Components Are Combined to Form the Complete Gravity Racks Structure?

      Gravity Racks has the following components:

      1. Frames
      2. Dynamic Beam
      3. Dynamic Profile
      4. Leveling Plates
      5. Anchor bolts
      6. Rollers
      7. Brake Rollers
      8. Brake Drums
      9. Centralizing Strips
      10. Pallet Retainers (Optional)
      11. Exit Beam
      12. End Stop
      Gravity Rack's Components
      Gravity Rack’s Components

      17. What Are the Specifications of the Gravity Racks?

      Gravity Racks have the following specifications:

      • Column Sizes: 3 x 2-4 inch / 3 x 3 inch / 4 x 3 inch
      • Beam Sizes: 5-inch roll formed
      • Beam Length: 48’’ / 60’’ / 72’’ / 84’’ / 92’’ / 96’’ / 102’’ / 108’’ / 120’’ / 144’’ / 156’’
      • Weight Capacity: 3000 pounds (1400 Kg) per roller
      • Bay Inclination:3 degrees
      • Shelf Angle: Tilted
      • Shelf Gauge: 14 ga
      • Decking Finish: Powder Coated

      18. Why Should You Consider Gravity Racks for Your Warehouse?

      All warehouses are in search of an efficient storage system that can easily store their heavy-weight products in a short time with minimum cost.

      Gravity Racks work under the gravity effect to load and unload your products.

      This is the main cause that you should consider it as a storage system for all warehouses and industries.

      It not only boost your warehouse operations but can also reduce labor cost and increases production rates.

      19. How Can You Import Gravity Racks from China to Your Warehouse?

      China has different Gravity Racks manufacturing markets.

      Choosing the right manufacturer can be a difficult task for you.

      You must search different manufacturers online and check their customer reviews.

      You can also search top ten racking manufacturing companies in China on Google.

      Fortunately, Nanjing International OKE Storage is among the top ten racking and shelving manufacturers in China.

      They export their Gravity Racks all over the world at the cheapest rates and have a large customer group, including Coca-Cola, Pepsi etc.

      OKE Storage uses top-quality raw material for manufacturing their Gravity Racks.

      If you want to buy OKE Storage Gravity Racks, you just need to contact them by pressing the ‘’Contact Us’’ tab on their website.

      Import Gravity Racks From China
      Import Gravity Racks From China

      20. What Is the Best Way to Install Gravity Racks in Your Warehouse?

      The warehouse storage area is so big that you cannot install Gravity Racks on your own.

      You always need the help of experts who provide you with installation services and suggest a better Gravity Rack design that fits your needs.

      So, you must contact some experienced racking and shelving manufacturer who can service you with excellent installation services at the cheapest rates.

      To get these services, OKE Storage is always there to help you!

      OKE Storage was established in 2000, which means they have 20 years of experience in racking and shelving.

      They can send a racking engineer to your site who will guide you to the best design of Gravity Racks in your warehouse.

      OKE Storage engineers have the ability to utilize all your warehouse storage space in an efficient manner and within minimum time.

      21. What Should You Do to Avoid Gravity Racks Damage?

      You should follow the below-mentioned precautions to avoid Gravity Racks damage:

      • Brake rollers should be installed at equal distances below the roller bed.
      • You must avoid overloading the storage system.
      • Forklift operators should be well trained.
      • You must avoid using broken pallets.
      • A pallet retainer should be installed at the start of each lane.
      • Bay inclination should be such that the product does not flow speedily.
      • The upright frame should be bolted to the floor
      • The lane should be unloaded before adjusting the bay height.
      • Weight labels should be installed in each lane
      • The lighting system should be excellent in your storage area
      • Protect parapets should be installed to avoid forklift accidents with the frames.
      Safety Precautions for Gravity Racks
      Safety Precautions for Gravity Racks
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