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OKE Storage is your reliable manufacturer and supplier of Carton Flow Racks in China. Our professional team maintains quality by strict quality inspection. We have passed international quality certificates CE & ISO. 

  • Amazing Design Support Like 3D Sampling 
  • No Strict MOQ Requirements 
  • Unmatchable Quality Suppliers  
  • Top Quality Powder Coatings
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    Our Well-known Carton Flow Racks Customer Group

    • Coca_Cola
    • Pepsi
    • DHL
    • Toyota
    • Peugeot
    • LG Chem
    • GM
    • Geely
    • SF

    OKE Storage Is Maximizing Performance On Low Budget!

    OKE Storage is offering fast & lightning delivery of 10-15 days (about 2 weeks). We offer competitive prices and consider all your racking needs 

    We offer a fast turnaround service to help our clients. Best pre and post-installation services. We assist and guide our customers even after installation. 

    Some related Carton Flow Racks types are given: 

    OKE Storage only uses top-quality raw materials in the manufacturing of Carton Flow. We are certified with ISO & CE.
    OKE Storage offers you the fastest delivery of Carton Racks within 10 to 15 days. Along with a safe and strong packaging mechanism.
    OKE Storage is offering superb design options like 3D sampling, and logo printing on the racking surfaces. Submit a free sample solution for Flow Racks.

    Quick Delivery Of 10-15 Days For Carton Flow Racks!

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      How Carton Flow Enhances The Productivity Of Your Business?

      OKE Storage can manufacture Carton Flow in customized designs. We allow our clients to choose the most reliable configuration according to their warehouse. You can get full-on support over the design. 

      • OKE Storage purchases the steel from the biggest steel company of China-Bao Steel Co., Ltd. The top-class steel provides extra strength to Carton Flow. Our racking systems are long-lasting.  
      • There is no boundary set over the MOQ requirements of the order of racking. You can order the exact quantity of Carton Flow, you needed. We fully facilitate you even if you have a small quantity order. 
      • We only use raw materials for manufacturing that are certified. Our Carton Flow has passed the ISO:2015 and CE certificates. We comply with international standards such as RMI, FEM, and AS4084.  
      • OKE Storage provides exciting, customized services including a free sample solution. Along with 3D sampling, logo printing on racking surfaces, and much more. 
      • For the best finish, we use top-quality powder coatings. Powerful pickling technology is used for the coating process. This gives extra protection and eventually increases the life of the racking. 
      • We have a team of experts consisting of 12 members. Our team can give you full guidance and direction for the installation of racking. 
      20 Years’ Experience
      OKE Storage has undisputed experience, worth 20 years in its field. We are manufacturing elegant Carton Flow for many years.
      Customized Service
      Customized Services
      We can fully design the Carton Flow in accordance with your requirements. That is why our racking is best to fit in your storage space.
      Lightning Fast Delivery
      Fast And Safe delivery
      You can be able to receive the Carton Flow at your doorstep within the period of 10-15 days.
      Export To 85+ Countries
      We are a worldwide supplier of Carton Flow. Exporting to more than 85 countries of the world.
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