Expert In Making High-Quality Carton Racks

OKE Storage is consistent in producing high-class racking solutions. Our Carton Racks can be delivered within 10-15 days with safe packaging. We offer the most durable and efficient storage solution for your workspace. 

  • Strict Quality Inspection Team 
  • No Strict MOQ Requirements 
  • Unmatchable Quality Suppliers  
  • Offer Turnkey Solutions
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    Our Well-known Carton Racks Customer Group

    • Coca_Cola
    • Pepsi
    • DHL
    • Toyota
    • Peugeot
    • LG Chem
    • GM
    • Geely
    • SF

    We Are A Trusted Dealer Of Carton Racks

    We are offering Carton Racks that are ideal for warehouses with high inventory rotation. Our experts can assess your storage space needs and offer the best option accordingly. 

    OKE Storage is highly knowledgeable in designing and manufacturing carton flow racks. We discuss with our clients all the details and then you can submit a free sample solution. 

    Some related Carton Racks types are given: 

    OKE Storage provides excellent quality Carton Flow Racks. We are offering an ultra-long warranty of 10 years. It is ideal for low volume and medium turn rate inventory.
    We offer a seamless installation of Carton Flow from the beginning to the end. Our installation service is very quick and basic. It improves 50% of space.
    OKE Storage can design a free 3D sample of Flow Racks for you. This helps you in developing a better understanding. Flow Racks increases put-a-way productivity.

    Quick Delivery Of 10-15 Days For Carton Flow Racks!

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      How Carton Racks Handle Storage Related Needs Of Your Warehouse?

      OKE Storage is manufacturing the Carton Rack for more than 20 years. We have expertise in making top-notch quality racking. You can customize and design it according to the needs of your warehouse.  

      • OKE Storage provides you with a one-stop storage solution for Carton Racks. You can get full support from the designing phase of the racking system to its installation.  
      • Our experts can provide you with guidance even after the installation. Installation is so basic and easy. 
      • You can get a free 3D sample of the Carton Racks. even before the purchase. We use advanced software such as CAD and computer modeling techniques for it. 
      • OKE Storage gives you the access to customize your Carton Racks. You can design it by keeping in view your storage space.  
      • Exporting our Carton Racks in more than 85 countries, We are worldwide suppliers. 
      • We have a team of professional engineers having 12 members in it. They work hard to offer you the best possible Carton Racks. If required, any of them can make a visit to your place for a better assessment. 
      • OKE Storage has passed CE and ISO 2015 certificates. We only use certified raw materials to avoid the risk of any damage and collapse.  
      10 Years’ Warranty
      OKE Storage focuses very hard on making durable racking systems. Our Carton Racks come up with a notable warranty of 10 years.
      Quality Control
      OKE Storage has an inspection team to maintain the quality of racking. We follow all the international standards of quality during the manufacturing of racking.
      Installation Service
      Our experts make the installation process of Carton Racks simple and easy to understand. You can get proper assistance in the form of videos and instruction manuals.
      Export To 85+ Countries
      We deliver the Carton Racks to 85 countries across the globe. Because of our commitment to quality, we are trusted worldwide.
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