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OKE Storage Back Racking is one of the leading suppliers in the racking industry. OKE Storage Back Racking delivers in more than 85 Countries and it offers you a huge range of Back Racking systems for efficiently handling your storage tasks.

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  • 10 years supper warranty
  • Export over 85 countries
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    OKE Storage Back Racking Gives Your Business A Real Push

    OKE Storage is among the top 10 China Back Racking Manufacturers and Suppliers in China. OKE Storage provides you with the best one-stop Back Racking storage solution.

    Even after the purchase, you remain in the very best hands with OKE Storage’s 100% customized design support. Here is some Related Back Racking types are given:

    Push Back Rack is ideal for storing your valuable products with 100% reliability. OKE Storage is your trusty business partner and helps you to save much space about 80%.
    Push Back Pallet Rack System
    Push Back Racking System of OKE Storage ensures you to increase safety of products and it is one of the most leading Push Back Racking System manufacturers in China.
    Push Back Pallet Racking
    Push Back Pallet Racking enhance your business with maximum storage capacity in less cost. OKE Storage offers you with the top quality Push Back Pallet Racking as well.
    Rack Push Back is ideal for storing your valuable products with 100% reliability. For the best quality Rack Push Back OKE Storage is your trust worthy business partner.
    Push Rack
    Push Rack is ideal for storing your valuable products with 100% reliability. For the best quality Push Rack OKE Storage is your trust worthy business partner.
    Push Back Pallet Rack System provides you with maximum storage capacity with easy installation in minimal cost. It uses LIFO system (Last in First Out).

    Back Racking Experts Are Right Here! OKE Storage Helps You In Fast Business Growth

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      How Back Racking Helps To Improve Your Business?

      OKE Storage provides you with an excellent as it is among top 10 Storage Manufacturers/Suppliers in China. If you need a high density storage option in limited space, OKE Storage- Back Racking is perfect option for your business.

      1. With efficient use of OKE Storage Back Racking enhance occupancy and stock rotation because each level stores various products in push back.
      2. Back Racking of OKE Storage uses the steel trolley to help working smoothly and it is the ideal solution for storing large quantities of small-sized goods.
      3. As OKE Storage is one of the largest Back Racking suppliers in China, provides you with top quality equipment and a professional approach.
      4. OKE Storage gives you strict quality inspection, our team we check your Back Racking quality in all phases of manufacturing product, it can ensure the quality definitely.
      5. 100% Customer support of OKE Storage helps in trust building with our clients
        Let OKE Storage serves you with the best quality control techniques.
      6. OKE Storage Back Racking offers you a full range of services from design to installation of storage solutions
      Reliable Packaging
      Safest and secure packing mechanism of Back Racking that delivers to you at your door step.
      Over 20 Years Of Experience
      As we are having rich experience in manufacturing of Back Racking, so you can rely on OKE Storage.
      Super Long 10 Years Of Warranty
      Back Racking is with super long warranty of 10 years. It saves your storage cost as well.
      after sales service
      Active & Experienced Working Staff
      OKE Storage delivers you with Back Racking within committed time period. Our active staff meets your real time business needs and give ideas to expand it.

      Back Racking – Description

      OKE Storage Systems back racking is one of the most advanced push back pallet rack systems. It is mostly used for storing the similar types of products and pallets in it. Products with uniform characteristics and dimensions are stored in OKE’s back racking systems without any worries.

      Advanced racking systems like OKE’s back racking can be used with different structures. One of them is with shuttles and the other one is rollers. Both of them help the back racking move the pallets in the appropriate direction.

      Operating the OKE Storage System’s back racking is one of the easiest tasks. This is because of the automatic gravity-based movement of the stored pallets. OKE’s back racking also provides you the ability to mount and dismount the pallets through usual forklifts.

      When storing the pallets in OKE’s back racking, the pallet is placed on the rollers or shuttles. It automatically moves back to an empty place on the racking system. Nanjing OKE Storage Systems back racking provides more than 75% storage efficiency.

      The process of storing and retrieving the pallets is also very fast-paced due to back racking. OKE’s back racking also comes with a competitive and economical price than other back racking manufacturers. Space management becomes easier and more convenient while using OKE’s back racking.

      OKE Storage System also makes it possible to easily manage and maintain the back racking system. The chances of jamming become quite less when you use OKE’s back racking. Moreover, OKE Storage Systems provides around ten years of warranty for back racking systems.

      OKE Storage Systems is manufacturing professional level back racking for more than 20 years. It has shipped back racking systems to 50+ countries of the world without a single complaint. This is because OKE Storage System believes in building customers’ trust. And besides the back racking, it also can provide you with other rackings of high quality, such as Drive In Rack, Cantilever Shelves, Long Span Shelving, etc.

      Nanjing OKE Storage System’s back racking is made up of high-quality steel. It is assured that high-grade raw material is used in all types of OKE’s back racking systems. OKE also helps you install the entire back racking system in your warehouse. You can customize the back racking system as per your custom requirements as well.

      Proper testing is done on each of OKE’s back racking systems after their manufacturing. Professional engineers of OKE Storage System assure high-quality back racking production. It also provides you with a lot of delivery options such as air transportation, sea transportation, and road transportation.

      The after-sales support of OKE Storage System for back racking is one of the best in the market. All of your queries can be addressed through your preferred support medium such as live calls, messaging, email, etc. Moreover, it is also easier to replace the parts of OKE’s back racking with the new ones.

      OKE Storage System can also repair back racking systems if any fault occurs due to external factors. Surprisingly, you can get your personalized back racking system within 1-2 weeks after finalizing the order. You can get free tips, tricks, and design of your customized back racking system. So, contact OKE Storage Systems now to start manufacturing back racking for you.

      Back Racking – The Complete FAQ Guide

      This is a complete and comprehensive guide for you to know all about back racking.

      It includes all the important factors which are directly related to back racking.

      The factors include feasibility, usage, installation, maintenance, delivery, and much more about back racking.

      Therefore, before making any final decision about back racking, go through this ultimate guide.

      1. What is Back Racking?

      Back racking is a type of pallet storage system in which the pallets are stored by pushing them back on the structure.

      The structure consists of rollers or shuttles which move back and forth to support the pallets.

      Back racking is also called push back racking, gravity racking, push racking, etc.

      Unlike other racking systems, back racking’s structure is a bit inclined towards earth from one end.

      This is to get the support of the earth’s gravity in the movement of pallets.

      It is based on a LIFO (Last In First Out) storage system.

      That is why it makes it easier to mount the pallets on the back racking structure.

      Back Racking
      Back Racking

      2. What is Back Racking Used For?

      Back racking is used in various applications because of its easy-to-use structure.

      The usages of back racking are as follows:

      • Equally structured pallets with uniform dimensions are best to put in back racking.
      • Pallets with cold storage items and products are also stored in back racking systems.
      • Pallets with short turnaround time are also stored in these back storage racking systems.
      • Wooden, plastic, metal, pressed and cardboard pallets are also stored on back racking systems.
      • For inventory storage, back rack proves to be the best solution.

      The above-mentioned applications of back racks are just a few of numerous others.

      You can use back racking as per your specific requirements.

      However, long structured products like rods, etc. are not feasible for storing in this type of racking system.

      3. How Does Back Racking Work?

      As the name suggests, back racking works by using the push of gravity.

      At first, you place the pallets on the rails or shuttles and then pushes them back.

      When you need to place a new pallet in the back racking, the previous pallet has to be pushed backwards.

      For the retrieval purposes, when you take the most forward pallet out of the rack, the previous pallet comes on the front.

      This mechanism makes the back racking one of the most suitable racking systems for same-like products.

      Products are easily pushed back and forth on the rails or the shuttles of back racking system.

      Back Rack Working
      Back Rack Working

      4. What are the Features of Back Racking?

      Back racking comes with numerous quality features as follows:

      • Back rack system makes it easier to move the pallets on the sliding racking structure.
      • It is less likely that the back racking becomes stuck into some problem due to its structure.
      • Placement of pallet racks on the rails or shuttles is pretty straightforward and does not require special skills.
      • The inclined structure of back racking provides easier pallet placement and retrieval.

      You can increase the number of back racking features by buying it from a renowned manufacturer.

      5. What are the Advantages of Back Racking?

      The advantages of back racking are numerous due to its pretty straightforward structure.

      Some of the primary benefits and advantages of it are as follows:

      • Back racking saves more than 75% space of your warehouse.
      • The task of placing or retrieving pallets on the back rack is easier and more convenient than others.
      • Space management is quite an automated task with back rack systems.
      • If a couple of rollers are not working, the entire process doesn’t stop.
      • It is easier to replace the faulty components of back racking.
      • The manual involvement in placing the pallets is minimum than other racking systems.

      These advantages will just become double if you buy back racking from a competent rack manufacturer.

      Back Rack Advantages
      Back Rack Advantages

      6. What are the Disadvantages of Back Racking?

      Along with its advantages, there are a few disadvantages of back racking.

      These are as follows:

      • Heavy products can get stuck on back racks which ultimately stops their entire working.
      • It can only be used with mostly similar type of products.
      • Selectivity of products is reduced in this type of racking due to its working procedure.
      • The cost of back racks are more than the standard racking systems.

      7. What are the Things to Consider before Buying Back Racking?

      Before buying back racking, you should take care of a lot of things as follows:

      • Back rack system is the perfect choice for your warehouse storage needs is the primary requirement.
      • There are no more feasible alternatives than back rack for your racking environment demands.
      • You don’t require much selectivity because your products are similar and of the same type.
      • You have a dynamic and economical budget within which you want to buy a racking system.
      • The design of your warehouse allows you to easily adjust and place the back rack system.
      Back Rack Considerations
      Back Rack Considerations

      8. What is Double Deep Back Racking?

      A double deep back racking consists of two times deeper storage capacity than the normal back racking.

      It provides more space and reduces the amount of required aisles.

      The storage efficiency of pallets becomes doubled by using this double deep back rack system.

      You can access the pallets which are on the forefront of the double deep racking frame.

      This could be imagined as a double layered or double rowed back rack system.

      9. What is Three Deep Back Racking?

      As the name suggests, a three deep back racking consists of three leveled pallet storing capacity.

      Three layers or rows are used to store pallets for better application.

      A lot of space is saved by three deep back rack systems because of more storage space efficiency.

      Three pallets can be stored on a single row at the same time on this three layered back rack system.

      It is believed to be more reliable than double deep back racking system.

      Deep Back Rack
      Deep Back Rack

      10. What is Four Deep Back Racking?

      Four deep back racking is a four level deeper back rack pallet storage system.

      In this type of back racking, four continuous pallet racks can be stored within a single row behind each other.

      This is one of the most commonly used structures of back rack systems due to its higher efficiency.

      Though it proves to be more costly than other types of racks, its storage capacity and density worth the price.

      You should prefer buying a denser and deeper back rack than the one which is less deep.

      11. Is it Necessary to Use a Forklift with Back Racking?

      The usability of a forklift with back racking depends upon a few important factors.

      One of the key factors is the nature of work to be done with the forklifts.

      The other important factor is the structure of back racks.

      Mostly, forklifts are used to lift medium and heavy-sized pallets into and from the back rack systems.

      If carrying your pallets is convenient with hands or some other means, you can do it without forklifts.

      In the end, it is not necessary to use forklifts with back rack systems but it is recommended to do so.

      Forklift with Back Rack System
      Forklift with Back Rack System

      12. What are the Components of Back Racking?

      Different components are used in a back racking pallet storage system.

      However, the most common components which will be found in every back rack system are mentioned below.

      • Load Beams:

      These are horizontal structures upon which shuttles or rollers are attached on the racking surface.

      These beams are attached to the uprights and forms the basic building block for the back rack system.

      • Frame:

      Frame consists of upright vertical structures which makes the foundations of the racking system.

      Frame is mostly made with galvanized steel to provide more reliability and durability to the racking system.

      • Pallet Profile:

      This is the actual component on which the load of rollers or shuttles directly falls.

      The stronger the profile, the stronger the entire racking system be.

      • Backstops:

      As the name suggests, backstops prevents the pallets from falling down from the back racking.

      These are steel type structures installed on both ends of the back rack system.

      • Guidance:

      Pallet guidance is the basic factor which helps the proper placement of pallets within the rack system.

      It is placed in front of each lane to help identify and guide the right pallets in an organized way.

      • Rollers:

      These are friction-less rolling structures on which pallets are placed.

      When a pallet is placed on these rollers, they started moving with the help of gravity.

      The pallet slides through these rollers and automatically get placed on an appropriate place.

      • Shuttles:

      Shuttles are the alternatives to rollers. Either shuttles or rollers can be installed on a back racking system.

      These shuttles are installed on the load beams and helps in the movement of pallets.

      Additionally, other components could also be used depending upon the requirements.

      Back Rack System Components
      Back Rack System Components

      13. How Do You Install Back Racking?

      Installation of the back racking system can vary from racking structure to structure.

      However, a typical back rack is installed in the following steps:

      • At first, the places are marked on which the frame of back rack is to be placed on the ground.
      • Then the foundations are installed into the ground.
      • Uprights are installed to these foundations as well as the frame of back rack system.
      • Pallet profile is installed along with the load beams.
      • Either shuttles or rollers are attached to these load beams as per your requirements.
      • Racking guidance is placed to assure proper usage of back rack system.
      • A sample pallet is placed on the rack to check its usability and reliability.


      14. How Much Space Can You Save through Back Racking?

      You can save up to 75% space by using back racking system.

      The space efficiency also depends upon the way in which you use the pallet racking system.

      The layout of your warehouse also plays an important role in defining its space usage.

      Back racking system saves space because of its tight pallet storage.

      Less number of required aisles is also a factor which increases its space efficiency.

      15. How Much Deeper Can Back Racking Be?

      There is not a specific rule to define the limits on how much deep back racking can be.

      It should be in the average category for example four level deep back rack system.

      Four to five level deep back rack is one of the most commonly used racking system.

      Deeper back racks may cause problems for you because it becomes difficult to manage.

      Deeper Back Rack
      Deeper Back Rack

      16. Can Pallets Get Jammed on Back Racking?

      Back racking system is made to ensure jamming-free storage environment.

      However, under some circumstances, it is possible for the back rack to get jammed.

      This is not a usual incident in the history of back racks but it can happen if you do not take care of some important aspects.

      These aspects include checking of rollers or shuttles on a regular basis.

      If the placement of pallet is done wrongly or in a wrong dimension, it can initiate jamming.

      17. How Can You Prevent Jamming in Back Racking?

      Prevention of jamming is an important aspect especially for a back racking system.

      You can prevent jamming of all types by taking care of the following considerations:

      • Always look for the smooth working of shuttles and rollers by putting a test pallet on the rack.
      • Make sure that the installation is done properly as per the guidelines.
      • Assure the proper inclined structure of the back racking system.
      • Put the pallets in exactly the right direction as well as in the right dimension.
      • Make sure that the staff is properly trained and well-skilled to use the back rack system.
      Prevention of Jamming in Back Racking
      Prevention of Jamming in Back Racking

      18. In Which Types of Warehouses You Can Use Back Racking?

      Back racking can be used in almost all types of warehouses from small to large ones.

      It all depends upon how much efficient back racking can be for your warehouse when compared to other systems.

      It can be the best combination if you need to store similar products with faster turnaround time.

      You can use back rack systems where you need to store large quantities of pallets.

      In a nutshell, every type of warehouse suits the back rack pallet storage system.

      19. How Much Strong is Back Racking?

      Back racking is believed to be one of the strongest racking systems.

      This is because of its joint structure and endurance capabilities.

      The choice between shuttles and rollers also makes it stronger as per the usage requirements.

      In most cases, bulky products can stay longer on shuttles while normal weighted pallets on rollers.

      The raw steel type used in the back rack system also defines its strength.

      Strength of Back Rack Systems
      Strength of Back Rack Systems

      20. Is Back Racking a High Density Storage Solution?

      Yes, back racking system is a high density storage solution.

      Even there are different choices available to set the density of back rack system.

      You can make it denser by adding more storage depth levels into its structure.

      You can consider back rack system as a highly dense storage system depending upon these aspects.

      21. How Much Durable is Back Racking?

      Since back racking consists of various unique components like rollers and shuttles, its durability is also quite high.

      The durability of back rack system also depends upon its manufacturer.

      High-class manufacturers like OKE Storage System makes it more durable.

      This is because they use high-quality steel and tested components to manufacture back racking.

      On an average, a high-class back rack system can last up to 50 years.

      Durability of Back Rack Systems
      Durability of Back Rack Systems

      22. What are the Dimensions of Back Racking?

      The dimensions of back racking varies from requirement to requirement.

      However, a standard back rack system can have the following dimensions:

      The depth of a back rack system is usually kept at 36”, 42”, and 48”.

      The average height of the back rack upright are kept at 8”, 10”, 12”, 16”, and 20”.

      In a nutshell, you can request the manufacturer to give you suggestions regarding the dimensions.

      23. What is the Price of Back Racking?

      The price of back racking surely varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

      It also comprises of the quality of raw material been used in the back rack system.

      High-quality steel will surely be a bit more expensive than of the usual steel type.

      A good manufacturer makes a perfect blend of managing quality while taking caring of the price.

      Chinese back racking manufacturers are specialized in this field.

      OKE Storage Systems is one of the best manufacturer who provides all of these qualities.

      This is because of their decades of experience while offering international exposure.

      On an average, a back rack system comes with a price range of $100 per set.

      You can get in touch with the back rack manufacturer to get the latest price quote as per your demands.

      Cost of Back Rack System
      Cost of Back Rack System

      24. What Type of Forklifts Can You Use with Back Racking?

      You can use all types of forklifts with back racking.

      There are no restrictions about types of forklifts. However, best suitable forklifts are always encouraged.

      Automatically-controlled forklifts can be best used with back racking systems.

      You can also use manual forklifts but they may require more efforts to put and retrieve pallets.

      25. How Can You Maintain Back Racking?

      You can maintain back racking by following a few necessary steps.

      These steps are mentioned as follows:

      • Always ensure the cleanliness of back rack system especially free from any liquids.
      • Periodically, look for the damages or cracks on the surface of frame, shuttles or rollers and other components.
      • Ensure that each component is properly attached to the other and is intact.
      • Regularly observe the performance of individual shuttles or rollers to prevent any future mishap.

      Additionally, always follow the maintenance guidelines provided by your back rack manufacturer.

      Maintain Back Rack System
      Maintain Back Rack System

      26. How to Buy Back Racking?

      Buying back racking varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

      However, a standard buying process of back rack system is as follows:

      • List down all of your requirements for the back racking.
      • Find a good rack manufacturer and approach it through its website.
      • Go to their Contact Us page and find their contact information.
      • Send a message request with all of your requirements mentioned along with a price quote request.
      • After receiving the reply, analyze your feasibility.
      • Finalize the order by giving them the agreed payments and other essential information.
      • Get informed of the delivery status by contacting the manufacturer on a regular basis.

      27. What are the Qualities of a Good Back Racking Manufacturer?

      Finding a good back racking manufacturer is a challenging task in a huge market.

      However, you can observe some indicators to find out the best one.

      These quality indicators are as follows:

      • The back rack manufacturer should have the manufacturing experience of more than a decade.
      • It should have high-quality machines and skillful employees with a proven track record.
      • The manufacturer should be providing the back rack system at a competitive cost.
      • It must be able to deliver the back rack system at your provided address conveniently.
      • There should be a prominence of the manufacturer in the market.
      • A good customer experience is always preferred when seeing the previous record of the manufacturer.
      Back Rack Manufacturer
      Back Rack Manufacturer

      28. Who is the Best Manufacturer of Back Racking?

      There are numerous back racking manufacturers in the market.

      However, the best one is the one who adheres to all the quality indicators.

      OKE International Storage System is one of the top-notch back racking manufacturers.

      This is because it has more than two decades of experience in providing high-quality back racks to clients.

      Its customer support, extended warranty, high-quality raw material usage and reliability are best traits.

      29. What are the Delivery Options for Back Racking?

      The delivery options for back racking varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

      However, a good manufacturer provides the following shipment options.

      • Back rack shipment through sea route
      • Through air route
      • Through road
      • Hybrid model of shipment consisting of two or more shipment options.

      You can get in touch with the manufacturer to provide your shipment preferences.

      Delivery Options for Back Rack System
      Delivery Options for Back Rack System

      30. What is the Warranty of Back Racking?

      The warranty of back racking depends upon the manufacturer.

      Typically, a good manufacturer like OKE Storage Systems provides ten years of warranty.

      This surprising warranty can cover various aspects of damages and faults.

      You can know more about the warranty after collaborating with your back rack manufacturer.

      31. When Can You Expect to Receive Back Racking After the Final Order?

      The delivery duration of back racking can be different as the manufacturers.

      It also depends upon the complexity of your demanded requirements.

      Geographical location and other domestic aspects can also affect the delivery duration.

      However, typically a good back rack manufacturer can provide you within 1-2 weeks.

      You can contact your back rack manufacturer regarding the exact expectation date for the delivery.

      Back Rack Delivery Duration
      Back Rack Delivery Duration
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