Double Deep Pallet Racking Manufacturer and Supplier in China

OKE Storage Double Deep Pallet Racking is a widely used, latest and most efficient method to store warehouse and industrial products easily and comfortably.

  • Excellent space utilization
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Increase 50% storage capacity
  • Increase productivity rates

OKE Storage Double Deep Pallet Racking

OKE Storage Double Deep Pallet Racking is an intermediate storage system between adjustable pallet racking and compact storage systems.

This system stores unit loads mechanically using forklifts, which drive along aisles.

The storage system mainly consisted of beams, uprights, braces etc.

Pallets are stored at two depths, resulting in higher storage density, while pallets can still be accessed quickly and easily.

The operator does not have direct access to all the pallets.

Special forklifts need to be equipped with telescopic forks or pantographs to access the second pallet from Double Deep Pallet Racking.

Deep Pallet Racking

The beam spacing of Deep Pallet Racking can be changed to accommodate small or large products.

Double Deep Racking System

The Double Deep Racking System store approximately 4400 pounds (2000 kg) of the product’s weight at a beam level.

Deep Racking

The process of reconfiguring, assembling, and disassembling the Deep Racking is easy without requiring experts to be done.

Double Racking

To increase the product’s safety and store small items safely in Double Racking, you can use wire decking, span beams, and support bars.

Double Deep Racking

Double Deep Racking is an efficient storage system for all warehouses and industries that require low maintenance for longer periods.

Double Deep Pallet Racking System

Using our Double Deep Pallet Racking System, you can store your products multiple levels high with 100% accuracy.

Double Deep Pallet Racking Benefits

Better Space Utilization
Better Space Utilization

This storage system utilizes 50% of the aisle space for storing your heavyweight products, i.e., increasing storage capacity to maximum level.

Prolong Warranty

Double Deep Pallet Racking has a super extended warranty of ten years. At this time, you can easily exchange damaged parts without cost.

Easy Installation
Quick Installation

Its structure is not complex. Assembly and disassembly of the parts can be completed in a short time. The installation does not require an expert.


This storage system offers maximum storage space at an affordable price and is suitable for all warehouses and industries.

How Does Double Deep Pallet Racking Works?

OKE Storage Double Deep Pallet Racking is very easy to operate:

  • The first step is to ban your products from being loaded onto pallets.
  • Lift the pallet using a forklift truck having telescopic forks or pantographs.
  • The pallet should be placed on a pair of beams.

Using this method, product-loaded pallets are stored in the storage system that rests on the beams until they are withdrawn.

  • When unloading the stored pallet, lift it from the beams using a forklift truck.
  • Take it out of the Double Deep Pallet Racking.
  • Drive your truck to the location where the product needs to be placed.
How Does Double Deep Pallet Racking Works
Advantages of Double Deep Pallet Racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking Advantages

OKE Storage Double Deep Pallet Racking as a storage solution has thousands of advantages for all warehouses, industries and distribution centers.

This storage system not only utilizes the maximum storage space but also enhances your business benefits by increasing productivity rates.

You can have the following advantages for your business:

  • Increased warehouse storage capacity is achieved.
  • Approximately 4400 pounds (2000 kg) can be stored per level.
  • More storage space can be gained by reducing aisle space.
  • Direct access to 50% of stored pallets.
  • Store products vertically up to their maximum height.
  • Small and oversized items can be accommodated.
  • Changing the beam spacing allows for storing products of different heights.
  • It provides high-density storage at an affordable price.
  • Easy to install and reconfigure.

Double Deep Pallet Racking Components

Double Deep Pallet Racking has the following components:

  • Beam: A beam is used to hold pallets loaded with products.
  • Uprights: They combine all the other components of the storage system in one place and are made of steel.
  • Braces: The upright columns are stabilized by the braces.
  • Pallet Support Bar: A span beam is used to store small-size items that are fitted on beams.
  • Baseplates: Under the uprights are the baseplates, which provide stability to them.
  • Shims: To level a storage rack on uneven floors, shims are connected with baseplates.
Double Deep Pallet Racking Components

Choose OKE Storage Double Deep Pallet Racking

OKE Storage Double Deep Pallet Racking
OKE Storage Double Deep Pallet Racking

Due to its establishment in 2000, OKE Storage Double Deep Pallet Racking is the world’s top choice among the best storage solutions for warehouses and industrial products.

All OKE Storage products and accessories are inspected by quality inspection teams, and each product has received a quality certification, such as CE, and ISO9001 certified.

Also, it has a strict manufacturing process, including raw materialspowder coating, and packaging.

Our professional and experienced working staff will customize your storage system according to your requirements once you provide them with complete details of your needs.

And we can help you install, maintain and even repair Double Deep Pallet Racking.

If you need Double Deep Pallet Racking.
Please contact us now!

pallet selection

You can store your products on Double Deep Pallet Racking using any type of pallet.
They can either be two-way entry pallets or four-way entry pallets.
According to the manufacturing materials, these are the most common pallets used:

  • Wood Pallets
  • Plastic Pallets
  • Metal Pallets

The weight-bearing capacity of wooden pallets is higher than that of plastic pallets.
A wooden pallet can store about 2100 kilograms of weight, whereas a plastic pallet can store 1300 kilograms.

double deep forklift

The products are stored two pallets deep in Double Deep Pallet Racking.

So, you must use a forklift truck that can easily reach both stored products per beam level.

  • Hydraulic or telescopic attachments can be made with non-pantograph forklift trucks that allow their forks to reach the second row of the storage system.
  • The pantographic reach trucks can be used for this storage system. Compared to hydraulic fork attachments, they deliver faster operation times.
  • Articulated forklifts or counterbalance forklifts can be used to load and unload products in this storage system.



installation for double deep pallet racking

It is not difficult to install Double Deep Pallet Racking.

This storage system can be installed by following the steps below:

  • Place eight uprights vertically, i.e., four on your right and four on your left side.
  • Install four beams with uprights on the same level.
  • All uprights should be bolted to the ground using footplates or baseplates.
  • Attach the horizontal braces at the top and bottom of the right side and left side uprights.
  • Connect the diagonal braces between the upper and lower horizontal braces.

Using this method, a single bay and one level of this storage system can be installed.

Following the above procedure, you can install this storage system throughout your storage area and increase storage levels to utilize vertical height effectively.


Maintaining your Double Deep Pallet Racking can be accomplished by following these steps:

    • Forklift operators should be qualified and professional.
    • Climbing on the beams is not recommended.
    • Don’t overload your storage system.
    • The storage system should not be used outside without a shed.
    • Inspection of the storage system should be done on a regular basis.
    • Keep around 4 inches of space on both sides of the pallet when storing it.
    • In the storage area, there should be proper lighting.
    • Labels should be installed on beams indicating their capacity.

Applications of Double Deep Pallet Racking

Food and Beverage Industries

Food and Beverage Industries

The same type of food and beverage can efficiently be stored two pallets deep in this storage system that is easily accessible to the customers and working staff.

Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical Chemicals

All the products related to the medical industry can be efficiently stored per SKUs into two pallets deep using this storage system and can be quickly withdrawn as per needs.

Electronics & Electrical Appliances

Electronics & Electrical Appliances

On the Double Deep Pallet Racking, electrical appliance suppliers can store their ready-made appliances, which can be displayed or retrieved easily for customers.

Textile and Garments

Textiles and Garments

These storage systems can be used in the textiles and garments industry. The packaging of the products is simple and allows for long-term and short-term storage on pallets.

Automobile Industry

Automobile Industry

Different automobile parts can be stored in this storage system at reasonable prices. Each bay can be separated for the storage of various automobile parts.

Double Deep Pallet Racking
Double Deep Pallet Racking Manufacturer

OKE Storage is one of the top-quality suppliers of Double Deep Pallet Racking. Our engineering & sales teams are trained, and all related processes are adapted, to ensure the best quality.

Why OKE Storage Double Deep Pallet Racking Reliable

Weight & Dimensions
Depth: 850-1050mm Or Customized
Width: 1800/2700/3600mm Or Customized
Beam Range Height: 80~160mm; Width: 45mm/50mm; Thickness: 1.5~2.5mm
Upright Range 80*60; 90*60; 90*70; 90*75; 100*67; 100*70; 100*75; 120*75; 120*87mm, Thickness: 1.5~3.0mm
Pitch holes: 50/50.8/76.2/75mm
Weight Capacity: 500~5000kg
Height: Max 12000mm Or Customized

Product Details
Model Number: Double Deep Pallet Racking
Assembly Required Yes
Brand Name: OKE Storage
Beam Type Step Beam/Box Beam
Construction Type Bolted Frame
Type Starter
Number Of Levels According To Customer Needs
Material: Steel/Q 235B Steel(Same Level SS400), Q345 Steel( Same Level SM490)
Unit Bay Capacity 500kg – 23000kg / Customized
Color: Standard: Blue(RAL5005/5015), Orange(RAL2004), Customized: All RAL Color, MOQ( per 20FT container)
Surface Finish: Powder Coated/ Galvanized
Packing: Package Ends With Cardboard And Bundle With Steel Strapped Outsides, Follow The Customer’s Needs.
Feature: Durable, Corrosion Protection
Use: Warehouse Rack
Usage: Warehouse Storage System
Application: Widely Used
HS Code: 73089000
Products Support
Free Consultation: Yes, Any Questions You Can Consult With Free.
Support For Custom: Yes
Free Design: Yes, CAD/PDF/3D Drawing
Free Sample: Available (Delivery Cost By Buyer)
3D Sample: Yes, 1:1 3D Sample, Save Your Time And Cost of Trial and Error
Pre-installation: Yes
Capacity Test: Yes, If Needed.
OEM&ODM: Available
Certification: CE / ISO
Lead Time: 15-20 Days For Regular Pallet Racking, One Container
Installation Service Yes, Submit Installation Drawing Or Video, Also Send Engineer To Your Site If Needed.
Maintenance Service: Yes, We Submit Free Maintenance Guide.
Repair Service: Yes, We Submit Repair Services.
successful cases
successful cases
  • Reviewing isn’t something I usually do, but I’m making an exception since OKE Storage Double Deep Pallet Racking meets my expectations. The rack is well made, sturdy, and easy to assemble.

  • The service was excellent, and the racking was a good value. Installation was very simple. OKE Storage provided me with exactly what I ordered at a reasonable price, and it delivered quicker than expected.

  • OKE Storage provides excellent service. I appreciate their efficiency, friendliness, and reliability. I recommend them as a reliable racking and shelving company.

Get Your Durable Double Deep Pallet Racking Fastly!

OKE Storage is a leading manufacturer and exporter in the field of racking systems and storage solutions. We are exporting Double Deep Pallet Racking to more than 85 countries. You can quote quickly.

  • Support Customized Design With 3D Sample – No Other Supplier Matches
  • No Strict MOQ Requirements
  • Quick & Easy Installation Service
  • Low Price & Excellent Performance

A Flexible Double Deep Pallet Racking At OKE Storage

OKE Storage provides you with flexible Double Deep Pallet Racking. It’s a compact storage system, our experts smartly choose a perfect storage system for your warehouse needs.

We have over 20 years of experience in producing high-quality Double Deep Pallet Racking. Our efficient team provides you with a one-stop storage solution for all your racking needs.

How Double Deep Pallet Racking Is An Efficient Storage System?

OKE Storage allows you to submit a 1:1 3D sample of Double Deep Pallet Racking before bulk production. Our team is so active, even after installation we are here to assist and guide you anytime. We provide pre and post-installation services as well.

  • OKE Storage gives you It is a highly efficient and strong Double Deep Racking System. It will become easier to install with our expert’s guidance. A very quick and basic installation is available.
  • High level of safety thanks to our professional packaging team. To prevent any kind of damage we use a conventional racking film, steel belt fixation, and a paper card at the bottom side.
  • OKE Storage gives you a fast delivery service. We deliver in a committed time period. Our Fast and lightning delivery for Double Deep Racking System is 10-15 days.
  • Our efficient & expert team is always ready to assist you. Good support for designing and installation is available.
  • A quality inspection team of 12 members works so hard to meet your warehouse needs. We check quality throughout, in all phases. From initial to final installation phase. We follow international standards and are certified with CE & ISO.

OKE Storage Double Deep Pallet Racking Features

  • 20 Years Of Experience
    Rich experience of more than 20 years builds up trust among our clients. We have been working in this field since 2000.
  • Export To 85+ Countries
    We are exporting our Double Deep Pallet Racking to more than 85 countries. OKE Storage is supplying worldwide.
  • Installation Service
    Our installation service is so quick. OKE Storage’s engineers completely guide for Double Deep Pallet Racking installation.
  • Quality Control
    The strict quality inspection team of 12 members is always working hard to ensure quality. We use a certified raw materials only in manufacturing.
  • Customized Design
    Exclusive design options Double Deep Pallet Racking is available at OKE Storage. You can submit a free design solution. Get your 3D 1:1 sampling as well.
  • Fast Suppliers
    OKE Storage gives you the fastest and lightning delivery of Double Deep Pallet Racking at your doorstep. Fast delivery of 10-15 days.
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