Skyrocket Your Business With OKE Storage’s Galvanized Racking

OKE Storage offers you a supreme quality Galvanized Racking. We use top-quality raw materials for manufacturing. Our strict quality inspection team of 12 members strictly examines the quality in every phase of production. 

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    Our Well-known Galvanized Racking Customer Group

    • Coca_Cola
    • Pepsi
    • DHL
    • Toyota
    • Peugeot
    • LG Chem
    • GM
    • Geely
    • SF

    We Can Manufacture Elite Quality Galvanized Racking For You!

    OKE Storage uses the considerable packaging method for Galvanized Racking. A paper card is placed at the bottom of the package to make it safer.  

    Our experts purchase the Steel from the steel giants of China-Bao Steel Co., Ltd. Only top-quality steel is used in the making of Galvanized Racking.   

    OKE Storage can design the customized shape of Galvanized Racking. An Automatic Laser Cutting Machine is used for the matchless cutting of racking. 

    Some related Galvanized Racking types are given: 

    OKE Storage is delivering its Galvanized Racking at your doorstep withing 10-15 days. It helps to achieve higher storage efficiency.
    OKE Storage provides the customized design service for Industrial Racking like 3D sampling. These are specially constructed to endure high capacities.
    OKE Storage is a worldwide supplier of Stainless-Steel Pallet Racking to more than 85 countries. It comes in different sizes and can handle different capacities.

    OKE Storage Is Offering Highly Remarkable Galvanized Racking!

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      How Galvanized Racking Enhance Productivity Of Your Business?

      OKE Storage only uses top-class certified material for the manufacturing of Galvanized Racking We have passed ISO:2015 and CE certificates. Make your exclusive logo a racking surface. Offering turnkey solutions. 

      • The powerful pickling technique produces a layer of oxidation film on the outer surface. To provide extra strength powder coating is used on the surface of Galvanized Racking. 
      • OKE Storage is an engineer and designer for more than 20 years. We are matchless in our field because of our high-quality work. 
      • Here you can get fast and lightening delivery of Galvanized Racking, within 10-15 days. 
      • We have no strict MOQ requirement for your order. You can order exactly according to your requirement. Fast quote and quick turnaround. 
      • OKE Storage’s experts help you in choosing the best and most reliable design with ease. You can submit a free sample solution. Get a 1:1 3D sample before manufacturing. 
      • Our experts are following AS4084, RMI, and FEM Standards in the making of Galvanized Racking. We have passed ISO and CE as well.
      • OKE Storage is the worldwide supplier of a Galvanized Racking. We are delivering to more than 85 countries. 
      After Sales Service
      OKE Storage is giving an awesome design feature. You can submit a free sample solution. Get 3D samples, logo printing and much more.
      Advanced Manufacturing
      OKE Storage has passed the international quality certificates like ISO and CE. And we use certified raw materials only in manufacturing.
      One-Stop Solution
      Here you can submit a one-stop storage solution. Fast quote and quick turnaround for Galvanized Racking under a single roof.
      Lighting And Fast Delivery
      We have the capability to deliver the Galvanized Racking to your doorstep. Generally, the delivery time is in between 10-15 days.
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