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OKE Storage is manufacturing FIFO Racking of the best quality and customized design over the years. We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing all kind of racking and shelving for your warehouse.

  • Support Customized Design With 3D Sample – No Other Supplier Matches
  • Super Long 10 Years Warranty
  • Detailed Install Instructions Or Videos
  • Exported To Over 85 Countries
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    Our Well-known FIFO Racking Customer Group

    • Coca_Cola
    • Pepsi
    • DHL
    • Toyota
    • Peugeot
    • LG Chem
    • GM
    • Geely
    • SF

    Design And Manufacture The Storage Product - OKE Storage

    OKE Storage is expert in making FIFO Racking of the finest quality that is best for the units which need a continuous flow of products. In this system, pallets are loaded at the upper end of the rack which is inclined basically and allows them to slide at limited speed to the lower side of the rack.

     FIFO Racking that our company designed and manufactured is widely used in the sanitary industry, food storage houses, high-volume storage units, and warehouses.

    Here is some related FIFO Racking types are given

    Drive In Pallet Racking System
    OKE Storage always uses high-grade raw material with certificate according to international standards in the making of the Drive-In Pallet Racking System.
    Drive In Racking System
    OKE Storage can give you a customized design of Drive-In Racking System to maximize the space and height in your storage space.
    Drive Through Racks
    OKE Storage is highly recommendable in designing and installing Drive Through Racking that is exactly suitable for your storage space.
    Drive In Pallet
    OKE Storage provides a customized Drive-In Pallet as per the requirement and specifications are given by the product.
    FIFO Racking System
    OKE Storage with 20 years of experience has always been consistent in making top-qualityFIFO Racking System and time has proved this.
    Drive In Pallet Racking
    OKE Storage is the top 10 manufacturer in China in the making of Drive-In Pallet Racking, which can be your best partner.
    Drive Thru Racking System
    OKE Storage engineering and manufacturing the top-quality Drive-Thru Racking System which provides you with maximum efficiency of time.
    Drive Through Pallet Racking
    Drive Through Pallet Racking manufactured by OKE Storage is a very high-density storage solution. We offer you 100% design support with installation services.
    Drive In Racking System
    FIFO Storage Rack by OKE Storage, who offer a 10 years warranty, is an ideal solution for the storage space or warehouse.

    Our Commitment Is To Design, Manufacture, And Deliver Cost-Efficient Storage Products

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      Why FIFO Racking Is The Best Option For Your Storage Space?

      OKE Storage helps you achieve your goals by equipping you with top-quality racking. The FIFO Racking is the perfect solution for the optimization of storage capabilities. Our experienced team can manufacture customized rackings according to your need and requirement.

      • FIFO Racking reduces the chances of error which results in improvement on work at hand improving quality.
      • OKE Storage is best for bulk storage of products where stock movement is high and
      • We ensure that customers always receive a fresh product with the help of its high-quality racking.
      • FIFO Racking is ideal for minimizing the handling cost of the warehouse.
      • OKE Storage robustly builds the FIFO Racking by using the finest material making it rust-free and easy to maintain.
      One-Stop Solution
      One-Stop Solution
      OKE Storage is offering you all the services related to the product and one-stop solution for all of your problems related to storage space.
      quality control
      Quality Control
      OKE Storage has an inspection team to ensure the quality of the product of the highest level.
      Advanced Manufacturing
      Advanced Manufacturing
      Manufacturing of products is done by OKE Storage using advanced manufacturing techniques.
      Lightning Fast Delivery
      Lighting Fast Delivery
      OKE Storage ensures the fast delivery of products to the doorstep. We deliver in committed period of time(10-15 days).
      Customized Service
      Customize Service
      OKE Storage can customize the product according to the requirement of your storage space and in the best possible way.
      Installation Service
      Installation Service
      FIFO Racking can be installed easily, provide very quick and reliable installation services.
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